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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Updated Burramine Entries

Updated Burramine Entries

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1 Updated Burramine Entries on Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:16 pm


Wrong info sent.

Last edited by JH on Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:09 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Wrong Info.)

2 Re: Updated Burramine Entries on Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:17 pm


JH - think this might be Bendigo

3 Re: Updated Burramine Entries on Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:29 pm


Thanks TeamT They sent wrong one I didn't look.

4 Re: Updated Burramine Entries on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:03 pm


ANDERSON, Paul 300m Women's/Vets
ARMOUR, Martin 300m Women's/Vets
ARMOUR, Martin 100m Vets
ATKINS, Hayley 100m Women
ATKINS, Hayley 70m Sprint
AUSTIN, Pamela 70m Sprint
AUSTIN, Pamela 100m Women
AUSTIN, Pamela 300m Women's/Vets
BACALJA, Alexander 800m Open
BACALJA, Alexander 400m Open
BACALJA, Alexander 1600m Open
BAIRD, Stephen 100m Vets
BAIRD, Stephen 300m Women's/Vets
BARROW, Martin 300m Women's/Vets
BARROW, Martin 800m Open
BARROW, Martin 400m Open
BARTON, Greg 800m Open
BARTON, Greg 1600m Open
BATEMAN, Matthew 800m Open
BATEMAN, Matthew 1600m Open
BAYAHOW, Omar 100m Novice
BAYAHOW, Omar 400m Open
BEER, Martine 800m Open
BEER, Martine 300m Women's/Vets
BEER, Sean 1600m Open
BISHOP, Cameron 1600m Open
BISHOP, Cameron 800m Open
BLAKE, Gary 300m Women's/Vets
BLAKE, Jay 120m Gift
BLAKE, Jay 70m Sprint
BLAKE, Jay 400m Open
BLIZZARD, Sarah 100m Women
BLIZZARD, Sarah 300m Women's/Vets
BOYLE, Brendan 70m Sprint
BOYLE, Brendan 100m Vets
BOYLE, Brendan 300m Women's/Vets
BRENNAN, Neil 800m Open
BRENNAN, Neil 1600m Open
BRENNAN, Neil 400m Open
BRITTAIN, Kevin 120m Gift
BROWN, Christopher 300m Women's/Vets
BROWN, Christopher 800m Open
BROWN, Christopher 100m Vets
BROWN, Christopher 400m Open
BUCKINGHAM, Katrina 300m Women's/Vets
BUCKINGHAM, Shane 400m Open
BUCKINGHAM, Shane 100m Vets
BUCKINGHAM, Shane 300m Women's/Vets
BUCKINGHAM, Shane 70m Sprint
BURROWS, Ian 1600m Open
BURROWS, Ian 800m Open
CABBLE, Adam 70m Sprint
CABBLE, Adam 120m Gift
CALLARD, Matthew 400m Open
CALLARD, Matthew 120m Gift
CAMPBELL, Lauren 100m Novice
CAMPBELL, Lauren 100m Women
CARA, John 120m Gift
CARA, John 70m Sprint
CARNEGIE, Rachael 70m Sprint
CARNEGIE, Rachael 100m Women
CATALANO, Stefan 800m Open
CATALANO, Stefan 1600m Open
CHAPMAN, Harrison 400m Open
CHAPMAN, Harrison 70m Sprint
CHAPMAN, Harrison 100m Novice
CLARKE, James 400m Open
