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Stonnington Results

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1 Re: Stonnington Results on Sat Feb 22, 2014 9:46 am


Stonnington Gift Heats
Fastest Times: 11.00s of better

Q - Heat winner
q - Non-automatic qualifier

10.64 A Carty-Cowling H11 Q
10.64 M Carter H3 Q
10.65 D Afath H8 Q
10.68 E Ware H7 Q
10.69 L Forrest H3 q
10.69 J Bee H4 Q
10.69 J Vine H4 q
10.69 L Stevens H7 q
10.70 S Jamieson H11 q
10.71 B Matthews H3 q
10.71 D Scarff H7 q
10.72 I Dunmall H2 Q
10.74 L Versace H2 q
10.74 M Hignett H5 Q
10.74 N Riali H8 q
10.75 B Weaver H2 q
10.75 L Phelan H5 q
10.76 D Panizza H9 Q
10.77 W Johns H10 Q
10.78 M Tysoe H1 Q
10.79 K Brittain H6 Q
10.82 R Camille H14 Q
10.85 S Fitzpatrick H12 Q
10.85 C Dunbar H13 Q
10.80 R Spencer H8 3rd
10.81 I Douglas H6 2nd
10.82 D Whittaker H3 4th
10.82 C Bailleau H9 2nd
10.82 D Collinge H6 3rd
10.84 D Hicks H1 2nd
10.84 C Unasa H14 2nd
10.85 P O'Dwyer H7 4th
10.87 D Lyons H3 5th
10.87 D Greenough H3 6th
10.87 B Teo H8 4th
10.87 L Whitney H12 2nd
10.87 B Cole H10 2nd
10.88 J Adams H14 3rd
10.90 N MacGibbon H8 5th
10.92 J Tronnolone H5 3rd
10.93 T Rosen H2 4th
10.94 S Jackson H6 4th
10.97 D Fenollar H10 3rd
10.99 C Baker H1 3rd
10.99 G Ross H2 5th
10.99 A Robinson H5 4th
11.00 N Dixon H4 3rd
11.00 M Hargreaves H2 6th
11.00 C Innes-Wong H10 4th
11.00 M Zeed H12 3rd

2 Re: Stonnington Results on Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:55 pm

Stonnington Gift

Full Stonnington results can be found here:

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