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PROTRACK » VAL RESULTS » Ballarat results (Day 2)

Ballarat results (Day 2)

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1 Ballarat results (Day 2) on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:38 pm


120 Vets
1st Wilson ($500)
2nd Lancaster ($150)
3rd Hecimovic ($100)

800 front
1st Klemm ($500)
2nd Dixon ($150)
3rd Brown ($100)

800 back
1st Beveridge ($1250)
2nd Williamson ($375)
3rd Sapac ($250)

1600 front
1st Woodman ($500)
2nd Tuhan ($150)
3rd Hipworth ($100)

70 open
1st Wiltshire (500)
2nd Domaschenz T ($100)
3rd Robinson ($50)

120 Restrited
1st Robinson (500)
2nd Camille (150)
3rd Cross ($100)

400 front
1st Domaschenz T ($500)
2nd Gilden R ($150)
3rd Mollica ($100)

400 Back
1st Spence ($1250)
2nd Nunn ($350)
3rd Keenan ($200)

1600 Back
1st Phelan ($500)
2nd Muir ($150)
3rd Murphy ($100)

120 womens
1st Hawkins ($1000)
2nd Bush ($200)
3rd Blizzard ($100)

120 Gift
1st Tinney ($12500)
2nd Hargreaves S ($27500
3rd Mott ($1500)
Trainer Walsh ($2500)

1st O'dwyer (Ballarat)

2 Re: Ballarat results (Day 2) on Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:44 am


Favourite Tinney takes out Ballarat Gift
13 Feb, 2012 01:10 AM
TOUTED as race favourite, David Tinney says he felt confident leading into the $25,000 Ballarat Gift 120-metre final yesterday.

But pulling on the sash for the biggest win of his professional career still took a few moments to sink in.

The Geelong sprinter burst off the blocks at 8.5 metres and held strong in a tight finish on the line in 12.28 seconds at Eureka Stadium.

Werribee’s Shaun Hargreaves (7m) was a narrow second while 2006 Stawell Gift winner Adrian Mott powered down the straight third to almost snatch an upset from a backmark of three metres.

Tinney, who has been on the Victorian Athletic League circuit for about nine years, won his first sash in Ballarat for the 2005 120m novice.

He has been building towards a headline prize since.

“It certainly feels that way,” Tinney said.

“I usually come in pretty confident to races but to have the win, it actually feels great.”

A tiler by trade, Tinney eased back work this week in a bid to strengthen his chances in Ballarat.

Tinney, a finalist in Ballarat last year, has been in dominant form this season, including runner-up finishes in the Maryborough and Albury-Wodonga gifts.

A quick time in Albury, second to Ballarat’s Joel Bee, a fortnight ago had race commentary peg Tinney as one to watch early in the Ballarat carnival.

The Peter Walsh-trained sprinter lived up to expecations with strong times in his Saturday night heat and semi-final wins.

Tinney’s betting odds dropped dramatically leading into the Gift final – which he later learned was helped with backing from stablemate and 2010 Ballarat Gift runner-up Kevin Brittain.

Did he feel the pressure?

“I wouldn’t say no,” Tinney said.

It has been a big summer for Tinney, who married his partner Ailie two months ago.

Tinney has a couple more race meets on his agenda this season, including Keilor next week, but said Ballarat had been his primary aim.

Victory in Ballarat will pull back Tinney’s mark and toughen his chances leading into the Stawell Gift carnival at Easter.

Fellow Geelong sprinter Liam Dooley set the tone on Saturday night with the fastest Ballarat Gift heat time.

Matthew Wiltshire was the sole hometown contender to reach yesterday’s Gift semi-finals.

Wiltshire was pipped of a spot in the final by 0.04 seconds after finishing second to Mott in his semi.

Tinney’s victory returns Ballarat’s marquee sash to Victoria.

Defending champion Andrew McCabe, from Queensland, was in action at the Athletics Australia Perth track classic this weekend.

3 Re: Ballarat results (Day 2) on Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:48 am


Geelong's David Tinney takes Ballarat Gift prize
12 Feb, 2012 04:32 PM
GEELONG sprinter David Tinney has claimed the $25,000 Ballarat Gift crown.

