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1 TERANG ENTRIES on Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:18 am


name EventDesc
ALDER, Tahlia 120m Women's/Veteran's
ALDER, Tahlia 70m Frontmarker's
BACALJA, Alexander 1600m Open
BACALJA, Alexander 800m Open
BAIRD, Stephen 120m Women's/Veteran's
BAIRD, Stephen 70m Frontmarker's
BAIRD, Stephen 300m Women's/Veteran's
BARROW, Martin 300m Women's/Veteran's
BARROW, Martin 400m Open
BARROW, Martin 800m Open
BATEMAN, Matthew 1600m Open
BLAKE, Gary 300m Women's/Veteran's
BLAKE, Gary 800m Open
BLAKE, Jay 70m Frontmarker's
BLAKE, Jay 400m Open
BLAKE, Jay 120m Terang Gift
BLIZZARD, Sarah 400m Open
BLIZZARD, Sarah 70m Frontmarker's
BLIZZARD, Sarah 120m Women's/Veteran's
BOLTON, Michael 70m Backmarker's
BOLTON, Michael 120m Terang Gift
BRITTAIN, Kevin 400m Open
BRITTAIN, Kevin 120m Terang Gift
BROWN, Christopher 70m Frontmarker's
BROWN, Christopher 400m Open
BROWN, Christopher 120m Women's/Veteran's
BROWN, Christopher 800m Open
BROWN, Christopher 300m Women's/Veteran's
CABBLE, Adam 120m Terang Gift
CABBLE, Adam 70m Backmarker's
CALLARD, Matthew 400m Open
CALLARD, Matthew 120m Terang Gift
CARTY-COWLING, Augustine 120m Terang Gift
CARTY-COWLING, Augustine 70m Backmarker's
CASSAR, Damien 70m Frontmarker's
CASSAR, Damien 120m Terang Gift
CASSAR, Damien 400m Open
CATALANO, Stefan 1600m Open
COHEN, Justin 800m Open
COHEN, Justin 1600m Open
COHEN, Justin 70m Frontmarker's
COHEN, Justin 400m Open
COOPER, Marcus 400m Open
COOPER, Marcus 120m Terang Gift
COOPER, Marcus 70m Frontmarker's
CROSS, Nicholas 400m Open
CROSS, Nicholas 70m Backmarker's
CROSS, Nicholas 120m Terang Gift
DOBRIC, Dean 70m Backmarker's
DOBRIC, Dean 120m Terang Gift
DOMASCHENZ, Nadia 120m Women's/Veteran's
DOMASCHENZ, Nadia 300m Women's/Veteran's
DOOLEY, Liam 400m Open
DOWNES, Arron 800m Open
DOWNES, Arron 400m Open
DOWNES, Arron 1600m Open
DUNBAR, Cam 400m Open
DUNBAR, Cam 70m Backmarker's
DUNBAR, Cam 120m Terang Gift
DUNBAR, Ricky 300m Women's/Veteran's
DUNBAR, Ricky 120m Women's/Veteran's
EDDY, Matthew 70m Backmarker's
EDDY, Matthew 120m Terang Gift
FABRIS, Steve 70m Backmarker's
FABRIS, Steve 400m Open
FABRIS, Steve 800m Open
FITZPATRICK, Simon 70m Backmarker's
FITZPATRICK, Simon 400m Open
FITZPATRICK, Simon 120m Terang Gift
FLANAGAN, Andrew 70m Frontmarker's
FLANAGAN, Andrew 120m Terang Gift
FLANAGAN, Andrew 400m Open
HART, Genevieve 300m Women's/Veteran's
HART, Genevieve 70m Frontmarker's
HART, Genevieve 120m Women's/Veteran's
HART, Jessie 300m Women's/Veteran's
HART, Jessie 70m Frontmarker's
HART, Jessie 120m Women's/Veteran's
HARVEY, Matthew 120m Terang Gift
HARVEY, Matthew 70m Backmarker's
HAYES, ADAM 120m Terang Gift
HAYES, ADAM 70m Frontmarker's
HEARD, Fraser 120m Terang Gift
HEARD, Fraser 400m Open
HEARD, Fraser 800m Open
HECIMOVIC, Tom 300m Women's/Veteran's
HECIMOVIC, Tom 70m Frontmarker's
HECIMOVIC, Tom 120m Women's/Veteran's
HECIMOVIC, Tom 400m Open
HIGNETT, Mark 120m Women's/Veteran's
HIGNETT, Mark 70m Frontmarker's
HIGNETT, Mark 120m Terang Gift
HILDITCH, John 300m Women's/Veteran's
HILDITCH, John 120m Terang Gift
HILDITCH, John 70m Frontmarker's
HIPWORTH, Mark 300m Women's/Veteran's
HIPWORTH, Mark 1600m Open
HIPWORTH, Mark 800m Open
IRELAND, Todd 300m Women's/Veteran's
KEENAN, Robert 800m Open
