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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Ballarat Gift marks comparison from 2013 to 2014

Ballarat Gift marks comparison from 2013 to 2014

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There are 83 entries in the Ballarat Gift. 46 athletes entered in 2013 have entered again in 2014.

Below is a table showing Ballarat Gift marks comparison from 2014 to 2013 and the difference between the two.

This year's mark is first. The last column is the difference.

First Name

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Great work again Youngy!

My top tips are as follows, sorry no detailed form guide this time!

Matt CARTER 1 -         the man is a gun!
Luke STEVENS 3.25 -   ohhh if only JH knew, he would have enjoyed Easter!
Sam JAMIESON 4.5 -    coming into form
James VINE 5 -           again shaping up at the right time
Lee FORREST 5 -         impressive despite the Maryborough pull
Carl MOREHOUSE 5.25 -will improve
Bryce TEO 5.75 -        can cause serious upsets
Nathan RIALI 5.75 -     loved the way he moved in the Don
Alex SALIU 7 -            always a chance
John ADAMS 7.5 -       coming into some serious form, knocking on the door..
Paul TANCREDI 8.5 -    may be injured, but if not, will bring it.
Dale LYONS 9.75 -      good mark, can he back up on both days
Noddy ANGELAKOS 12 -has been in every big race in Vic, will be again.
Mark HIGNETT 12 -      finally has his body right & will be hard to catch.
Darren WHITTAKER 12 -may be injured, though was in ripping form, will final.

Mick The Rex

ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Outsider how do you make your call on Riali when you weren't even in attendance at Avondale?



Good call MTR, what's vicoutsider on about? has he lost the plot? Has the melb heat wave got to him? If you were at Avondale outsider there would be 1 glaring obvious athlete that has to be in the top 6 chances, his 70m to 120m mark just has to throw him in the chances!!!!


Sometimes attendance not a possibility vicoutsider. But the videos dont lie. 6 out 8 stawell gift finalist in don furness final on weekend. Also big money up for grabs this weekend. Wonder whos going to show there cards. Can those gun 70m runners stand up over 120m. Good luck to all competing. There will be videos. Cheers


Disco hit the nail on the head, those magnificent HD videos are telling enough for me. With that being said, vicoutsider attends all meets or at the very least has a representative there  cyclops 

Well VicInsider, I had a shot at naming my top contenders, how about you come out from behind you smoke and mirrors and do the same Question 

You're not referring to Ryan CAMILLE (9.5m) in your rant are you? If you are, I reckon he will semi, but I can name a few middle markers who I think will do better, despite me thinking he is a great little runner these days.

It'll be a great gift this w/e and looking forward to it, hopefully it's not too hot for us!

Smoke n Mirrorz

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Alright. Cool the jets. Mirrorz don't use no pseudonyms.

Mirrorz to provide his top six by high noon tomorrow

Youngy, what are the metre differentials of the Don finalists marks, and their gift marks? Anyone to be Warey of?

The manager

Why don't the powerful quarell stable from tas ever get a mention I think they may be a chance of winning the stable relay at ballarat


I think selecting an SA athlete to be a contender for Ballarat is a nonsense.

Once again the marks are released for a major Victorian Gift and the SA athletes are nothing more than heat fillers.

Last night I advised three of my athletes to stay in Adelaide. Following an analysis of the marks I quickly ascertained it was a total waste of time attending the meet. We were intending to run a relay team but that won’t happen.

The futility of SA Gift runners was on display at Camden. The winner of the Under 20’s race, Luke Stevens won off 3m in 12.54secs. The Open Gift was won in 12.76secs.

So a reasonable assumption is - had Stevens run in the open Gift he wins by about 2m.

Stevens won Albury off 5m, albeit narrowly and that was without winning his semi-final.

Off 3.25m Steven has been brought back to the pack at Ballarat and will be in the semis at best. At Camden he would have beaten all SA Gift runners by 2m.

If Stevens is say a conservative 1.5 to 2m out of Ballarat, how far out of the contest are the SA athletes?

The only SA athletes with any chance of advancing to the semis are James Cibich and Dylan Hicks.

