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Albury/Wodonga Entries

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1 Albury/Wodonga Entries on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:45 pm


ADAMS, John 120m Gift
ADAMS, John 70m Open F/M&B/M
ANGELAKOS, Noddy 120m Gift
ANGELAKOS, Noddy 70m Open F/M&B/M
AUSTIN, Pamela 70m Open F/M&B/M
AUSTIN, Pamela 120m Women's Sprint
AUSTIN, Pamela 300m Women's/Veteran's
BACALJA, Alexander 1600m Open
BALLARD, Robert 120m Veteran's
BALLARD, Robert 300m Women's/Veteran's
BAYAHOW, Omar 400m Open
BAYAHOW, Omar 120m Novice
BECKENHAM, Matthew 120m Veteran's
BECKENHAM, Matthew 70m Open F/M&B/M
BEDFORD, Ryan 70m Open F/M&B/M
BEDFORD, Ryan 120m Gift
BEE, Joel 400m Open
BEER, Martine 300m Women's/Veteran's
BEER, Martine 1600m Open
BILLINGHAM, Grant 400m Open
BILLINGHAM, Grant 120m Gift
BLAKE, Gary 300m Women's/Veteran's
BLAKE, Jay 120m Gift
BLAKE, Jay 70m Open F/M&B/M
BLAKE, Jay 400m Open
BODEN, Lauren 120m Women's Sprint
BODEN, Lauren 300m Women's/Veteran's
BOYES, Mathew 120m Veteran's
BOYES, Mathew 70m Open F/M&B/M
BREEN, Melissa 120m Women's Sprint
BREEN, Melissa 120m Gift
BRENNAN, Neil 400m Open
BRENNAN, Neil 1600m Open
BRITTAIN, Kevin 400m Open
BRITTAIN, Kevin 120m Gift
BROOKS, Charlie 1600m Open
BROOKS, Charlie 400m Open
BROWN, Cameron 120m Gift
BROWN, Cameron 400m Open
BROWN, Christopher 120m Veteran's
BROWN, Christopher 300m Women's/Veteran's
BROWN, Christopher 70m Open F/M&B/M
BUCHANAN, Sarah 300m Women's/Veteran's
BUCHANAN, Sarah 120m Women's Sprint
BUCKINGHAM, Katrina 300m Women's/Veteran's
BUCKINGHAM, Shane 120m Veteran's
BUCKINGHAM, Shane 300m Women's/Veteran's
BUCKINGHAM, Shane 70m Open F/M&B/M
BURROWS, Ian 1600m Open
CALLARD, Matthew 400m Open
CALLARD, Matthew 120m Gift
CAMILLE, Ryan 120m Gift
CAMILLE, Ryan 400m Open
CAMPBELL, Lauren 120m Women's Sprint
CAMPBELL, Lauren 120m Novice
CARA, John 120m Gift
CARA, John 120m Veteran's
CARA, John 70m Open F/M&B/M
CAREW, Alex 400m Open
CAREW, Alex 120m Gift
CAREY, Simon 70m Open F/M&B/M
CAREY, Simon 120m Novice
CARNEGIE, Rachael 300m Women's/Veteran's
CARNEGIE, Rachael 120m Women's Sprint
CARNEY, Michael 300m Women's/Veteran's
CARNEY, Michael 120m Veteran's
CARTY-COWLING, Augustine 120m Gift
CARTY-COWLING, Augustine 70m Open F/M&B/M
CATALANO, Stefan 1600m Open
CHAPMAN, Harrison 120m Gift
CHAPMAN, Harrison 400m Open
CHAPMAN, Harrison 70m Open F/M&B/M
COLE, Brendan 400m Open
COLE, Brendan 120m Gift
COLLIER, James 400m Open
COLLINGE, Derek 120m Gift
COLLINGE, Derek 400m Open
COOTE, Adam 70m Open F/M&B/M
COOTE, Adam 120m Gift
COSGRIFF, Celia 120m Women's Sprint
COSGRIFF, Celia 300m Women's/Veteran's
CROSS, Nicholas 70m Open F/M&B/M
CROSS, Nicholas 400m Open
CROSS, Nicholas 120m Gift
DARE, Michael 120m Veteran's
DARE, Michael 300m Women's/Veteran's
DARE, Simon 120m Veteran's
DARE, Simon 300m Women's/Veteran's
DARE, Simon 70m Open F/M&B/M
DEANE, Morgan 70m Open F/M&B/M
DEANE, Morgan 120m Women's Sprint
DEANE, Morgan 300m Women's/Veteran's
DEANE, Tyson 70m Open F/M&B/M
DEANE, Tyson 120m Novice
DOWNES, Arron 1600m Open
DRUMMOND, Andrew 120m Veteran's
DRUMMOND, Andrew 120m Novice
DRUMMOND, Andrew 300m Women's/Veteran's
DUNBAR, Cam 400m Open
DUNBAR, Cam 70m Open F/M&B/M
DUNBAR, Cam 120m Gift
DUNBAR, Ricky 300m Women's/Veteran's
ESCHEBACH, Tim 120m Novice
ESCHEBACH, Tim 70m Open F/M&B/M
EZARD, Shane 120m Gift
FABRIS, Steve 400m Open
FABRIS, Steve 70m Open F/M&B/M
FARRUGIA, Jessica 300m Women's/Veteran's
FARRUGIA, Jessica 120m Women's Sprint
FENOLLAR, David 400m Open
FENOLLAR, David 120m Gift
FISHER, Tarryn 120m Women's Sprint
FISHER, Tarryn 300m Women's/Veteran's
