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October 2017

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Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps

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1 Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:15 am


120m GIFT
Todd Bateman 3.25 m
Adrian Mott 3.25 m
Steve Landers 5.00 m
Carl Morehouse 5.00 m
Dale Woodhams 5.00 m
Shaun Hargreaves 5.25 m
Robbie James 5.25 m
Russell Scott 5.75 m
Luke Storta 6.00 m
Ira Thomson 6.00 m
Matthew Hargreaves 6.50 m
Alex Saliu 6.75 m
Andrew Steele 6.75 m
Adrian Harris 7.00 m
Sean Law 7.00 m
Jarrod Sims 7.00 m
Damien Byrne 7.25 m
Ben Koschade 7.25 m
Lyall Weir 7.25 m
James Cibich 7.50 m
Wallace Long-Scafidi 7.50 m
John Nicolosi 7.50 m
Christopher Powell 7.50 m
Damian Tohl 7.75 m
Adam Coote 8.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 8.00 m
Darren Rowland 8.25 m
Josh Tiu 8.75 m
Matthew Callard 9.00 m
Dylan Hicks 9.00 m
Piotr Dudkiewicz 9.25 m
Ryan Hancock 9.25 m
Bradley Letton 9.25 m
Luke Versace 9.25 m
Michael Nitschke 9.50 m
Jarrad Dartnall 10.50 m
Shane Ezard 10.50 m
David Gross 10.50 m
Christopher Simpson 10.50 m
Steven Hodge 10.75 m
Clayton McCloud 10.75 m
Daniel Millard 10.75 m
Neil Thomas 10.75 m
Ben Wright 11.00 m
Craig Foley 11.25 m
Tyson Hancock 12.00 m
Shaun Ryder 12.00 m
Clint Tobin 12.00 m

70m Open
Adrian Mott 1.50 m
Steve Landers 3.25 m
Robbie James 3.50 m
Carl Morehouse 3.50 m
Matthew Hargreaves 3.75 m
Dale Woodhams 3.75 m
Shaun Hargreaves 4.00 m
Andrew Steele 4.25 m
Russell Scott 4.50 m
Ben Koschade 4.75 m
Sean Law 4.75 m
Corey Baker 5.00 m
Wallace Long-Scafidi 5.00 m
John Nicolosi 5.00 m
Jarrod Sims 5.00 m
Damien Byrne 5.25 m
Christopher Hargreaves 5.25 m
Josh Tiu 5.25 m
James Collier 5.50 m
Dylan Hicks 5.50 m
Trent O'Loughlin 5.50 m
Bray Rafanelli 5.50 m
Peter Spence 5.50 m
Damian Tohl 5.50 m
Jordan Tronnolone 5.50 m
Nickolas Berry 5.75 m
James Cibich 5.75 m
Chris Cormack 5.75 m
Cameron Hext 6.00 m
Bradley Letton 6.00 m
Luke Versace 6.00 m
Ryan Hancock 6.25 m
Michael Nitschke 6.25 m
Shane Ezard 6.50 m
Troy Welfare 6.50 m
David Gross 6.75 m
Steven Hodge 6.75 m
Jarrad Dartnall 7.25 m
Darren Rowland 7.25 m
Tyson Hancock 7.50 m
Robert Keenan 7.50 m
Clayton McCloud 7.50 m
Christopher Simpson 7.50 m
Craig Foley 7.75 m
Neil Thomas 7.75 m
Ben Wright 7.75 m
Luke Buchanan 8.00 m
Billy Todd 8.00 m
Paul Taylor 8.25 m
Clint Tobin 8.25 m
Shaun Ryder 8.50 m
John Hilditch 9.00 m
Shane Grimwade 10.50 m
Leanne Hodge 10.50 m
Katie Moore 10.50 m
Brendan Golden 11.75 m
Michael Cassidy 12.25 m
Lauren Edwards 12.75 m
Laura-Jane Hilditch 14.00 m

70m Over 35
Matthew Callard 1.00 m
Shane Ezard 3.00 m
John Hilditch 5.75 m
Ross Nitschke 5.75 m
Shane Grimwade 6.75 m
David Wilczek 7.00 m
Darren Naismith 7.50 m
Brendan Golden 8.00 m
Christopher Brown 8.50 m
Steve Butler 8.50 m
Will McCombie 8.50 m
Ali Saliu 8.75 m
Robert Samarcq 9.00 m
Michael Cassidy 9.25 m
Alex Jefferies 11.50 m
Robyn Pohlner 13.00 m
Brett Stokes 13.50 m
Gary Ferber 15.25 m
Lyn Peake 16.00 m

