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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Devonport Gift Meet Updates....

Devonport Gift Meet Updates....

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1 Devonport Gift Meet Updates.... on Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:04 pm


Devonport Gift Heat winners:

H1: James Boden (9) 48.12

H2: Tom Burbidge (16) 47.47

H3: Derek Collinge (15) 48.13

H4: Thomas Pfundt (36) 46.22

H5: Daniel Reeves (33) 46.38

H6 Max Waldron (20) 46.99

Fastest 2nd placegetters to advance to the final:
D Lahey (24) - 2nd in heat 2.
B Matthews (16) - 2nd in heat 5.

James Boden had his 400m mark in Devonport reduced to 9m, but still won the first heat of the 400m Devonport Gift.

Pretty ordinary by the TAL to wait until the guy accepts before they tell him the news his mark had been cut from 14m to 9m.

They've had ample time to relay this information but waited until the last minute to let him know.

The actual mark isn't the problem, it's the fact they didn't let us know, say a few weeks ago when we could have looked at our options and perhaps run Boden at the Bay Sheff carnival.

Still not sure how they can reduce a declared mark that is based on all the performances already declared?

Given the results - the variance in times is comical. Boden wouldn't have had a hope off 14m anyway....

Pfundt looks a moral.


Further info to hand on the Boden mark readjustment. Following the heat results, the handicapper apparently apologised for the re-handicap, admitting in the context of the event, it was too heavy. Nice to hear a handicapper admit an error.

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"Let's Go While We're Young"

2 Women's Gift on Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:07 pm


Devonport Women's Gift Heat winners.

H1 Tabitha West (12) in 54.13

H2 Abbey DeLa Motte (22) 54.28

H3 Bridgid Connolly (21) 55.53

Apparently West looked very good and is expected to win.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

3 Re: Devonport Gift Meet Updates.... on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:14 pm


Devonport Gift Final

1st Thomas Pfundt (36)
2nd Daniel Reeves (33)
3rd Max Waldron (24)
4th Tom Burbidge (16)
Time: 45.7

Winner won easily with the frontmarkers dominating.

I believe we may not have heard the last of the Boden re-handicap. I'm reliably informed the handicapper is furious with a certain Tassie trainer who complained bitterly about Boden's original mark of 14 - only to have his own charge smash 47sec in the heat which would have clearly beaten Boden, had he run off his initial 14m....

Case of a bird-brained trainer effectively shitting in his own nest.

Women's 400m
1 Tabitha West (12)
2 Bridgid Connolly (21)
3 Abbey DeLa Motte (22)
Time: 54.??

Apparently West was brilliant for 380m before getting the staggers and Connolly nearly got over the top of her.

Women's 70m Final
included both backmarkers Melissa Breen & Alicia Wrench-Doody with Breen just shading Doody on the line. However neither girl placed in the final. Winner was Morgan Gaffney in 8.52.....

70m Open final was won by Jordan Tronnolone. (Finally YGTS enjoy some success in a post Xmas meet!) Hip Hip hoo-bloody-ray!

"Let's Go While We're Young"

4 Re: Devonport Gift Meet Updates.... on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:46 am

Iron Maiden

youngy wrote:

Further info to hand on the Boden mark readjustment. Following the heat results, the handicapper apparently apologised for the re-handicap, admitting in the context of the event, it was too heavy. Nice to hear a handicapper admit an error.

Does this discourage you from attending in the future?

This should make anyone competing in the SAAL or VAL feel lucky for their level of professionalism!

5 Re: Devonport Gift Meet Updates.... on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:10 am


G'day Iron M,

Let's put it this way, "One swallow does not a summer make."

I've been to several Tassie Christmas carnivals and had many terrific times and had very few disappointing ones. Even when I never won anything over there, I still enjoyed the meets, the atmosphere & the people and kept going back. I enjoy it too much to worry about one unfortunate episode.

This was the first time I've experienced this and as I said earlier, the handicapper admitted he'd got it wrong, so we move on.

We'll be back in 2011/2012 - I'm already planning it.

And it's no big deal really, James Boden could not have hit them with an MCG goal post, even off 14m, so those who will end up with the flack are those who made the handicapper look foolish.

We ended up with a win on the night with young Jordan Tronnolone collecting his first ever open sash, with his narrow win in the Devonport 70m.

James Boden retains his 800m mark and hopefully he goes well tonight.

Should be a good night's racing, albeit very cold night, at Devonport.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

6 Re: Devonport Gift Meet Updates.... on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:18 am

Iron Maiden

That is a very level headed view. Thanks for the response.

Good luck for the remaining races.

