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Geelong Marks

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1 Geelong Marks on Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:03 pm


Good luck on Friday night, more running on Sunday.

70m Open Jay BLAKE 9.75
70m Open Simon CAREY 9.5
70m Open Mark HIGNETT 7.25
70m Open Gene MAWER 7.25
70m Open Andrew ROBINSON 2.5
70m Open Glenn STEPHENS 9
70m Open David TRUDGIAN 10.5
70m Open Shane WOODROW 6
70m Open Jessica O'CALLAGHAN 14
70m Open Justin COHEN 7.5
70m Open Brendan COLE 2.5
70m Open Paul CRACROFT-WILSON 4.5
70m Open Nathan DIXON 5.75
70m Open Benjamin FARRELL 6.5
70m Open Melissa HOWARD 10.5
70m Open Jordan KEAST 8
70m Open Timothy ROSEN 9.75
70m Open Sophie WATTS 10.5
70m Open Luke WHITNEY 5.25
70m Open Darren WHITTAKER 6.75
70m Open Erin JAMESON 13.5
70m Open David TINNEY 4.25
70m Open Jimmie GLADMAN 7.25
70m Open Noddy ANGELAKOS 6.75
70m Open Jack ARMOUR 6.5
70m Open Wayne BINGHAM 12.75
70m Open Sarah BLIZZARD 13.75
70m Open Brittanny Brymer 10.5
70m Open Adrian BURKE 7
70m Open ANGELA BYRT 10
70m Open Adam CABBLE 7.5
70m Open Jarrod CASTAGNA 8
70m Open Marcus COOPER 6.5
70m Open Adam COOTE 5
70m Open Andrew CURRAN 8
70m Open Catherine DONALDSON 14
70m Open Cam DUNBAR 5
70m Open Steve FABRIS 5.75
70m Open David FENOLLAR 6
70m Open India FLINT 10.5
70m Open Josh FORNER 9
70m Open Nathan FOX 5
70m Open Wade GIROTTO 9
70m Open Douglas GREENOUGH 5
70m Open Matthew HARGREAVES 3.5
70m Open Matthew HARVEY 5.25
70m Open Fraser HEARD 6
70m Open Ryan HOFFMAN 6.5
70m Open Luke VERSACE 5.5
70m Open Nick HOWARD 8.5
70m Open Robert KEENAN 8.25
70m Open Bros KELLY 3.75
70m Open Robert LEHMANN 6
70m Open William LITTLE 6.5
70m Open Ellie MAGUIRE 13
70m Open Adam MOORE 5
70m Open Charlie MORAN 6
70m Open Tom MOREHOUSE 9.25
70m Open Richard NORRIS 12.25
70m Open Rhett MEDFORD 1.75
70m Open Cameron PAICE 9.5
70m Open Dylan PANIZZA 3.75
70m Open Alexia PESCE 10.5
70m Open Leigh PHELAN 6.5
70m Open Nicholas REPALUST 5.25
70m Open Jonathon ROGERS 8.25
70m Open Luke STEVENS 2.25
70m Open Karly Tafft 14
70m Open Edward WARE 3
70m Open Dean DOBRIC 5.5
70m Open Christopher EATHER 7
70m Open John HILDITCH 11.25
70m Open Glenn ROSS 6
70m Open Kieren BLIZZARD 7
100m Geelong Gift Jay BLAKE 12.25
100m Geelong Gift Simon CAREY 8.25
100m Geelong Gift Derek COLLINGE 8.25
100m Geelong Gift Gene MAWER 11
100m Geelong Gift Andrew ROBINSON 2.25
100m Geelong Gift Glenn STEPHENS 12.75
100m Geelong Gift David TRUDGIAN 10.75
100m Geelong Gift Shane WOODROW 8.25
100m Geelong Gift Peter O'DWYER 8.5
100m Geelong Gift Brendan COLE 3.25
100m Geelong Gift Paul CRACROFT-WILSON 6.25
100m Geelong Gift Nathan DIXON 6.75
100m Geelong Gift Jordan KEAST 7.75
100m Geelong Gift Timothy ROSEN 12
100m Geelong Gift Luke WHITNEY 7
100m Geelong Gift Shane BUCKINGHAM 14.25
100m Geelong Gift Mark HIGNETT 10
100m Geelong Gift Kelly SHELDRICK 12.25
