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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Bay Sheffield 1600m Open Backmarkers Mile Form Guide

Bay Sheffield 1600m Open Backmarkers Mile Form Guide

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ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
With a field deep with Victorian runners, most of whom have been given 10-20m lifts for this event, this race is wide open. DizzyRunner previews the race with this Formguide.

Tyson Mahon 75.00 m
The prodigious son who lit up the forums in the late 90s is back and ready to put on a show. 75m is an absolute gift, and the several years away from running, spent raising Yaks in the mountains of Mongolia, did nothing to dent the capacity of this beast to eat up the field. Entered in the Select Mile off a much tighter 6m.

Riley Cocks 100.00 m
Emerging youngster Cocks has had just the one start in the SAAL this season, a blistering 9.08 off 80m in the 3200m at Flinders. Though with an 8:34 3km against his name in 2012, will be hard to beat, though likely several others may be attracted to the Select instead, off 35m there. Can’t wait to here the race-caller work his magic, “And its Cocks coming on the inside.”

Michael Marantelli 105.00 m
Loves the taste of Bay grass, as witnessed by last year’s stumble and fall. Though this should not distract from an unenviable winning record across all distances. A former winner of this event in 2007 (4:04 off 145m). A multiple winner at Stawell and with an early win already this season at the VAL VRTA 3200m, the only question will be whether ‘Marra’ will start in the arguably more prestigious Select Mile.

Aiden Miller 110.00 m
Not a lot known about this mystery kid. A 9:18 for 3000m this year suggests he may struggle.

Alex Bacalja 120.00 m
The man with the surname no one can pronounce. Has had a good start to the VAL season with two 2nds over the 1600m distance (albeit in slow times, both 4:25). May have needed a few more meters to be competitive.

Matthew McDonough 120.00 m
Prefers the longer distance but has persevered to get his mark out to a seemingly unimaginable level. If he works with those around him, could be dragged into a place.

David Spence 125.00 m
A previous winner of this event, winning off 150m in 2009, Spence has been a consistent performer at The Bay (2nd in Backies Mile 2010 off 125m) and will be all over this if he doesn’t choose to start in the Select Mile later in the day.

James Deane 130.00 m
Movie star looks with the movie star name. Rarely seen in the longer events on the VAL circuit in recent times. More suited to the 800m.

Ben Crawford 135.00 m
Winner of the Sacred Heart 3200m, the Brighton 1000m, and the Whyalla 1600m, the form athlete.

Phillip O'Brien 135.00 m
Being the son of the former Victorian Chief-handicapper has not done this kid any favours. Still relatively new to pro-running, this mark will be too tight this year. Look to the future.

Max Stevens 135.00 m
Preferred over the 800m. No.

Neil Brennan 140.00 m
A star at the past two Stawell carnivals, with back to back finals in the 550m and the 800m. The mile will be about 800m too far. No chance.

Lachlan Scott 140.00 m
Will struggle to resist that last Christmas pudding which will make Scott a little heavy for the mile.

Jordan Harvey 150.00 m
Off 70m in the 800m, preferred there.

Stephen Jelfs 150.00 m
Has ‘earned’ two lifts in two races after winning the Port Adelaide 1600m not 8 weeks ago.

William McCann 150.00 m
Second at the Australian 3000m Junior Championships this year in 8:54, this 16 year old could do anything (so long as he doesn’t get a new xBox 360 game for Christmas).

Damian Robinson 150.00 m
Several good performances this year, a solid smokey.

Ian Burrows 155.00 m
Another runner from the Hipworth stable travelling from Victoria and another AFL field umpire. Don’t expect your heckles from the crowd to throw his focus. Preferred over the 800m.

Matthew Konetschka 160.00 m
Winner of last week’s pre-bay mile and remarkably has not gone back. Yes, you read that correctly. Won a race last week, in a very swift 4:08, AND has kept his mark.

Phil Noden 165.00 m
A shrewd competitor, Noden is rumoured to have plotted and calculated meters/per/sec figures for every mile race on the pro-running circuit for the past two decades. A win in this year’s 3200m at Stawell and a forth in the backies mile in 4.00 are good signs. Has come back 10m from that Stawell race but expect Noden to stay out the front right until the final meters of this one.

Arron Downes 170.00 m
This former sprinter has made a successful transition to ‘dizzy-running’ and has the fire to push the field. With the build of a shiny new red-fire truck, expect Downes to smoke it up early in the race before being put out by a jet of cold water well before the line.

Daniel Lawlor 180.00 m
Had a stand-out season in the VAL across 2011-2012 and is still frighteningly improving. Has not raced in the VAL this season, a recipe for hiding form, and if his 4.02 off 175m at this year’s Stawell Backies mile is anything to go by, look out. If he works with Downes and Noden, this race is over before it has begun.

