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PROTRACK » SAAL RESULTS » Full Camden Classic 400m Results

Full Camden Classic 400m Results

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1 Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:56 pm


Camden Classic Carnival
3rd February 2013

400m Results

400m Camden Classic - Heat 1
1Jarrad Dartnall32m49.431
2Jake Stangewitz23m49.467
3Murlin Every18m49.725
4Matthew Sinclair21m52.342
-Jason Davis26mScr
-Riordan Welsh28mScr
-Robert Keenan35mScr

400m Camden Classic - Heat 2
1Bryce Watkins15m48.314
2Rhys Parkinson28m48.375
3Bradley Letton35m49.077
4Kane Russell22m50.714
5Reece Turner20m51.532
6Ben Sieben30m52.296
-Peter Spence24mScr

400m Camden Classic - Heat 3
1Matthew Hargreaves10m48.254
2Ben Wright29m48.733
3Nicholas Giles28m51.288
-Jonathon Sinclair20mScr
-Christopher Hargreaves22mScr
-Sam Osmond24mScr
-Brad Schutz30mScr
-Simon Thompson40mScr

400m Camden Classic - Heat 4
1Harry May20m48.831
2Josh Dawkins22m48.852
3Shaun Hargreaves12m49.326
4Michael Nitschke24m49.591
5Stephan Thiel27m51.371
6David Girolamo38m53.652
-Christopher Ross30mScr
-Ryan Hage33mScr

400m Camden Classic - Heat 5
1Robert Killmier26m49.007
2Adam Coote19m49.108
3Ashley Brown32m50.378
4Deng Bulabek22m50.833
5Alex Bubner8m50.713
6Christopher Simpson37m51.414
7Christopher Leach24m54.562
-Neil Brennan30mScr

400m Camden Classic - Heat 6
1Clay Watkins4m49.259
2Brian Golden24m49.416
3Justin Murphy27m49.610
4David Palmer32m49.721
5Stephen Alexander20m50.172
6Matthew Cousins33m50.185
7James Cibich22m50.815
8Brad Jones34m52.826

400m Camden Classic - Final
1Matthew Hargreaves10m48.410
2Robert Killmier26m48.486
3Ben Wright29m48.752
4Rhys Parkinson28m49.042
5Bryce Watkins15m49.148
6Harry May20m49.393
7Clay Watkins4m49.627
8Jarrad Dartnall32m50.127

400m Camden Classic Consolation - Final
1Josh Dawkins22m48.845
2Ashley Brown32m48.867
3Bradley Letton35m49.122
4Michael Nitschke24m49.430
5Shaun Hargreaves12m50.215
6Jake Stangewitz23m49.945
7Adam Coote19m51.404
-Brian Golden24mScr

400m Women's Classic - Heat 1
1Andrea Di Paolo26m54.680
2Lucy Buckley34m55.100
3Lynette Mattingly28m55.360
4Lisa Roberts60m56.150
5Kyla Brown50m57.380
6Demi Axford44m57.380
7Ellie Meich37m58.280
8Kim Hansen50m58.480
9Aimee Lane55m59.390

400m Women's Classic - Heat 2
1Yasmin Openshaw49m55.080
2Tayce Fry60m55.830
3Teagan Kustermann32m56.010
4Bridgid Connolly19m56.670
5Lauren McHugh54m57.540
6Nadia De Bellis40m58.570
7Jenni Partington50m59.240
8Megan Letton37m1:00.290
-Erin Simister28mScr

400m Women's Classic - Heat 3
1Amy Robb40m54.960
2Laura-Jane Hilditch36m55.470
3Rosie Kelly13m55.690
4Czenya Cavouras28m55.900
5Chantel Seaforth56m56.030
6Rommi Driscoll52m56.200
7Claire Thiele30m56.880
8Anthea Kotyla49m58.900
-Amelia Dawkins50mScr

400m Women's Classic - Heat 4
1Katherine Robb27m55.910
2Hettie Driscoll50m56.180
3Stephanie Mollica11m56.860
4Ali Trewartha39m57.120
5Eleni Glouftsis50m58.210
6Emily Hyde35m58.610
7Lesley Tompson47m1:00.740
-Lucy Mayo30mScr
-Paige Bateman56mScr

400m Women's Classic - Final
1Yasmin Openshaw49m54.641
2Amy Robb40m55.626
3Lucy Buckley34m55.678
4Tayce Fry60m55.708
5Laura-Jane Hilditch36m55.744
6Katherine Robb27m56.626
7Hettie Driscoll50m57.570
8Andrea Di Paolo26m58.668