KEENAN, Robert 400m Open
KERSTEN-MURPHY, Sara 70m Frontmarker's
KERSTEN-MURPHY, Sara 120m Women's/Veteran's
KERSTEN-MURPHY, Sara 70m Backmarker's
KING , Evan 120m Women's/Veteran's
KING , Evan 400m Open
KING , Evan 300m Women's/Veteran's
KING, Dennis 1600m Open
KING, Dennis 300m Women's/Veteran's
KNOTT, PETER 400m Open
KNOTT, PETER 70m Backmarker's
KNOTT, PETER 120m Terang Gift
LANCASTER, Craig 300m Women's/Veteran's
LANCASTER, Craig 120m Women's/Veteran's
LIVITSANOS, Chris 300m Women's/Veteran's
LIVITSANOS, Chris 70m Frontmarker's
LIVITSANOS, Chris 120m Women's/Veteran's
LYONS, Dale 120m Terang Gift
LYONS, Dale 70m Backmarker's
MAGHAMEZ, Noel 300m Women's/Veteran's
MARANTELLI, Michael 400m Open
MARANTELLI, Michael 800m Open
McCANN/WATT, Jacqueline 70m Frontmarker's
McCANN/WATT, Jacqueline 300m Women's/Veteran's
MCCURRY, Colin 300m Women's/Veteran's
MCCURRY, Colin 800m Open
McDowell, Danielle 300m Women's/Veteran's
McDowell, Danielle 120m Women's/Veteran's
McGARITY, Liam 1600m Open
McGARITY, Liam 800m Open
McMAHON, Megan 120m Women's/Veteran's
McMAHON, Megan 300m Women's/Veteran's
MOLLICA, Stephanie 400m Open
MOLLICA, Stephanie 300m Women's/Veteran's
MOLLICA, Stephanie 120m Women's/Veteran's
MOLLICA, Stephanie 70m Frontmarker's
MUIR, Gordon 400m Open
MUIR, Gordon 800m Open
MUIR, Gordon 1600m Open
MURPHY, Justin 400m Open
MURPHY, Justin 800m Open
O'CALLAGHAN, Jessica 300m Women's/Veteran's
O'CALLAGHAN, Jessica 120m Women's/Veteran's
O'DWYER, Peter 120m Terang Gift
O'DWYER, Peter 300m Women's/Veteran's
O'SHEA, Tony 300m Women's/Veteran's
O'SHEA, Tony 70m Frontmarker's
O'SHEA, Tony 120m Women's/Veteran's
PATHAK, Laura 300m Women's/Veteran's
POLLARD, Sonya 70m Frontmarker's
POLLARD, Sonya 120m Women's/Veteran's
POWER, Matthew 400m Open
ROBINSON, Jake 120m Terang Gift
ROBINSON, Jake 400m Open
ROBINSON, Jake 70m Backmarker's
ROGERS , Jonathon 120m Terang Gift
ROGERS , Jonathon 70m Frontmarker's
ROLLINSON, Craig 400m Open
ROLLINSON, Craig 70m Backmarker's
ROLLINSON, Craig 120m Terang Gift
RYAN, Chad 400m Open
RYAN, Chad 120m Terang Gift
RYAN, Chad 70m Backmarker's
SCOTT, Jacqueline 120m Women's/Veteran's
SCOTT, Jacqueline 300m Women's/Veteran's
SCOTT, Jacqueline 70m Frontmarker's
SHEPHERD, Liam 70m Frontmarker's
SHEPHERD, Liam 120m Terang Gift
SPENCE, Peter 800m Open
SPENCE, Peter 400m Open
SPENCE, Peter 70m Backmarker's
SPENCE, Peter 120m Terang Gift
SPENCER, Robert 400m Open
SPENCER, Robert 70m Backmarker's
SPENCER, Robert 120m Terang Gift
THOMPSON, Simon 400m Open
THOMPSON, Simon 70m Frontmarker's
VICKERY, Sam 400m Open
VICKERY, Sam 70m Frontmarker's
WARD, Elissa 300m Women's/Veteran's
WARD, Elissa 120m Women's/Veteran's
WEARMOUTH, Richard 120m Women's/Veteran's
WEARMOUTH, Richard 300m Women's/Veteran's
WEARMOUTH, Richard 70m Frontmarker's
WEAVER, Benjamin 70m Backmarker's
WEAVER, Benjamin 120m Terang Gift
WESTON, Alicia 70m Frontmarker's
WESTON, Alicia 120m Women's/Veteran's
WESTON, Alicia 300m Women's/Veteran's
WESTON, Glenn 1600m Open
WHITECROSS, Greg 800m Open
WHITECROSS, Greg 1600m Open
WILKE, Luke 400m Open
WILKE, Luke 800m Open
WILTSHIRE, Matthew 120m Terang Gift
WILTSHIRE, Matthew 70m Backmarker's
WOODROW, Shane 400m Open
WOODROW, Shane 120m Terang Gift

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