Hicks (9.75m) has 1.5m more than his SA mark (8.25). Hicks at least ran 2nd at Camden to Jake Jervis-Bardy. But he did run from 11.0m at the Bay and missed making the final. He comes back 1.25m - the Bay Sheff runner-up & winner of the Burnie Gift is back 2.0m. Hicksy meets Coote only 0.75m better off. And Coote will probably be a fair bit out of Ballarat. So at best, Hicksy will be a "semi filler".

Cibich has 6.75m – only 0.25m less than his Bay Sheffield mark that he ran 3rd from. Considering his Bay Sheffield run and being forward 1.25m from his current SA mark, he meets other SA athletes much better off.

Cibich has been highly inconsistent between heat and final at three of the last four Gifts’ he’s competed in. Relative to the other finalists in Gifts at the PreBay, Marion & Camden, he has lost considerable time. The only race he didn’t lose time in was the Bay Sheffield.

He’s been warned, fined and ultimately suffered a handicap penalty for his inconsistency.

But in Victoria, to quote James Reyne, “That kind of behaviour” from what we have seen doesn’t attract the same disdain from the VAL handicappers.

His generous treatment by the VAL handicappers is consistent with the treatment Victorian athletes who have also been ‘inconsistent’ this season. They’ve been rewarded with lifts.

I’m going to Ballarat because I am committed to the trip and out of respect the enormous work the Ballarat committee do for their meet. It’s certainly not their fault I’ve become disillusioned by the Victorian scene.

There were no SA athletes in the Ballarat Gift semis last year and unless Hicksy or Cibich can get the right heat, it probably won’t happen again in 2014.

The winner will likely come from a well performed Victorian athlete already with some major Gifts to his name.....maybe a former Stawell Gift finalist. BUT it won't be a SA athlete that's a given.

Good luck to everyone in Ballarat.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

WA runner

WA runners treated pretty harsh as well...
Eg. A Coote wins Burnie by 4m (& placed at Bay) with only 1.75m pull.
K. Reddingius wins Bay Women's by a foot and pulled 4m (from 10m-6m)?
Can't see anyone from WA getting up in this one either.


RE: JH's response to vicoutsider

Firstly there's a lot of far worse managers of athletes than JH in this sport.

Secondly - in his first season Stevens has already won over $10,000 and seven sashes including a major Gift. There are athletes in this sport who haven't achieved that in their entire career - many with 5 years or more  of competition under their belts.

The other point is that from his very first run, Luke Stevens has been under the scrutiny of handicappers & stewards. He was fined (can you believe it) in his very first meet. So JH had very little choice than to let the young lad enjoy some wins to keep the stewards off his back.

He's not even 20 yet so who knows what will happen in the future. There's plenty of time for him to add to his major gift collection.

The Stawell Gift history is littered with athletes who made the final and finished at the back end of the field but have very little else to show for their career.

Stevens is mighty impressive so let's not be too judgemental about how he's being handled.....I could think of a lot worse.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


JH & Youngy, please don't misinterpret my 'tongue in cheek' comment about Stevens and his management. I have personally loved watching him compete this season and his career albeit a short one has been impressive to say the least.

JH, I have been around long enough to know that you know what you're doing. What I said was more of a 'imagine the possibilities of this kid' type scenario.

You at


No worries Vicoutsider - thanks for posting.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


WA Runner - know your stuff - SA marks (and some TAS ones) compared to VIC are inflated, so the girls you mention are doing ok...


There were 11 athletes who entered both the Bay Sheffield Women's 120m and the Ballarat Women's 120m this weekend. The 11th was Megan McMahon who is the only runner with a bigger mark at Ballarat (16.50) than the Bay Sheffield (14.00). The other 10 all had bigger handicaps at the Bay Sheffield.

It's interesting that Cara Boustead ran 3rd at he Bay Sheffield then won the Women's Burnie Gift and meets Kiara Reddinguis 1.50m better off. I guess one could argue that it reflects the degree of difficulty between the two meets. The Bay had three times the athletes  than Burnie.

