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PROTRACK » GENERAL » The Christina’s Restaurant 120m Gift

The Christina’s Restaurant 120m Gift

Who will win the Friday Night Christina's Restaurant 120m Gift

9% 9% [ 2 ]
13% 13% [ 3 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
9% 9% [ 2 ]
22% 22% [ 5 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
4% 4% [ 1 ]
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9% 9% [ 2 ]
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4% 4% [ 1 ]
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13% 13% [ 3 ]
9% 9% [ 2 ]
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1 The Christina’s Restaurant 120m Gift on Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:16 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader

The Christina’s Restaurant 120m Gift is @ WA Athletics Stadium.
$505 worth of value in the prizepool to be awarded on the night.

Date: Friday the 23rd of November 2012.

Heats start @6pm, Fastest 8 will progess into the Final @7.10pm.

Prizemoney: 1st place – $100 Christina’s Restaurant meal + trophy + $100 cash, 2nd place – $75, 3rd place – $50, 4th place – $40, 5th place – $40, 6th place – $40, 7th place – $30, 8th place $30. (Entry fee only $11).


AWA: Athletics WA, CU: Curtin University, MAWA: Masters WA, MEL: Melville Roar, MR: Mandurah/Rockingham, NBA: North Beach Athletics, SLSWA: Surf Lifesaving WA, UWA: University of WA, WCAL: West Coast Athletics League, WTC: West Track Club.


Bryce Teo (CU) – 7m
Cole Unasa (NBA) – 7.25m
Todd Edwards (SLSWA) – 7.75m
Steven Jetoh (WTC) – 8m
Dylan Panizza (UWA) – 8.5m
Mathew Short (NBA) – 9m
Ben Dowling (WCAL) – 9m
Bryce Twyman (NBA) – 9.75m
Matthew Konsolis (UWA) – 10.75m
Lachlan McDermott (MEL) – 11m
Glenn Ross (UWA) – 11.25m
Zhen Wang (UWA)- 11.5m
Ben Clark (NBA) – 12.5m
Chad Perris (NBA) – 13m
Adam Moore (UWA) – 13m
Tim Branston (NBA) – 13m
Ben Catley (WTC) – 14m
Arran Mullany (MEL) – 15m
Brooke Pires-Parenzee (MEL) – 17m
Aldis Jaunzems (UWA) – 18m
Rhys Davies (NBA) – 21m
Emily Longo (MEL) – 21m
Charla Gungor (MEL) – 21.5m
Alex Brown (MEL) – 21.5m
Raissa D’cunha (MEL) – 22m
Brittany Houghton (SLSWA) – 22m
Scott Russell (MEL) – 22.5m
Samantha Plato (SLSWA) – 24.5m
Tenneille Trigwell (UWA) – 25.5m
Gemma Grigg (SLSWA) – 25.5m
Sophie Watts (UWA) – 26m
Liam Watson (NBA) – 26m
Stevee Hudson (SLSWA) – 26.5m
Paige Gavranich (NBA) – 26.5m
Ella Italiano-Schmidt (NBA) – 27m
India Flint (UWA) – 28.25m
Hannah Willox (UWA) – 29.25m
Erin Jameson (SLSWA) – 30m

HEAT 1 6.00pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Dylan Panizza (UWA) 8.5m
White Lachlan McDermott (MEL) 11m
Blue Adam Moore (UWA) 13m
Yellow Aldis Jaunzems (UWA) 18m
Green Raissa D’cunha (MEL) 22m
Pink Gemma Grigg (SLSWA) 25.5m
Black Ella Italiano-Schmidt (NBA) 27m
Purple Erin Jameson (SLSWA) 30m
Tips: Grigg, McDermott, Panizza.

HEAT 2 6.05pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Steven Jetoh (WTC) 8m
White Matthew Konsolis (UWA) 10.75m
Blue Chad Perris (NBA) 13m
Yellow Brooke Pires-Parenzee (MEL) 17m
Green Alex Brown (MEL) 21.5m
Pink Tenneille Trigwell (UWA) 25.5m
Black Paige Gavranich (NBA) 26.5m
Purple Hannah Willox (UWA) 29.25m
Tips: Pires-Parenzee, Trigwell, Brown.