Colin Rowston

Isn't Aiden Miller last year's Backmarkers winner?


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Colin Rowston wrote:Isn't Aiden Miller last year's Backmarkers winner?

After a horrible race, DizzyRunner has chosen to omit that race from his memory. There was no winner.

Colin Rowston

LOL. Good job with the form guide!


After a horrible race, DizzyRunner has chosen to omit that race from his memory. There was no winner.

Sore loser much?


It's alright Dizzy admit you had had no idea about Miller. Nice job on the form guide tho!


Good work Dizzy, nice write up, although you somehow missed Burrows 3.59 at Stawell off 160m. On that form he has the field covered.
Add to this his short stepping running action he will be very suited to the tight bends. The one to beat.
Lawlor labours around the bends so is not suited however 180m is too much. Expect track specialists Crawford and Marantelli to be prominent.

One note, the Stawell handicaps were up 15m for a Kenyan. The handicapper seems to have given the Vics "about" their Stawell handicaps. This dis-advantages the SA runners such as Crawford but he is a super competitor so will still be thereabouts.


Interesting preview DizzyRunner. You don't seem to rate the younger athletes too much at all though? Aiden Miller is a fantastic athlete and if he is feeling good, can still be competitive from there. Riley Cocks is injured and from reports, he won't be pulling on the spikes. Lachlan Scott is coming back from injury, but like McCann, a national silver medalist that has run quick 1500m at Santos. McCann is moving very well and through speaking to him, he is certainly feeling more comfortable about pro running and will be a force. And although Stevens has had a below par year, he loves the bay having won 4 out of the 6 times he has raced on Colley.

Having said all that, Crawford still the one to beat...

Red leg

Have you seen Aidan Miller run this year??? Nowhere near the athlete he was 12 months ago! Will Struggle to beat anyone home of his current mark. McCann no from what I have seen of him tends to train way better than he races! Needs to learn some tactical nouse prior to challenging at the bay. Cocks is not running!! Stevens a cracking fella but not this year my friend. My tip Jelfs or Konetschka

Colin Rowston

There will be an official announcement on the website soon but there was an administration error with the split of the backmarkers and frontmarkers. As is usually the case, the field will be split in half depending on the handicaps. This is a list of the fields:

Red Mahon Tyson (VIC) 75.00
White Cocks Riley (SA) 100.00
Blue Zuill Benjamin (SA) 100.00
Yellow Marantelli Michael (VIC) 105.00
Green Miller Aiden (SA) 110.00
Black Bacalja Alex (VIC) 120.00
Pink McDonough Matthew (VIC) 120.00
1 Spence David (VIC) 125.00
2 Deane James (VIC) 130.00
3 Crawford Ben (SA) 135.00
4 O'Brien Phillip (VIC) 135.00
5 Stevens Max (SA) 135.00
6 Brennan Neil (VIC) 140.00
7 Scott Lachlan (SA) 140.00
8 Christensen Leif (SA) 145.00
9 McGarity Liam (VIC) 150.00
10 Harvey Jordan (SA) 150.00
11 Jelfs Stephen (SA) 150.00
12 McCann William (SA) 150.00
13 Robinson Damian (SA) 150.00
14 Anderson Clint (VIC) 152.00
15 Burrows Ian (VIC) 155.00
16 Konetschka Matthew (SA) 160.00

Red Quilty Sean (VIC) 160.00
White Fenton Dane (SA) 160.00
Blue Noden Phil (VIC) 165.00
Yellow Downes Arron (VIC) 170.00
Green Lawlor Daniel (VIC) 180.00
Black Ross Christopher (SA) 180.00
Pink Rubino Shane (SA) 180.00
1 Veith Daniel (VIC) 180.00
2 Hipworth Mark (VIC) 195.00
3 Morris John (VIC) 195.00
4 McMahon Richard (SA) 240.00
5 Cleary Adam (SA) 245.00
6 Dingwall Gregor (SA) 250.00
7 Oates Grant (SA) 250.00
8 Lloyd Melissa (SA) 260.00
9 Grant James (SA) 265.00
10 McMahon Tasmin (SA) 270.00
11 James Wayne (VIC) 280.00
12 Parsons Tony (VIC) 290.00
13 Cosgriff Celia (VIC) 310.00
14 Aiello Gaetano (SA) 340.00
15 Beer Martine (VIC) 350.00
16 Beer Sean (VIC) 410.00

Red leg

Is there any reason Konetschka wouldn't be running in the front markers if off the same mark as quilty and Fenton???

Colin Rowston

46 runners entered, 23 in each race. 1 out of the 3 had to go in the backmarkers, 2 in the frontmarkers. Matthew was the one chosen to be in the backmarkers.

Red leg

Would be interesting to know the criteria for matt being named the 'chosen' one??

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