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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Sanderson-Milera among local hopes for this month's Bay Sheffield Gift

Sanderson-Milera among local hopes for this month's Bay Sheffield Gift

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Grange's Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera among local hopes for this month's Bay Sheffield Gift

Kym Morgan
Guardian Messenger
December 17, 2013

Sprinter Tjimarri Sanderon-Milera is one of SA's leading hopes at this year's Bay Sheffield. Picture: Tricia WatkinsonSource: News Limited

A YEAR ago, Colley Reserve's notorious head wind put pay to Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera's hopes of winning the Bay Sheffield.

Lacking the explosiveness of some of his rivals, Sanderson-Milera struggled into the strong breeze and was run out in the semi-finals.

This year he will return knowing that if the traditional south-westerly breeze springs up on December 28 he has the strength to power through it.

"I've done my first ever pre-season,'' says Sanderson-Milera, who is rated by some as SA's leading hope of winning this year's sprint.

"I spent a lot of the pre-season getting a bit more muscle on me and strength, and I think that has made me a better runner."

Sanderson-Milera's pre-season included a trip to Jamaica early in the year, where he trained with their national team and received a shirt signed by Usain Bolt.

Training twice daily while he was there, Sanderon-Milera came back inspired and applied what he learnt.

The Grange flyer has had impressive results in the SA Athletic League this season including a close second-place behind Alex Saliu at the Pre-Bay Sheffield Gift last week.

"I already knew before I went to Jamaica how hard you needed to train to make it to the top but to actually go over there and do it was an eye opener,'' he says.

"It definitely inspired me to train hard when I got back."

Sanderson-Milera's coach Peter Burdett says his protege is a different athlete this year and believes he is capable of having a serious tilt at the state's richest footrace.

Burdett knows a thing or two about training Bay Sheffield winners, having masterminded Jordan Caldow's wins in 2010 and 2011.

"He (Sanderson-Milera) has improved 3m or 4m maybe 5m from last year,'' Grange-based Burdett says.

"We've implemented a lot of what he brought back from Jamaica in our squad trainings and implemented some of the gym sessions, and he has just come on in leaps and bounds.

"I believe at the moment he's in about 10.8 (sec) form for a straight 100m."

Mick The Rex

ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Very interesting article indeed, you'd hope Kym Morgan has used some editorial license, in Burdett's claim that TSM has improved 4-5m from last season? If indeed TSM has improved by that distance then the organisers may as well had him the sash, cash & trophy now!

TSM run 12.15sec in both his heat and semi at Stawell, granted off 9.75m, his Pre Bay handicap was 7.5m, given a 4m improvement from last season his going to run sub 12.00sec?

Even though according to the article his completed his 1st pre-season ever and claims are his stronger and so will handle the strong south-westerly, it seems this is in fact the otheer competitors only chance of beating him?

As it must have been a strong south-westerly at Pre Bay given he run 12.50sec in his heat, 12.60sec in his semi and was beaten in the final in 12.70sec, yet looks set to run sub 12.00sec at the Bay?

It just doesn't add up, above article has to be a beat up!?!


PreBay Gift
Semi 1
1 T Sanderson-Milera (7.50) 12.60
2 A Saliu (6.75) 12.71
3 D Gross (10.25) 12.74
4 D Hicks (8.25) 12.94
5 S Baird (7.00) 12.96
6 S Ryder (13.75) 13.15

Semi 2
1 J Cibich (7.00) 12.55
2 L Houlihan (8.00) 12.855
3 J Jervis-Bardy (7.50) 12.859
4 D Tohl (6.75) 13.01
5 B Wright (11.75) 13.02

120m Gift FINAL
1 A Saliu (6.75) 12.73
2 T Sanderson-Milera (7.50) 12.75
3 J Cibich (7.00) 12.77
4 J Jervis-Bardy (7.50) 12.87
5 D Gross (10.25) 12.90
6 L Houlihan (8.00) 12.94

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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