HEAT 3 6.10pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Todd Edwards (SLSWA) 7.75m
White Bryce Twyman (NBA) 9.75m
Blue Ben Clark (NBA) 12.5m
Yellow Arran Mullany (MEL) 15m
Green Charla Gungor (MEL) 21.5m
Pink Samantha Plato (SLSWA) 24.5m
Black Stevee Hudson (SLSWA) 26.5m
Purple India Flint (UWA) 28.25m
Tips: Plato, Clark, Gungor.

HEAT 4 6.15pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Cole Unasa (NBA) 7.25m
White Ben Dowling (WCAL) 9m
Blue Zhen Wang (UWA) 11.5m
Yellow Ben Catley (WTC) 14m
Green Rhys Davies (NBA) 21m
Pink Scott Russell (MEL) 22.5m
Black Liam Watson (NBA) 26m
Tips: Catley, Russell, Unasa.

HEAT 5 6.20pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Bryce Teo (CU) 7m
White Mathew Short (NBA) 9m
Blue Glenn Ross (UWA) 11.25m
Yellow Tim Branston (NBA) 13m
Green Emily Longo (MEL) 21m
Pink Brittany Houghton (SLSWA) 22m
Black Sophie Watts (UWA) 26m
Tips: Teo, Watts, Short.

FINAL 7.10pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Christina’s Restaurant 120m Sprint – Form Guide

In brackets last 4 Pro starts placing with most recent mentioned first: h (heat), s (semi-final), eq (equal).

Tim Branston (NBA) – 13m 19yo athlete. 120m Winner 2012 Kennards Hire Men’s Rockingham Gift (15m). 2nd place 2010 Dardenup Novice 120m. Unlucky to miss out on podium finish when 4th at 2011 Hamersley Gift 120m off 13m. 5th 2012 Hamersley Gift 120m final. U18 state 100m medal 4×400 medal. Last start Christina’s 70m Sprint was 3rd in heat with 7.91sec off 7.5m. This out of form Pro Champion could find in tough going here. (3h, 1, 5, 4).

Alex Brown (MEL) – 21.5m 15yo Roger Parenzee Melville ROAR trained athlete with PB’s 60m: 8.08(26/10/12) Tartan, 100: 12.58(16/11/12) Tartan, 200: 24.98(16/11/12) Tartan. Talented junior making his Pro debut here. (No Pro form).

Ben Catley (WTC) – 14m Russell Mathanda trained West Track athlete with PB’s: 60m: 7.65sec (27-01-2012), 100m: 11.59sec (05-11-2010), 200m: 23.73sec (21-01-2011). Recent form: 60m 7.79 (26/10/2012) @ WAAS, 200m 25.20 (26/10/2012) @ WAAS. Last start Pro 70m was 3rd in 7.82sec from 9m. Solid performer has one Pro race notched up now and looks to improve here. (3h).

Ben Clark (NBA) – 12.5m 21yo member of the Paul Edmiston Blues stable. U20 200m State Bronze Medallist 2010, 2011 Dardanup Novice Winner, 2011/12 4×400 State relay silver medallist. 3rd place Dardenup Gift 2011. 100m PB: 11.59sec, 200m: 23.39sec. Former North Beach Footballer turned to sprints to improve his game. 3rd place 120m Mullewa Gift 2012. Has solid recent form and could be in the mix again. (3, 1h, 3, 4).

Rhys Davies (NBA) – 21m 15yo Mandurah athlete from the North Beach Blues stable with PB’s: 200m 29.71sec Rushton Park (grass) 19/11/2011, 100m 13.24 sec Rushton Park (grass) 17/12/2011. 60m (Oct 26th) 8.41sec, 70m Pro Sprint (26th Oct) finished 6th place in heat with 7.95sec from 11.75m. Talented youngster with good speed will need to run well here. (6h)

Raissa D’cunha (MEL) – 22m 14yo Melville ROAR Roger Parenzee athlete with PB’s: 60M 8.60secs, 100M: 12.70secs, 200M: 27.70secs WA Athletics Stadium, Feb 2012. Last 3 performances- 60m: 8.90secs, 100M: 13.00secs, 200M: 28.50secs WA Athletics Stadium March 2012. Very talented sprinter from the Roger Parenzee stable is making her pro debut. (No Pro form).

