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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Tea Tree Gully pro meet

Tea Tree Gully pro meet

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1 Tea Tree Gully pro meet on Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:47 pm


With all the attention rightfully on the Bay Sheffield, just thought I'd make aware the nominations for Tea Tree Gully will be available on the SAAL website very soon. Usually the closing date would be this coming Monday, given nominations haven't been made available as yet, I'd expect nominations will be open over the Christmas and New year period. Hopefully we will see a record number of competitors. The twilight meet will start at 5pm January 12th.

2 Re: Tea Tree Gully pro meet on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:42 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Happy New Year 2013 to you over35er.

I just nominated for the over45s 200m at Tea Tree Gully in expectation of a run against the legend Brian Hart.

I hope Brian will be there ready to run and that this year we can both get through to the final (unlike last year when we both were run out in the heats).

Also I hope that the weather will be very warm on the evening of January 12th 2013.

Many thanks to Tea Tree Gully mob for staging this carnival, now the traditional "next SAAL meet after the Bay Sheff".

And the Tea Tree Gully over45s 200m is a very serious business, being the scene of Brian Hart's big win in 2010 and my big win in 2011 - Chris Dimitrak won last year after I predicted a dead heat for first in the final between Hart and Stokes.

I would like to stick with that prediction for 2013, despite the fact that I have run off 28m in every over35s and over45s 200m but I have not made a 200m final since my big win two years ago at TTG in 2011 off 34m.

But reality is that the marks are crucial, so I will make a prediction after the marks are out.

Mark Donovan is running really well lately and also Ross Hill-Brown seems in form.

And Ali Saliu and Lyn Peake have been posting good results.

Last season Chris Dimitrak won the SAAL over45s athlete of the year trophy, following my win the season before - so the Tea Tree Gully over45s is strong indicator for the contenders for the SAAL over45s athlete of the year.

1 Hart Brian 65 22.07
2 Butler Stephen 18 23.54
3 Pearce Bob 36 23.71
4 Manuel Sue 38 23.85
5 Hill-Brown Ross 28 24.00
6 McMahon Richard 27 24.52

Tea Tree Gully Carnival - Jan 15th 2011
Event 108 - 200m Over 45 - Final:
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Brett Stokes Yellow 34.00m 21.95
2 Chris Dimitrak Blue 32.00m 22.53
3 Mark Donovan White 21.00m 22.71
4 Lyn Peake Black 48.00m 22.87
5 Mick Abbott Green 34.00m 23.03
- Ali Saliu Red 10.00m DNF

Event 111 - 200m Over 45 - Heat: 1
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Mick Abbott Blue 34.00m 22.96
2 Wayne Edwards White 30.00m 23.26
3 Kathryn Blute Green 56.00m 23.47
4 Cameron White Red 22.00m 23.61
5 Sue Turner Yellow 39.00m 23.81

Event 111 - 200m Over 45 - Heat: 2
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Chris Dimitrak Blue 32.00m 22.55
2 Alex Jefferies White 29.00m 22.90
3 Mark Donovan Red 22.00m 23.73
4 Debbie DeVizio Green 50.00m 24.20
5 Mark Howson Yellow 38.00m 24.57

Event 111 - 200m Over 45 - Heat: 3
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Ross Hill-Brown White 29.00m 23.27
2 Richard McMahon Red 20.00m 23.50
3 Bill Dickenson Blue 32.00m 23.72
- Gary Ferber Yellow 36.00m Scr
- Ian Reddaway Green 42.00m Scr

Event 111 - 200m Over 45 - Heat: 4
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Ray Earle Green 42.00m 22.65
2 Brett Stokes White 28.00m 22.98
3 Robert Samarcq Red 19.00m 23.43
4 Eugene DeVizio Yellow 34.00m 23.72
- Nando Princi Blue 31.00m Scr

Event 111 - 200m Over 45 - Heat: 5
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 John Turner White 25.00m 23.15
2 Brian Hart Black 60.00m 23.39
3 Ali Saliu Red 10.00m 24.25
4 Gail Stone Green 40.00m 25.77
- Mark Barnett Blue 31.00m Scr
- Darcy Cheney Yellow 34.00m Scr

Event 111 - 200m Over 45 - Final:
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Chris Dimitrak Blue 32.00m 22.19
2 John Turner Red 25.00m 22.46
3 Mick Abbott Yellow 34.00m 22.66
4 Ray Earle Green 42.00m 22.87
5 Ross Hill-Brown White 29.00m 23.07

3 Re: Tea Tree Gully pro meet on Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:46 pm


Thanks Stokesy, Happy New Year to you when it arrives.
The night is usually a warm one with an earlier start at 5pm fingers crossed again, the 70m heats could produce some quick times with the warm gully winds from the southeast. Winds should calm down for the 200's and with the track layout might also produce some quicker times also. Goodluck and hopefully we will see plenty of competitors out there.

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