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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Queanbeyan moving towards grand slam status?

Queanbeyan moving towards grand slam status?

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1 Queanbeyan moving towards grand slam status? on Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:51 am


Impressive number of heats & quality at Queanbeyan - I guess befitting a $16,000 Gift. Great work by all those involved.

The Burnie Gift is considered one of the big three 'grand slams' on the Australian pro-running circuit, but I reckon Queanbeyan has made massive progress towards being considered the third best (notwithstanding Ballarat) of the 3/4 big Gifts on the Australian pro-running circuit. It will probably take another ten years or so before it truly earns the prestige of a 'grand slam' event.

The generation of athletes coming through now wouldn't be aware how much prestige the Bendigo Thousand use to have. It was the Caulfield Cup of pro-running, sitting next to the Melbourne Cup - Stawell. Now of course it's fallen behind Ballarat (now the 2nd most prestigious in Victoria), Maryborough (a clear top 3 in Victoria) & arguably - Keilor & Burramine.

Each year while Burnie stagnates, meets like Queanbeyan are gradually eating into Burnie's appeal. Hence athletes in the next decade or so may no longer attach the same 'honour' & prestige to winning Burnie as we did in the halcyon days when Burnie was the 2nd biggest Gift in the country.

Burnie's prizemoney of $12,500 sits behind Queanbeyan at $16,000 and if the difference remains, Queanbeyan's prestige will follow.

In 10 years it could be: Stawell, Bay Sheffield, Queanbeyan then maybe Burnie...... thing I would like to see at Queanbeyan is the limit dropped to 12.0m, maybe even 11.0m. In my opinion, athletes off 15.0 shouldn't be winning a classic Gift.

Drop it back to 11 or 12 and they might attract an SA squad. Twisted Evil 

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"Let's Go While We're Young"


Burnie is well and truly dead...

3 Queanbeya moving towards grand slam staus? on Wed Nov 20, 2013 10:04 am


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Meatpie wrote:Burnie is well and truly dead...

Good discussion Youngy, this should prob be on another thread, but how do the Pro athletes / trainers / follower rank and rate the various gift in Australia? (is it based on history, prestige, prizemoney)

For arguments sake here is a quickly thrown together list (Needs more time and thinking to really shape the list properly - it was tough just trying to organise the 10 gifts below

1. Stawell
2. Bay Sheffield
3. Queanbeyan / or still?
4. Burnie?
5. Ballarat
6. Bendigo?
7. Lithgow?
8. Stonnington
9. Burramine
10. Keilor


I'd have Maryborough in the top ten.

I haven't been to Queanbeyan yet to have an appreciation of where it should sit. But certainly the prizemoney and quality of athletes it attracts puts it up there with the best.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


1. Stawell
2. Bay Sheffield
3. Queanbeyan
4. Burnie
6. Ballarat
7. Stonnington
8. Lithgow
9. Burramine
10. Keilor

Burnie still is a listing ,but will continue to slip if they do not correct things like all finalists winning money.History can only carry you so far!


For relevance to that years Stawell Gift Final, I'd suggest Maryborough would far outweigh any other race over the past 5 years as the most important "form" race.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Stonnington is certainly on the rise. In 10 years time, it may very well sit near the top, not only as a Gift but as an overall carnival due to serious prize money for the women's event.

Bumble Bee Man

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Won't be classified as a Grand Slam until the limit is dropped. SA athletes are a little stupid when it comes to any other interstate race that falls before the Bay, they simply don't care. Which is sad, because if more SA athletes were attracted to the meet, I would definitely consider it a grand Slam. Burnie is still 3rd in my opinion only because of history

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