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1 Improvements? on Sun May 20, 2012 3:30 pm


Not a lot of banter on here at the moment, I had thought there may be some talk about the award winners (personally I think you should only get points for awards based on races you run in your state and not skipping meets to go interstate but anyway), so here is something that may be able to be discussed regardless of which state we are in.

As a sport we need to increase our numbers to ensure a healthy competition for years to come particularly with younger runners. How do we go about this?

Maybe each club could invite their local little athletics clubs to the event free of charge? I know that the clubs need the money through the gates but how many people come to the running that are not associated with a runner? If 10 kids come with a parent, they buy a program and a sandwich etc, surely we are gaining somewhat. It also opens the door to get more runners for future years.

Why not give kids and their parents from these little aths a half priced Stawell/Bay ticket? (would have to clear with SAC and BAY first), but again they would hopefully come to a local meet then make their way up, down or across the highway to our premier events.

Why not allow these kids (should they come) to sit in a reserved section on the ground during major finals to really soak in the atmosphere (the hush that goes over a crowd, being up close and personal with some runners etc).

Could we get all 'celebrity' runners to have a group final at Stawell (Frater, Collins, Breen, etc) and these photos be used to hand out to little aths kids if turn up to a local meet? Maybe a copy of a photo of each runner in the final from Stawell? Maybe the starting line up of the womens gift, 200m, 400m, 550m Herb.... all copied on a sheet or in a small booklet, trading cards etc.

Could we/they send and open invite to all local primart and secondary schools in the local area with information about the event and a half priced/admit 1 free coupon attached to their school newsletter? Again trying to get an additional 10 - 20 kids to each event in the hope that one or two will take up the sport in later years?

Maybe time set aside in the program for a 'school kid' sprint/200m/400m??? where all the kid needs to do is turn up and the event is run (prob hard to set time aside before you see how it would work and how many kids would be likely to turn up but a thought none the less).

Kids will need to get to the events, so hopefully a parent will attend with them.

This is targeting the young kids, I get that it is not always easy, so how about he older people?

What about a loyalty card or associate membership of the VAL where it entitles the holder to half price entry and a free program (maybe the VAL could use the associate membership fee to subsides this cost to the club). Last year we had 26 carnivals in VIC, a membership of $80 - $100 maybe? Associate members not only get benefits when attend carnivals, but maybe they are sent an 'Associate member of the VAL' hat with a number on it, drink bottle, Coles style shopping bag, pens..... some sort of promotional gear to help get the word out on the streets.

How much does it cost to get promotion on SEN? Could we (a speaker for us) get the Run Home to give us (VIC) a 10 minute time slot every Tuesday afternoon to discuss the recent carnival and then mention what is on the next couple of weeks and a brief history of the upcoming events???

Are there any other ideas people have that may be of some help to the clubs or the leagues?

I like the idea of trying to get schools involved in the areas, we may find that hoping for 10 - 20 kids could turn into 100 - 200 (dreaming I know, but not that unrealistic)

What do you all think??

2 Improvements on Sun May 20, 2012 6:16 pm


S.A. is way ahead of Victoria in this regard with Introducing an under 14 Comp now in its third year and maybe you have not been to the Bay Sheff were the public are not charged to witness our Premier event.Our League is currently under pressure to cope with swelling numbers of Juniors with the Program of events very Taxing for the officials on the day running for over 5 hours.The compulsory $3 program Levy our League has imposed has had the required effect.Transition from L.As is also working well.

3 Re: Improvements? on Mon May 21, 2012 11:12 am


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
There is already extensive Little and Junior athletic programs participating within and prior to many Victorian professional meetings.

Stawell have an extensive little athletic program. (Sponsored by MacDonald’s). Contact Dean Paulin for details....via little Ath’s Victoria.
Ballarat runs the Victorian Junior dash for Cash program that has over $4000 worth of prize money (sponsored by the Ballarat Athletic Club) with over 200 junior and little athletes entered from across Victoria last year. Contact Peter O’Dwyer for details....via the VAL office.
Many other clubs have Junior programs ....Rye, Burramine etc. etc.

4 Re: Improvements? on Mon May 21, 2012 12:32 pm


Mex wrote:
How much does it cost to get promotion on SEN? Could we (a speaker for us) get the Run Home to give us (VIC) a 10 minute time slot every Tuesday afternoon to discuss the recent carnival and then mention what is on the next couple of weeks and a brief history of the upcoming events???

There was a call out last year by Matthew Webster for someone to take over the athletic spot on North-WEST FM and the silence was deafening.

For a weekly radio spot, you need someone willing to do it on a regular basis -turn up, informed with results, meet details etc. No-one seems to want to put their hand up to do it.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

5 Re: Improvements? on Wed May 23, 2012 3:31 pm


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
Still got a vacancy at the radio station if someone is still interested.

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