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PROTRACK » VAL RESULTS » Bendigo Results

Bendigo Results

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1 Re: Bendigo Results on Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:29 pm


Are runners in Bendigo 400 coming back for breaking Ceiling Point time. With the 7-8m field pull for Bendigo anyone running around 47 low or under needs to come back as that would be 46 low off normal handicaps. Don’t crap on about track allowance for fast track. None of the other male circle events broke Ceiling Point. Note – backies mile did break it but field was lifted 25m.
Not fair to just target 800 at Ballarat.

2 Re: Bendigo Results on Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:24 pm


John Doe, I am responding on behalf of the person you were referring to because he is not even registered on this forum, and has never written on here. It is pretty easy to check an IP address and you will see that he would never participate in anything so immature and embarrassing as to be involved in these comments. (even you may have given yourself away with your comments John Doe).
Like you, we were wondering who whistleblower is because they have been quite defamatory assuming the identity of Matthew, so we will be getting the IP address traced. (PY can you please assist here).

There may be whingers in this sport, and he definitely isn't one of them. Any issue he may have is being handled through official channels. (which is the only time he has taken this avenue in almost 20 years involvement in the sport), and he only takes it to stand up for a young runner who has run so honestly and had a crack every time he has raced.

We were only advised recently of what has been written on here (as he rarely looks at it and we spend our time training and enjoying our running), and is very disappointed with comments made. He loves the sport of running and improving himself and the runners he trains. Even though it wasn't him writing the post you have referred to his contribution to this sport, I probably don't have time to list them here, but his integrity as a runner is unquestionable, running honestly and winning from tight handicaps and now introducing new runners to the sport.
As Matthew has said, he doesn't have time for any of this. I feel it was important to state that he is was not whistleblower, but we now won't make any further comments.

3 Re: Bendigo Results on Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:20 pm


Most members who choose to register with an alias do so to maintain their anonymity. They often register with an email address and post from an IP address that ensures their identity cannot be traced. And I'm not that computer savvy to know how to trace them, nor can I be bothered.

In the case of both JohnDoe and Whistleblower, they chose to register with emails that does not identify themselves. The IP address of Whistleblower is not from the Geelong region I  can tell you that much.

Please do not publicly name someone as it can be only speculation.  

If you do take offence at a particular post, send a private message and we'll look at whether it should be deleted. (Most complaints are acted upon - as in this case).

Apart from that, I can't police this forum 24/7.

4 Re: Bendigo Results on Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:00 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
I just want to back kimbo up in her support for Matt. Over a long period of time he has shown himself to be both a quality athlete and person within the ranks of the VAL and someone who I have great respect for.

I've got no idea who John Doe is but it was pretty ordinary and has been delt with appropriately by youngy.
Whilst we all enjoy a bit of friendly banter on this forum, lets keep it to a reasonable level and not post anything that we wouldn't say directly to someone's face. I know from personal experience the hurt that can be caused by inappropriate and hurtful posts and have had reason to deal personally with some pretty pathetic posts in the past.

Once again all the best to Matt and Kim and their crew for the remainder of the season.

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