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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Pro-runners rank Bendigo Opal 400m as …

Pro-runners rank Bendigo Opal 400m as …

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1 Pro-runners rank Bendigo Opal 400m as … on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:34 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
The results are in. Thankyou to the 38 people who took the survey. The survey required athletes to rate 11 events between the distances 400m to 800m. Ratings could be as low as 1 and as high as 5. The results are below in order of the race people most want to win, to the least.

4.78 Bendigo 400m Opal
4.52 Stawell 800m Backies
4.47 Stawell 400m Backies
4.19 Stawell 550m
3.41 Bendigo 800m Backies
3.00 Ringwood 400m
2.83 Stonnington 550m
2.72 St Bernards 800m
2.62 Ballarat 800m Backies
2.55 Albury 400m
1.87 Avondale Heights 400m

The Bendigo Opal 400m is revealed as the most desired middle-distance (yes, Dizzy knows 400m is a sprint) race on the calendar. The high prizemoney matches the consistently impressive times needed to win this event year after year. 84.4% of people rated their desire to win this race as 5/5.

Not surprisingly, the 3 Stawell middle-distance races come in next. All had at least 90% of people rating these races as 4 or higher. Even with lower prize money than most other events listed, the prestige of Stawell continues to drive the desire of most runners (a phenomenon that will be discussed in a future piece by Dizzy).

Last weekend’s Albury race surprisingly finished second from the bottom, despite the $4000 on offer.

And this weekend’s Avondale Heights gained a meagre average of 1.87. Even with prizemoney more than six other races, this was not enough to stir the desires of the respondents. With 70.9% giving this race a 2 or lower and no one rating this race a 4 or 5. Does this reflect the effort that will be put in on Saturday? How slow with the average final time be relative to last week’s Albury 400m? Of course, the condition of the track will always make these kinds of comparisons problematic, but not necessarily meaningless. For the opportunists out there, this Saturday might provide an easier win than expected.


2 Re: Pro-runners rank Bendigo Opal 400m as … on Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:08 pm


What is Avondale Heights 400m worth in total?

In fact, what are the other races worth?
70, 120, 800, etc...

3 Re: Pro-runners rank Bendigo Opal 400m as … on Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:51 pm

Double Jeopardy

ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Nice work Dizzy,

Although I feel it is difficult to get accurate results when you compare races across different distances. If a disproportionate number of distance runners responded to the survey then the 800m races would end up ranking higher than they should. Surprised to see Ballarat 800m rank above Albury / AVH 400s which makes me think your respondents were primarily distance runners.

As for Avondale Heights, your list of races were all quality, so I guess something had to be bottom of the pile. Just because it is bottom of that list, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a soft kill this weekend. I would imagine 99% of the 400m field will be giving their all. It would take a pretty confident athlete to turn up their nose at a big 400m Gift and hold out for the Opal.

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