NameBall - 2014Bay Sheff - 2013Diff
Kiara REDDINGIUS6.0010.00-4.00
Cara BOUSTEAD9.5012.00-2.50
Claire Thiele10.0012.50-2.50
Melissa HOWARD5.758.00-2.25
Alice PLATTEN8.009.75-1.75
Christine Wearne0.251.75-1.50
Katie MOORE3.504.75-1.25
Tamara HAMOND4.756.00-1.25
Melanie PURKISS5.506.50-1.00
Emma JOHNSON6.506.75-0.25

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Sorry Vicoutsider but I don't buy your explanation of your comments being 'tongue in cheek' Secondly its pretty hard to respect anything said by someone hiding under the safety of a pseudonym on this forum. Opinions/inferences made by keyboard warriors such as yourself are pretty gutless in my book.


Ballarat Gift Tips 2014

Lee Forrest - Maryborough Gift winner, I think he has one more gift in him this season.

Luke Whitney - Tasmanian speed demon who seems to be in good shape at this time of the year.

Mark Hignett - Stawell Gift runner up who still has a lot of toe and a massive mark. Will be hard to catch.

Matt Carter - The new yardstick in pro running. How fast can this guy go? Very enjoyable to watch a guy make ground the way he does. Smashed them at Rye and almost pinched it at Albury. Don't blink or you'll miss him.


Youngy, Cibich must be a chance at Ballarat. 3rd at Bay off 7, only back 0.25 for Ballarat, 6.75.

Lee Forrest is being tipped to do well. Forrest back on 5 at Ballarat. He had 7 at the Bay and didn't final. Cibich has to beat Forrest, he's 1.75 better off.
Same with Hicks. 11 at Bay. 9.75 at Ballarat. Back 1.25. Also Saliu 7.5 at Bay, back 0.50.

Bay finalists:
1st, Mispelhorn back 2.75 from Bay.
2nd, Coote back 2.0 from Bay.
3rd, Cibich back 0.25 from Bay.
5th, Gross back 1.25 from Bay.
6th Watkins back 0.50 from Bay.
Cibich has all these guys covered plus the others who didn't final.

I know he hasnt been keen to win since the Bay. Ballarat looks the one.


Good points racingmania.

Checking back on the Bay Sheffield results - Cibich easily comes out on top of those who have entered Ballarat.

Below is a list of Ballarat entrants who entered the Bay Sheffield.

  • The first two columns (after the name) are the handicaps for Ballarat & the Bay Sheffield.

  • The next column is the difference between the two marks.

  • The Bay Sheffield Result is where they ultimately finished - whether it be a heat, semi or final.

  • The 'best' time is the fastest recorded on the day regardless of whether it was a heat, semi or final. Eg: Both Cibich & Coote ran 12.58s in the semi while Mispelhorn ran 12.56 in the heat.

  • The RPM is the breakdown of metre per second based on the Bay Sheff  time recorded for the 120m less the handicap.

  • The final column is the estimated time the athlete would run off their Ballarat mark.