Ben Dowling (WCAL) – 9m Self coached 23yo beach sprinter athlete making his pro debut with PB’s: 60m: 7.58sec, 100m: 11.09sec 200m: 23.80sec. Last start came 5th in Christina’s 70m heat (4.5m) in 7.88sec. With respectable PB’s has one recent Pro race under the belt and could surprise this time around. (5h).

Todd Edwards (SLSWA) – 7.75m 32yo Duncan Pugh trained surf lifesaving athlete with PB’s: 60m 7.61sec, 100m 11.3secs 2008 Perry lakes Stadium (hand timed). Surf lifesaving 2012: 2nd Ausralian championships open beach relay, Finalist Australian Championships open beach flags. Recent form: 26/10/12 60m – 7.61sec, Last Pro start: 70m – 7.91sec (4.25m handicap). Has some good speed and could be a chance to final here. (4h).

India Flint (UWA) – 28.25m Ross High Performance 15yo Athlete had no luck at recent Mullewa 120m gift, 120m novice & 550m races. PB’s: India Flint WA Athletics Stadium Mar-12 400m 63.38sec. WA Athletics Stadium Jul-12 100m 15.66 Hand timed. Media Info: UWA Champion Girl U14. UWA Runner up Champion Girl U15. Form would suggest outside chance. (7h, 12, 8h, 5h).

Paige Gavranich (NBA) – 26.5m – 15yo North Beach Blues Athlete. Ran 2012 Mullewa Gift, 2012 Hamersley Gift & 2010 Perth Gift, Mullewa Gift carnivals from 24.5m. PB: 60m – 8.47sec, 100m – 13.06sec. Talented junior looks to improve here. (5h, 6h, 3h, 5h).

Gemma Grigg (SLSWA) – 25.5m Runner Up 120m Mullewa Gift 2012. Winner Mullewa 120m Novice Race 2012.Top beach sprinter and member of the RHP stable at UWA/Surf Lifesaving WA. PB’s 100m: 12.9. 200m: 26.46. Finished 5th in 2011 Dardenup 120m Novice final off 26m. She was the only female in the Stawell Novice Final and made the Albury Novice final earlier in the year as well. Has good speed shown in recent Mullewa Novice 120m race. Has very good recent from and should be a big chance here again. (4h, 2, 1, 1h),

Charla Gungor (MEL) – 21.5m 14yo Roger Parenzee Melville ROAR trained athlete with PB’s: 100M 12.60sec, 200M 26.35sec. WALA U14′s State Champion 2012 100m, 200M, High Jump. SSSC/WALA/MSSM U14 & U15 International Championships 2012 Best athlete for U14 girls. SSSC/MSSM/WALA U14 Girl Western Australia Athlete of the meet Singapore 2012. Gold Medals in 100M, 200M & High Jump. Last start Christina’s 70m Sprint was 4th in heat 7.84sec from 13m.Huge Junior talent will be one to watch out for in the future. (4h).

Brittany Houghton (SLSWA) –22m 22yo beach sprinter from the Leigh Buchan city sprint group. Last 3 performances: 100m – 9 Sept 2012 – WAAS 13.0sec. PB’s: 100m – 9 Sept 2012 – WAAS 13.0sec. Previously a national level swimmer placed in the top 16 women in the country. Made a switch to running 10 months ago, this is her first track carnival. Could be one to watch. (No Pro form).

Stevee Hudson (SLSWA) – 26.5m 23yo RHP stable athlete. 2008 – Austrailan U23 Beach Sprint/Flags Representative, Gold Medal – SLSA Australian Beach Relay 2008 & 2009. Jan 2012- 120m: 13.07sec (24m) Rockingham Gift. Mullewa (01.09.12) 70m Sprint ran 8.00sec from 14m. Mullewa Gift 120m heat (01.09.12) 12.76sec from (26.5m). Made last 120m final in 2012 Mullewa Gift finishing 5th in 12.68sec from 26.5m. PB’s: 18.11.11- 100m 13.16. Classy runner has good speed could be one to watch. (5, 1s, 3h, eq4h).

Ella Italiano-Schmidt (NBA) – 27m 15yo North Beach Blues trained athlete. PB’s: 60m: 8.55, 24/02/12, synthetic, WAAS. 100m: 12.97, 24/03/12, synthetic, WAAS. 200m: 27.01, ??/??/12, synthetic, WAAS. Last start finished 9th in 550m Rockingham Race from 84m. Last 120m Pro race at Hamersley Gift finishing 3rd in heat with 13.02sec from 26m. 2012 State Junior Athletics Champs – silver in 200m hurdles. 2012 State Junior Relay Champs – bronze in 4x100m and 4x400m. 2010 Australian Junior National Champs – silver in 4x100m relay. No luck last few Pro start’s looks to improve here. (9, 6s, 3h, 4h).