120m Women
Name Handicap
Leanne Hodge 0.75 m
Katie Moore 1.00 m
Brooke Sawyer-Collins 5.50 m
Sheena Steinert 5.50 m
Bridgid Connolly 6.00 m
Lauren Foote 6.00 m
Rebecca O'Loughin 7.50 m
Grace Howe 8.00 m
Jana Tankosic 8.00 m
Sarah Thomas 8.00 m
Lauren Edwards 8.50 m
Kayla Hammond 8.75 m
Tayce Fry 9.25 m
Tamara Dartnall 9.50 m
Zoe Kennedy 11.25 m
Lauren Buchanan 11.50 m
Lucy Buckley 11.75 m
Amy Robb 11.75 m
Robyn Pohlner 12.00 m
Laura-Jane Hilditch 12.75 m
Ali Trewartha 13.25 m
Yasmin Openshaw 13.50 m
Dominque Edwards 14.00 m
Megan Letton 14.75 m
Kirsty Meekins 17.00 m
Lyn Peake 18.00 m

120m Novice
Corey Baker 7.00 m
Jarrad Watkins 7.00 m
James Cibich 7.50 m
Chris Cormack 7.75 m
Ashley Brown 8.00 m
Bray Rafanelli 8.00 m
Sam Royans 8.00 m
Riordan Welsh 8.00 m
Nickolas Berry 8.25 m
Christopher Hargreaves 8.25 m
Darren Rowland 8.25 m
Adam Coote 8.50 m
Trent O'Loughlin 8.50 m
Peter Spence 8.50 m
Troy Welfare 8.50 m
Ryan Hage 8.75 m
Cameron Hext 8.75 m
James Collier 9.00 m
Luke Versace 9.25 m
Brad Jones 9.50 m
Robert Keenan 9.50 m
David Girolamo 10.00 m
Neil Thomas 10.75 m
Darren Naismith 11.00 m
David Wilczek 11.00 m
Paul Taylor 11.75 m
Luke Buchanan 13.00 m
Ross Nitschke 13.00 m
Michael Cassidy 13.50 m
Leanne Hodge 13.50 m
Alex Jefferies 13.50 m
Nichola Coombe 14.00 m
Sean Roberts 18.00 m

400m Open
James Boden 8.00 m
Matthew Hargreaves 9.00 m
Shaun Hargreaves 11.00 m
Ben Koschade 17.00 m
Ira Thomson 18.00 m
Christopher Powell 20.00 m
Bryce Watkins 20.00 m
Nickolas Berry 22.00 m
Hayden Cook 22.00 m
Christopher Hargreaves 22.00 m
Josh Tiu 22.00 m
Adam Coote 23.00 m
Michael Nitschke 23.00 m
Jordan Tronnolone 23.00 m
Damian Tohl 24.00 m
Kostya Khudoshin 25.00 m
Matthew Callard 26.00 m
Luke Versace 26.00 m
Riordan Welsh 26.00 m
Ben Wright 26.00 m
James Collier 27.00 m
Adrian Harris 27.00 m
Troy Welfare 27.00 m
Billy Todd 28.00 m
Daniel Millard 30.00 m
Darren Rowland 30.00 m
Peter Spence 30.00 m
Ryan Hage 32.00 m
Matthew Hagias 32.00 m
Christopher Ross 32.00 m
Christopher Simpson 34.00 m
Matthew Cousins 35.00 m
Robert Keenan 35.00 m
Jarrad Dartnall 36.00 m
Darren Naismith 36.00 m
Craig Foley 37.00 m
Mark Beveridge 38.00 m
Ben Crawford 40.00 m
Christopher Brown 49.00 m

400m Women
Katie Moore 18.00 m
Bridgid Connolly 25.00 m
Teagan Kustermann 28.00 m
Sarah Thomas 28.00 m
Lucy Buckley 29.00 m
Rebecca O'Loughin 30.00 m
Kayla Hammond 33.00 m
Grace Howe 34.00 m
Zoe Kennedy 36.00 m
Celia Cosgriff 39.00 m
Tayce Fry 39.00 m
Tamara Dartnall 40.00 m
Christine Fenech 42.00 m
Megan Letton 44.00 m
Amy Robb 44.00 m
Laura-Jane Hilditch 50.00 m
Kirsty Meekins 51.00 m
Yasmin Openshaw 51.00 m
Lauren McHugh 52.00 m
Ali Trewartha 52.00 m
Dominque Edwards 60.00 m
Lisa Roberts 60.00 m
Debbie Roberts 98.00 m

