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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Ararat Marks (VAL) - Monday 30th December 2013

Ararat Marks (VAL) - Monday 30th December 2013

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1 Ararat Marks (VAL) - Monday 30th December 2013 on Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:03 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Date Monday 30th December
Venue Address Alexandra Oval, Lowe Street, Ararat. 3377.
Start Time 1:00pm
Melways Ref

Closing Date Thursday December 12
Club Contact Henry Gunstone Phone 53521522 / 0408332820

120m Open Nick SAMPIERI 10
120m Open Ryan HANCOCK 9
120m Open Paddy McDONALD 7.75
120m Open Jonathon ROGERS 11
120m Open Chris ROCHE 13
120m Open Dermott O'Connor 8
120m Open Mathew BOYES 17.75
120m Open William LITTLE 12
120m Open Marcus COOPER 11.75
120m Open Tom MOREHOUSE 11
120m Open Stuart ABERDEIN 8
120m Open Craig MAIR 14
120m Open Nathan DIXON 8
120m Open Jordan KEAST 9
120m Open Dale LYONS 9.25
120m Open Robert LEHMANN 8
120m Open Matthew D'ASTOLI 10
120m Open Richard BROWN 9
120m Open Cam DUNBAR 7.25
120m Open Leigh PHELAN 9.5
120m Open Timothy ROSEN 14.25
120m Open Greg Mitchell 6.5
120m Open Dylan HICKS 9.75
120m Open Tamer SIRIN 6.5
120m Open Luke VERSACE 9.5
120m Open Jimmie GLADMAN 7
120m Open David Flood 6
120m Open Peter KNOTT 10
120m Open Nathan McNAB 8
120m Open Steven TILBURN 14.5
120m Open Kelly SHELDRICK 14.75
120m Open David TRUDGIAN 12
120m Open Paul TANCREDI 8.5
120m Open Andrew WILCOX 12.25
70m Open Ryan HANCOCK 5.5
70m Open Jonathon ROGERS 7.75
70m Open Jacob DENSLEY 6
70m Open Dermott O'Connor 5.5
70m Open Mathew BOYES 10.25
70m Open William LITTLE 6.5
70m Open Tom MOREHOUSE 9
70m Open Craig MAIR 8
70m Open Nathan DIXON 5.5
70m Open Stephen MARINIER 7
70m Open Jordan KEAST 7.25
70m Open Dale LYONS 5.25
70m Open Brody TAYLOR 8
70m Open Richard BROWN 6.25
70m Open Dylan HICKS 4.25
70m Open Cam DUNBAR 4.5
70m Open Leigh PHELAN 6.25
70m Open Timothy ROSEN 9
70m Open Darren ARTHUR 12.5
70m Open Tamer SIRIN 4
70m Open Jimmie GLADMAN 6.75
70m Open Rhys GILLSON 6
70m Open Nathan McNAB 7.25
70m Open Steven TILBURN 8.25
70m Open Kelly SHELDRICK 7.75
70m Open David TRUDGIAN 10.5
70m Open Paul TANCREDI 4
70m Open Nick SAMPIERI 5
100m Women's GenevieveHART 15
100m Women's JacquelineSCOTT 21
100m Women's Lauren PARISI 12
100m Women's Jenna CARTLEDGE 7
100m Women's JESS LEHMANN 6.75
100m Women's Narelle LEHMANN 7
100m Women's Elissa WARD 22
100m Women's Tiffany BOATMAN 12.75
100m Women's Danielle McDOWELL 15.5
100m Women's DONNA MCDOWALL 16
100m Women's Sonya POLLARD 17.75
300m Women's/Veteran'sShaneBUCKINGHAM21
300m Women's/Veteran's DELANEYKEATING38
300m Women's/Veteran's David CHANTRILL22
300m Women's/Veteran's SCOTT SHILLITO20
300m Women's/Veteran's GenevieveHART60
300m Women's/Veteran's Ruby KLEMM 56
300m Women's/Veteran's JacquelineSCOTT54
300m Women's/Veteran's Chris ROCHE 15
300m Women's/Veteran's Mathew BOYES 26
300m Women's/Veteran's Caitlyn HOCKING50
300m Women's/Veteran's Gary MAHON 66
300m Women's/Veteran's Lauren PARISI 64
300m Women's/Veteran's JESS LEHMANN30
300m Women's/Veteran's Narelle LEHMANN43
300m Women's/Veteran's MatthewD'ASTOLI9
300m Women's/Veteran's Elissa WARD 66
300m Women's/Veteran's Leigh PHELAN 4
300m Women's/Veteran's Colin MCCURRY51
300m Women's/Veteran's Katilyn BRYCE 56
300m Women's/Veteran's Tarryn FISHER 50
300m Women's/Veteran's Tiffany BOATMAN45
300m Women's/Veteran's Darren ARTHUR 25
300m Women's/Veteran's Lisa ROBERTS60
300m Women's/Veteran's Katrina BUCKINGHAM41
300m Women's/Veteran's Greg HILSON 29
300m Women's/Veteran's Dennis KING 55
300m Women's/Veteran's Stephen BAIRD 52
300m Women's/Veteran's Martin BARROW22
