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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Meadowglen Gift (VRTA)

Meadowglen Gift (VRTA)

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1 Meadowglen Gift (VRTA) on Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:28 am


Hi All,

The details for the Meadowglen Gift will be soon posted on the VAL website. Please note, a concept the VRTA will trial this year is a Medley Relay.

The medley relay will be a team of 4 athletes, each running one of the following legs;
  • 100m
  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 400m

Entry will be on the day and will be $20 per team, with the winning team taking all the combined entry fees for the relay. This will be the final event of the day.

We are also looking to have each team include at least 1 female athlete. If a stable doesn't have a female athlete, then to make the event more inclusive, each stable without a female athlete may "recruit" one from another stable for the purpose of filling a team.

This is designed to be a fun event as well as a spectacle for the crowd. This event is for the Runners and Trainers. Also, this is a trial concept. If it is well supported, then we will continue it, if not supported, then we will scrap it for next season. It's up to the runners to decide.

Events for the day are;
Event Details Limit GroupPrizemoneyEntry Fee
70m Open 14m 3 $500 $11
200m Gift 30m 3 $2500 $25
200m Women’s 30m 2 $700 $13
300m Veteran’s 90m 3 $500 $11
400m Sportzbiz Novice Series 120m 4 $300 $6
550m Open 138m 3 $500 $11
1600m Women’s/Veterans 400m 3 $500 $11
3200m Open 400m 3 $500 $11
Stable Medley Realy (100m, 100m, 200m, 400m )-- $ winner take all $20 (on the day)

So start thinking about your teams. See you on the 18th November.

Please note, there will NOT be a 200m Backmarkers Invitation this year, it is replaced by the medley relay.

Last edited by ShaneMcK on Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:14 pm; edited 2 times in total

2 Re: Meadowglen Gift (VRTA) on Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:45 am


Any news on the nominations or handicaps?

How many teams in the relay?

Shane Mac can you update us please. Thanks scratch

3 Re: Meadowglen Gift (VRTA) on Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:02 am


Nominations are pretty healthy this year;

200m Womens 24
300m Vets 30
400m Novice 30
550m Open 45
1600m Women/Vets 21
3200m Open 17
70m Open 82
200m Open 77
Total Numbers 326

These are the latest numbers I have from the office. Handicaps are still being done, due to the late closure of the entries, but they will be ready (fingers crossed) by the end of today.

We are still determining if we should do 3 semi finals of 8 or 4 semi finals of 8 for the 70m, so the draft timetable isn't yet finalised. But please visit the VAL Facebook Page for the latest updates.

Just updated the latest (and final) entry numbers. I'm still waiting on handicaps to be declared for publication.

Last edited by ShaneMcK on Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:51 am; edited 2 times in total

4 Re: Meadowglen Gift (VRTA) on Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:11 am


Thanks Shane. Love your work! Laughing

5 Re: Meadowglen Gift (VRTA) on Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:29 am


Stable relay Rules;
100m legs, 200m leg and first 100m of the 400m leg are to be run in lanes. Once the 400m runner passes the 500m mark, then they can cut in and run the shortest line around the track to the finish line.

Dropped Batons: If an athlete drops the baton, then the athlete who dropped it shall retrieve it and hand on to the next athlete. If the baton is outside their lane, then providing there is no athlete approaching, the athlete can retrieve the baton and hand it over to the next runner.

Change-overs: are to be done in the regular zones. If an athlete wilfully impedes another team's ability change baton or have a clear and unobstructed run through a changeover zone, then the impeding team will be disqualified.

False Start: We will only allow 1 false start, then the entire field will be on notice.

Team Members: Teams MUST contain a minimum of 1 female athlete. If a stable doesn't have a female member, then a female member in another stable from the same training venue may join the team. If there is no-one from the same venue, then the same region/regional centre will be accepted.

Nomination: Trainers must nominate their team by 4pm for a 5:10pm start time. Substitutions will be allowed up to the start time, but not during the race. Entry is $20 per team ($5 per athlete) with the first team to complete the race, receives the entire kitty of entry monies. Potentially up to $160.

This event is to provide some fun our members, but also to put on show the VAL/VRTA as a professionally run body. This event is supposed to be fun, so be responsible, courteous and respectful of other teams.

First 8 team to register will race.

6 Re: Meadowglen Gift (VRTA) on Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:23 am


12.30pm 70m Heats 11 Heats 1st & 13 Fastest to 3 semi finals of 8
1.20pm 70m Semis 3 Semi Finals 1st & 5 Fastest to a Final of 8
1.40pm 1600m W/V Final Final & Presentation
1.50pm 400m Novice Heats 3 Heats 1st & 5 Fastest to a Final of 10
2.10pm 70m Final Final & Presentation
2.20pm 200m Women’s Heats 3 Heats 1st & 5 Fastest to a Final of 8
2.36pm 200m Gift Heats 10 Heats 1st & 14 Fastest to 3xSF of 8
3.10pm 550m Heats 3 Heats 1st & 7 Fastest to a Final of 10
3.25pm 300m Vets Heats 3 Heats 1st & 7 Fastest to a Final of 10
3.40pm 400m Novice Final Final & Presentation
3.50pm 200m Gift Semi Finals 3 Semi Finals 1st & 5 Fastest to a Final of 8
4.15pm 200m Women’s Final Final & Presentation
4.25pm 550m Final Final & Presentation
4.35pm 200m Gift Final Final & Presentation
4.45pm 300m Vets Final Final & Presentation
4.55pm 3200m Final Final & Presentation
5.10pm 800m Stable Medley Relay Final & Presentation

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