FITZPATRICK, Simon 120m Gift
FITZPATRICK, Simon 70m Open F/M&B/M
FLANAGAN, Andrew 120m Gift
FLANAGAN, Andrew 70m Open F/M&B/M
FOLEY, Craig 70m Open F/M&B/M
FOLEY, Craig 120m Gift
FURY, Adrian 300m Women's/Veteran's
FURY, Adrian 70m Open F/M&B/M
FURY, Adrian 120m Veteran's
FUZZARD, Dujon 400m Open
FUZZARD, Dujon 70m Open F/M&B/M
FUZZARD, Dujon 120m Novice
GALIC, Brandon 70m Open F/M&B/M
GALIC, Brandon 120m Gift
GAMBINO, Lara 300m Women's/Veteran's
GAMBINO, Lara 120m Women's Sprint
GAMBINO, Lara 70m Open F/M&B/M
GILL-VALLANCE, Carrick 120m Novice
GILL-VALLANCE, Carrick 70m Open F/M&B/M
GIROTTO, Wade 120m Novice
GLASSON, Jonathon 1600m Open
GOOK, Calvin 400m Open
GOOK, Calvin 70m Open F/M&B/M
GREENOUGH, Douglas 120m Gift
GREENOUGH, Douglas 400m Open
GREENOUGH, Douglas 70m Open F/M&B/M
HAIGH, David 1600m Open
HANKIN, Richard 70m Open F/M&B/M
HANKIN, Richard 400m Open
HANKIN, Richard 120m Gift
HARGRAVE, Scott 300m Women's/Veteran's
HARGRAVE, Scott 70m Open F/M&B/M
HARGREAVES, Matthew 400m Open
HARGREAVES, Matthew 120m Gift
HARGREAVES, Matthew 70m Open F/M&B/M
HARGREAVES, Shaun 120m Gift
HARGREAVES, Shaun 70m Open F/M&B/M
HARGREAVES, Shaun 400m Open
HARVEY, Matthew 120m Gift
HARVEY, Matthew 70m Open F/M&B/M
HIGNETT, Mark 120m Gift
HIGNETT, Mark 70m Open F/M&B/M
HIGNETT, Mark 120m Veteran's
HILDITCH, John 120m Veteran's
HILDITCH, John 70m Open F/M&B/M
HILDITCH, John 300m Women's/Veteran's
HILDITCH, Laura Jane 120m Women's Sprint
HILDITCH, Laura Jane 70m Open F/M&B/M
HILDITCH, Laura Jane 300m Women's/Veteran's
HIPWORTH, Mark 1600m Open
HIPWORTH, Mark 300m Women's/Veteran's
HOVEY, Julie 120m Veteran's
HOVEY, Julie 120m Women's Sprint
HOVEY, Julie 300m Women's/Veteran's
HOWARD, Nick 400m Open
HOWARD, Nick 70m Open F/M&B/M
HUBBARD, Kendra 70m Open F/M&B/M
HUBBARD, Kendra 300m Women's/Veteran's
HUGHES, Dennis 300m Women's/Veteran's
HUGHES, Paul 120m Gift
HUGHES, Paul 120m Veteran's
JAMIESON, Sam 70m Open F/M&B/M
JAMIESON, Sam 120m Gift
JONES, Dale 70m Open F/M&B/M
JONES, Dale 120m Veteran's
JONES, Dale 300m Women's/Veteran's
JONES, Kate 120m Women's Sprint
JONES, Kate 70m Open F/M&B/M
KELLY, Bros 400m Open
KELLY, Bros 120m Gift
KELLY, Tom 1600m Open
KIRKMAN, Chris 400m Open
KIRKMAN, Chris 120m Novice
KIRKMAN, Chris 70m Open F/M&B/M
KUHNELL, Raymond 70m Open F/M&B/M
KUHNELL, Raymond 120m Novice
LANCASTER, Craig 120m Veteran's
LANCASTER, Craig 300m Women's/Veteran's
LEHMANN, Brady 70m Open F/M&B/M
LEHMANN, Brady 120m Gift
LEHMANN, Brady 400m Open
LINDNER, Jarrod 120m Gift
LINDNER, Jarrod 70m Open F/M&B/M
LINDNER, Jarrod 400m Open
LITTLE, William 120m Gift
LITTLE, William 400m Open
LOW, Michael 1600m Open
LYNCH, James 1600m Open
LYONS, Dale 120m Gift
LYONS, Dale 70m Open F/M&B/M
MAGHAMEZ, Noel 300m Women's/Veteran's
MAGREE, Nick 70m Open F/M&B/M
MAGREE, Nick 120m Gift
MAGREE, Nick 400m Open
MARANTELLI, Michael 1600m Open
MARANTELLI, Michael 400m Open
MATHER, Josh 70m Open F/M&B/M
MATHER, Josh 400m Open
MATHER, Matt 120m Novice
MATHER, Matt 70m Open F/M&B/M
MATHER, Tim 70m Open F/M&B/M
MATHER, Tim 120m Novice
MATTHEWS, Brendan 120m Gift
MATTHEWS, Jesse 120m Gift
MATTHEWS, Jesse 400m Open
MATTHEWS, Jesse 70m Open F/M&B/M
MATTHEWS, Kevin 120m Veteran's
MATTHEWS, Kevin 300m Women's/Veteran's
MATTHEWS, Kevin 70m Open F/M&B/M
MATTHEWS, Vicki 300m Women's/Veteran's
MATTHEWS, Vicki 120m Women's Sprint
McCANN/WATT, Jacqueline 70m Open F/M&B/M
McCANN/WATT, Jacqueline 300m Women's/Veteran's
McCANN/WATT, Jacqueline 120m Women's Sprint
McDONALD, Paddy 120m Novice
McDONALD, Paddy 70m Open F/M&B/M
McDONALD, Paddy 400m Open
MCDONOUGH, Kim 300m Women's/Veteran's
