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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Camden's Record at Camden - 45 Finalists for 8 wins

Camden's Record at Camden - 45 Finalists for 8 wins

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Having added some Camden stats to the '120m' thread, I delved out the figures on Camden Athletic Club's record at the Camden Classic. After having two in the final this year including the winner, it's timely to look back at the club's record in it's premier race. Frank McHugh has not always been the head coach at Camden and so some of the results were when Tony McAvaney was in charge. (late 80's/early 90's) But certainly since Andrew Roe's win in 1992, Frank McHugh has been the coach of the club and responsible for the result since then.

Camden AC's Record in the Camden Classic

Year - (No. of Finalists) - Names & Place.

1981 (3) T McAvaney 2nd, F McHugh 4th, M Maguire 6th
1982 (1) A McAvaney 8th
1983 (3) F McHugh 1st, P McAvaney 4th, J Logan 6th
1984 (4) T Roe 1st, F McHugh 4th, M Maguire 5th, A McAvaney 6th
1985 (2) F McHugh 5th, D Hillman 7th
1986 (2) F McHugh 4th, D Hillman 5th
1987 (3) J Turner 2nd, D Adams 3rd, F McHugh 5th
1988 (3) D Adams 1st, J Turner 6th, M Maguire 8th
1989 (2) S Hennig 4th, A Roe 7th
1990 (-)
1991 (-)
1992 (1) A Roe 1st
1993 (1) K Schwartz 1st
1994 (1) D Kowal 2nd
1995 (2) D Kowal 7th, A Chehade DQ
1996 (5) N Young 2nd, A Chehade 3rd, H Flynn 4th, F McHugh 7th, M Kowal 8th (Record by one squad)
1997 (-)
1998 (2) D Obst 1st, A Chehade 6th
1999 (2) D Obst 2nd, G Thomson 5th
2000 (3) H Flynn 2nd, M Thomson 4th, A Chehade 8th
2001 (-)
2002 (-)
2003 (1) A Chehade 6th
2004 (-)
2005 (1) M Cousins 1st
2006 (1) D Obst 2nd
2007 (-)
2008 (-)
2009 (-)
2010 (-)
2011 (-)
2012 (2) B Schutz 1st, M Cousins 8th

32 Camden Classics: 45 Finalists, 17 placegetters, 8 winners.

Break it up into 4 equal segments of 8 years:
1981 to 1988: 21/6/3
1989 to 1996: 12/5/2
1997 to 2004: 8/3/1
2005 to 2012: 4/3/2

First 16 years: 33 finalists
Next 16 years: 12 finalists

The decline over the last 16 years, whilst still very impressive figures is probably due to the folowing factors:

  • An increase in runner numbers and diversity of the squads. For the period until 1986, amateur based athletes could not run in the Classic. It was opened up in the 80's and this has led to some of the better amater 400m runners entering the event and therefore coaches who did not have any athletes in the SAAL became active in the sport.

  • Camden not having as many 400m athletes as it use to have in the 80's & 90's and an ageing list that up until recently, had declined in numbers & quality.

  • In the last 15 years - we've seen a greater number of interstate athletes compete in the Classic, particularly from the John Henry stable.

  • As the Classic has grown in stature & prestige, there's been a greater emphasis by stables (such as YGTS) to target the race.

  • And in a handicap sport such as ours, it is very difficult to stay on top for any length of time. The evolution of the sport is that someone new emerges each year and success becomes cyclical. Every squad goes through quiet periods as they 'rebuild'.

One thing is for certain though, after a few lean years Camden is back as a force in the SAAL. The junior races are heavily populated by kids from Camden and that augurs well for the club's continued success in the Camden Classic.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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