Erin Jameson (SLSWA) – 30m 16yo Glenn Ross trained RHP stable beach sprinter. Mullewa (01.09.12) Novice (grass) 5th place in 120m (30m) 13.40sec. Mullewa (01.09.12) 120m Open Gift(29.25m) 13.68sec. PB’s: Rockingham Jan-12 120m (grass)30m 12.48sec. Dardanup Oct-11 70m(grass) 15m 7.97sec. Last start Christina’s 70m – 8th place in heat 26.10.12 (Track) 70m (15) 8.33sec. Out of the placing’s recently but luck could change here. (8h, 7h, 5h, 7h).

Aldis Jaunzems (UWA) – 18m Glenn Ross trained athlete with PB’s: WA Aths Stadium 11/4/2011 60m: 7.69sec WA Aths Stadium, 12/9/2011 100m: 12.04sec. 2011 Mullewa Novice 120m finalist. Good run when 3rd place in recent Bay Sheffield Glenelg 70m Sprint race in SA from 12m. From the seasoned RPH stable, was winner of last Pro race Christina’s 70m Sprint @WAAS (from 11.5m). His form should lift here after last big race win. (1, 3h, 6, 4h).

Steven Jetoh (WTC) – 8m 21yo Russell Mathanda trained athlete hasn’t competed since 2009 when moved from Tasmania to Western Australian recently in the last couple of years. With respectable PB’s: 100m: 11.00 in 2009, 200m: 22.80 in 2009. Could be a big show if he’s in reasonable shape. (No Pro form).

Matthew Konsolis (UWA) – 10.75m 25yo Lenny Hughes trained athlete with PB’s: 7.350sec 15/09/2008, 11.31sec +1.4 25/03/2011, 22.560sec 14/03/2009. Competed in 2010/11 Australian National Championship in 200m and 400m events. (No Pro form).

Emily Longo (MEL) – 21m 22yo athlete with PB’s: 60m: 7.87sec (04/11/11 WAAS). 100m – (12.27 Jan/Feb 2006 at Perry Lakes Stadium). 200m – 25.14sec (04/03/2011 WAAS). Regional Junior Netball representative. WA State representative athletics number of years. Pacific school games 2005 representative athletics. WA State little athletics record holder 100m (U16 girls). Last start 70m Pro Sprint won heat in 7.75sec from 12.25m. Unlucky not to make final after winner her 70m heat last Pro start. Quality athlete could be a big show here. (1h).

Lachlan McDermott (MEL) – 11m 14yo athlete with PB’s: 60m-NA, 100m-11.5sec, 200m-24.2sec. Member of WA 14/15′s International Team that travelled to Singapore, winning a bronze medal in the 100m. Member of East Fremantle Football District 14′s Development Squad. Made last 70m Sprint Final finishing 5th in his first pro start in 7.69sec from 6.5m. Could be there in the final again. (5, 1h).

Adam Moore (UWA) – 13m The 2011 Be Active Mullewa Gift 120m winner. Had a great pro series last year winning the 120m Mullewa gift race in comfortable style off 16.5m. 2011 Mullewa 70m Sprint runner up. Mullewa Gift September 2012: 70m final: 7.66sec off 7.75m. 120m semi: 12.96sec off 13m. 6th place in last start 70m Christina’s Sprint WAAS in 7.70sec from 7.25m. From the strong ‘Ross High Performance’ stable could be a chance here if improved and in form. (6, 2h, 5, 3s).

Arran Mullany (MEL) – 15m 16yo Roger Parenzee trained Melville ROAR athlete. PB’s: 26.56sec – 200M 4/11/12 (All Schools – WA Stadium), 8.07sec -60M 26/10/12 @WA Athletics Stadium. New to the Pro’s makes his debut here and could be one to watch. (No Pro form).