Tinney was touted as a favourite for the $12,500 title prize leading into the Victorian Athletic League meet at Eureka Stadium.

He lived up to expectations with strong wins in Saturday night's heats and entered the final, off the 8.5-metre mark, as fastest qualifier after a stellar semi-final.

Tinney edged out Werribee's Shaun Hargreaves (7m) and 2006 Stawell Gift winner Adrian Mott (3.75m) on the line in 12.28 seconds.

Queenslander Tara Hawking took out the $2000 Ballarat Women's Gift sash in her first professional meet.

Hawking, training partner of reigning Stawell Gift champion Mitchell Williams-Swain, burst off the backmark to tear apart a field dominated by homegrown talent.

Ballarat's Kate Jones (9m), Nadia Domaschenz (8m) and Trish Fox (9m) were in the mix with Ararat pair Julia Boatman (10.5m) and Sarah Blizzard (8.25m), who finished third.

Tasmanian Kimberley Bush, impressed in the heats, was second.

Full coverage in The Courier tomorrow.


David TINNEY (8.5m) 12.28seconds


Adrian MOTT (3.75m)

Andrew ROBINSON (6.75m)

Benjamin WEAVER (6.25m)

Fabrice MELANIE (9.25m)

Bryce TEO (5.75m)

Tim ESCHEBACH (7.5m)


Tara HAWKING (5.5m) 14.17seconds

Kimberley BUSH (9.25m)

Sarah BLIZZARD (8.25m)

Kate JONES (9m)

Catherine DONALDSON (10.5m)


Trish FOX (9m)

Julia BOATMAN (10.5)

4 Re: Ballarat results (Day 2) on Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:24 pm


Victorian Athletic League

EventNo 161 70m Open Distance
1 5 Green 6415 Matthew WILTSHIRE 5.00 7.527 7.657 Completed
2 6 Pink 5930 Tara DOMASCHENZ 11.75 7.535 7.665 Completed
3 4 Yellow 6542 Andrew ROBINSON 4.75 7.571 7.701 Completed
4 3 Blue 7246 Corey BAKER 4.50 7.582 7.712 Completed
5 2 White 5503 Michael BOLTON 4.00 7.587 7.717 Completed
6 1 Red 1486 Matthew HARGREAVE 3.75 7.599 7.729 Completed

EventNo 162 120m Restricted
1 7 Black 6783 Jake ROBINSON 12.50 12.551 12.741 Completed
2 4 Yellow 6295 Ryan CAMILLE 7.00 12.646 12.836 Completed
3 5 Green 6195 Nicholas CROSS 9.75 12.676 12.866 Completed
4 1 Red 7246 Corey BAKER 5.00 12.716 12.906 Completed
5 3 Blue 6056 Dale LYONS 6.75 12.780 12.970 Completed
6 2 White 7116 Adam HAYES 6.25 12.799 12.989 Completed
7 6 Pink 6130 Conor NUNN 12.00 13.023 13.213 Completed
8 8 Grey 6884 Matt MATHER 16.00 13.028 13.218 Completed

EventNo 163 120m Women's Distance
1 1 Red 7261 Tara HAWKING 5.50 14.165 14.240 Completed
2 6 Pink 6317 Kimberley BUSH 9.25 14.262 14.337 Completed
3 3 Blue 6665 Sarah BLIZZARD 8.25 14.312 14.387 Completed
4 5 Green 6734 Kate JONES 9.00 14.365 14.440 Completed
5 7 Black 7616 Catherine DONALDSO 10.50 14.434 14.509 Completed
6 2 White 6418 Nadia DOMASCHENZ 8.00 14.441 14.516 Completed
7 4 Yellow 3365 Patricia FOX 9.00 14.578 14.653 Completed
8 8 Grey 6666 Julia BOATMAN 10.50 14.713 14.788 Completed