400m Women's Classic Consolation - Final
1Lisa Roberts60m56.097
2Rosie Kelly13m56.156
3Bridged Connolly19m56.348
4Stephanie Mollica11m56.689
5Teagan Kustermann32m56.904
6Lynette Mattingly28m57.981
7Ali Trewartha39m58.792
8Czenya Cavouras28m1:00.104

400m Over 35 - Heat 1
1Peter Brennan56m51.65
2Geoff Troiano48m52.09
3Cameron White40m53.58
4Ron Axford76m54.87
5Daniel Tregenza60m55.65
6Shane Grimwade28m56.60
-Daniel Flesfadar24mScr
-Steve Butler33mScr
-Brian Witty92mScr
-John Hewton86mScr

400m Over 35 - Heat 2
1Andrew Wright26m53.300
2David Wilczek32m53.540
3Steven Wilson22m53.950
4George Diakomichalis58m54.130
5Trudy Schrapel74m54.290
6Peter Biggs48m54.990
7Mark Barnett59m55.280
8Ray Earle60m56.760
9Grant Oates40m58.210
10Debbie DeVizio92m58.600

400m Over 35 - Heat 3
1David Miller26m53.560
2Richard McMahon30m53.790
3Michael Cassidy42m53.990
4Ali Saliu22m54.180
5Mick Abbott51m54.370
6Lisa Attenborough76m54.540
7Sue Turner86m54.770
8Graham Harris40m54.980
-Catherine Cavouras60mScr
-Darcy Cheney74mScr

400m Over 35 - Heat 4
1Anthony Booth40m54.150
2Eugene DeVizio55m55.120
3Ian Reddaway86m56.100
4Rafal Staporski50m56.430
5Brendan Golden42m56.630
6Nathan Hoare30m56.820
-Amin Chehade8mScr
-Mark Hipworth26mScr
-Jackie Chehade70mScr
-Felicity Alexander9999mScr

400m Over 35 - Heat 5
1Ross Hill-Brown57m52.650
2Salvador Jurado28m53.100
3Mark Howson76m53.840
4John Turner60m54.020
5Ross Nitschke24m55.050
6Cheryl Zeuner108m55.350
7Steven Jones38m55.750
-Duncan Tippins0mScr
-Chris Dimitrak45mScr
-Richard Everson50mDNF

400m Over 35 - Final
1Geoff Troiano48m52.184
2David Wilczek32m52.462
3Peter Brennan56m52.490
4Salvador Jurado28m52.580
5Ross Hill-Brown57m52.733
6David Miller26m53.434
7Richard McMahon30m53.693
8Anthony Booth40m54.129
9Andrew Wright26m54.600
10Eugene DeVizio55m55.670

400m Under 17 - Heat 1
1Mikayla Round80m49.467
2Patricia Dimitrak110m50.056
3Lewis Abdul40m50.231
4Emily Young86m50.245
5Bradley Harvey44m51.089
6Tom O Malley65m54.831
-Hayden Petherick30mDNF
-Alex Martini50mScr
-Kate Monks70mScr

400m Under 17 - Heat 2
1Taylah Scapens86m48.443
2Hayden Rothe40m49.167
3Joshua Biggs50m51.862
4Natassia Messent80m53.137
5Grainne Henry100m53.919
6Oliver Callahan26m55.694
-Joshua Stangroome38mScr
-Lucy Mayo64mScr
-Katie Jury70mScr

400m Under 17 - Heat 3
1Hollie Moran86m51.402
2Riley Bonner26m52.242
3Kalen Turner32m52.803
4Lachlan Hocking46m54.195
5Lachlan Burrows60m54.553
-Fraser Huggett40mScr
-Niamh Connelly70mScr
-Lily Drummond80mScr
-Niamh Henry94mScr

400m Under 17 - Heat 4
1Georgia Corcoran84m48.515
2Josh Koster32m49.727
3Kyle Roberts44m50.880
4Jenni Partington90m53.082
5Ashlee Broadbent70m54.251
-Sam O'Grady24mScr
-Patrick Cusenza40mScr
-Maeve Connolly60mScr
-Bradley Samarcq80mScr