100m Geelong Gift David TINNEY 5.5
100m Geelong Gift Jimmie GLADMAN 6.25
100m Geelong Gift Jack ARMOUR 6
100m Geelong Gift Wayne BINGHAM 15
100m Geelong Gift Kevin BRITTAIN 4.5
100m Geelong Gift Adrian BURKE 7.5
100m Geelong Gift Adam CABBLE 10
100m Geelong Gift John CARA 9.75
100m Geelong Gift Jarrod CASTAGNA 7.5
100m Geelong Gift Marcus COOPER 10
100m Geelong Gift Cam DUNBAR 6.25
100m Geelong Gift Shane EZARD 7.5
100m Geelong Gift Steve FABRIS 5.5
100m Geelong Gift David FENOLLAR 7.75
100m Geelong Gift Craig FOLEY 10.5
100m Geelong Gift Josh FORNER 6.25
100m Geelong Gift Nathan FOX 6.75
100m Geelong Gift Wade GIROTTO 8.75
100m Geelong Gift Douglas GREENOUGH 6.75
100m Geelong Gift Matthew HARGREAVES 4.25
100m Geelong Gift Matthew HARVEY 8.25
100m Geelong Gift Fraser HEARD 7.5
100m Geelong Gift Ryan HOFFMAN 10.5
100m Geelong Gift Nick HOWARD 10
100m Geelong Gift Luke VERSACE 8.25
100m Geelong Gift Simon JACKSON 7.75
100m Geelong Gift Bros KELLY 5.25
100m Geelong Gift Evan KING 10.25
100m Geelong Gift Robert LEHMANN 6.75
100m Geelong Gift William LITTLE 10
100m Geelong Gift Dale LYONS 8
100m Geelong Gift Rodney MATHEWS 9
100m Geelong Gift Adam MOORE 6.75
100m Geelong Gift Tom MOREHOUSE 9.5
100m Geelong Gift Richard NORRIS 16.75
100m Geelong Gift Rory NUNN 7.25
100m Geelong Gift Rhett MEDFORD 3.75
100m Geelong Gift Cameron PAICE 12
100m Geelong Gift Dylan PANIZZA 6
100m Geelong Gift Leigh PHELAN 8.25
100m Geelong Gift Chris ROCHE 11.25
100m Geelong Gift Jonathon ROGERS 10.5
100m Geelong Gift Jeff SARGENT 17
100m Geelong Gift Luke STEVENS 2.75
100m Geelong Gift Lachlan TAYLOR 7.75
100m Geelong Gift Michael VOUMARD 6.75
100m Geelong Gift Edward WARE 6.75
100m Geelong Gift Conor NUNN 7
100m Geelong Gift Bradley ARMSTRONG 9
100m Geelong Gift Cameron CLAYTON 5.75
100m Geelong Gift Dean DOBRIC 7.25
100m Geelong Gift Christopher EATHER 9
100m Geelong Gift Glenn ROSS 7.5
100m Geelong Gift Daniel CARMAN 999
100m Women's Sprint Carmen DEANE 12.5
100m Women's Sprint Danielle McDOWELL 14
100m Women's Sprint Sophia POWER 5.5
100m Women's Sprint Claire Thiele 8.75
100m Women's Sprint Jessica O'CALLAGHAN 20.75
100m Women's Sprint Melissa HOWARD 5.25
100m Women's Sprint DONNA MCDOWALL 18.5
100m Women's Sprint Katie MOORE 3.25
100m Women's Sprint Sophie WATTS 7
100m Women's Sprint Pamela AUSTIN 7.25
100m Women's Sprint Erin JAMESON 9.5
100m Women's Sprint Elissa WARD 18.5
100m Women's Sprint Chloe BARNARD 10.5
100m Women's Sprint Sarah BLIZZARD 7.75
100m Women's Sprint Julia BOATMAN 10
100m Women's Sprint Nadeen BROWN 11
100m Women's Sprint Brittanny Brymer 6.25
100m Women's Sprint ANGELA BYRT 0.25
100m Women's Sprint Jenna CARTLEDGE 7
100m Women's Sprint Celia COSGRIFF 10.25
100m Women's Sprint Catherine DONALDSON 10.25
100m Women's Sprint Elisha Ezard 16.5
100m Women's Sprint Tarryn FISHER 12.5
100m Women's Sprint India FLINT 10.5