EventNo 164 120m Gift
1 7 Black 3352 David TINNEY 8.50 12.283 12.323 Completed
Monday, 13 February 2012 Page 1 of 6
2 5 Green 6168 Shaun HARGREAVES 7.00 12.324 12.364 Completed
3 1 Red 1714 Adrian MOTT 3.75 12.384 12.424 Completed
4 4 Yellow 6542 Andrew ROBINSON 6.75 12.388 12.428 Completed
5 3 Blue 5731 Benjamin WEAVER 6.25 12.411 12.451 Completed
6 8 Grey 5659 Fabrice MELANIE 9.25 12.433 12.473 Completed
7 2 White 6584 Bryce TEO 5.75 12.449 12.489 Completed
8 6 Pink 6567 Tim ESCHEBACH 7.50 12.513 12.553 Completed

EventNo 165 120m Veterans Distance
1 8 Grey 0931 Angela WILSON 36.00 12.907 13.102 Completed
2 7 Black 0296 Craig LANCASTER 24.25 13.081 13.276 Completed
3 4 Yellow 5425 Tom HECIMOVIC 18.00 13.087 13.282 Completed
4 1 Red 1506 Kelly SHELDRICK 8.00 13.221 13.416 Completed
5 3 Blue 3346 Richard NORRIS 15.25 13.240 13.435 Completed
6 2 White 0128 Steven TILBURN 10.50 13.272 13.467 Completed
7 5 Green 5318 Chris LIVITSANOS 18.25 13.297 13.492 Completed
8 6 Pink 5324 Sonya POLLARD 24.00 13.421 13.616 Completed

EventNo 166 300m Veterans Distance
1 5 Green 3346 Richard NORRIS 33.00 35.702 35.702 Completed
2 10 Purple 0144 Julie TORRINI 78.00 35.829 35.829 Completed
3 1 Red 2811 Cameron YORKE 4.00 35.871 35.871 Completed
4 7 Black 6107 Dale JONES 59.00 36.140 36.140 Completed
5 8 Grey 1555 Terry ARUNDELL 74.00 36.348 36.348 Completed
6 4 Yellow 5318 Chris LIVITSANOS 33.00 36.430 36.430 Completed
7 2 White 7524 Darren NAISMITH 13.00 36.462 36.462 Completed
8 9 Orange 0884 Benny TANCREDI 75.00 36.962 36.962 Completed
9 6 Pink 3268 Garry CONNOR 58.00 37.345 37.345 Completed
10 3 Blue 0354 Christopher BROWN 31.00 37.596 37.596 Completed

EventNo 167 400m Backmarkers
1 6 Pink 7093 Peter SPENCE 28.00 48.181 48.181 Completed
2 8 Grey 5691 Rory NUNN 29.00 48.389 48.389 Completed
3 10 Purple 5757 Robert KEENAN 32.00 48.563 48.563 Completed
4 1 Red 6438 Josh MATHER 19.00 48.737 48.737 Completed
5 4 Yellow 5312 Matt GRANT 26.00 48.810 48.810 Completed
6 9 Orange 7079 Rhys PARKINSON 32.00 48.905 48.905 Completed
7 2 White 6190 Dominic HOSKINS 22.00 49.031 49.031 Completed
Monday, 13 February 2012 Page 2 of 6
8 7 Black 6248 Daniel LAWLOR 29.00 49.212 49.212 Completed
9 3 Blue 1963 Shane EZARD 24.00 49.933 49.933 Completed
10 5 Green 6746 Lonain BURNETT 27.00 50.278 50.278 Completed

EventNo 168 400m Frontmarkers
1 7 Black 5930 Tara DOMASCHENZ 70.00 47.076 47.076 Completed
2 8 Grey 5967 Rosamond GILDEN 70.00 48.195 48.195 Completed
3 4 Yellow 3343 Stephanie MOLLICA 51.00 48.290 48.290 Completed
4 5 Green 3346 Richard NORRIS 60.00 48.318 48.318 Completed
5 1 Red 6410 David GIROLAMO 42.00 48.925 48.925 Completed
6 3 Blue 2175 Peter O'DONNELL 48.00 49.134 49.134 Completed
7 6 Pink 5709 Michelle DAVIS 65.00 49.254 49.254 Completed
8 2 White 7095 Jay BLAKE 46.00 49.622 49.622 Completed
9 10 Purple 0144 Julie TORRINI 115.00 49.797 49.797 Completed
10 9 Orange 1817 Colin MCCURRY 76.00 50.597 50.597 Completed