CLARKE, James 300m Women's/Vets
CLARKE, Katherine 100m Women
CLARKE, Katherine 300m Women's/Vets
COHEN, Justin 100m Novice
COHEN, Justin 400m Open
COOPER, Marcus 300m Women's/Vets
COOPER, Marcus 120m Gift
COOTE, Adam 70m Sprint
COOTE, Adam 120m Gift
COSGRIFF, Celia 100m Vets
COWLEY, Jaryd 70m Sprint
COWLEY, Jaryd 120m Gift
CROOK, Amanda 400m Open
CROOK, Amanda 300m Women's/Vets
CROSS, Nicholas 70m Sprint
CROSS, Nicholas 400m Open
D'ASTOLI, Matthew 100m Vets
D'ASTOLI, Matthew 300m Women's/Vets
D'ASTOLI, Matthew 120m Gift
DEANE, Morgan 100m Women
DEANE, Morgan 70m Sprint
DEANE, Morgan 300m Women's/Vets
DIXON, Christopher 400m Open
DIXON, Christopher 800m Open
DOBRIC, Dean 70m Sprint
DOBRIC, Dean 120m Gift
DOMASCHENZ, Nadia 100m Novice
DOMASCHENZ, Nadia 70m Sprint
DOMASCHENZ, Nadia 100m Women
DOOLEY, Jack 400m Open
DOOLEY, Jack 120m Gift
DOOLEY, Jack 70m Sprint
DOWNES, Arron 800m Open
DOWNES, Arron 1600m Open
DOWNES, Marita 300m Women's/Vets
DRUMMOND, Andrew 100m Vets
DRUMMOND, Andrew 100m Novice
DRUMMOND, Andrew 300m Women's/Vets
DUNBAR, Ricky 300m Women's/Vets
DUNBAR, Ricky 100m Vets
EMMETT, Mandy 100m Women
EMMETT, Mandy 300m Women's/Vets
EMMETT, Mandy 100m Vets
EZARD, Shane 120m Gift
EZARD, Shane 400m Open
FANNING, Joel 120m Gift
FANNING, Joel 100m Novice
FANNING, Joel 70m Sprint
FARRUGIA, Jessica 300m Women's/Vets
FARRUGIA, Jessica 100m Women
FISHER, Tarryn 300m Women's/Vets
FISHER, Tarryn 100m Women
FLANAGAN, Andrew 120m Gift
FLANAGAN, Andrew 70m Sprint
FOLEY, Craig 120m Gift
FORREST, Lee 70m Sprint
FURY, Adrian 100m Vets
FURY, Adrian 300m Women's/Vets
FURY, Adrian 70m Sprint
GILL-VALLANCE, Carrick 70m Sprint
GILL-VALLANCE, Carrick 100m Novice
GILL-VALLANCE, Carrick 400m Open
GITTENS, Doug 300m Women's/Vets
GITTENS, Doug 1600m Open
GOOK, Calvin 70m Sprint
GOOK, Calvin 400m Open
GRAY, Luke 1600m Open
GREENOUGH, Douglas 120m Gift
GRIGG, Gemma 100m Women
GRIGG, Gemma 70m Sprint
GRIGG, Gemma 300m Women's/Vets
GUNNING, Neale 800m Open
GUNNING, Neale 400m Open
HAIGH, David 1600m Open
HAIGH, David 800m Open
HAMOND, Tamara 300m Women's/Vets
HAMOND, Tamara 100m Women
HANKIN, Richard 400m Open
HANKIN, Richard 120m Gift
HANKIN, Richard 70m Sprint
HANNAH, Christopher 800m Open
HANNAH, Christopher 400m Open
HARGREAVES, Matthew 400m Open
HARGREAVES, Matthew 70m Sprint
HARGREAVES, Matthew 120m Gift
HARGREAVES, Shaun 400m Open
HARGREAVES, Shaun 120m Gift
HARGREAVES, Shaun 70m Sprint
HARRIS, Troy 100m Vets
HARRIS, Troy 100m Novice
HARRIS, Troy 300m Women's/Vets
HART, Jessie 300m Women's/Vets
HART, Jessie 100m Women
HARVEY, Matthew 120m Gift
HARVEY, Matthew 70m Sprint
HECIMOVIC, Tom 100m Vets
HECIMOVIC, Tom 400m Open
HEIDEN, Dane 400m Open
HIGNETT, Mark 120m Gift