100m Women's Sprint Lara GAMBINO 6.75
100m Women's Sprint Tamara HAMOND 3.75
100m Women's Sprint Jessie HART 12.5
100m Women's Sprint Keely Henderson 6.75
100m Women's Sprint DELANEY KEATING 8
100m Women's Sprint Narelle LEHMANN 6.75
100m Women's Sprint Ellie MAGUIRE 10
100m Women's Sprint Kim MCDONOUGH 10.5
100m Women's Sprint Stephanie MOLLICA 3.75
100m Women's Sprint Lauren PARISI 14.25
100m Women's Sprint Alexia PESCE 9
100m Women's Sprint Sonya POLLARD 15
100m Women's Sprint Jacqueline SCOTT 17.5
100m Women's Sprint Kirsty Stevens 8
100m Women's Sprint Karly Tafft 9.25
100m Women's Sprint Angela WILSON 22.25
100m Women's Sprint Mandy EMMETT 18.25
100m Women's Sprint Cara WHITE 5.75
100m Women's Sprint Amy van Braam 9.25
100m Novice Sophia POWER 14
100m Novice Mason Keast 11.5
100m Novice DONNA MCDOWALL 29
100m Novice Jimmie GLADMAN 9.25
100m Novice Jack ARMOUR 6.25
100m Novice Benjamin Boatman 14.5
100m Novice Nadeen BROWN 21.5
100m Novice Brittanny Brymer 15.25
100m Novice Adrian BURKE 12
100m Novice Dylan Burrows 5
100m Novice Jarrod CASTAGNA 13.75
100m Novice India FLINT 19.75
100m Novice Josh FORNER 16.25
100m Novice Samuel GROUIOS 13.75
100m Novice John HARVEY 14.25
100m Novice Keely Henderson 17.5
100m Novice DELANEY KEATING 20.75
100m Novice Jess LEHMANN 19.25
100m Novice Alexia LOIZOU 10
100m Novice Luke Mitchell 17.5
100m Novice Charlie MORAN 11.5
100m Novice Tom MOREHOUSE 13.75
100m Novice Alexia PESCE 20
100m Novice Nicholas REPALUST 6
100m Novice Jacqueline SCOTT 26.5
100m Novice Michael VOUMARD 9.5
100m Novice Dalton Grundell 5
100m Novice Amy van Braam 19.25
100m Novice Kieren BLIZZARD 15.5
300m Womens/Vets Martin BARROW 25
300m Womens/Vets Gary BLAKE 63
300m Womens/Vets Katilyn BRYCE 56
300m Womens/Vets Carmen DEANE 53
300m Womens/Vets Dennis HUGHES 62
300m Womens/Vets Chris LIVITSANOS 38
300m Womens/Vets Danielle McDOWELL 59
300m Womens/Vets Anthony O'CONNOR 50
300m Womens/Vets Glenn STEPHENS 18
300m Womens/Vets Claire Thiele 39
300m Womens/Vets Jessica O'CALLAGHAN 71
300m Womens/Vets Alan DINSDALE 37
300m Womens/Vets Marita DOWNES 48
300m Womens/Vets DONNA MCDOWALL 80
300m Womens/Vets Katie MOORE 28
300m Womens/Vets Sophie WATTS 35
300m Womens/Vets Steven HURL 31
300m Womens/Vets Pamela AUSTIN 39
300m Womens/Vets Andrew MUHLHAN 24
300m Womens/Vets Erin JAMESON 38
300m Womens/Vets Kate Ryan 27
300m Womens/Vets Katrina BUCKINGHAM 44
300m Womens/Vets Shane BUCKINGHAM 24
300m Womens/Vets Elissa WARD 67
300m Womens/Vets Darren ARTHUR 27
300m Womens/Vets Stephen BAIRD 53
300m Womens/Vets Sarah BLIZZARD 46
300m Womens/Vets Julia BOATMAN 52
300m Womens/Vets Cara BOUSTEAD 41
300m Womens/Vets Christopher BROWN 33
300m Womens/Vets Brittanny Brymer 30
300m Womens/Vets Caroline COOP 81
300m Womens/Vets Marcus COOPER 12
300m Womens/Vets Wayne DALZIEL 39
300m Womens/Vets Simon DARE 33
300m Womens/Vets Matthew D'ASTOLI 9