EventNo 169 800m Backmarkers
1 8 Grey 2705 Mark BEVERIDGE 64.00 1:53.28 1:53.280 Completed
2 5 Green 6181 Cody WILLIAMSON 44.00 1:53.52 1:53.520 Completed
3 4 Yellow 6200 Eric SAPAC 34.00 1:54.40 1:54.400 Completed
4 2 White 6049 Justin MURPHY 28.00 1:54.92 1:54.920 Completed
5 6 Pink 3272 Jayson HAYES-HORNI 52.00 1:55.85 1:55.850 Completed
6 3 Blue 1495 Michael MARANTELLI 30.00 1:56.57 1:56.570 Completed
7 7 Black 6433 Ian BURROWS 60.00 1:57.90 1:57.900 Completed
8 1 Red 5966 Brady THRELFALL 26.00 1:58.21 1:58.210 Completed

EventNo 170 800m Frontmarkers
1 7 Black 9990 Ruby KLEMM 160.00 1:55.02 1:55.020 Completed
2 2 White 2771 Christopher DIXON 96.00 1:55.47 1:55.470 Completed
3 3 Blue 0354 Christopher BROWN 98.00 2:00.19 2:0.190 Completed
4 6 Pink 6880 Lauren McHUGH 160.00 2:00.87 2:0.870 Completed
5 8 Grey 3061 Greg WHITECROSS 164.00 2:02.88 2:2.880 Completed
6 1 Red 7906 Christopher PALERMO 86.00 2:10.43 2:10.430 Completed
7 4 Yellow 6650 Peter COWELL 110.00 2:12.94 2:12.940 Completed

EventNo 171 1600m Backmarkers
1 17 Grey-White 6013 Adrian PHELAN 145.00 4:13.52 4:13.520 Completed
2 26 0263 Gordon MUIR 165.00 4:15.06 4:15.060 Completed
3 1 Red 6049 Justin MURPHY 80.00 4:15.27 4:15.270 Completed
4 21 0518 Phil NODEN 155.00 4:15.57 4:15.570 Completed
5 4 Yellow 2801 Andrew PATTEN 100.00 4:16.46 4:16.460 Completed
6 15 Pink-White 6433 Ian BURROWS 140.00 4:17.14 4:17.140 Completed
7 2 White 2317 Matthew MCDONOUG 85.00 4:18.01 4:18.010 Completed
8 20 2604 Arron DOWNES 150.00 4:20.14 4:20.140 Completed
9 16 Black-White 6407 Matthew SMITH 140.00 4:21.39 4:21.390 Completed
10 12 Blue-White 7118 Joel DONNAR 125.00 4:26.21 4:26.210 Completed
11 6 Pink 1994 Neil BRENNAN 115.00 4:29.85 4:29.850 Completed
12 29 9990 Greg BARTON 165.00 4:32.14 4:32.140 Completed
13 5 Green 7240 Michael LOW 105.00 4:34.230 4:34.230 Completed
14 10 Purple 6426 Joshua SAIT 125.00 4:37.64 4:37.640 Completed
15 27 7249 Andrew COMLEY 100.00 4:40.46 4:40.460 Completed