HIGNETT, Mark 70m Sprint
HIGNETT, Mark 100m Vets
HILDITCH, John 100m Vets
HILDITCH, John 300m Women's/Vets
HILDITCH, John 70m Sprint
HILDITCH, Laura Jane 100m Women
HILDITCH, Laura Jane 300m Women's/Vets
HILDITCH, Laura Jane 70m Sprint
HILSON, Greg 400m Open
HILSON, Greg 300m Women's/Vets
HILSON, Greg 100m Vets
HILSON, Kyle 100m Novice
HILSON, Kyle 400m Open
HIPWORTH, Mark 800m Open
HIPWORTH, Mark 1600m Open
HOCKING, Kerrieanne 300m Women's/Vets
HOCKING, Kerrieanne 1600m Open
HOCKING, Steve 1600m Open
HOCKING, Steve 300m Women's/Vets
HOVEY, Julie 100m Vets
HOVEY, Julie 300m Women's/Vets
HOVEY, Julie 100m Women
HOWARD, Nick 70m Sprint
HOWARD, Nick 400m Open
HUBBARD, Kendra 70m Sprint
HUBBARD, Kendra 300m Women's/Vets
HUGHES, Darci 100m Novice
HUGHES, Darci 400m Open
HUGHES, Dennis 100m Vets
HUGHES, Dennis 300m Women's/Vets
HUGHES, Paul 120m Gift
HUGHES, Paul 300m Women's/Vets
HUGHES, Paul 100m Vets
HURL, Steven 100m Vets
HURL, Steven 300m Women's/Vets
HURL, Steven 70m Sprint
INNES-WONG, Christopher 120m Gift
INNES-WONG, Christopher 70m Sprint
JACKSON, Simon 120m Gift
JACKSON, Simon 70m Sprint
JAMIESON, Sam 70m Sprint
JAMIESON, Sam 120m Gift
JINKS, Stephanie 100m Women
JONES, Dale 800m Open
JONES, Dale 400m Open
JONES, Dale 300m Women's/Vets
JONES, Dale 100m Vets
KAPUSTA, Corina 1600m Open
KAPUSTA, Corina 800m Open
KEENAN, Robert 800m Open
KEENAN, Robert 400m Open
KELLY, Bros 70m Sprint
KELLY, Bros 120m Gift
KELLY, Tom 1600m Open
KELLY, Tom 800m Open
KENSHOLE, Robert 1600m Open
KING , Evan 100m Vets
KING , Evan 400m Open
KING , Evan 300m Women's/Vets
KINNIBURGH, Paul 300m Women's/Vets
KIRKMAN, Chris 70m Sprint
KIRKMAN, Chris 400m Open
KLEMM, Ruby 300m Women's/Vets
KLEMM, Ruby 100m Women
KUHNELL, Raymond 70m Sprint
KUHNELL, Raymond 400m Open
KUHNELL, Raymond 100m Novice
LANCASTER, Craig 100m Vets
LANCASTER, Craig 300m Women's/Vets
LAWAL, Bola 120m Gift
LAWAL, Bola 120m Invitation
LEHMANN, Brady 120m Gift
LEHMANN, Brady 70m Sprint
LEHMANN, Brady 400m Open
LINDNER, Jarrod 400m Open
LINDNER, Jarrod 120m Gift
LINDNER, Jarrod 70m Sprint
LITTLE, William 120m Gift
LITTLE, William 400m Open
LITTLE, William 70m Sprint
LOCKETT, Dustin 100m Vets
LOCKETT, Dustin 70m Sprint
LOCKHART, Stephanie 400m Open
LYONS, Dale 70m Sprint
LYONS, Dale 100m Novice
LYONS, Dale 120m Gift
MACGIBBON, Nicholas 70m Sprint
MACGIBBON, Nicholas 120m Gift
MAGHAMEZ, Noel 300m Women's/Vets
MAIR, Craig 70m Sprint
MAIR, Craig 100m Vets
MAIR, Craig 120m Gift
MARANTELLI, Michael 400m Open
MARANTELLI, Michael 800m Open
MARANTELLI, Michael 1600m Open
MARSH, Steven 400m Open
MARTINEZ, Justin 800m Open
MATHER, Matt 400m Open
MATHER, Matt 70m Sprint
MATHER, Tim 400m Open
MATTHEWS, Brendan 70m Sprint