400m Over 35
Darren Naismith 10.00 m
Mark Beveridge 11.00 m
John Hilditch 22.00 m
Mark Hipworth 24.00 m
Christopher Brown 25.00 m
Richard McMahon 30.00 m
Ali Saliu 31.00 m
Steve Butler 33.00 m
Will McCombie 33.00 m
Brendan Golden 38.00 m
Robert Samarcq 40.00 m
Alex Jefferies 44.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 45.00 m
Dale Millard 50.00 m
Daniel Tregenza 50.00 m
Mick Abbott 53.00 m
Darcy Cheney 59.00 m
Mark Howson 68.00 m
Lyn Peake 80.00 m
Ian Reddaway 80.00 m
John LeRay 82.00 m
Peter Noblet 101.00 m
Debbie Roberts 103.00 m

550m Novice
Justin Rinaldi 20.00 m
Christopher Hargreaves 30.00 m
Darren Rowland 30.00 m
Ashley Brown 34.00 m
David Girolamo 38.00 m
Corey Watkins 38.00 m
Karim Ghaoui 40.00 m
Matthew Hagias 40.00 m
Connor McIvor 40.00 m
Sam Royans 42.00 m
Steven Gater 50.00 m
Brad Jones 60.00 m
Luke Stewart 76.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 94.00 m
Rebecca O'Loughin 100.00 m

800m Women
Bridgid Connolly 40.00 m
Celia Cosgriff 48.00 m
Teagan Kustermann 50.00 m
Christine Fenech 64.00 m
Melissa Lloyd 64.00 m
Tasmin McMahon 68.00 m
Lisa Roberts 90.00 m
Lauren McHugh 114.00 m
Melanie Stewart 140.00 m
Courtney Ryder 148.00 m
Debbie Roberts 170.00 m

1600m Open A
Name Handicap
Robert Killmier 70.00 m
Matthew Ferber 75.00 m
Michael Marantelli 85.00 m
Jacob Cocks 100.00 m
Jake Jervis-Bardy 105.00 m (Scratched!)
Peter Hyde 130.00 m
Ian Burrows 145.00 m
Ben Crawford 150.00 m
Christopher Ross 190.00 m

1600m Open B
Name Handicap
Michael Marantelli 85.00 m
Riley Cocks 120.00 m
Jack Sutton 130.00 m
Matthew Nicholls 145.00 m
Christopher Ross 190.00 m
Ashley Snowden 190.00 m
Mark Hipworth 200.00 m
Darren Naismith 210.00 m
Chad Truscott 210.00 m
Christopher Brown 240.00 m
Richard McMahon 250.00 m
Celia Cosgriff 300.00 m
Melissa Lloyd 300.00 m
Claire Xian 300.00 m
Tasmin McMahon 340.00 m
Melanie Stewart 350.00 m

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"Let's Go While We're Young"

2 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:21 pm


120 Gift tips
Ryan Hancock
Wallace Long-Scafidi
Alex Saliu
David Gross
Carl Morehouse
Josh Tiu

3 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:26 am


Pieman, others, any tips?


Hancock R

Dartnall J

120 chicks
Dartnall T

Watkins B

400 chicks

550 Novice
hargreaves C

800 chicks




4 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:28 am


forgot one.

120 Novice

5 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:40 am


Todd Bateman 3.25 m
Adrian Mott 3.25 m
Steve Landers 5.00 m
Carl Morehouse 5.00 m
Dale Woodhams 5.00 m
Shaun Hargreaves 5.25 m
Robbie James 5.25 m
Russell Scott 5.75 m
Luke Storta 6.00 m
Ira Thomson 6.00 m
Matthew Hargreaves 6.50 m
Alex Saliu 6.75 m
Andrew Steele 6.75 m
Adrian Harris 7.00 m
Sean Law 7.00 m

Morehouse would easily account for all these guys.

6 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:53 am

Tip Off

if ryan hancock runs 100% he wins. improve 3m on last year with harison.

ryan hancoock

morehouse for the bay. hasnt he run 10.5?

