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1 VRTA SURVEY RESULT. on Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:59 pm


VRTA: Stawell Gift- Asafa Powell Survey Findings
149 people responded to the survey, after deleting multiple responses from a number of identical IP addresses. Of those 12.2% were female and 87.8% were male. The majority of respondents were aged 35+ at 47.7%; closely followed by those who were 22-34 years of age at 44.3%; 6.7% were aged 18-21, and 1.3% were aged under-18.
Races competed in:
65.3% of the people who responded competed in 70-200m races; 44.2% competed in 300-550m races; 40.8% nominated competing in classic gifts and 21.1% competed in 800-3200m races.
31.1% of the people who responded planned on entering the Stawell 120m Gift, 48.6% did not plan on entering it, 15.5% were unsure if they would enter the race, and 4.8% answered NA.
Main questions:
Asafa Powell has a personal best of 9.72sec for 100m, what handicap do you think he should be on for the Stawell Gift, considering the target time for the race is normally 12.20sec?
This question does have bias mentioning his PB, however the options are quite broad and this does not seem to have an impacted on the selections for this question.
The majority of respondents selected ‘Scratch’ for Asafa’s handicap at 56.4%, compared to 40.9% who selected ‘Behind Scratch’, and 2.7% who selected ‘Unsure’.
Please comment on what you think an appropriate target time should be, with Asafa running:
30% of the people surveyed proposed a target time of 12.0 sec, 26% preferred the existing ceiling time of 12.20 to remain, however 66% of these people also selected in the previous question that Asafa should be handicapped ‘behind scratch’ to keep the existing ceiling time. A further 23% nominated a target time of 11.9-11.95 sec.
With Asafa Powell entering the Stawell Gift, how much of a lift do you think the rest of the field should receive?
The majority of respondents, 35.3% selected a lift of 2-2.75m, with a lift of 3-3.75m being the second favourite option at 29.5%. Of those who selected the 2-2.75m lift, 49% also selected in the later question on lift to the field, increasing the limit to 12m or beyond, while 28% preferred a limit of 10 or 11m.

Please comment on whether you think a blanket lift for back, middle, front markers is acceptable:
An equal number of the 70 people who responded to this question preferred a blanket lift with the same number of people preferring a scaled lift at 49% each.

The limit for the Stawell Gift has fluctuated between 10m and 11m over the years with Asafa Powell entering, what do you think the limit should be?
The majority of respondents preferred a 12m limit at 48.3%, with a further 26.5% preferring a limit increase of 13m or more. 21.1% of respondents preferred a limit of 10 or 11m.

The VAL rule 2.37 states that: ‘If, in the Handicappers assessment the entry and an Athletes ability exceeds the current target time handicapping system, the relevant Club shall adjust their advertised handicap limits by an equal amount to that set by the Handicapper as the difference between the current target time and the adjusted target time for the event’. Do you think this should be applied to Asafa’s case?
66.9% of respondents nominated ‘YES’ for the VAL rule 2.37 to be applied, 19.6% nominated ‘NO’ and 13.5% were unsure.

Hypothetically, if Asafa runs from the scratch mark, with a 12m limit and the field receive a 3m lift, approximately 40 athletes that have a handicap of 9.25m or greater will be pushed above the limit and presumably will not be competitive. If the field is lifted 4m, 60+ athletes will be pushed above the limit. Do you think this is:
46.3% of those who responded selected ‘Too bad for those athletes, as Asafa Powell entering will make it a quality race’, with a similar number 44.9% selecting this would be ‘unfair for those athletes who support the VAL’. 8.8% were ‘Unsure’.

Of the people who said they would be entering the Stawell 120m Gift, 56.5% responded with ‘Too bad for those athletes, as Asafa Powell entering will make it a quality race’ and 40% responded with ‘Unfair for those athletes who support the VAL’. With respect to the people who were unsure whether they would enter the Stawell 120m Gift, 54.2% responded to this question with ‘Unfair for those who support the VAL’ and 45.8% responded to this question with ‘Too bad for those athletes, as Asafa Powell entering will make it a quality race’

Please provide any other comments you may have on concerns, issues, or benefits with Asafa Powell entering the Stawell Gift?
• 60% of 81 people who responded to this question think it’s ‘Great to have him at Stawell/ great for promotion of the Stawell Gift
o 67% of those who stated that it’s ‘Great to have him at Stawell/ Great for the promotion of the Stawell Gift also identified the importance of handicapping, limits and lifts being ‘Fair for all- Make sure that with Asafa running it’s not at the expense to other runners.’
• A total of 37% of the 81 people who provided a comment identified that there was a need for handicapping, lift, limit to be ‘Fair for all- Asafa running not at the expense to other runners.’
• 19% of the 81 who provided a comment to this question stated that the limit needs to be raised but did not specify by how much, with a further 10% of people stating that the limit should be no more than 12m.
• 17% of the people who provided a comment want Asafa behind scratch, with a large majority of those, 62% also commenting that the limit should be no greater than 12m, otherwise the prestige of the race will be lost.
• 17% of respondents thought the limit should stay at 10-11m, with 87% of these respondents also commenting that Asafa should start behind scratch.
• 15% commented that they thought it was a great opportunity to run against Asafa.

The VRTA would like to thank those that took the time to respond to the survey. We accept that the survey design could have been improved on however we were under tight deadlines to get the survey out to our members and obtain results.

The results from the survey have been provided to the VAL Board (Tues 12th Feb) and will be used to inform decision making processes on lifts and target time (although a 12m limit has now been set) and on our members general thoughts and concerns of Asafa Powell entering the Stawell Gift.

Thanks again,

The VRTA Committee

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