EventNo 171B 1600m Frontmarkers
1 5 Green 8424 Jonathan WOODMAN 180.00 4:15.18 4:15.180 Completed
2 1 Red 1245 Michael TUHAN 170.00 4:17.28 4:17.280 Completed
3 9 Orange 0183 Mark HIPWORTH 200.00 4:18.58 4:18.580 Completed
4 2 White 5498 John MORRIS 170.00 4:19.78 4:19.780 Completed
5 14 Green-White 5552 James LYNCH 250.00 4:25.13 4:25.130 Completed
6 7 Black 5456 Adam CLEARY 190.00 4:28.00 4:28.000 Completed
7 3 Blue 6460 Luke WILKE 175.00 4:38.99 4:38.990 Completed
8 26 6673 Victoria ATKINS 400.00 4:39.31 4:39.310 Completed
9 17 Grey-White 2766 Glenn WESTON 330.00 4:44.37 4:44.370 Completed
10 22 6708 Ellie TOSSOL 375.00 4:45.70 4:45.700 Completed
11 28 9990 Anthony O'CONNOR 280.00 4:51.05 4:51.050 Completed
Monday, 13 February 2012 Page 4 of 6
12 30 9990 Ruby KLEMM 320.00 4:53.36 4:53.360 Completed
13 24 3061 Greg WHITECROSS 380.00 4:57.24 4:57.240 Completed
14 23 7212 Phoebe BRADY 350.00 5:18.24 5:18.240 Completed

EventNo 172 3200m Open Distance
1 3 Blue 2801 Andrew PATTEN 90.00 9:12.927 9:12.927 Completed
2 2 White 2317 Matthew MCDONOUG 90.00 9:14.047 9:14.047 Completed
3 17 Grey-White 0518 Phil NODEN 310.00 9:16.857 9:16.857 Completed
4 14 Green-White 6433 Ian BURROWS 250.00 9:25.320 9:25.320 Completed
5 12 Blue-White 6013 Adrian PHELAN 230.00 9:27.603 9:27.603 Completed
6 6 Pink 7240 Michael LOW 150.00 9:36.821 9:36.821 Completed
7 19 5916 Craig HARRIS 340.00 9:41.801 9:41.801 Completed
8 18 Orange-White 2604 Arron DOWNES 320.00 9:44.447 9:44.447 Completed
9 8 Grey 7245 Tim EARLE 180.00 9:46.529 9:46.529 Completed
10 11 Red-White 6426 Joshua SAIT 200.00 9:56.979 9:56.979 Completed
11 16 Black-White 5953 Luke GRAY 270.00 10:05.959 10:5.959 Completed
12 15 Pink-White 1365 Greg BARTON 250.00 10:06.714 10:6.714 Completed
13 23 0742 Alan LYNCH 400.00 10:38.808 10:38.808 Completed

EventNo 174 400m Sportzbiz Novice
1 10 Purple 7026 Kasey MOORE 70.00 48.862 48.862 Completed
2 4 Yellow 6009 Travis PIKE 36.00 49.189 49.189 Completed
3 9 Orange 7022 Holly DOBBYN 66.00 49.410 49.410 Completed
4 3 Blue 6130 Conor NUNN 32.00 49.503 49.503 Completed
5 2 White 7183 Liam LINANE 29.00 49.674 49.674 Completed
6 1 Red 6419 Daniel KHOBYAR 24.00 50.707 50.707 Completed
7 6 Pink 6470 Thomas SKINNER 44.00 51.366 51.366 Co

5 Re: Ballarat results (Day 2) on Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:42 pm


Ballarat Gift, Eureka Stadium , Feb 11th & 13th 2012.

The scene for the first day of the 2012 Ballarat Gift carnival looked bleak with an overcast sky and severe
breeze for the runners to cope with. The day opened with a full program of Little Athletics, ranging from
five year olds right through to the fifteen year olds. These events continued on Sunday where the kids
showed their talent over the longer distances. In the 400 metres final, with a very proud father
watching, Kathryn and Grace O’Dwyer fought out a hectic finish. Peter O’Dwyer, as great a sprinter as he
was, was never one to embrace the circle events with a great deal of enthusiasm. The next generation
seems to have toughened up with the soothing Ballarat air. It will be great to see the girls hit the VAL in
a few years.
The weather still looked a little brittle on Sunday morning but cleared to a pleasant afternoon as the
running commenced. The Ballarat Athletic Club offered life membership to four of their long serving
committeemen on Sunday. The entire running community congratulates Rod Mathews, Peter
Emmerson, Peter O’Dwyer and Peter Ledger on the well deserved honour. Ballarat president Shane
Woodrow and his highly experienced committee once again provided a weekend of great racing and
excellent amenities.
Another feature of the Ballarat Gift was the performance by ex‐VAL sprinter Zoy Francos to sing the
national anthem. Zoy won many good races in his years with the VAL and besides his singing, put the
spikes on again for the relay on Sunday afternoon.

