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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Launceston Pro-Am (TAL) - Saturday 17th November 2012 (HANDICAPS)

Launceston Pro-Am (TAL) - Saturday 17th November 2012 (HANDICAPS)

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Saturday 17th November 2012

Location: St Leonards Athletics Complex

Launceston Carnival is a combined carnival featuring Little Athletics, Club Athletics and TAL Carnival running.

Conducted at the St Leonards track on a synthetic surface it provides an opportunity for runners who have not been involved with Club running to "see how the other half lives". The first TAL event is about 11.00am but Little Aths starts much earlier.

St Leonards is about 10mins drive east of Launceston proper and the complex is off the main road and includes all weather hockey courts also.

The events for this years carnival are:

  • Men's 100m. P/money: $200 (Entry Fee: $8.)

  • Men's 200m. P/money: $500 (Entry Fee: $9.)

  • Open 1000m. P/money: $450 (Entry Fee: $9.)

  • Open 2000m. P/money: $200 (Entry Fee: $8.)

  • Masters 300m. Medalion (Entry Fee: $5.)

  • Women's 100m. P/money: $300 (Entry Fee: $8.)

  • Women's 200m. P/money: $140 (Entry Fee: $8.)

  • Men's & Womens Maiden 200m. P/money: $100 (Entry Fee: $8.)

  • Women's 600m. P/money: $100 (Entry Fee: $8.)

Entries closed on October 29th.

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2 Launceston HANDICAPS on Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:08 am


Launceston Carnival 2012
17th November 2012

Maiden 200m Heat 1
Red Mitchell Gowen 1m
White Robert Kellond 12m
Blue Joe Randall 13m Blue
Yellow Kyle Robinson 17m
Green Lilly Castle 21m

Maiden 200m Heat 2
Red Ben Robinson 2m
White Nick Bennett 11m
Blue Mitchell Salter 12m
Yellow Dean Stubbs 12m
Green Bradley Cripps 22m

Womens 100m Heat 1
Red Danielle Taylor 4.50
White Abby Chapman 5.25
Blue Bonnie McCarthy 6.00
Yellow Lilly Castle 6.00
Green Sandy Loring 8.00
Pink Michelle Davis 8.25

Womens 100m Heat 2
Red Morgan Gaffney 3.00
White Kimberley Bush 6.00
Blue Eve Gowan 6.00
Yellow Carmen Breitschmid Oakley 7.00
Green Laura Nicholson 7.00
Pink Julie Swain 18.50

Mens 100m Heat 1
Red Jacob Despard 6.00m
White Mitchell Gowen 6.00m
Blue Joe Randall 6.25m
Yellow Alex Riddell 6.25m
Green Gene Mawer 10.25m

Mens 100m Heat 2
Red Jarred Gilroy 5.75m
White John Howe 6.00m
Blue Robert Kellond 6.25m
Yellow Luke Whitney 6.25m
Green Brendan Smart 9.00m

Mens 100m Heat 3
Red Andrew Robinson 4.75m
White Ben Robinson 6.00m
Blue Jordan Bennett 6.25m
Yellow Bradley Cripps 6.50m
Green Ryan O'Halloran 7.75m

Mens 100m Heat 4
Red Charlie Leek 4.75m
White Mitchell Salter 6.00m
Blue Dean Stubbs 6.00m
Yellow Nick Bennett 6.50m
Green Kyle Robinson 6.50m

Women 200m Heat 1
Red Morgan Gaffney 9m
White Courtney Stanley 12m
Blue Abby Chapman 14m
Yellow Carmen Breitschmied Oakley 17m
Green Michelle Davis 22m

Women 200m Heat 2
Red Danielle Taylor 10m
White Tiffany Henricks 12m
Blue Lilly Castle 12m
Yellow Bonnie McCarthy 15m
Green Kimberley Bush 17m
Pink Sandy Loring 19m

Mens 200m Heat 1
Red Charlie Leek 11m
White Robert Kellond 12m
Blue Alex Riddell 12m
Yellow Joe Randall 13m
Green Jarred Gilroy 14m
Pink Brendan Smart 22m

Mens 200m Heat 2
Red Andrew Robinson 11m
White John Howe 12m
Blue Mitchell Salter 12m
Yellow Jordan Bennett 13m
Green Ryan O'Halloran 18m

Mens 200m Heat 3
Red Luke Whitney 11m
White Jacob Despard 12m
Blue Brodie Robinson 12m
Yellow Dean Stubbs 12m
Green Gene Mawer 23m

Masters 300 Metres
Red Gene Mawer 12
White Dean Radford 38
Blue Harvey Jones 38
Yellow Troy Atkins 40
Green James Plapp 40
Pink Julie Swain 68

Ladies 600 Metres
Red Carmen Breitschmid Oakley 25
White Amy Pedder 28
Blue Jacqui Dalwood 29
Yellow Bonnie McCarthy 29
Green Lilly Castle 29
Pink Kimberley Bush 35
Black Courtney Stanley 37
Grey Carly Edmunds 38
Brown Michelle Davis 40
Purple Sandy Loring 40
1 Chloe Marquis 50
2 Lauren Johnstone 52

Open 1000 Metres
Red Ben Robinson 60
White Sam Radford 80
Blue Kade Seaman 80
Yellow Damon Overton 90
Green Troy Atkins 135
Pink Darren Brown 155
Black Amy Pedder 155
Grey James Plapp 155
Brown Jacqui Dalwood 160
Purple Leah Waldhauser 180

Open 2000 Metres
Red Kade Seaman 130
White Damon Overton 135
Blue Sam Radford 135
Yellow Troy Atkins 160
Green James Plapp 245
Pink Darren Brown 250
Black Leah Waldhauser 310

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