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PROTRACK » SAAL RESULTS » Stokesy's preview of the SAAL Over35 200m at Pulteney 25th March 2012

Stokesy's preview of the SAAL Over35 200m at Pulteney 25th March 2012

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ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
NOTE1 - Stokesy email sent to SAAL

"I reckon the SAAL made a booboo with Chris Dimitrak's mark of 40m - if not he is a shoo in for a five metre plus win in the final.

"Chris ran off 30m last year at Pulteney and won at Tea Tree Gully two months ago
200m O/45's FINAL
1 Dimitrak Chris 32 22.19 $180.00

"I got hit six metres after I won at Tea Tree Gully the year before - Chris wins and gets hit minus eight metres - must be a mistake ..."

Similar issue with
Eugene DeVizio who ran off 26.00m at Flinders, listed here as 40m ...
Another email ...
"I reckon the SAAL also made a booboo with Eugene DeVizio's mark of 40m - if not he is a shoo in for a ten metre plus win in the final.

"Eugene ran off 26m last year at Flinders a few months ago. "


Winner in 2011 and 2010, Shane Grimwade looks to have a big task to make it three in a row, with an extra 4 metres to run compared to one year ago.

Brian Witty is an unknown quantity, running a shorter race after winning the big Flagstaff Over45 400m and also the Camden Over35 400m.

Andrew Wright and Mick Abbott and Chris Dimitrak and Brett Stokes are all motivated by the chance to win the coveted Over35 season award.

With just the 200m on March 25th remaining ... the top of over35 points table (unofficial) looks like this:
Andrew Wright...2.......1.......1.......11
Mick Abbott.....2....... .......2.......10
Steven Wilson...1.......1.......3.......9
Brett Stokes....2.......................8
David Miller....1.......2...............8
Chris Dimitrak..1.......2...............8

based on
win = 4 points
2nd = 2 points
3rd = 1 point

Chances from the backmarks:
Tim Johnson, Ali Saliu, Shane Grimwade, Andrew Wright.

Other Chances:
Michael Cassidy, Grant Oates, John Turner, Brett Stokes, Ross Hill-Brown, Alex Jefferies, Wayne Edwards, Mick Abbott, Jackie Chehade, Sue Turner.

and of course Chris Dimitrak (a definite winner off 40m, a chance off the more realistic 30m)

Eugene DeVizio 40.00 m is a shoo in as well ...
and maybe a chance at the more realistic 26m.

The 2012 start list - as at
Name Handicap
Tim Johnson 0.00 m
Amin Chehade 7.00 m
Daniel Flesfadar 8.00 m
Ali Saliu 9.00 m
Shane Grimwade 10.00 m
Andrew Wright 14.00 m
Anthony Booth 16.00 m
Nathan Hoare 16.00 m
Brendan Golden 17.00 m
Michael Cassidy 18.00 m
Grant Oates 22.00 m
Cameron White 22.00 m
John Turner 25.00 m
Daniel Tregenza 26.00 m
Brett Stokes 28.00 m
Ross Hill-Brown 29.00 m
Alex Jefferies 29.00 m
Mick Abbott 31.00 m
Mark Barnett 31.00 m
Nando Princi 31.00 m
Wayne Edwards 33.00 m
Jackie Chehade 34.00 m
Gregor Dingwall 34.00 m
Gary Ferber 36.00 m
Robyn Pohlner 36.00 m
Mark Howson 38.00 m
Craig Trewartha 39.00 m
Sue Turner 39.00 m
Eugene DeVizio 40.00 m
Chris Dimitrak 40.00 m
Lyn Peake 40.00 m
Darcy Cheney 42.00 m
Ray Earle 42.00 m
Trudy Schrapel 42.00 m
Ron Axford 44.00 m
Brian Witty 48.00 m
Gail Stone 52.00 m
Cheryl Zeuner 55.00 m
Kathryn Blute 58.00 m

Last year at Pulteney - Results -

Event 175 - 200m Over 35 - Heat: 1
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Mark Donovan White 21.00m 22.78
2 Ross Hill-Brown Blue 29.00m 23.07
3 Anthony Booth Red 16.00m 24.42
- Ray Earle Yellow 32.00m Scr
- Lyn Peake Green 40.00m Scr

