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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Teddy is back in the pram - thanks to Paul and Brian and Mick and Josh

Teddy is back in the pram - thanks to Paul and Brian and Mick and Josh

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ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
I was there with my camera - I met Josh between the semis and the final - Josh's time in the final was 12.48 for 120 metres on grass into a headwind - I reckon one of his finest efforts ever, equivalent to a 10.1 or 10.0 for the 100 metres - it was fantastic to be there to witness history being made.

And afterwards Brian and I had a little chat.

Brian Hart, legendary starter for the SA Athletic League, the phantom of the over45s and over35s sprints, the phantom who has appeared on the track as a runner on only a small number of legendary occasions during my time with the SAAL.

And I have had the joy and honour to have been part of some of those legendary appearances by the legend Brian Hart the legend. From now on just Brian.

Well Brian said "What's this I hear about ..." instead of the usual "love your stuff on ProTrack forum ...".

Trouble ahead for me ... it is a full moon ... Brian was fired up and he was as usual armed to the teeth with pistols here and there and everywhere. (I know they are just starting pistols but I am a performing musician and my hearing is very valuable to me).

I knew what Brian was talking about.

Mick had been at me earlier in the day.

"Tell me it is just Teddy out of the pram?" said unusually loquacious Mick, the smiling bearded guy who was always in the crowd at SAAL events and one day I talked to him and he turned out to be the father of the Watkins mob.

So Mick and Brian are both out to ruin my little depression after Day 1 of the Bay Sheff.

"Bloody headwind and bloody handicapping system" was what I should perhaps have said to Tony Peake after I was bundled out of the heats in the over35s 120m event.

What I said was angrier and not so useful.

Yes, I had identified, in the lead up to this 126th Bay Sheff, that there were some apparent anomalies in the marks for local 120m 0ver35s athletes.

Also as evidenced by the yet another podium without any South Aussie over35s sprinters, there is an apparent deficiency on the marks for visiting athletes.

And to top it off I had a bad reaction to my attempt at a 550m at the PreBay.

So I threw Teddy out of the pram and said on ProTrack that I planned to scratch from the Bay Sheff 550m for over35s and to not enter any more SAAL events.

Then today first Mick then Brian then Josh.

(And as well there was the very nice interstate person who introduced himself to me at morning setup track roster when I was thoroughly still full of it).

Now Josh had probably not read my Teddy out of the pram thing on ProTrack.

But Josh (Josh Ross) made a very loud statement to me on day 2 of the Bay Sheff.

And I yelled loudly back at the action provided by Josh.

So when Brian confronted me, I had to ask when he next planned to run ... and Brian said the Tea Tree Gully 200 ... and I do not want to miss the chance to run against Brian again.

So Teddy is back in the pram and I am keen to expedite discussions about improving the handicapping system in the SAAL over35s and over45s sprints.

Oh and Paul gets a share of the credit because of ProTrack.


Stokesy, I think you should keep things going. We all at some point get down about our times or performances. When you feel positive you can get smashed at the next meet and wonder what you did wrong. Then other times you think you have no chance and bang you are on the podium. You look like you are running really well. I'm not sure how old you are, at a guess I'd say running off 21m in the 120m over 35's suggests your a pretty good over 35 and 45 sprinter.
Curiosity surrounds handicaps sometimes, but at the end of the day you deal with what you have been given, go your hardest and do your best.
I'd have to say in reference to the Brighton 120m over 35's final the handicapper had it pretty spot on with the 1st 5 finishing with only 11 hundreds in it. Maybe others that didnt make the final could dispute this?
The interstate competitors that head over is probably another issue, but we have to have the confidence that we will get a level playing field soon.
Keep up the good work, see you at TTG and good luck catching Brian, should be some good racing.

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