Name Ball 2014 Bay 2013 Diff Bay Sheffield RESULT Best Bay Sheff time RPM Est Ballarat Time
James Cibich 6.75 7.00 -0.25 3rd in FINAL 12.58 8.982511924 12.61
Adam Coote 7.50 9.50 -2.00 2nd in FINAL 12.58 8.783783784 12.81
Edward Ware 8.25 8.25 0.00 2nd in SF2 12.82 8.716848674 12.82
Ben Mispelhorn 4.00 6.75 -2.75 1st in FINAL 12.56 9.016719745 12.86
Alex Saliu 7.00 7.50 -0.50 3rd in SF1 12.93 8.700696056 12.99
David Gross 9.00 10.25 -1.25 5th in FINAL 12.87 8.527583528 13.02
James Vine 5.00 5.50 -0.50 3rd in SF3 12.96 8.834876543 13.02
Mark Hignett 12.00 11.00 1.00 3rd in Heat 4 13.14 8.295281583 13.02
Dylan Panizza 7.25 8.50 -1.25 4th in SF1 12.88 8.656832298 13.02
Dylan Hicks 9.75 11.00 -1.25 2nd in SF1 12.89 8.456167572 13.04
Aaron Bresland 5.00 5.25 -0.25 3rd in SF4 13.05 8.793103448 13.08
Clay Watkins 2.75 3.25 -0.50 6th in FINAL 13.03 8.960092095 13.09
Josh Tiu 8.75 9.25 -0.50 4th in SF4 13.03 8.49961627 13.09
Matthew Hargreaves 5.25 6.25 -1.00 3rd in SF2 13.00 8.75 13.11
Ryan Camille 9.50 9.75 -0.25 4th in SF2 13.09 8.422459893 13.12
Glenn Ross 8.75 10.00 -1.25 4th in SF5 13.05 8.429118774 13.20
Lee Forrest 5.00 7.00 -2.00 2nd in SF4 12.98 8.705701079 13.21
Matthew Harvey 9.75 10.25 -0.50 4th in Heat 13 13.18 8.327010622 13.24
Ben Weaver 6.25 7.00 -0.75 3rd in Heat 7 13.16 8.58662614 13.25
Chris Innes-Wong 8.25 7.75 0.50 4th in Heat 10 13.36 8.401946108 13.30
David Tinney 6.50 7.00 -0.50 3rd in Heat 14 13.29 8.502633559 13.35
Nickolas Berry 10.50 10.50 0.00 4th in Heat 9 13.38 8.183856502 13.38
Craig Foley 12.00 11.00 1.00 3rd in Heat 8 13.51 8.068097705 13.39
Dean Dobric 8.75 9.25 -0.50 4th in Heat 4 13.36 8.289670659 13.42
Jarrad Dartnall 9.75 10.25 -0.50 3rd in Heat 15 13.39 8.196415235 13.45
Christopher Eather 10.75 10.00 0.75 5th in Heat 10 13.68 8.040935673 13.59
David Fenolla 9.00 10.00 -1.00 4th in Heat 8 13.53 8.130081301 13.65
Michael Voumard 8.00 8.00 0.00 4th in Heat 2 13.73 8.157319738 13.73
Ryan Hoffman 12.00 11.00 1.00 5th in Heat 3 14.23 7.659873507 14.10
Sean Law 8.75 8.50 0.25 Scratched - H12
Dale Lyons 9.75 9.50 0.25 Scratched - H15
Corey Baker 6.50 6.50 0.00 Scratched - H2
Augustine Carty-Cowling 8.50 8.50 0.00 Scratched - H9
Laurent Stewart 6.00 6.50 -0.50 Scratched - H15
Doug Greenough 8.25 8.75 -0.50 Scratched - H8
Kevin Brittain 5.50 6.50 -1.00 Scratched - H1
Paul Cracroft-Wilson 7.25 8.25 -1.00 Scratched - H5
Shane Ezard 9.00 10.00 -1.00 Scratched - H12

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Massive fan of the work Youngy puts in for the big gifts. Will be interesting to see how the weekend pans out. I'm sure a few diehards will be watching the heats with Youngy's Periodic Table in hand.
The only factors that can't be calculated for in the table are the runners' fitness levels (Vics fitter now/SA runners already peaked?)  and the speed of the Ballarat track compared with Colley Reserve.
I forgot about Mispelhorn... He will give this an almight shake if in the same shape as bay.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Did you know an analysis of reaction times from semi-finals and finals between 1997-2003 World Championships 100m races found an average reaction time of 0.145 with an average standard deviation of 0.022?

The quickest reaction time 0.101 can be contrasted to the slowest, 0.230. Reflect on that peoples.

An aside

Dizzy once did a 6month of study of the reaction times of Darren "the flash" Whittaker and discovered an average start time of 0.101 with a standard deviation of 0.0WTF000

Runs, wins.


Dizzy sometimes you don't do yourself any favours with your lame comments.
You can be dizzypointing.


Good work PY. Data distorted by results since the Bay. Fenollar has massively improved since the Bay.
So has Forrest.
Others have lost metres since the Bay. One SA Bay finalist has lost 5metres.


johnnydrama wrote:Massive fan of the work Youngy puts in for the big gifts. Will be interesting to see how the weekend pans out. I'm sure a few diehards will be watching the heats with Youngy's Periodic Table in hand.
The only factors that can't be calculated for in the table are the runners' fitness levels (Vics fitter now/SA runners already peaked?)  and the speed of the Ballarat track compared with Colley Reserve.
I forgot about Mispelhorn... He will give this an almight shake if in the same shape as bay.

Mispelhorn is good but his stablemate might be better, a national junior beach sprint champion and has a better mark.

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