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PROTRACK » GENERAL » 120m Bay Sheffield & 120m Women's HANDICAPS

120m Bay Sheffield & 120m Women's HANDICAPS

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120m Open Bay Sheffield
Joshua Ross 0.00 m
Bola Lawal 1.00 m
Jordan Caldow 1.25 m
Todd Bateman 3.75 m
Sam Jamieson 3.75 m
Khan Marr 4.00 m
Adrian Mott 4.00 m
Clay Watkins 4.25 m
Wallace Long-Scafidi 4.50 m
Alex Bubner 5.75 m
Corey Baker 6.50 m
Alex Saliu 6.50 m
Ben Koschade 6.75 m
Tim McGuire 6.75 m
Harry May 7.00 m
Tom Sclanders 7.00 m
Ollie Wurm 7.00 m
Chris Innes-Wong 7.25 m
John Jakeman 7.25 m
Patrick McDonald 7.25 m
Brett Richards 7.25 m
Sebastian Baird 7.50 m
James Cibich 7.50 m
Jarrod Sims 7.50 m
Cole Unasa 7.75 m
Connor Verrall 7.75 m
Deng Bulabek 8.00 m
Ardyn Foy 8.00 m
Damien Nicholls 8.00 m
Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera 8.00 m
Mathew Short 8.00 m
Peter Spence 8.00 m
Michael Bolton 8.25 m
Paul Cracroft-Wilson 8.25 m
Josh Dawkins 8.25 m
Isaac Dunmall 8.25 m
Alex Glorie 8.25 m
Paul Tancredi 8.25 m
Edward Ware 8.25 m
Valentino Yuel 8.25 m
Dean Dobric 8.50 m
Samuel Gill 8.50 m
Doug Greenough 8.50 m
Dale Lyons 8.50 m
Dylan Panizza 8.75 m
Nicholas Cross 9.00 m
Adrian Harris 9.00 m
Sam Osmond 9.00 m
Matthew Eddy 9.25 m
Josh Tiu 9.25 m
Lyall Weir 9.25 m
Liam Wright 9.25 m
Adam Coote 9.50 m
Tim Johnson 9.50 m
Chad Ryan 9.50 m
Ryan Camille 9.75 m
Jarrad Dartnall 9.75 m
Chris Diegan 9.75 m
Dylan Hicks 9.75 m
Bradley Letton 9.75 m
Benjamin Clark 10.00 m
Matthew Harvey 10.00 m
Adam Moore 10.00 m
Nickolas Berry 10.25 m
Ryan Hancock 10.25 m
David Gross 10.50 m
Noddy Angelakos 11.00 m
Luke Buchanan 11.00 m
Shane Ezard 11.00 m
Craig Foley 11.00 m
Tyson Hancock 11.00 m
Ben Hardy 11.00 m
Aaron Harrison 11.00 m
Mark Hignett 11.00 m
Ryan Hoffman 11.00 m
Aldis Jaunzems 11.00 m
Glenn Ross 11.00 m
Shaun Ryder 11.00 m
Brad Schutz 11.00 m
Kelly Sheldrick 11.00 m
Christopher Simpson 11.00 m
Paul Taylor 11.00 m
Neil Thomas 11.00 m
Clint Tobin 11.00 m
Zhen Wang 11.00 m
Troy Welfare 11.00 m
Darren Whittaker 11.00 m

120m Women
Laura Whaler 0.50 m
Kendra Hubbard 1.75 m
Alicia Wrench-Doody 1.75 m
Natasha Wright 3.50 m
Courtney Lyas 4.25 m
Christine Wearne 4.25 m
Tamara Hamond 4.75 m
Katie Moore 5.00 m
Lauren Foote 6.75 m
Lynette Mattingly 7.00 m
Stephanie Mollica 7.25 m
Bridgid Connolly 7.50 m
Lucy Holland-Smith 7.50 m
Melissa Howard 7.50 m
Natalie Gibbs 7.75 m
Hayley Orman 7.75 m
Andrea Di Paolo 8.00 m
Amie Mittiga 8.50 m
Katherine Robb 8.50 m
Lauren Edwards 9.25 m
Cloe Neophytou 9.25 m
Czenya Cavouras 9.50 m
Alice Platten 9.75 m
Lily Micklethwait 10.00 m
Sam (Samantha) Plato 10.00 m
Amy Robb 10.00 m
Tenneille Trigwell 10.00 m
Taylah Scapens 10.25 m
Gemma Grigg 10.50 m
Jessica Macolino 10.50 m
Sophie Watts 10.50 m
Hayley Atkins 11.00 m
Mikaela Harmston 11.00 m
Ellie Meich 11.00 m
Jana Tankosic 11.00 m
Claire Ashman 11.50 m
Emily Bourke 11.50 m
Hayley Openshaw 11.50 m
Sarah Donovan 11.75 m
Stevee Hudson 11.75 m
Ali Trewartha 11.75 m
Amelia Dawkins 12.00 m
Natasha Inglis 12.00 m
Erin Jameson 12.00 m
Hollie Moran 12.00 m
Lucy Buckley 12.50 m
Nichola Coombe 12.50 m
Charlie Parish 12.50 m
Kyla Brown 13.50 m
Margaret Cusenza 13.50 m
Hettie Driscoll 13.75 m
Yasmin Openshaw 13.75 m
Megan Letton 14.00 m
Sarah Ayling 15.00 m
Rommi Driscoll 15.00 m
Tayce Fry 15.00 m
Anthea Kotyla 15.00 m
Aimee Lane 15.00 m
Lesley Tompson 15.00 m


In the Sheffeild final

Foy. Or maybe tiu


Hillbilly at least 1 maybe 2 SA finalists. Be very sad for SA running if none are into the final.

