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PROTRACK » GENERAL » BUT Caldow still the favourite according to the Bookie

BUT Caldow still the favourite according to the Bookie

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FAVOURITE: Jordan Caldow is tipped as a serious
contender in next week's Bay Sheffield.

Beach is Jordan Caldow's home ground
by Alice Monfries
Guardian Messenger
22 Dec 10

LEARNING to race with sand between his toes and living on a diet of junk food is doing little to slow emerging sprint star Jordan Caldow.

The Brighton Secondary School student has staked his claim as a serious contender in next week’s Bay Sheffield after beginning his athletics career as a beach sprinter with Grange Surf Life Saving Club.

The 17-year-old has made a name for himself with two impressive runs this month and is being touted as a blowout chance in the prestigious Colley Reserve meet - the state’s richest foot race - now in its 124th year.

But Caldow, of Alberton, says he’s treating the big race as “just another run”.

“I try not to worry about my races until I’m on the starting line,” he says.

“It gives you a pretty good feeling, knowing people are talking about you ... but I try not to think about it too much.”

Caldow has only been training for handicap races away from the beach for three years.

He affirmed his potential at the All Schools Championships in Melbourne on Saturday, December 4, when he ran 10.83sec in the 100m.

He backed up the performance with an impressive run at the Pre-Bay Sheffield meet, at Colley Reserve on December 12.

From the tough handicap of 2m he clocked 12.79sec and, despite giving the winner a 10.5m head start, was less than a metre away as they crossed the line.

Caldow trains four nights a week and says his next focus will be improving his diet.

“I’m trying to quit junk food and a few days ago, after I had Hungry Jacks three nights in row, I realised it was probably a good idea,” he says.

“Although, Usain Bolt eats chicken nuggets so why not learn from the best?”

While his preference is still beach running, Caldow says he’s determined to take athletics as far as he can.

“I’m not sure I have an ultimate goal yet, I just want to see where it’s going to take me,” he says.

“With surf life saving, there’s no step past the Australian Titles (at which he won the under-17 90m beach sprint in March).

“But with athletics, once I get better on the track, there’s a lot of open doors for me, like Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

“But I never want to stop doing lifesaving.”

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2 Betting prices on Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:13 am


Odds as per the form guide.
The number is the return to the punter.
Eg: Jordan Caldow is 6-1.

$ 7 Jordan Caldow
$ 8 Adrian Mott
$ 8 Wallace Long-Scafidi
$ 9 Richard Hankin
$ 10 Ira Thomson
$ 10 Jarrad Sims
$ 11 Alwyn Jones
$ 11 Keith Sheehy
$ 11 Matthew Hargreaves
$ 11 Shaun Hargreaves
$ 13 Corwin Pusch
$ 13 Craig Rollinson
$ 13 Michael Brusnahan
$ 13 Robbie James
$ 15 Ben Koschade
$ 15 Carl Morehouse
$ 15 David Gross
$ 15 John Jakeman
$ 16 Cameron Yorke
$ 16 Clay Watkins
$ 16 Jordan Tronnolone
$ 16 Liam Gander
$ 16 Ryan Hancock
$ 16 Shaun Fletcher
$ 17 Alex Saliu
$ 17 Matthew Callard
$ 17 Todd Bateman
$ 19 Damian Tohl
$ 19 Ryan Rossouw
$ 21 Brad Letton
$ 21 Dale Woodhams
$ 21 Gary Finegan
$ 21 Josh Tiu
$ 21 Michael Nitschke
$ 21 Ollie Wurm
$ 21 Stephan Thiel
$ 26 Ben Wright
$ 26 Casey Whitaker
$ 26 Courtney Heinz
$ 26 Darren Rowland
$ 26 Darren Whittaker
$ 26 Dylan Panizza
$ 26 Lyall Weir
$ 26 Paul Tancredi
$ 26 Sam Jamieson
$ 31 Alex Glorie
$ 31 Andrew Boudrie
$ 31 Andrew Steele
$ 31 Brad Peters
$ 31 Brett Richards
$ 31 Jarrad Dartnall
$ 31 Jason Shepherd
$ 31 Neil Thomas
$ 31 Peter Dudkiewicz
$ 31 Russell scott
$ 31 Sean Law
$ 36 Dylan Hicks
$ 36 Glenn Ross
$ 36 Leo Santangelo
$ 36 Leigh Bennett
$ 41 Damien Byrne
$ 41 Gabriel Cole
$ 41 John Nicolosi
$ 41 Matthew Harvey
$ 41 Paul Taylor
$ 41 Tim Johnson
$ 51 Brendon Goff
$ 51 Christopher Powell
$ 51 Jake Jervis-Bardy
$ 51 James Cibich
$ 51 Steven Hodge
$ 61 Adrian Harris
$ 61 Luke Versace
$ 71 Clayton McCloud
$ 71 Craig Foley
$ 71 Damien McTernan
$ 81 Aldis Jaunzems
$ 81 Brendan Ramsey
$ 81 Dan Semmler
$ 81 Nickolas Berry
$ 81 Ross Nitschke
$ 101 Ben Hardy
$ 101 Chris Cormack
$ 101 Travis Pike
$ 101 Tyson Hancock
$ 151 Adam Coote
$ 151 Clint Tobin
$ 151 Luke Buchanan
$ 151 Shaun Ryder
$ 201 Brian Hamilton
$ 201 Kane Harrison
$ 301 Aaron Harrison


When will the form guide be released?


Form?? wrote:When will the form guide be released?

Form Guide is in the program. We may be able to have it uploaded to ProTrack but generally the SAAL prefers if people see the formguide for the first time when they open the program.


“I’m trying to quit junk food and a few days ago, after I had Hungry Jacks three nights in row, I realised it was probably a good idea,” he says.

I'm sure there's a logical explanation to this.....but doesn't say much for mum's cooking! Rolling Eyes



PACE: Schoolboy Jordan Caldow, 17, is the favorite for the Bay Sheffield.
Picture: Brooke Whatnall. Source: AdelaideNow

Jordan races to top of Bay Sheffield market
By Reece Homfray
The Advertiser
December 24, 2010

NEXT week's Bay Sheffield sprint favourite is a schoolboy, 17, who only has been running seriously this year.

Brighton Secondary College student Jordan Caldow competes in surf life-saving.

He turned to athletics to improve his running and won the under-17 90m beach sprint at the national surf life-saving titles in Queensland in March. He hopes to be just as hard to catch next week on grass.

Caldow joined the Athletics SA development squad this year and was fourth in the under-18 100m at this month's national titles in personal best 10.83 seconds.

Having won the Port Adelaide gift in October, Caldow has opened as $7 favourite with Thornton Sportsbet for next week's 120m feature at Colley Reserve, Glenelg.

"To be 17 and listed as favourite for an open race is pretty good," he said. "I try not to worry about what people think. I just worry about what I'm doing. Last year a few people said I could run in it. This year I haven't done too bad in open races so I thought I'd have a crack."

The carnival runs from December 27-28.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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