7 Re: Devonport Gift Meet Updates.... on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:37 am


200m HEATS

Womens 200m
Heat 1
Red Melissa Breen Scr
White Abbey de la Motte 12m
Blue Ella Scott 12m
Yellow Ashley Corbett 13m
Green Kristy Yates 14m
Pink Carmen Oakley 18m
Black Kristy Rootes 20m

Heat 2
Red Alicia Wrench-Doody 5m
White Danielle Dwyer 12m
Blue Cherlyse Yates 12m
Yellow Morgan Gaffney 13m
Green Kimberley Bush 15m
Pink Laura Nicholson 18m
Black Fiona Heazlewood 22m

Heat 3
Red Cara White 8m
White Madelin House 12m
Blue Abby Chapman 13m
Yellow Amy Pedder 13m
Green Bridgid Connolly 15m
Pink Kate Walter 18m
Black Lucy Buckley 23m

Heat 4
Red Danielle Taylor 9m
White Andrea DiPaolo 12m
Blue Carly Edmunds 13m
Yellow Olivia Saltmarsh 13m
Green Angela Phillips 17m
Pink Abbey Walters 19m
Black Michelle Davis w/h

Mens 200m

Heat 1
Red Lachlan Taylor 8m
White Dylan Garland 12m
Blue Luke Storta 12m
Yellow Sunie Radravu 13m
Green Jorden Englund 15m
Pink Callum James 17m
Black Thomas Pfundt 19m
Grey Paul Viney 27m

Heat 2
Red Brendan Matthews 9m
White Robbie James 12m
Blue Charlie Leek 13m
Yellow Brad Tolson 13m
Green Mitchel Englund 15m
Pink Calvin Gook 17m
Black Darren Whittaker 19m

Heat 3
Red Max Waldron 10m
White Cam Dunbar 12m
Blue Edward Gates 13m
Yellow Andrew Robinson 14m
Green Rowan Mason 15m
Pink David Gross 17m
Black Ben Englund 20m

Heat 4
Red James Boden 10m
White Joseph Lowe 12m
Blue Darcy Lahey 13m
Yellow Matthew Brooks 14m
Green Andrew Wilcox 15m
Pink Dan LeMoto 18m
Black Matt Beckenham 21m

Heat 5
Red Tom Burbidge 11m
White David McCrae 13m
Blue Sam Leitch 13m
Yellow Cameron Cranfield 15m
Green Doug Greenough 16m
Pink Mark Nichols 17m
Black Brendan Smart 22m

Heat 6
Red Derek Collinge 12m
White Jordan Sheppard 12m
Blue Ryan McConnon 13m
Yellow Jordan Tronnolone 15m
Green Jarrod Gilroy 16m
Pink Alec Eiszele 19m
Black Ryan O'Halloran 20m

Mens 800 Metres

First Four (4) in Each Heat Into Final
Heat 1
Jordan TYLER 50
Damon OVERTON 55
Daniel REEVES 55
Alec THOMAS 60
Calvin GOOK 60
Nicholas McKENNA 70
Darren BROWN 110

Heat 2
James BODEN 25
James HANSEN 50
George MILLER 55
Jerome WHITELEY 60
Robert YOUNG 60
Brodie OVERTON 70
Taylor REEVES 75
Samuel MOREY 85
James PLAPP 115

Heat 3
Phillip McCONNON 50
Patrick LEE 55
Richard WELSH 55
William BADCOCK 60
Dylan GARLAND 65
Jason WALDRON 75
Troy ATKINS 80

Womens 800 Metres
Georgie CLARKE 20
Jessica MOREY 50
Bridgid CONNOLLY 55
Abbey DE LA MOTTE 55
Nicole PERRY 55
Claudia CONLEY 65
Sandy LORING 75
Jillian LYALL 80
Carly PERRY 85
Katharine PARISH 90
Michelle DAVIS 100
Zoe GEE 100
Samantha KOCH 110

8 Re: Devonport Gift Meet Updates.... on Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:07 pm


30th December 2010

Men's 800m was won by a local in 1-45. James Boden in the red in the final and conceding 20m to the runner in white finished 3rd in about 1-46.

Women's 800m was won by SA's Bridgid Connolly off 55m. That's a 2nd & 1st for Bridgid in her first trip to Tassie.

200m coming up. SA athletes Andrea DiPaolo and Lucy Buckley both made the final.

Robbie James just missed the men's 200m final which is dominated by Tassie runners.

9 Re: Devonport Gift Meet Updates.... on Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:36 pm


Thomas Pfundt won again - the men's 200m in 20.7 off 17m.

Abbey Walters won the women's 200m in 23.8.

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