Tips for final.
Panizza or Cracroft-Wilson


SA handicapper has been very kind to the interstaters. Ed Ware makes 2011 final, up 0.25 to 8.25. Stawell Gift finalists Greenough back 1.25; Coote back 1.5, Cracroft-Wilson back 0.25 and Tiu who should have been in the final only back 1.5 for running 12.15. Puts them in it up to their neck.
Wurm fastest 2011 Bay heat stays on 7.0.
Jakeman on 7.25, good mark for him.
WA boys went well in Stawell heats are on similar marks.
If these guys are in good nick, no SA guys will make the final.


Unasa, Panizza, Cracroft-Wilson, Greenough to just miss.


Has there ever been a Bay final with no SA athlete? Or a final with only one SA athlete?
youngy? anyone?


As far as I know there has never been a Bay Sheffield final without an SA representative, but I'm happy to be corrected.

There's been a few finals with only one SA rep.

The 2000 final - from memory only Tim Johnson. (Craig Brown V, Justin Lewis V, Evan King V, Jai Taurima Q, and one other I can't think of atm, was it James Cleland?)

The 1999 final - Tom Baker (5th) was the lone SA athlete in the final. (Andrew McManus W, Ross Smith N, Peter Walsh V, Craig Brown V, again the other interstater I can't remember).

Since 2001 there has been either 3 or 4 SA athletes in the final.

In the last 10 years there have been 61 finalists; there were 7 in the 2004 final.

Of the 61 finalists:

SA - 33 (54%)
NSW - 13
Vic - 10
WA - 4
Qld - 1

This year's field (of 87) is made up of 45 SA (55.2%) and 42 interstate athletes. So in percentage terms it is very similar to the number of SA finalists in the last decade.

Of the 33 SA finalists in the last decade - 11 ( 1/3 or 33.3%) have come from the one stable.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star

Sanderson Milera

Suprise packet Harris



Suprise packet Di Paolo

8 Stokesy says Caldow three in a row on Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:27 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
First three, plus best chances for the final.

1 J Caldow
2 T Sclanders
3 J Ross

4 T Johnson
5 E Ware
6 T Sanderson-Milera
7 C Watkins
8 A Saliu
9 D Hicks
10 S Ezard


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
How can someone who has recently made a stawell gift final and won 2 female bay sheffields go from 5.5m last week at Brighton up to 7m?
That's a 1.5m lift in a week?


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Does anyone know who were the two athletes who beat Cole Unasa in Perth on November 27, and their times and handicaps?



Whispers wrote:MEN

Sanderson Milera

Suprise packet Harris

Last night on the Gold Coast, one of the Bay Sheffield contenders raced over 100m & 200m.

Queensland Sport & Athletics Centre - Site License
QA All Comers Meet (Gold Coast) - 21/12/2012
Gold Coast City Athletics Track, Southport

Event 2 Men 100 Metre Sprint
Name Age Team Finals
Section 1 Wind: 1.3
1 Patton, Patrick 17 Dec 11.05
2 Foy, Ardyn 24 Qe2 11.11
3 Grady, Callum 18 Int 11.17
4 Drinkwater-Newman, Anton 25 Gcv 11.32
5 Sommerfield, Ashley 18 Ign 11.38
6 Gilby, Jeremy 22 Pac 11.40
7 Schmidt, Ryan 16 Gcv 11.41

Event 4 Men 200 Metre Sprint
Name Age Team Finals
Section 1 Wind: +0.0
1 Foy, Ardyn 24 Qe2 22.30
2 Grady, Callum 18 Int 22.52
2 Patton, Patrick 17 Dec 22.52
4 Monneron, David 25 Qe2 23.32
5 Zacchini, Rene 15 Koo 23.57
6 Witelus, Rafal 36 Gcv


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star

ZZZZ wrote:

Has video of all heats and final

Thank you, ZZZZ.

FINAL 7.10pm Wind +2.2
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Cole Unasa (NBA) 7.75m 3 12.05
White Mathew Short (NBA) 8m 4 12.08
Blue Adam Moore (UWA) 12m 9 12.31

Converting those performances to account for wind, puts Unasa on 12.22 and Short on 12.25. Assuming maximal effort, it will be interesting to see how much the Colley grass and predicted southerly winds affect Unasa and Short, given that they'll be running off identical marks to their Perth performances.

Friday 28 December

Min 17
Max 24
Possible morning shower.
Adelaide area

Partly cloudy. The chance of showers during the morning. Winds southwesterly 20 to 30 km/h turning southerly 15 to 25 km/h later.

Current forecast suggests the track will be softer than the last few years, with 4-7m/s maximal headwinds, producing some slow times. This will likely hurt the smaller sprinters.


Have studied the feild reasonably hard,
I still cant see any south aussies making the final,
The interstaters have been well looked after.


I agree hillbilly. If the interstate guys turn up in good form, the SA boys will be just making up the numbers. Semi draw might favour one croweater to get through to have a rep in the final. Pack a semi with Watkins, Hicks, Sclanders & Hancock to get one in.
Otherwise it's all interstate. Wurm, Marr, Ware, Coote from last year's results look good. Short, Panizza look finalists too. Cracroft-Wilson from Stawell final will be in the mix.
1999/2000 lean years for SA. 2012 is deja vu.


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
What's happened to Tronnolone and James?

Cibich off the same mark as last year must be a chance?


I hear Tronnolone and James are having a a rest this year. Back next season.


Christine Wearne 7.63 for 60. Beat Charlotte VV again. Running well.

Women's 120
Y Openshaw

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