400m Under 17 - Heat 5
1Ryan Atkins40m52.584
2Jacobi Ponury22m52.646
3Ryan Russell30m54.386
4Lachie Moran78m54.473
5Hunter Rubino66m58.554
-Hayden Mayes44mScr
-Teagan Kustermann56mScr
-Sarah Chigwidden80mScr
-Margaret Cusenza90mScr

400m Under 17 - Final
1Taylah Scapens86m47.456
2Mikayla Round80m48.473
3Georgia Corcoran84m48.526
4Josh Koster32m48.739
5Hayden Rothe40m48.771
6Patricia Dimitrak110m49.280
7Hollie Moran86m50.174
8Ryan Atkins40m51.291
9Jacobi Ponury22m52.674
10Riley Bonner26m53.341

400m Footballers - Heat 1
1Matt Jacquier46m49.270
2Adam Scholz42m49.430
3Ben Toohey50m49.580
4Jake Scharenberg60m49.790
5Kris Evans56m50.290
6Todd Carr64m50.610
7Steven Wiliams80m50.910
8Patrick Hamden52m51.240
9Sam Inglis48m51.930

400m Footballers - Heat 2
1Stuart Jeffs66m52.510
2Tom Nicholls60m53.650
3Kyran Dixon58m53.900
4Lyndon Parham70m54.290
5Michael Suttie46m54.510
7Nick May50m55.450
8James Lunn48m55.710
9Rick Ullianich44m57.200
10Zack Mitchell54m57.410

400m Footballers - Final
1Kyran Dixon68m45.800
2Lyndon Parham86m47.900
3Matt Jacquier42m49.500
4Jake Scharenberg60m50.170
5Stuart Jeffs72m50.520
6Adam Scholz42m51.560
7Jack Unger50m51.800
8Tom Nicholls70m53.290

400m Umpires - Heat 1
1Sam Hay64m49.700
2Leigh Haussen68m50.390
3Michael Schramm60m50.850
4James Ralston58m51.040
5Steven Rypp84m52.450
-Sean Burton42mDQ
-Mark Thomson44mScr
-Patrick Lally66mScr
-Steve Axon80mScr
-Daniel Kowal86mScr

400m Umpires - Heat 2
1Chris Cook62m51.230
2Scott Hosking60m51.450
3Rowan Hundertmark40m51.660
4David Sobieraj58m51.830
5Andrew Crosby64m52.000
6Tony Symons76m52.220
7Mitch Scott66m52.410
-Brodie Kenny-Bell82mScr
-Rory Smith86mScr

400m Umpires - Final
1Leigh Haussen68m49.030
2Scott Hosking60m49.214
3Chris Cook62m49.689
4Rowan Hundertmark40m49.998
5Michael Schramm60m50.417
6Sam Hay64m50.427
7David Sobieraj58m50.474
8James Ralston58m55.874

Last edited by denehyg on Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:32 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added times for 400m Over 35 Heat 1)

2 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:34 pm


Do you have the heat times for the over 35's 400m heat 1?

3 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:34 am


I've updated the results with the times. Sorry about that over35er, not sure how I missed those.

4 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:37 am

No Chance

over35er wrote:Do you have the heat times for the over 35's 400m heat 1?

51.65 for Heat 1 is a pretty impressive time maybe a record, certainly the fastest in the last 4 years. Anyone know the record time? (o/35 400m)

5 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:25 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Pretty good run these days but no where near the record.
Can remember Bill Dickenson running past the frontmarkers in the late 1990s ,maybe 1997 beating Brian Whitty and running under 50.
Would be good if at all meetings we could look back on the list of previous winners in the racebook for every race.

6 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:21 pm

No Chance

wow that would of been impressive a time like that would of qualified for the open final this year

Last edited by No Chance on Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:11 am; edited 1 time in total

7 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:48 pm


Thanks Denehyg, now I know how much more work I need to do, argh!

8 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:46 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star

400m Coca Cola Camden Classic
6 heats
Winners and next 2 fastest qualifiers into final
1st prize $900, 2nd $350, 3rd $150, 4th $100, 5th $75, 6th $50, 7th $40, 8th $35.
Heat 1 : W Bryant (24m), L Burckhardt. Time 46.07secs.
Heat 2 : E Lattanzio (48m), S Camilleri (44m). Time 46.84secs.
Heat 3 : J Dawkins (40m), A Camilleri (34m). Time 46.31secs.
Heat 4 : S Olifent (28m), H Flynn (38m). Time 46.74secs.
Heat 5 : D Smith (30m), D Millard (42m). Time 46.4secs.
Heat 6 : C Fountain (30m), M Penhall (38m), T Hassell (18m). Time 45.81secs
Final : 1st C Fountain, 2nd J Dawkins, 3rd D Smith, 4th W Bryant, 5th L Burckhardt, 6th M Penhall, 7th S Olifent, 8th E Lattanzio. Time 45.73secs.
Trainer of winner : self trained.