7 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:47 pm


120m GIFT
Todd Bateman 3.25 m. No recent form to go on, but word is he's very confident he's in best ever shape and will win. Wait and see. 8/1

Adrian Mott 3.25 m. Had some injury problems with hammies and knees, won't be ready off this mark. 33/1

Steve Landers 5.00 m. Been away a while, so no form for 2 years. Nothing he's done recently indicates he has the form to win off 5.0m. 33/1

Carl Morehouse 5.00 m. Pick of those behind the novice mark. PB of 10.55 and may not be in best shape but off 5.0 may not have to be to make the final. 6/1.

Dale Woodhams 5.00 m. Struggled so far this season though just missed Reynella final. Methinks still in heavy training for races after this. 10/1.

Shaun Hargreaves 5.25 m. In great form of 400/550, coming back in disance after Movember. Last year's winner but the 2.25 penalty won't see him winnng 2 in a row. 15/1.

Robbie James 5.25 m. 2009 Bay runner up off 7.0 and did run 2nd at Loxton off 5.50. Like Woodhams I guess he's coming off a heavy traning phase. Will be improved from Reynella but not yet ready for this. 12/1.

Russell Scott 5.75 m. Last year's Bay winner back 3.0m so still should be competitive. Whyalla form not good enough for this. 25/1.

Luke Storta 6.00 m. 2009 Queanbeyan Gift winner from MattyB stable. Goes well and could final but would take something better than he's shown before to win this. 10/1.

Ira Thomson 6.00 m. Should be much better than this time last year when he just arrived. Won Cranbourne Gift in March off 6.25 so must be a big chance here. No recent form but news is he's flying. 6/1.

Matthew Hargreaves 6.50 m. Quality runner over all distances to 400m. Has run well here before, running 2nd in 2008 off 7.25. Only needs to have improved a little to back in contention. Keep safe. 8/1.

Alex Saliu 6.75 m. Was 2nd here last here to S Hargreaves when off 7.50. Couldn't run in final at Whyalla so under an injury cloud. Tip is he may not run, so can't see him winning off this. 20/1.

Andrew Steele 6.75 m. Not running as well as he was 2 years ago when in the 2008 Mt G final. Went on to make Stawell final that season. Would be a surprise if he made the final. 16/1

Adrian Harris 7.00 m. Novice at this distance. Won a novice 200m at Pulteney in 2009, so is promising but has shown no Gift form. 100/1.

Sean Law 7.00 m. In the strong Fielder squad and showed good form in his VAL debut season. Not ready for something like this just yet, but will be among the big Gift contenders soon enough. 12/1.

Jarrod Sims 7.00 m. SA decathlete who just missed Comm Games selection. Handy 100m runner but better over 400m. No recent form of note and would be a big surprise if he got past a semi here. 33/1

Damien Byrne 7.25 m. 2nd in the Bay to Thomas Scott in 2006. Was also an unlucky 2nd at Ballarat to Sampieri in 2007. Getting back into the groove and will need time. 50/1.

Ben Koschade 7.25 m. Was 2nd at Port Adelaide but hasn't run a Gift since. Rumour is he might be carrying an injury, but is definitely one you wouldn't dismiss lightly. Big chance if he's fit and in form. 8/1.

Lyall Weir 7.25 m. Has had an interrupted prep. Very good on his day but that hasn't happened for a while. 25/1.

James Cibich 7.50 m. Novice, promising type, still learning the ropes. 66/1.

Wallace Long-Scafidi 7.50 m. Impressive 2nd at Reynella, which he probably could have won. Will definitely run faster here, if he starts. 4/1.

John Nicolosi 7.50 m. Another of the Fiedler squad - goes OK but look to stablemates Morehouse & Tiu to impress more. 33/1.

Christopher Powell 7.50 m. Stablemate of Lyall Weir's at Port Adelaide, who has yet to really make his mark on the sport. Definitely has ability but yet to show us anything to get excited. Would be a massive surprise if he made the final. Semi best bet. 25/1

Damian Tohl 7.75 m. Finalist at Port Adelaide & Reynella followed by an ordinary last in semi at Whyalla. Dismiss that run, as he does go well on this track having broke 12s here in a 2007 semi final before winning the Bay Sheff. Massive chance to finish on the podium. It's up to him. 6/1.

