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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Northcote (VAL) Start List - Sun 8th Dec 2013.

Northcote (VAL) Start List - Sun 8th Dec 2013.

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Adjustments still to made I think as 3 names in 70m novice have won recently. Stevens Rowsell and Bailey.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Surely it is time for Northcote to look at separating the womens and vets into separate races again. With such high numbers I know the club makes more money by combining them but I'm sure runners would be happy to run for a bit less prizemoney for the chance to compete in their own race.

Todd Ireland

Fair call Phantom. With the numbers we have received in the Womens/Vets 300 it is something our committee will have to discuss for next year. Personally I don't like different classes being combined but some smaller clubs need to make ends meet.
For "Discobull", wins in the Junior races don't cost young runners their novice status.
The marks for Northcote are now up on the VAL website when you click on the Northcote tab.


Northcote is a Club run  by former and current runners and trainers.
It will be very hard for the Club to break even this year with this program and Prizemoney of $8700
The VAL have a policy of $500 minimum prizemoney for each race.
The change that you propose will cost $600 in prizemoney, the loss of $320 in entry fees ($2 x 160) and $80 for 2 sashes for a total of $1000
All of our sponsorship comes from the commitee members or our friends.
Some have been contributing for 15-20 years. I wonder how much longer they will be prepared to keep putting their hands in their pockets. We lost one this year.
We are well supported in the combined races so this leads me to believe that the runners, in general, are satisfied.
Have you any thoughts as to how the Club will survive if we do not manage our affairs very prudently and not just on whim.
New sponsors are of course always welcome.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
I hear what your saying Smokey but your arguments don't all add up. Yes you need to find a sponsor for another sash. It will cost another $400 for the extra race (clubs can request the VAL allow them to pay less prize money, which would save a couple of hundred extra). No drop in entry receipts, in fact you may get more entries as I know a number of athletes won't enter combined races.
Also the high entries doesn't mean that athletes are happy with the situation, they enter because it is the only race options you provide for them. Northcote is a great meeting that is well supported due to it's location and a shortage of meets before Christmas, but that doesn't mean that things can't be done better. This isn't a personal attack it is just some feedback.


Thanks for the feedback Phantom.
I would expect that Northcote will run at a lose this year. Maybe as much as $1000. This was a conscience decision as we maintained our overall prizemoney in tough times.
I still stand by my earlier figures because if you split one distance I think that to be consistent both women/vets races would have to be split.
If you drop the prizemoney you are compelled to drop the entry fee as well.
With our high entries I don't think that we are missing out on too many entries by combining them.
Feedback is nice but new  committee members are bettor.

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