800 metres Frontmarkers Handicap.
Ruby Klemm (160m) continued the amazing winning run of Marcus Cooper coached athletes as she
bounded away with the front markers 800 metres final. She quickly ran to the front and opened a big
lead with Lauren McHugh (160m) the only runner to make an attempt to chase her down. At the bell
Ruby still had a fifty metre break on the backmarkers Chris Dixon (96m) and Chris Brown (98m). They
both started to drag back the leeway but never looked a chance of catching the leader, only running
down McHugh for the minor money in the last few metres. Ruby broke her novice status but by virtue of
her last run in the VCCL 1600m at St Albans has qualified for the Stawell restricted final. Coming into the
final Klemm had the fastest heat time of 1.57.6 as against 1.59.3 run by Dale Jones, who had to scratch
from the final. The winner’s time was 1.55.02.

800 metres Gils Hills Memorial Backmarkers Handicap.
It was a replay of the “fronties” in the backmarkers division as Mark Beveridge (64m) led all the way to
hold on to defeat Cody Williamson (44m) and Eric Sapac (34m) in the time of 1.53.28. At the bell
Beveridge had a handy lead on the following group with the backmarker Brady Threlfall railing to gain
valuable ground to move to fourth place, just behind Jayson Hayes‐Hornibrook(52m). At the 350 metre
point Cody Williamson made a concerted effort to chase the leader and break up the pack. Sapac
attempted to trail Williamson with Marantelli (30m) starting to come into the race and Justin Murphy
(28m) sticking to Marantelli. As the leader maintained his break at the 200 metre mark Marantelli,
Murphy and Threfall lost contact with this group to leave Williamson and Sapac to collect the minor
money. Beveridge ran to the line a clear winner from Williamson who was still making ground at the
tape. Beveridge, a previous winner of the event, is trained in Adelaide by Peter Buckler.

70 metres Mesh & Masonry Open.
The twelve heats of the 70 metres were very even with the times ranging from the fastest,Tara
Domaschenz (7.70) to the slowest 7.92. However the semi finals sorted out the contenders when
Matthew Wiltshire (5m) ran 7.57 to clock the clear fastest semi with Domaschenz 7.71 and Corey Baker
7.64, the other semi winners. In the final Wiltshire finished quickly to run down his training partner Tara
Domaschenz (11.75m) and Tasmanian visitor Andrew Robinson (4.75m) in 7.65. Wiltshire who won the
Frankston gift in December ran 7.65 in the final and is coached by Peter O’Dwyer.
120 metres Mars Women’s Gift.
Tara Hawking (5.5m) improved dramatically on her heat run to take out the women’s final from
Kimberley Bush (9.25m) and Sarah Blizzard (8.25m) in 14.24.Tara made her way to the semi finals with
the third slowest progression of 15.08 but clearly was the most impressive and fastest in the semis with
a win in 14.13. She defeated Kimberley Bush by a metre with Blizzard a clear third. Kate Jones finished
fourth after winning her semi final in 14.52.Tara is coached in Queensland by keen VAL supporter Brett

120 metres Hec Wilson Memorial,Ballarat grammar & Templar Bearings Restricted.
In the most even heats conducted all season the four heats of the restricted 120 metres had only one
metre separating the four winners, with the fastest heat being 13.11.The final was conducted the next
day and Jake Robinson (12.5m) won the event by defeating Ryan Camille (7m) and Nicholas
Cross(9.75m) in the time of 12.74, five metres better than his heat time . Jake’s only previous final was
the 70 metre novice at Maryborough. Jake is a member of the Ararat coaching group of Marcus Cooper.
300 metres 3BA Power FM Veteran’s handicap.
Richard Norris (33m), after his great run at Avondale Heights, won the veteran’s final from Julie
Torrini(78m) and Cameron Yorke (4m) in 35.7. In the final Torrini had a clear lead on the home turn and
looked likely to break through for an overdue win when Norris charged down the centre of the track to
grab her right on the line. Cameron Yorke, who appeared out of the race coming to the home turn, ran
home strongly to finish third. Norris, a regular competitor from Queensland, collected his first Victorian
sash since Ararat 70 metres in 2009. Richard over the years has decided the best way to rest between
events is to enter another race and frequently runs the card, as his seven events at Ballarat shows. Not
frightened of having a go, Richard was most disappointed that the rodeo wasn’t on next door as his
steer wrestling has improved out of sight.

