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March 2018

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PROTRACK » GENERAL » SAAL - Marion Australia Day Gift Carnival on Saturday 25th January 2014 - schedule of events

SAAL - Marion Australia Day Gift Carnival on Saturday 25th January 2014 - schedule of events

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ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
at Marion Sports and Community Club Oval, Sturt Road, Marion

Marion Australia Day Gift Carnival
Saturday 25 January 2014

Program of Events

Time Event

2.00pm 120m Under 20 heats (7 heats)
2.28pm 120m Open heats (6 heats)
2.52pm 120m Women heats (6 heats)
3.16pm 120m Under 20 semi finals (2 semis)

3.24pm 800m Open heats (2 heats)

3.32pm OFFICIAL BREAK (10 minutes)

3.42pm 120m Open - final and presentation
3.52pm 120m Women - final and presentation
4.02pm 120m Under 20 - final and presentation

4.12pm 300m Under 14 heats (2 heats)
4.20pm 300m Over 35 heats (4 heats)
4.36pm 300m Under 17 heats (5 heats)
4.56pm 300m Women heats (4 heats)
5.12pm 300m Open heats (4 heats)

5.28pm OFFICIAL BREAK (10 minutes)

5.38pm 800m Open - final and presentation

5.48pm 300m Under 14 - final and presentation

5.58pm 3200m Open - final and presentation

6.12pm 300m Over 35 - final and presentation
6.22pm 300m Under 17 - final and presentation
6.32pm 300m Women - final and presentation
6.42pm 300m Open - final and presentation

6.52pm Female relay - final and presentation
7.02pm Male relay - final and presentation


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
They cant be serious, relays at the end of such a long program.
The egg and spoon races will be made up of runners who havent nominated for the day and front up to get a free run or under age athletes.
Its been tried before ,it didnt work.
Stables are as interested in relays as much as Youngys interested in Over age events.


Whispers, the 4x200m relay is an initiative to encourage ASA clubs to be a part of the Marion carnival. It is an ASA club based relay. The prizemoney is being put up by Western District AC.

As far as I know Saints have entered teams as well as Pembroke. And from what I have head Margaret Gayen will run for Pembroke.

So pro running squads are not involved unless they are attached to an ASA club. All athletes need to run in club singlets/uniform.

I believe there is $500 to each of the winning (men's & women's) clubs.

I think the order of events should change with the Over 35's & Under 17's 300m finals run after the Women's & Open - as I suspect there will be a few athletes involved in thses races who will probably be in relay teams.  

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"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Wasnt aware of who was providing the money and who was actually running but considering that 4 x 200m relays are scheduled for Santos that day at 4.30pm perhaps another day may have been better.
Think somewhere between ASA and Western Districts there hasnt been a lot of communication.
$500 for each relay ,$1000 all up thats pretty good coin and Im sure theres a few pro runners going around that would like to win a sash with that connected to it.


It's not my idea. Apart from organising a Westerns' men's team I have very little to do with it.

I'm more a......reluctant participant.

btw, I won't be at Marion on Saturday, as I have another function to attend.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Good chance for you Over 35er to get a Club team together ,run the 4 x 200m relay at Santos as a warm up at 4.15pm then dash down to Marion for the 4 x 200m DASH FOR CASH AT 6.55PM. Laughing 


I'm going to have a say on this one,

Only new to SAAL, having competed just one and a half seasons, however my opinion is that if there is one thing the SAAL lacks (Importantly note overall I think it is a brilliantly run organsation by some really quality people, most, if not all donating their time) is there is very little emphasis placed on teamsmanship. If I were part of the set up I would be pushing for:

1. Printing the name of the team each athlete represents in the programme, so that it becomes common knowledge who belongs to who.
2. Have a running premiership table for each season - and give all athletes the chance of contributing points to their team, increasing team rivalry, and promoting each and every athlete giving their best every time they run.
3. Have relays as a permanent fixture, within each team this creates team spirit and the need to have the ability to work together. relays should include Open, Women, Juniors and vets to work together.
4. Have a look at running some events in conjunction with other South Australian sporting events - eg 120m sprint at change of innings in the big bash league. Would do more for promoting the sport than any newspaper article.

I have run a few times in the VAL and each time there has been a relay as part of the programme. Whilst I understand athletics is mostly an individual sport, anything that brings a training squad together adds to the experience of competing, promotes team spirit and teaches juniors, and others that it is not just all about them.

I have come from a team sport background and  the biggest positive of sport for me to be part of a team, experiencing high and lows as a group  and making a contribution to the team.


First I heard of this event was last night on Protrack. If only I was registered with ASA Whispers, too many meet clashes to warrant spending money in that comp. Not sure if TTG has 4 male or 4 female athletes let alone 4 that would be interested in competing? Is it something that can be arranged on the day? It sure is some good prize money.

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