MATTHEWS, Brendan 120m Gift
MATTHEWS, Kevin 100m Vets
MATTHEWS, Kevin 300m Women's/Vets
MATTHEWS, Kevin 70m Sprint
MATTHEWS, Vicki 300m Women's/Vets
MATTHEWS, Vicki 100m Vets
MCCURRY, Colin 100m Vets
MCCURRY, Colin 400m Open
MCCURRY, Colin 300m Women's/Vets
McDONALD, Paddy 400m Open
MCDONOUGH, Kim 300m Women's/Vets
MCDONOUGH, Kim 400m Open
MCDONOUGH, Kim 100m Women
McDOWELL, Natasha 300m Women's/Vets
McDOWELL, Natasha 100m Novice
McDOWELL, Natasha 100m Women
McMAHON, Megan 300m Women's/Vets
McMAHON, Megan 400m Women's BROO
McMAHON, Megan 100m Women
MIFSUD, Matthew 120m Gift
MIFSUD, Matthew 70m Sprint
MIFSUD, Matthew 400m Open
MILLER, Leigh 400m Open
MILLER, Leigh 70m Sprint
MILLER, Leigh 100m Novice
MOLLICA, Stephanie 300m Women's/Vets
MOLLICA, Stephanie 70m Sprint
MOLLICA, Stephanie 100m Women
MOORE, Katie 100m Women
MOORE, Katie 300m Women's/Vets
MOORE, Katie 70m Sprint
MOREHOUSE, Carl 120m Gift
MOREHOUSE, Carl 70m Sprint
MOREHOUSE, Carl 400m Open
MOREHOUSE, Tom 70m Sprint
MOREHOUSE, Tom 100m Novice
MORRIS, John 800m Open
MORRIS, John 1600m Open
MOSS, Cameron 400m Open
MOSS, Cameron 120m Gift
MOSS, Cameron 70m Sprint
MUHLHAN, Andrew 120m Gift
MUHLHAN, Andrew 300m Women's/Vets
MUHLHAN, Andrew 70m Sprint
MUIR, Gordon 1600m Open
MUNRO, Mary 100m Women
MUNRO, Mary 400m Open
MYERS, Dale 100m Novice
MYERS, Dale 70m Sprint
NAISMITH, Darren 100m Vets
NAISMITH, Darren 800m Open
NAISMITH, Darren 400m Open
NAISMITH, Darren 300m Women's/Vets
NICOLOSI, John 120m Gift
NICOLOSI, John 70m Sprint
NODEN, Jesse 800m Open
NODEN, Jesse 1600m Open
NODEN, Peter 1600m Open
NODEN, Peter 800m Open
NODEN, Tom 400m Open
NODEN, Tom 100m Novice
NORRIS, Richard 400m Open
NORRIS, Richard 100m Vets
NORRIS, Richard 70m Sprint
NUNN, Conor 70m Sprint
NUNN, Conor 400m Open
NUNN, Conor 800m Open
NUNN, Rory 400m Open
NUNN, Rory 70m Sprint
NWOSU, Henry 120m Gift
O'DWYER, Peter 300m Women's/Vets
O'DWYER, Peter 120m Gift
O'KEEFFE, Greg 300m Women's/Vets
O'KEEFFE, Greg 100m Vets
O'NEIL, Gavin 70m Sprint
O'NEIL, Gavin 120m Gift
PAICE, Cameron 100m Vets
PAICE, Cameron 70m Sprint
PALMER, Mitchell 400m Open
PANA, Rita 100m Vets
PANA, Rita 100m Women
PANA, Rita 300m Women's/Vets
PANIZZA, Dylan 120m Gift
PARISI, Lauren 300m Women's/Vets
PARISI, Lauren 100m Novice
PARKER, Adam 1600m Open
PARKER, Adam 800m Open
PARKINSON, Rhys 400m Open
PARKINSON, Rhys 70m Sprint
PARKINSON, Rhys 120m Gift
PASQUALI, Anna 300m Women's/Vets
PASQUALI, Anna 100m Women
PASQUALI, Walter 300m Women's/Vets
PATHAK, Laura 300m Women's/Vets
PHELAN, Adrian 1600m Open
PHELAN, Leigh 70m Sprint
PHELAN, Leigh 100m Vets
PHELAN, Leigh 120m Gift
PHELAN, Leigh 300m Women's/Vets
PLATTEN, Alice 100m Women
