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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Bay Sheffield Handicap comparison 2012 to 2013.

Bay Sheffield Handicap comparison 2012 to 2013.

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Bay Sheffield Handicap comparison 2012 to 2013.

Dylan Hicks11.00 m9.751.25
Alex Saliu7.50 m6.501.00
Dale Lyons9.50 m8.501.00
Dean Dobric9.25 m8.500.75
Liam Wright10.00 m9.250.75
Ollie Wurm7.50 m7.000.50
Chris Innes-Wong7.75 m7.250.50
Jarrad Dartnall10.25 m9.750.50
Wallace Long-Scafidi4.75 m4.500.25
Connor Verrall8.00 m7.750.25
Doug Greenough8.75 m8.500.25
Bradley Letton10.00 m9.750.25
Matthew Harvey10.25 m10.000.25
Nickolas Berry10.50 m10.250.25
Ryan Hancock10.50 m10.250.25
Jordan Caldow1.25 m1.250.00
Alex Bubner5.75 m5.750.00
Corey Baker6.50 m6.500.00
Sebastian Baird7.50 m7.500.00
Deng Bulabek8.00 m8.000.00
Paul Cracroft-Wilson8.25 m8.250.00
Edward Ware8.25 m8.250.00
Valentino Yuel8.25 m8.250.00
Josh Tiu9.25 m9.250.00
Lyall Weir9.25 m9.250.00
Adam Coote9.50 m9.500.00
Ryan Camille9.75 m9.750.00
Adam Moore10.00 m10.000.00
Craig Foley11.00 m11.000.00
Tyson Hancock11.00 m11.000.00
Aaron Harrison11.00 m11.000.00
Mark Hignett11.00 m11.000.00
Ryan Hoffman11.00 m11.000.00
Shaun Ryder11.00 m11.000.00
Brad Schutz11.00 m11.000.00
Christopher Simpson11.00 m11.000.00
Paul Taylor11.00 m11.000.00
Dylan Panizza8.50 m8.75-0.25
David Gross10.25 m10.50-0.25
Neil Thomas10.75 m11.00-0.25
James Cibich7.00 m7.50-0.50
Isaac Dunmall7.75 m8.25-0.50
Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera7.50 m8.00-0.50
Mathew Short7.25 m8.00-0.75
Clay Watkins3.25 m4.25-1.00
Shane Ezard10.00 m11.00-1.00
Glenn Ross10.00 m11.00-1.00

Gossip Girl

Hey Admin, you should do one that shows the difference between bay mark and last start! Smile


1 Brighton gift finalist got a 2.75m lift. That's the biggest lift. Got the biggest lift since last year too I noticed.

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