Adam Coote 8.00 m. Won the 550 at the Bay and 800 at Stawell. Not known for his Gift running. Out of his depth in this. 50/1.

Jordan Tronnolone 8.00 m. Good run for 3rd at Reynella before narrowly run out at Whyalla. Did spend 2 hours in the sun setting up track at Whyalla so dismiss that run. Based on Reynella is an outside chance for the final. 10/1.

Darren Rowland 8.25 m. Another Fiedler squad runner. Novice at this distance and no real form of note. 33/1.

Josh Tiu 8.75 m. Stawell & Ballart Gift finalist last season. Has a good mark to do some damage but needs to be in best shape. Could show up but.....maybe in 4 weeks time? Keep safe. 6/1.

Matthew Callard 9.00 m. Former Mt G winner who has an incredible resume of pro-running success. Can't dismiss him off this mark and if he's fit will give a few a fright in heat and maybe a semi. 15/1.

Dylan Hicks 9.00 m. Has strangely not run this season, which would make it hard to get the race condition for something like this. Will run a good heat but backing up could be a problem. 20/1.

Piotr Dudkiewicz 9.25 m. Past Bendigo Gift winner who has made a Bay Sheff final. Rumour is that he is not running well, so probably not going well enough to cause any trouble here. 33/1

Ryan Hancock 9.25 m. First Gift run for the year ran the fastest time of the meet at Whyalla into a headwind. Didn't appear too interested after that and still ran 2nd. This suits him perfectly, fast track and a lot more prizemoney. Hard to see him not featuring on the dais. 5/1.

Bradley Letton 9.25 m. Dual Loxton winner but has no Gift form for 4 years. Needs to improve dramatically and that aint going to happen here. 100/1.

Luke Versace 9.25 m. Incredibly ran in the final in 2001 and 9 years later is still a novice. Holds the record for the longest period sashless in pro running history. (Just made that up, but surely he can't be serious!) Should win the novice 120 but probably won't! 100/1.

Michael Nitschke 9.50 m. Won the 300m at Reynella then made podium at Whyalla in the Gift. Ran 12.35 off 8.25 when he won the novice here in 2007. It would have placed him 3rd in the Gift final that year. Now has 9.50, so do the maths and he is a certain finalist. Only has to improve 1m since then and he wins it. Big chance. 8/1.

Jarrad Dartnall 10.50 m. Was 3rd in 2009 off 11.75 which his his best Gift result since he won Glenelg off 10.75 in 2006 . Yet to win a Gift off less than 11.0 since then. Broke in Gift semi at Whyalla when he should have been in the final. Should be in this final, but hard to see him winning it. 10/1.

Shane Ezard 10.50 m. Past Bendigo Gift winner who is struggling with injury. 50/1.

David Gross 10.50 m. Plenty of finals to his name but yet to win a Gift. Not sure he kows how to win. Will kill a few chances in heat & semi but hard to see him finishing higher than 5th or 6th in the final. 12/1.

Christopher Simpson 10.50 m. Second year runner who has benefitted from solid season in the sport. Won a novice 100m at Hallett Cove, but yet to make a mark in Gifts. Not here. 50/1.

Steven Hodge 10.75 m. Was a solid Gift performer a few years ago but has never really gone on with it. Won the 300m at Loxton last season and won a string of 70m races 3 years ago. But Gift form has deserted him. No chance. 50/1.

Clayton McCloud 10.75 m. Good young novice runner who needs to step up now he's out on a big mark. This mark is good enough for him if he does the work. Not yet but one for the future. 50/1.

Daniel Millard 10.75 m. 1997 Stawell gift winner who has had 13 years of resting on his laurels and enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. Was a great run to win Stawell, but sad to see him not reproduce that form since. To be fair, he has had a few injuries and moves between SA & Qld which has impacted on form. About 34 years of age now so his best running is well and truly behind him. 50/1.

Neil Thomas 10.75 m. Good run in novice races & Flinders 70 recently. Goes OK, but not ready for the big time just yet. 50/1.

Ben Wright 11.00 m. Sacred Heart footballer who has featured in the odd Gift final but nothing at this level. Moves well when he's right. Would like to see him do a proper Gift prep one season as he might surprise a few. 66/1.

Craig Foley 11.25 m. Solid Vic runner who has suffered a lot of injuries over the years but continues to front up each year. Hard to see him winning here but will be nuisance value in heats & semis. 20/1.