300m Womens/Vets Meg DEANE 35
300m Womens/Vets Katerina DRESSLER 28
300m Womens/Vets Shane EZARD 1
300m Womens/Vets Elisha Ezard 64
300m Womens/Vets Tarryn FISHER 52
300m Womens/Vets India FLINT 30
300m Womens/Vets Lara GAMBINO 50
300m Womens/Vets Jessie HART 51
300m Womens/Vets John HARVEY 43
300m Womens/Vets Greg HILSON 31
300m Womens/Vets Caitlyn HOCKING 52
300m Womens/Vets Kerrieanne HOCKING 82
300m Womens/Vets Gary MAHON 68
300m Womens/Vets Shane QUINN 18
300m Womens/Vets Evan KING 9
300m Womens/Vets Karin LAIDLAW 67
300m Womens/Vets Robert LEHMANN 3
300m Womens/Vets Narelle LEHMANN 42
300m Womens/Vets Rodney MATHEWS 6
300m Womens/Vets Kim MCDONOUGH 52
300m Womens/Vets Derek Milton 28
300m Womens/Vets Stephanie MOLLICA 28
300m Womens/Vets Justin MURPHY 12
300m Womens/Vets Zoe Nicholson 60
300m Womens/Vets Richard NORRIS 29
300m Womens/Vets Lauren PARISI 64
300m Womens/Vets Leigh PHELAN 6
300m Womens/Vets Sonya POLLARD 62
300m Womens/Vets Chris ROCHE 17
300m Womens/Vets Jeff SARGENT 33
300m Womens/Vets Jacqueline SCOTT 56
300m Womens/Vets Kirsty Stevens 45
300m Womens/Vets Karly Tafft 43
300m Womens/Vets Mandy EMMETT 68
300m Womens/Vets Cara WHITE 30
300m Womens/Vets Benny TANCREDI 80
300m Womens/Vets John HILDITCH 34
300m Womens/Vets Glenn ROSS 6
300m Womens/Vets Amy van Braam 38
300m Womens/Vets Ricky DUNBAR 68
300m Womens/Vets Craig LANCASTER 52
550m Open Martin BARROW 76
550m Open Matthew BATEMAN 55
550m Open Derek COLLINGE 25
550m Open Peter DE LA HAYE 34
550m Open Chris LIVITSANOS 85
550m Open Xavier O'CONNOR 30
550m Open Aaron POOLEY 54
550m Open Gary TURNER 25
550m Open Alexander BACALJA 47
550m Open Martine BEER 104
550m Open Ian BURROWS 35
550m Open Justin COHEN 51
550m Open Alan DINSDALE 80
550m Open Neale GUNNING 56
550m Open David HAIGH 46
550m Open Tom HECIMOVIC 80
550m Open Andrew PATTEN 25
550m Open Sean QUILTY 58
550m Open Clint ANDERSON 44
550m Open Shane BUCKINGHAM 67
550m Open Darren ARTHUR 57
550m Open Chris BRAMHAM 25
550m Open Neil BRENNAN 25
550m Open Christopher BROWN 80
550m Open James CLARKE 28
550m Open Allan COOK 46
550m Open Celia COSGRIFF 87
550m Open Andrew CURRAN 43
550m Open James DEANE 38
550m Open Arron DOWNES 27
550m Open Katerina DRESSLER 75
550m Open Steve FABRIS 25
550m Open Mitchell HOCKING 26
550m Open Nick HOWARD 54
550m Open Robert KEENAN 47
550m Open Karin LAIDLAW 110
550m Open Nicholas MARTIN 24
550m Open Rodney MATHEWS 32
550m Open Stephanie MOLLICA 69
550m Open Gordon MUIR 58
550m Open Justin MURPHY 29
550m Open Josh NOLAN 25
550m Open Richard NORRIS 78
550m Open Rory NUNN 37
550m Open Addison Ogilvie 30
550m Open Sonya POLLARD 120
550m Open Jacob REED 46
550m Open Adam RIORDAN 35
550m Open Colm ROTHERY 35
550m Open David SPENCE 37
550m Open Peter SPENCE 36
550m Open Daniel VEITH 39
550m Open Conor NUNN 34
550m Open Bradley ARMSTRONG 51
550m Open Lonain BURNETT 30
550m Open David WOODS 55