Event 175 - 200m Over 35 - Heat: 2
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Richard McMahon White 20.00m 23.18
2 Brett Stokes Blue 28.00m 23.57
3 Sue Turner Green 39.00m 23.76
4 Cheryl Zeuner Black 55.00m 24.18
5 Ali Saliu Red 9.00m 24.97
- Jackie Chehade Yellow 31.00m Scr

Event 175 - 200m Over 35 - Heat: 3
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Shane Grimwade Red 14.00m 22.96
2 Michael Cassidy White 18.00m 23.85
3 John Turner Blue 25.00m 24.17
- Mark Barnett Yellow 31.00m Scr
- Craig Trewartha Green 39.00m Scr
- Debbie Roberts Black 55.00m Scr

Event 175 - 200m Over 35 - Heat: 4
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Cameron White Blue 22.00m 23.17
2 Mick Abbott Yellow 31.00m 23.53
3 Mark Howson Green 38.00m 23.81
- Daniel Flesfadar Red 6.00m Scr
- Brendan Golden White 17.00m Scr
- Brian Witty Black 44.00m Scr

Event 175 - 200m Over 35 - Heat: 5
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Alex Jefferies Yellow 29.00m 23.35
2 Bob Pearce Green 36.00m 24.76
3 Daniel Tregenza Blue 22.00m 25.08
- David Palmer Red 3.00m Scr
- Steve Butler White 17.00m Scr
- Ian Reddaway Black 42.00m Scr

Event 175 - 200m Over 35 - Heat: 6
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Grant Oates Blue 22.00m 23.28
2 Chris Dimitrak Yellow 30.00m 23.40
3 Greg Franks White 16.00m 24.97
4 Kathryn Blute Black 42.00m 25.30
- Tim Johnson Red 0.00m Scr
- Darcy Cheney Green 33.00m Scr

Event 175 - 200m Over 35 - Final:
Position Name Colour Mark Time
1 Shane Grimwade Red 14.00m 22.69
2 Mark Donovan Blue 21.00m 22.94
3 Grant Oates Green 22.00m 23.34
4 Richard McMahon White 20.00m 23.52
5 Alex Jefferies Black 29.00m 23.67
6 Cameron White Yellow 22.00m 23.82


Recent form from Tea Tree Gully in January 2012
200m O/45's FINAL
1 Dimitrak Chris 32 22.19 $180.00
2 Turner John 25 22.46 $90.00
3 Abbott Mick 34 22.66 $40.00
4 Earle Ray 42 22.87 $20.00
5 Hill-Brown Ross 29 23.07 $10.00

No Chance

good review Stokesy...look for newby Trudy S of 42m in her pet distance.

The Morphy Mongrel

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Chris Dimitrak on the same mark as Lyn Peake. A 50 year old man v a 62 year old woman???


Lets hope that Chris's mark is printed wrong, if he runs as well as he did in the 200 O45 at TTG 22.19 of 32m he'll run a 20 something of 40m and smash us all and the likely winner off 30m given his TTG time. Cant comment on Eugene's from haven't seen his results. Keep them honest Stokesy.


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
The SAAL Pulteney McKinnon event was held on a sunny autumn afternoon.

The "Step Into Life - West Lakes and Eight3 MotorSports" 200 metre Over 35 race was won convincingly by Wayne Edwards, following the lead of daughter Lauren, scoring his first SAAL sash in the Blue colours off 33m.

Second in the Red was Alex Jefferies (29m) and third was Ross Hill Brown in the White (29m).

Shane Grimwade (10m) and Brett Stokes (28m) were eliminated in the heats.


So Andrew Wright is the (unofficial) winner of the Over35 trophy for 2011/2012 ...

Well done, Andrew.

No Chance

Well done Wayne & other finalist..and possibly Andrew on winning overall.

Also i hear Chris D did the right thing and alerted SAAL about his 40m typo error...good stuff Chris on winning the 800.

Last edited by No Chance on Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:03 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : typo)


Good on Chris for doing the right thing and what a great run he had in the 800.

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