400m Coca Cola Women's Classic
4 heats
1st and 2nd into final.
1st prize $480, 2nd $220, 3rd $100, 4th $60, 5th $50, 6th $40, 7th $30, 8th $20.
1st K Meekins (46m), 2nd C McAvaney (46m), 3rd K Miller (32m), 4th A Viney (30m), 5th S Cummings (30m), 6th K Muller (36m), 7th E Drew (26m), 8th S Cooke (30m). Time 54.50secs
Trainer of winner : Gary Zeuner

120m Australia Post Gift
1st prize $500
J Noblet (7.0m), M Sutton (10.0m), N Young (11.75m). Time 12.40secs.

120m McAvaney & Co Women
1st prize $225
P Lehmann (10.0m), J Lewis (13.75m), S Ruxton (9.25m). Time 14.03secs.

120m Mort Daly Running Foundation Junior Boys
1st prize $55
R Moss (6.75m), T Mugford (4.75m), C Kouimanis (8.75m). Time 13.33secs.

120m PHOS/Camden Footballers

400m Chehade Brothers Veterans
1st prize $110
B Dickenson (44m), B Witty (60m), J Hewton (60m). Time 49.13secs.

800m B&C Textiles Novice
1st prize $90
G Thomson (58m), P Jackson (34m), J Wray (50m). Time 1min 54.74secs.

800m SANFLUA Umpires
1st prize $100
M Abbott, J Brown, R Mayston. Time 2mins 1.25secs.

1600m Coopers Brewery Backmarkers
1st prize $275
T Symons (125m), K Barnett (165m), D Gerrard (105m). Time 4mins 5.13secs.

1600m Professional People Frontmarkers
1st prize $275
M Bertelsmeier (175m), G Symons (180m), G Troiano (175m). Time 4mins 7.55secs

Athlete of the Meet
Australian Central Credit Union $100 account
Paula Lehmann

Managed to dig these results up to clarify my previous post.
Wonderful Pro running names amongst the list AND hasnt the prizemoney improved.

9 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:35 pm

No Chance

No 0/35 400m report Stokesy?..we saw you lurking around...and tips for Hectoville?

10 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:34 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Hey NoChance.

As posted earlier, I did not enter Camden this year.

And it is a lot easier to watch the Over35s 400m than to run it.

My Team Townley training partner David Wilczek almost caught Geoff Troiano in the final - David did well in the home straight into the wind passing lots of runners, but Geoff had the strength to hold on for a fine win ahead of David W and Peter Brennan.

That Camden home straight is where I died twice, as testified by Greg Denehy's photos - two years ago chasing Debbie Roberts (now DeVizio) and last year chasing Brian Witty.

As for Hectorville, I am hopeful this year with no Brian Hart in the field.

I have done well on the south to north track in the Hectorville 120m for Over45s, with a win two years ago and a close second to Brian Hart last year.

And the weather looks like being warm enough for my back to behave, which makes a big difference to my performance.

Team Townley might get a trifecta, with Lyn Peake keen for her first sash and Alex Jefferies wanting another win to add to his two sashes so far this season, plus Michael Cassidy maybe ready for a fast run.

Other contenders include Hectorville hosts John and Sue Turner.

And there is the always 100% effort Ross Hill-Brown ...

Mark Donovan and Jackie Chehade also look good chances.

And the legend Ali Saliu is a threat.

See you all on Sunday.

Last edited by Stokesy on Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:14 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : spelling)

11 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:19 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
The word going around is that the handicapper has been very kind to or felt very sorry for OVER35er and he could be one to watch in the 400m 0ver 35.
Not running anything else on the night, so will be super fresh

12 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:22 am

No Chance

8m lift if he is who i think he is

13 Re: Full Camden Classic 400m Results on Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:41 pm


If I am who I think I am I probably will still struggle. Leon has been very kind with the 8m, but it probably puts me around where I need to be to have a slight chance. As you might have seen at Camden, I suck at 400's.

Had a cold since Monday, certainly no 400m form what so ever and a dodgy achilles, I'll access on the day. Like to do it, but have other goals for the season to keep in mind.

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