PLATTEN, Alice 300m Women's/Vets
POLLARD, Sonya 100m Vets
POLLARD, Sonya 100m Women
POWER, Matthew 400m Open
QUILTY, Sean 800m Open
QUILTY, Sean 1600m Open
REED, Jacob 800m Open
REED, Jacob 1600m Open
REED, Jacob 400m Open
RICHARDSON, Amanda 300m Women's/Vets
RICHARDSON, Amanda 100m Women
ROCHE, Chris 300m Women's/Vets
ROCHE, Chris 400m Open
ROSEN, Timothy 400m Open
ROSEN, Timothy 120m Gift
ROSEN, Timothy 70m Sprint
ROSS, Glenn 70m Sprint
ROSS, Glenn 100m Vets
ROSS, Glenn 120m Gift
SAIT, Andrew 70m Sprint
SAIT, Andrew 100m Novice
SAIT, Joshua 800m Open
SAIT, Joshua 1600m Open
SALIU, Alex 120m Gift
SALIU, Ali 300m Women's/Vets
SALIU, Ali 100m Vets
SANDILANDS, Matthew 800m Open
SANDILANDS, Matthew 1600m Open
SARGENT, Jeff 300m Women's/Vets
SARGENT, Jeff 100m Vets
SCARFF, Dean 70m Sprint
SCARFF, Dean 120m Gift
SHELDRICK, Kelly 100m Vets
SHELDRICK, Kelly 120m Gift
SHIEL, Matthew 70m Sprint
SHIEL, Matthew 400m Open
SINCLAIR, Marty 120m Gift
SINCLAIR, Marty 70m Sprint
SINCLAIR, Susan 400m Open
SINCLAIR, Susan 100m Women
SINGH, Bikramjeet 120m Gift
SINGH, Bikramjeet 70m Sprint
SINGH, Bikramjeet 100m Novice
SOLTYS, Andrew 1600m Open
SPANOS, Yanni 70m Sprint
SPANOS, Yanni 100m Novice
SPENCE, David 1600m Open
SPENCE, David 800m Open
SPENCE, Peter 120m Gift
SPENCE, Peter 70m Sprint
SPENCE, Peter 400m Open
SPENCER, Robert 120m Gift
SPENCER, Robert 70m Sprint
Stevens, Kirsty 300m Women's/Vets
Stevens, Kirsty 100m Novice
TANCREDI, Benny 300m Women's/Vets
TANCREDI, Benny 100m Vets
TANCREDI, Paul 70m Sprint
TANCREDI, Paul 120m Gift
TANCREDI, Paul 400m Open
TAYLOR, Brody 70m Sprint
TAYLOR, Brody 100m Novice
TAYLOR, Lachlan 120m Gift
TAYLOR, Lachlan 70m Sprint
TAYLOR, Lachlan 400m Open
TIU, Josh 120m Gift
TIU, Josh 70m Sprint
VEITH, Daniel 1600m Open
VICKERY, Sam 400m Open
VICKERY, Sam 100m Novice
VINE, James 120m Gift
VINE, James 70m Sprint
VOUMARD, Michael 120m Gift
VOUMARD, Michael 70m Sprint
VOUMARD, Michael 100m Novice
WALDRON, Andrew 70m Sprint
WALDRON, Andrew 120m Gift
WALKER, Jake 100m Novice
WALTON, John 800m Open
WALTON, John 1600m Open
WARD, Elissa 300m Women's/Vets
WARD, Elissa 100m Women
WARD, Elissa 100m Vets
WARE, Edward 70m Sprint
WARE, Edward 120m Gift
WEAVER, Benjamin 120m Gift
WEAVER, Benjamin 70m Sprint
WESTON, Glenn 1600m Open
WHITECROSS, Greg 800m Open
WHITECROSS, Greg 1600m Open
WILSON, Angela 300m Women's/Vets
WILSON, Angela 100m Vets
WILTSHIRE, Matthew 120m Gift
WILTSHIRE, Matthew 70m Sprint
WOOD, Jarrat 120m Gift
WOOD, Jarrat 400m Open
WOODMAN, Jonathan 800m Open
WOODMAN, Jonathan 400m Open
WRIGHT, Jarryd 100m Novice
WURM, Ollie 120m Gift
WURM, Ollie 400m Open
WURM, Ollie 70m Sprint

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