300m Women's/Veteran's Martine BEER 53
300m Women's/Veteran's Ricky DUNBAR 65
300m Women's/Veteran's Marita DOWNES45
300m Women's/Veteran's Garry CONNOR 64
300m Women's/Veteran's KerrieanneHOCKING78
300m Women's/Veteran's Wayne JAMES 34
300m Women's/Veteran's Chris LIVITSANOS36
300m Women's/Veteran's Danielle McDOWELL59
300m Women's/Veteran's DONNA MCDOWALL76
300m Women's/Veteran's LEIGH ROWBOTTOM32
300m Women's/Veteran's Steven TILBURN 30
300m Women's/Veteran's Andrew WILCOX 3
300m Women's/Veteran's Sonya POLLARD59
300m Women's/Veteran's Xavier O'CONNOR0
400m Open Shane BUCKINGHAM 43
400m Open David CHANTRILL 39
400m Open Paddy McDONALD 19
400m Open Chris ROCHE 41
400m Open William LITTLE 24
400m Open Nick MILTON 24
400m Open Stuart ABERDEIN 26
400m Open Kyle HILSON 68
400m Open Nathan DIXON 26
400m Open Jordan KEAST 26
400m Open Robert LEHMANN 27
400m Open Richard BROWN 29
400m Open Leigh PHELAN 30
400m Open Timothy ROSEN 35
400m Open Darren ARTHUR 47
400m Open Greg Mitchell 22
400m Open Neale GUNNING 44
400m Open David GIROLAMO 42
400m Open Greg HILSON 54
400m Open Luke VERSACE 27
400m Open Mitchell HOCKING 19
400m Open Martin BARROW 46
400m Open David Flood 28
400m Open Chris LIVITSANOS 61
400m Open Paul TANCREDI 20
400m Open Xavier O'CONNOR 26
1600m Open Ashley SNOWDEN 215
1600m Open Jessica O'HARA 345
1600m Open Tom NODEN 120
1600m Open Daniel LAWLOR 145
1600m Open Greg HILSON 200
1600m Open Daniel Ryan 100
1600m Open Matt KONETSCHKA 125
1600m Open Tim EARLE 100
1600m Open JACOB NOLAN 115
1600m Open Ashley COWEN 135
1600m Open David GIROLAMO 250
1600m Open Lisa ROBERTS 390
1600m Open Martine BEER 350
1600m Open Wayne JAMES 265
1600m Open Carl MCMEEL 160
1600m Open Sean QUILTY 165
1600m Open Thomas SAVAGE 125
1600m Open Peter NODEN 255
1600m Open Adam PARKER 200
1600m Open Xavier O'CONNOR 120
1600m Open Tony RENDINA 375
1600Open Jesse NODEN 185
1600 Open Erica McConachy 100
1600 Open Gerard O'Donnell 160
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Jacob DENSLEY 46
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Dermott O'Connor 30
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Fraser HEARD 36
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) JAKE HILSON 40
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Alec WILTSHIRE 45
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Kyle HILSON 84
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Jenna CARTLEDGE 66
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Brody TAYLOR 40
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) JACOB NOLAN 36
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Dane HEIDEN 50
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Ashley COWEN 28
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Katilyn BRYCE 92
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Benjamin Boatman 30
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Peter KNOTT 35
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Danielle McDOWELL 94
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) LEIGH ROWBOTTOM 42
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Thomas SAVAGE 32
400m Novice (SportzBiz Series) Jarryd WRIGHT 44
120m Under 20 DELANEY KEATING 23
120m Under 20 Ruby KLEMM 30
120m Under 20 Jacqueline SCOTT 32
120m Under 20 Dermott O'Connor 8
120m Under 20 Nick MILTON 8
120m Under 20 Fraser HEARD 10
120m Under 20 JAKE HILSON 16
120m Under 20 Kyle HILSON 24
120m Under 20 Stephen MARINIER 14.5
120m Under 20 Jordan KEAST 12
120m Under 20 Jenna CARTLEDGE 20.5
120m Under 20 JESS LEHMANN 23
120m Under 20 Brody TAYLOR 7
120m Under 20 Jimmie GLADMAN 6
120m Under 20 Benjamin Boatman8
120m Under 20 Tiffany BOATMAN 22.5
120m Under 20 Benjamin FARRELL 6

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