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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Ulverstone (TAL) Heats - Dec 11th

Ulverstone (TAL) Heats - Dec 11th

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1 Ulverstone (TAL) Heats - Dec 11th on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:21 pm


Ulverstone Carnival
11th December 2010

Womens 70m HEAT 1
Red Abby Chapman 5.00m
White Laura Charlesworth 5.00m
Blue Morgan Gaffney 5.00m
Yellow Chloe Marquis 6.00m
Green Kate Walters 6.25m
Pink Fiona Heazlewood 7.50m
Womens 70m HEAT 2
Red Danielle Taylor 3.00m
White Jessica Cure 5.00m
Blue Madelin House 5.00m
Yellow Ella Scott 5.25m
Green Kimberley Bush 5.25m
Pink Abbey Walters 6.50m
Mens 70m HEAT 1
Red Charlie Leek 5.00m
White Tyler Heron 5.25m
Blue David McCrae 5.50m
Yellow Jorden Englund 6.00m
Green Ryan O'Halloran 7.25m
Men 70m HEAT 2
Red Gareth Jubb 4.25m
White Sunia Radravu 5.00m
Blue Mitchell Newton 5.25m
Yellow Andrew Robinson 5.50m
Green Brendan Smart 6.75m
Pink Paul Viney 9.50m
Men 70m HEAT 3
Red Cameron Cranfield 4.75m
White Ryan McConnon 5.00m
Blue Dan LeMoto 5.25m
Yellow Thomas Pfundt 5.50m
Green Mitchel Englund 6.00m
Pink Ben Englund 7.50m
Womens 120m HEAT 1
Red Jessica Cure 7.00m
White Abbey de la Motte 7.25m
Blue Ella Scott 7.50m
Yellow Sandy Loring 8.50m
Green Laura Nicholson 8.75m
Pink Kate Walters 11.25m
Womens 120m HEAT 2
Red Laura Charlesworth 7.00m
White Madelin House 7.00m
Blue Abby Chapman 7.75m
Yellow Amy Pedder 7.75m
Green Kimberley Bush 8.50m
Pink Abbey Walters 11.75m
Black Julie Swain 22.00m
Womens 120m HEAT 3
Red Danielle Taylor 5.25m
White Carly Edmunds 7.00m
Blue Zoe Gee 7.25m
Yellow Chloe Marquis 7.75m
Green Morgan Gaffney 8.00m
Pink Kristy Rootes 11.25m
Black Fiona Heazlewood 13.25m
Mens 120m HEAT 1
Red Sunia Radravu 7.00m
White Darcy Lahey 7.50m
Blue Edward Gates 8.00m
Yellow Nicholas McKenna 9.00m
Green Brendan Smart 11.00m
Pink Paul Viney 15.25m
Mens 120m HEAT 2
Red Michael McCall 7.00m
White David McCrae 7.25m
Blue Mitchel Englund 8.25m
Yellow Tyler Heron 9.00m
Green Thomas Pfundt 9.25m
Pink Ryan O'Halloran 11.75m
Mens 120m HEAT 3
Red Charlie Leek 7.25m
White Ryan McConnon 7.25m
Blue Jorden Englund 8.25m
Yellow Dan LeMoto 8.75m
Green Mark Nicholls 9.50m
Pink Ben Englund 11.50m
Mens 120m HEAT 4
Red Samuel Henley 7.25m
White Gareth Jubb 7.50m
Blue Cameron Cranfield 8.00m
Yellow Andrew Robinson 8.25m
Green Mitchell Newton 9.00m
Pink Alec Eiszele 11.25m

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