MCDONOUGH, Kim 120m Women's Sprint
McDowell, Danielle 120m Novice
McDowell, Danielle 300m Women's/Veteran's
McKENZIE, Ellie 300m Women's/Veteran's
McKENZIE, Ellie 120m Women's Sprint
McNAB, Nathan 120m Gift
McNAB, Nathan 120m Novice
McNAB, Nathan 70m Open F/M&B/M
MERRITT, Tiwana 120m Women's Sprint
MERRITT, Tiwana 120m Veteran's
MERRITT, Tiwana 120m Novice
MERRITT, Tiwana 300m Women's/Veteran's
MIFSUD, Matthew 120m Gift
MIFSUD, Matthew 70m Open F/M&B/M
MILLER, Leigh 70m Open F/M&B/M
MILLER, Leigh 120m Novice
MITCHELL, Lisa 1600m Open
MOLLICA, Stephanie 300m Women's/Veteran's
MOLLICA, Stephanie 120m Women's Sprint
MOLLICA, Stephanie 70m Open F/M&B/M
MOORE, Katie 300m Women's/Veteran's
MOORE, Katie 120m Women's Sprint
MOORE, Katie 70m Open F/M&B/M
MOREHOUSE, Tom 70m Open F/M&B/M
MOREHOUSE, Tom 120m Novice
MORRIS, John 1600m Open
MOSS, Cameron 400m Open
MOSS, Cameron 70m Open F/M&B/M
MOSS, Cameron 120m Gift
MUHLHAN, Andrew 300m Women's/Veteran's
NAISMITH, Darren 120m Veteran's
NAISMITH, Darren 400m Open
NICOLOSI, John 70m Open F/M&B/M
NICOLOSI, John 120m Gift
NODEN, Phil 1600m Open
NOLAN, Josh 1600m Open
O'BRIEN, Phillip 1600m Open
O'KEEFE, John 120m Veteran's
O'KEEFE, John 300m Women's/Veteran's
O'KEEFFE, Greg 120m Veteran's
O'KEEFFE, Greg 300m Women's/Veteran's
PAAVOLA, Tom 70m Open F/M&B/M
PAAVOLA, Tom 400m Open
PAAVOLA, Tom 120m Gift
PALERMO, Chris 1600m Open
PALMER, Mitchell 400m Open
PALMER, Mitchell 70m Open F/M&B/M
PARKINSON, Rhys 70m Open F/M&B/M
PARKINSON, Rhys 400m Open
PARKINSON, Rhys 120m Gift
PASQUALI, Anna 300m Women's/Veteran's
PATTEN, Andrew 1600m Open
PHELAN, Leigh 120m Gift
PHELAN, Leigh 70m Open F/M&B/M
PHELAN, Leigh 120m Veteran's
PIKE, Travis 400m Open
PIKE, Travis 70m Open F/M&B/M
PLATTEN, Alice 120m Women's Sprint
PLATTEN, Alice 70m Open F/M&B/M
PLATTEN, Alice 300m Women's/Veteran's
POLLARD, Sonya 120m Women's Sprint
POLLARD, Sonya 70m Open F/M&B/M
POMROY, Samantha 70m Open F/M&B/M
POMROY, Samantha 120m Women's Sprint
QUILTY, Sean 1600m Open
RINALDI, Justin 400m Open
ROSEN, Timothy 120m Gift
ROSEN, Timothy 70m Open F/M&B/M
ROSS, Joshua 120m Gift
SADLER, Kayla 120m Women's Sprint
SALIU, Alex 120m Gift
SALIU, Alex 70m Open F/M&B/M
SANDILANDS, Matthew 1600m Open
SEATON, Chris 70m Open F/M&B/M
SEATON, Chris 120m Novice
SHIEL, Matthew 400m Open
SHIEL, Matthew 70m Open F/M&B/M
SHIEL, Matthew 120m Gift
SINCLAIR, Susan 120m Women's Sprint
SINCLAIR, Susan 300m Women's/Veteran's
SMART, Brendan 70m Open F/M&B/M
SMART, Brendan 120m Gift
SPENCE, David 1600m Open
SPENCER, Robert 400m Open
SPENCER, Robert 70m Open F/M&B/M
STEINHAUSER, Daniel 400m Open
STEINHAUSER, Daniel 120m Gift
STEPHENS, Glenn 400m Open
TANCREDI, Benny 120m Veteran's
TANCREDI, Benny 300m Women's/Veteran's
TAYLOR, Lachlan 400m Open
TAYLOR, Lachlan 120m Gift
TEMPLAR, Justin 400m Open
TEMPLAR, Justin 70m Open F/M&B/M
VEITH, Daniel 1600m Open
WALKER, Jake 70m Open F/M&B/M
WALKER, Jake 120m Novice
WARD, Elissa 120m Veteran's
WARD, Elissa 300m Women's/Veteran's
WARE, Edward 120m Gift
WARE, Edward 70m Open F/M&B/M
WEAVER, Benjamin 70m Open F/M&B/M
WEAVER, Benjamin 120m Gift
WEAVER, Benjamin 400m Open
WHITTAKER, Darren 120m Gift
WHITTAKER, Darren 70m Open F/M&B/M
WILCOX, Andrew 120m Gift
WILCOX, Andrew 400m Open
WILLIAMS, Kylie 300m Women's/Veteran's
WILSON, Angela 70m Open F/M&B/M
WILSON, Angela 120m Veteran's
WILSON, Angela 300m Women's/Veteran's
WOOD, Jarrat 400m Open
WOOD, Jarrat 70m Open F/M&B/M
WRIGHT, Brian 70m Open F/M&B/M
WRIGHT, Brian 120m Veteran's
WRIGHT, Brian 300m Women's/Veteran's
WURM, Ollie 400m Open
WYLLIE, Hayden 120m Novice
WYLLIE, Hayden 70m Open F/M&B/M