Dylan Panizza (UWA) – 8.5m Won ‘Male Athlete of the Year’ award by WCAL in 2012. 2011 Bay Sheffield Gift 70m Sprint winner. Runner up 2012 Mullewa 70m Sprint. Had a good season last when 1st – 2012 Albury 70m Backmarkers Gift & 1st – 2012 Albury 120m Backmarkers Invite. Classy RHP stable runner with excellent recent Pro form, always in with a very good chance. (2h, 2, 2s, 2h).

Brooke Pires-Parenzee (MEL) – 17m 17yo Melville ROAR athlete. 2012 Kennards Hire Rockingham Gift 120m Women’s runner up. 2008 u14 Australian All Schools – 400m – Gold 2009 u15 Australian All Schools – 400m – Gold. 2010 U16 Australian All Schools – 200m – Gold. 2011 U18 Australian All Schools – 100m – Gold. 2011 U18 Australian All Schools – 200m – Gold. 2012 U20 Australian Junior – 100m – Bronze. 2012 IAAF World Juniors, Barcelona Spain – 4x100m Relay U18 Australian All Schools 100m and 200m champion & U16 100m state record holder. Very good recent Pro from and huge junior talent should make another final. (4, 2h, 2, 1h).

Chad Perris (NBA) – 13m 20yo Current North Beach footballer trying his hand at sprinting. In his first outing has PB’s: October 26th 200m 23.95sec, 60m 7.52sec @WAAS, November 16 ran 100m in 11.72sec @WAAS. Inspirational outstanding AWD talent with only 8% vision. Fantastic smooth runner he could be one to watch out for in the future. (No Pro form).

Samantha Plato (SLSWA) – 24.5m 24yo RHP athlete. Dardanup Oct-11: 70m (15m) 7.33, Dardanup Oct-11 120m (25.5m)12.04sec, WAAS: 17.02.12 100m 13.41sec, WAAS: 04.11.11 60m 8.16sec, WAAS 10.12.10 100m: 12.77sec (+1.6 ), WAAS 18.11.11 100m: 12.82sec (+3.6 ), WAAS 9.03.12 100m: 13.28sec (+0.5), Mullewa 01.09.12 70m (13m) 7.88sec, Mullewa 01.09.12 120m: (24.5m) 12.67sec, Mullewa 01.09.12 120m: (24.5m) 12.77sec, Mullewa 01.09.12 120m: (24.5m) 12.70sec finishing 7th in Final . Gold Medal – 2012 SLSWA States Beach Relay, Gold Medal – 2011 SLSWA States Beach Relay, Gold Medal – 2011 SLSWA States Female Beach Sprint, 2nd – 2011 Dardanup Gift 120m, 1st – 2010 Mullewa Novice 120m. Excellent recent form should be a chance again here. (7, 1s, 2h, 3h).

Glenn Ross (UWA) – 11.25m Experienced Pro sprinter, Masters Athlete and UWA/SLSWA coach with very good speed as well. PB’s: 24.02.2012 60m 7.37 Perth (AUS), 17.02.2012 100m 11.48 +1.5 Perth (AUS), 03.02.2012 100m 11.37 +2.3 Perth (AUS), 27.03.2011 200m 22.99 +0.8 Perth (AUS). 2010 Dardenup 70m Sprint winner, 2nd 2010 City of Perth 120m Gift. 3rd 2012 Albury 120m Gift. 2010 Bay Sheffield Masters 120m winner. Unlucky 4th in Heat to eventual winner T.Trigwell in final of 120m Hamersley Gift. 4th place in 2011 Mullewa Gift 120m. Solid form could go better here. (3h, 4s, 5h, 4s).

Scott Russell (MEL) – 22.5m 15yo Melville Roar athlete. PB’s: 60m: 8.22 on 26 October 2012, 100m 12.87 on 3 November 2012, 200m: 25.61 on 26 October 2012. Making his pro debut here with unknown form could surprise. (No form).

Mathew Short (NBA) – 9m Winner of WCAL ‘Athlete of the Year’ 2012, 2011 Hamersley Gift winner 120m, 2011 Dardenup Gift winner 120m, 2010/11 4x100m State Open Champion, 4th in 2011 Mullewa Gift 120m, eq 4th 2012 Rockingham Gift 120m, Semi-finalist 2012 Stawell Gift 120m, Semi-finalist 2011 Bay Sheffield 120m. 100m PB: 11.04sec Nov 16th @WAAS. Talented 20yo has good form and could make final. (2, 1h, 2s, 2h).