550m Open Cameron CLAYTON 29
550m Open Matt GRANT 29
550m Open Daniel LAWLOR 44
550m Open Stefan CATALANO 60
1600m Open Matthew BATEMAN 225
1600m Open Gary BLAKE 375
1600m Open Ashley COWEN 145
1600m Open Anthony O'CONNOR 315
1600m Open Matthew Turner 60
1600m Open Justin NOONAN 160
1600m Open Alexander BACALJA 80
1600m Open Martine BEER 355
1600m Open Ian BURROWS 135
1600m Open Phillip O'BRIEN 125
1600m Open David PAGE 195
1600m Open Andrew PATTEN 40
1600m Open Sean QUILTY 175
1600m Open Joshua SAIT 165
1600m Open Jesse NODEN 195
1600m Open Tayla SPROULE 345
1600m Open Clint ANDERSON 160
1600m Open Christopher BROWN 220
1600m Open James CLARKE 100
1600m Open Allan COOK 160
1600m Open Indiana COOPER 145
1600m Open Celia COSGRIFF 300
1600m Open James DEANE 100
1600m Open Arron DOWNES 155
1600m Open Greg HILSON 200
1600m Open Mark HIPWORTH 225
1600m Open Matthew MCDONOUGH 95
1600m Open Justin MURPHY 80
1600m Open Josh NOLAN 45
1600m Open Jessica O'HARA 345
1600m Open Jacob REED 135
1600m Open Colm ROTHERY 160
1600m Open David SPENCE 105
1600m Open Peter SPENCE 155
1600m Open Chloe SPROULE 290
1600m Open Tony MORAN 255
1600m Open Jeremy Weeks 100
1600m Open Tony RENDINA 390
1600m Open Corina KAPUSTA 310
1600m Open Cameron CLAYTON 100
1600m Open Leon BROOKS 320
1600m Open Matt GRANT 130
1600m Open Daniel LAWLOR 145
1600m Open Michael LOW 130
1600m Open Michael MARANTELLI 20
1600m Open Adam PARKER 205
1600m Open Stefan CATALANO 305
1600m Open Daniel Ryan 120
1600m VCCL Novice Ashley COWEN 145
1600m VCCL Novice Xavier O'CONNOR 155
1600m VCCL Novice Adam ATTARD 165
1600m VCCL Novice Tom NODEN 185
1600m VCCL Novice Chris BRAMHAM 100
1600m VCCL Novice Alex COOP 140
1600m VCCL Novice Meg DEANE 280
1600m VCCL Novice Caleb ELLIS 100
1600m VCCL Novice Josh FORNER 100
1600m VCCL Novice John HARVEY 220
1600m VCCL Novice Kyle HILSON 345
1600m VCCL Novice Zoe Nicholson 260
1600m VCCL Novice Josh NOLAN 120
1600m VCCL Novice Addison Ogilvie 130
1600m VCCL Novice Colm ROTHERY 150
1600m VCCL Novice Lee Tzilantonis 160
1600m VCCL Novice Justin WHITE 100
1600m VCCL Novice Jackson Deane 170
1600m VCCL Novice Jeremy Weeks 100
1600m VCCL Novice Anthony DEMPSTER 125
1600m VCCL Novice Adam PARKER 220
300m Under 17 Sophia POWER 28
300m Under 17 Lachlan Milligan 30
300m Under 17 Mason Keast 21
300m Under 17 Chloe BARNARD 50
300m Under 17 Benjamin Boatman 30
300m Under 17 Dylan Burrows 10
300m Under 17 Jenna CARTLEDGE 48
300m Under 17 Caleb ELLIS 10
300m Under 17 Samuel GROUIOS 30
300m Under 17 Fraser HEARD 0
300m Under 17 Dane HEIDEN 17
300m Under 17 Kyle HILSON 51
300m Under 17 DELANEY KEATING 42
300m Under 17 Jess LEHMANN 47
300m Under 17 Alexia LOIZOU 18
300m Under 17 Nick MILTON 2
300m Under 17 Luke Mitchell 23
300m Under 17 Lee Tzilantonis 50
300m Under 17 Chelsea WILLIAMS-LUMLEY 52
300m Under 17 Anthony DEMPSTER 39

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