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PROTRACK » SAAL RESULTS » Stokesy's Report on the over35s sprints - at Brighton, the legend Ali Saliu comes through

Stokesy's Report on the over35s sprints - at Brighton, the legend Ali Saliu comes through

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ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Today at Brighton, the legend Ali Saliu came through in the Beach Huts Middleton 120m for over35s.

Ali Saliu (8.75m) held off Mark Donovan (16.5m) with David Miller (9.5m) in third place.

The middle lanes monopolised the podium in the event sponsored by Beach Huts Middleton - mildly poetic I reckon.

Shane Grimwade (8.75m) ran off the same mark as the winner.

Backmarkers in the final were Ross Nitschke (7.75m) and Duncan Tippins (scratch).

Frontmarkers were Ross Hill-Brown (19.75m) and Eugene DeVizio (21.75m).


Speaking for myself, I was looking good in my heat with 20 metres to go.

Then I stumbled and lost a couple of metres, finishing behind qualifiers Ali Saliu and David Miller and also Trudy Schrapel.

The Chief Steward said I made a noise and slowed down.

I said yes and I explained that I had a stumble, there was no injury.

(Later I checked out the track and maybe there were some problem patches in my lane, so maybe I can blame the track.)

The Chief Steward and I also talked about the 550m and my lack of competitiveness at the Pre-Bay, where I did (as predicted on ProTrack) have the home straight all to myself.

I explained to the Chief Steward that the 550m is like a marathon for me.

I did not explain about my (abandoned) plan to have a quick lie down at each bend, a sort of hare approach as in the hare versus tortoise.

I said I was looking at putting on a similar display on the 28th, so to let me know if I needed to be scratching.

The Chief Steward ummed and ahhed at that, so I said to maybe ask Gary Zeuner the distance handicapper and to let me know.


My day was made when I got home and watched the DVD of last SAAL season, seeing lots of good racing action.

My spirits were lifted watching my win at Brighton 12 months ago, and my big win at Flagstaff in March.

And I was energised by seeing the Vics win the 120m for Over35s Big One at the Bay Sheff.

And I applauded again when Caldow in the White made it two in a row.

DVD courtesy of Ali Saliu - thank you Ali.

If you have not seen the DVD of SAAL Season 2011-2012, talk to Ali Saliu.

And the season before is a good DVD too.


So as well as scoring a sash today (his first in a while, I think), the legend Ali Saliu has definitely claimed a place as a Big Chance for the Big One.

Will Ali Saliu show the Vics a thing or two?

Will Ali Saliu, Mark Donovan, Tim Johnson, David Palmer, David Miller, David Wilczek, Sue Turner, Shane Grimwade, Ross Hill-Brown, Ross Nitschke, Lyn Peake and Brett Stokes combine to keep the Vics out of the final?

In eleven days, in the over35s sprints Big One at The Bay Sheff ...

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ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Stokesy, your reputation is preceded only by your eloquence.

Smoke n Mirrorz

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
I remember that Brighton win Stokesy - was an amazing run!

What did you do training wise in the lead up? It worked a treat.


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Another big thank you to Youngy for making the results available promptly.

The numbers are very useful, and comforting for me.

My stumble cost me maybe .2 seconds, so I am going okay.

Even with the stumble, my heat time would have won the other three heats.

All good.

120m O/35's 1 1 Donovan Mark 16.50 13.90
120m O/35's 1 2 Nitschke Ross 7.75 14.10
120m O/35's 2 1 Hill-Brown Ross 19.75 13.90
120m O/35's 2 2 DeVizio Eugene 21.75 14.01
120m O/35's 3 1 Grimwade Shane 8.75 14.05
120m O/35's 3 2 Tippins Duncan 0.00 14.62
120m O/35's 4 1 Saliu Ali 8.75 13.81
120m O/35's 4 2 Miller David 9.50 13.85
120m O/35's 4 3 Schrapel Trudy 25.25 13.87
120m O/35's 4 4 Stokes Brett 21.00 13.89
120m O/35's Final 1 Saliu Ali 8.75 13.76 $65.00
120m O/35's Final 2 Donovan Mark 16.50 13.78 $30.00
120m O/35's Final 3 Miller David 9.50 13.81 $15.00
120m O/35's Final 4 Grimwade Shane 8.75 13.875 $10.00
120m O/35's Final 5 Hill-Brown Ross 19.75 13.880 $5.00
120m O/35's Final 6 DeVizio Eugene 21.75 13.94 $5.00
120m O/35's Final 7 Nitschke Ross 7.75 14.07 $5.00
120m O/35's Final 8 Tippins Duncan 0.00 14.34 $5.00

Smoke n Mirrorz

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
How did the track compare to last year Stokesy?

Was thinking of putting some $$ down on you at Colley - good chance?

What will you do differently from Brighton and Bay?


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Hey S and M, thanks for the questions and comments.

After being super confident last year and then not making the final, I am trying to be humble and realistic.

This is a tricky sport, with many factors coming into play.

Might have beens are in the past, dreams and hopes are in the future, all driving the present efforts to train and prepare and be there in the moment on the day.

My weaknesses are many, with a dodgy old back that does not like the cold, with an upright running style that prefers tail winds to head winds, with inconsistent starts off the blocks.

So I have been working on these weaknesses as best I can, as well as building on my strengths and increasing my knowledge of techniques.

Whether I win another sash, whatever the results, my health and quality of life are the prizes that matter, doing my best to be there for the children and the grand children and maybe even the great grand children.

And every SAAL meeting is a celebration, where actions speak louder than words.

Twenty two years and three weeks and six days ago, I successfully quit a long term nicotine habit and I started fitness because I wanted to be a better parent and a better musician, better prepared to perform my original songs.

And it has taken a long time and a lot of work ...
and I have met a lot of fine people on the journey.

I am playing at the Gov on Wednesday ... short set about 630 ...

$5 entry = under 15 free = lots of great local talent from 6pm to late ...



How close was the o35's, 11 hundreds separating 1st from 5th. I would say Ali is the measuring stick here and well done to him, I'd like to think I have at least 2/10's more in me, having an achillies problem that I have hopefully just now been able to manage, so training might be back to normal. Great work to Youngy and Brett for getting the times etc up so quick.

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