2 Re: Albury/Wodonga Entries on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:12 pm


Alex Saliu entered for Albury? Long way to travel?

3 Re: Albury/Wodonga Entries on Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:17 pm


And good on him trackstar, hope he goes well.

The BOSS has also entered Albury, shaping up to be a very nice gift up there again this year in Albury, well done Tom B.

4 Re: Albury/Wodonga Entries on Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:06 pm


Joel Bee returning to running a 400! , will be great to see how his 100/200m training has helped. Definitely one to watch.

5 Re: Albury/Wodonga Entries on Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:02 am

cali mike

Excellent to see the Boss making the trip up. I suspect the field will get a 2m lift?

Joel Bee doing the 400m. Interesting how he picks his races. Will go close to winning.

6 Re: Albury/Wodonga Entries on Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:03 pm


I agree Mike, Bee has a 46.99 PB for the 400m and has represented Australia in the world junior 4x400 team. I wonder what mark they will have him off. As for the BOSS!, I suggest there may be a larger lift than 2m as he just won the St Albans gift pretty easily with the field all having a 2m lift.

Fair to say this will be a quick gift in both the 120 and 400m races.

7 Re: Albury/Wodonga Entries on Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:35 pm


What was his winning margin in the St Albans Gift ? if that was an easy win the field would surely need a 2 metre lift from where I was it looked very close last night.

8 Re: Albury/Wodonga Entries on Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:54 pm


fos91 wrote:What was his winning margin in the St Albans Gift ? if that was an easy win the field would surely need a 2 metre lift from where I was it looked very close last night.

1st to last 12.64 to 12.74
1st to 2nd 12.64 to 12.65
1st to 3rd 12.64 to 12.68

9 Re: Albury/Wodonga Entries on Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:15 pm


Thanks John, knew you would come up with the times Very Happy

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