Bryce Teo (CU) – 7m Member of the strong Curtin University stable and athlete of arguably Australia’s best ever Professional Coach Matt Barber. 2012 Winner of last pro start the 70m ‘Jim Wilson’ Mullewa Sprint. 19yo Teo was WA’s best performed sprinter at the 2012 Stawell Gift in Victoria with 12.40sec in Semi-final from 7m. Narrowly missing out on making the final by the shortest of margins 0.01sec. 100m PB: 10.86sec.Ballarat Gift Finalist 2012, Stonnington Gift Finalist 2012, Ararat 70m Open Winner 2010. Top quality athlete, should make the final again here. (8, 2h, 6, 1).

Tenneille Trigwell (UWA) – 25.5m Winner of WCAL ‘Female Athlete of the Year’ winner 2012. Stawell Gift finalist 2012, Australian Open Women beach sprint finalist 2012, Double win at the Burramine gift (Vic) Open 70m and Women’s 100m gift March 2012, Gold Medal Open Women’s Beach Sprint relay at WA Surf Life Saving Championships, Hamersley Gift Winner 2012 from 27.25m, 3rd Bay Sheffield Women’s 70m 2009 and 4th 2011, Australian Gold Medallist 2007 and 2008 in Open Women’s Beach Sprint, State 200m record holder 1994, National bronze medallist 400m 1994, State Representative for Hockey 1994-1996. Very good pro runner with good recent form could make the final. (3h, 4s, 1, 1).

Bryce Twyman (NBA) – 9.75m 16yo North Beach member with PB: 100m 11.59sec interschool carnival 24/10/12. Recent Form: 11.98sec – 100m, 2/11/12, 24.69sec – 200m 26/10/12. Only start in 70m Pro Sprint finished 7th in heat with 8.14sec from 4.5m. He is a new comer to the sport of Athletics entering his second professional race here. One to watch could be tough going for him at this stage. (7h).

Cole Unasa (NBA) – 7.25m 22yo athlete. 2010 City of Perth Gift 120m winner, 2010/11 WA 4x100m Open State Champion, 2nd place 2011 Mullewa Gift 120m, Semi-finalist Stawell Gift 2012. Former rugby union Western Force academy member. 5th in 100m final at National University Games (QLD) in 2011 with 11.06sec. 3rd 2012 Mullewa Gift 70m Sprint, 4th 2012 Mullewa Gift 120m Final. Could be in with a chance from here. (7, 1h, 4, 3).

Hannah Willox (UWA) – 29.25m 13yo RHP athlete with PB’s: WAAS (26.10.12) 60m: 8.69sec, WAAS (26.10.12) 200m: 28.78sec, McGilvray Oval (20.10.12) 100m: 14.60 (Grass). Last start 6th place Mullewa heat 70m (13.5m) 8.28sec, 4th place 120m heat (29m) 13.12sec. 6th place in 550m Mullewa final (130m) with 1.16.56sec. Talented junior one to watch in the future. (6, eq7s, 6h, 4h).

Zhen Wang (UWA) – 11.5m 24yo Glenn Ross trained athlete PB’s: 100m March, Athletics stadium – 12.56sec
Very new to athletics. First start finished 5th in heat with 7.95sec from 6m. Not a lot of form to go from but he is part of a very strong RHP Pro stable. Should see some improvement here. (5h).

Liam Watson (NBA) – 26m 14yo athlete talented North Beach all-rounder with PB’s: 100m 13.91sec 19/11/11, 200m 28.51sec 26/11/11. Last 3 amateur races: 8/11/12 100m 14.28 (grass), 3/11/12 100m 15.61 (grass), 20/10/12 100m 14.11 (grass). Raced in 2012 Hamersley 550m race finishing 8th. Outside chance. (6h, Cool.

Sophie Watts (UWA) – 26m Very talented 15yo RHP athlete and seasoned pro runner, 2nd place 2011 Dardenup 120m Novice race. 3rd place 2012 Mullewa 550m race. PB’s: 60m Dec 2011 8.43sec, 100m WALA States- Stadium March 2012 12.73sec, 200m WALA States- Stadium March 2012 26.23sec. Last start 70m Pro Sprint finished 5th with 7.98sec from 13.5m. Form suggests she could be one to watch in this race. (5h, 9, 3, 3h).

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