Tyson Hancock 12.00 m. Did win a Reynella Gift back in 2006, but just hasn't got any recent fom to suggest he will feature here. 100/1

Shaun Ryder 12.00 m. Makes the odd Gift final, but off a bigger mark than this though. No Way. 100/1.

Clint Tobin 12.00 m. Improved frontmarker who broke he ice with a win over 70m at Whyalla. Was in the final at Whyalla and ran well enough to suggest he can get past his heat. But the limit means he comes back a bit so can't see him making the final. 70m his best chance of a sash. 50/1.

8 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:53 pm


Athletes travel up to Mount Gambier for the first race of which will be a very busy December campaign. With the weather looking strikingly familiar to that of last year, dont expect the super fast times, but expect the competition to be as hot as ever. Shaun Hargreaves became the 3rd person to do the double at the Mount, following the likes of Chris Burckhardt and Dale Woodhams in winning the 70m and 120m. Will we see a repeat of that here?? Terrific entry numbers yet again, and with Victorians winning this Gift the last 2 years, can the South Aussies pick it up and bring it back home?

The 2010 Mount Gambier Gift in no particular order.

Matthew Hargreaves
Was runner up here a couple of years back to ARS, and is looking in posotive form heading into this weekend. Hasnt been as eye catching as his brother has so far this year, but will look to follow in his brothers footsteps and win here. Has the mark, does he have the form??

Wallace Long-Scafidi
the former Camden Classic winner looks in terrific form this year, and with this event being non-penalty, look for him to be up and all over this. Could of won Reynella in his last race, but will be fully focussed on this. If there was betting, a few dollars each way wouldnt go to waste.

Ryan Hancock
Seemed to stroll down the track at Whyalla and still looked impressive. Very fresh due to his limited racing so far, and with the weather looking the way it is, he has the mark to hold off the fast finishers. Hes looking good!!

Ben Koschade
Seems like injury might of struck him back again, but if hes good to go, he'll be very close here. 2nd at Port Adelaide, and with any luck, might go one better here. With his run of luck, you'll know hes giving it 100% here if hes ready. Final??

Josh Tiu
Watched this bloke at Stawell and Ballarat earlier this year and looks very impressive. Super starter which is what is needed here when the big guns are flying home. Wont come back to them till late, if at all, and with his mark, could do alot of damage. Not sure if hes set for it, but being its non-penalty, we'll assume hes giving it a crack.

Carl Moorehouse
One of the fastest men in the field, and with a PB similar to that of Bateman's, he has him and alot of other people well and truly covered if in any sort of form. 5m, generous?? It certantly makes him competitive, and will be tough to hold off, but it wouldnt surprise of hes ready to get his name engraved onto one of those tiles down near Colley Reserve. Bigger fish to fry?? He has to final!!

Good luck to everyone racing in any event, have a safe drive, gonna be a wet weekend!!

Pie-Man Away!!

9 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:05 pm


Did i just read that adam coote is running off 8.50m in the NOVICE 120m? in what world is the bay 550, black opal 400, stawell 800 a novice? unless in SA its novice over that distance

10 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:36 pm


Did Mt. Gambier actually go ahead? There hasn't been one mention about results.

11 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:45 pm


Wallace Long Scafidi won the 120 from Ira Thompson and Ben Koshade

David Gross won the 70m

Dartnall won the Womens 120m

Ali Twewartha won the Womens 400m

Cousins won the Mens 400m

Peter Hyde won the 1600 A

Melissa Lloyd won the womens 800m

That is all I can remember

12 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:02 pm



13 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:58 pm


Royans 550 novice
Thomas 120 novice
Ali Salau won both old codgers races ,not sure of the distances.
Maybe the league should look at combining the A & B 1600M like they do at Loxton.Great prize money BUT only saw 4 starters in the A 1600m.Bit of disappointment for those generous sponsors who put the money up.Never the less Hyde and Killmier tried to make it interesting.

14 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:33 pm

Too Good

Good picks Tipsy. Got the 120 chicks, 120nov and 1600B right and a cupla 2nds. Stiff with Hancock R.


Hancock R

Dartnall J

120 chicks
Dartnall T

Watkins B

400 chicks

550 Novice
hargreaves C

800 chicks




4 Re: Mt Gambier (SAAL) Handicaps on Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:28 am
forgot one.

120 Novice

Good picks Tipsy. Got the 120 chicks, 120nov and 1600B right and a cupla 2nds.

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