120 metres The Good Guys and Mortgage choice, Veterans Hcp.
Former VRTA “numbers cruncher” Angela Wilson (36m) sauntered up the Ballarat track to snatch the
$500 from those unaware on Sunday afternoon in the time of 13.10. Angela, who qualified for the final
by placing in the fastest heat overturned that result to defeat Craig Lancaster (24.25m), Tom Hecimovic
(18m) and Kelly Sheldrick (8m). The first four all came from the second heat. Angela has been racing well
of late with finals at Wangaratta and Albury. Craig Lancaster is in his best form for some time with a
recent win and placings to his name. Tom Hecimovic, awaiting the arrival this week of a “young hitman”,
has been making finals over all distances recently. Stewards be warned Tom may not be at his best on
Saturday. For Ang, Sunday’s win was her first since Rye 300m in 2008. Apart from competing, Angela is
an excellent coach and has Dave extremely well trained.

400 metres SportzBiz Novice.
Kasey Moore (70m) recovered from her disappointment on Friday night to race away with the SportzBiz
final from Travis Pike (36m) and Holly Dobbyn (66m) in 48.86. Kasey recorded the fastest heat time at
Stonnington but had to be content with a fifth place in the Broo series final. At Ballarat on Saturday
night she went for home right from the start and never looked in danger. Kasey held a comfortable lead
with Dobbyn the only danger coming to the home turn. Dobbyn tired over the concluding stages to lose
second to the fast finishing Travis Pike. The two heat winners, Moore and Dobbyn ran the exactly same
heat time of 49.30. Kasey is coached by Nick fieldler.

3200 metres Cressbells Drycleaners Handicap.
If Friday nights win at Stonnington enabled Andrew Patten to get on the VRTA’s mailing list for the
awards night, surely Ballarats emphatic 3200 metres win will put Andrew on the top table. Patten,
coached by Mark Hipworth, has started his VAL career in devastating fashion with wins at St Alban’s,
Wangaratta and Stonnington as well a solid placing at Albury. On Saturday night he defeated cobackmarker
Matthew McDonough (90m) by 6 metres with Phil Noden (310m) third in 9.12.4. Patten and
McDonough were obviously still a long way off the lead with 2k to travel where Craig Harris(340m) was
a clear leader from Noden and outmarker Dizzy Lynch (400m). With four laps to go Harris was still well
clear from Noden who had also opened up a good gap on Arron Downes (320m) and Adrian Phelan
(230m) with Ian Burrows starting to make ground on that group. At this stage McDonough and Patten
were still 34 seconds off the lead but making steady improvement. With 1200 metres to race Harris was
only thirty metres clear of Noden with a 50 metre gap to Phelan and Burrows with a 25 metre gap to
Downes. The backmarkers had reduced the gap to 24 seconds with the field starting to string out. At the
half mile Harris was joined by Noden with Phelan and Burrows still hanging in with a chance, although
now the “backies” were within 13 seconds. At the bell Noden had shaken off Harris but the guns were
now seven seconds away and starting to storm home. Mc Donough and Patten took the lead at the 200
metres and settled down for the fight with Patten drawing clear over the final stages to add to his
imposing record.

400 metres Frontmarker’s handicap.
Tara Domaschenz (70m) completed a big weekend when she careered away on the home turn to defeat
Rosamond Gilden (70m) and the fast finishing Stephanie Mollica (51m) in a very respectable 47.07. After
winning the Stonnington ladies gift on Friday night, Tara tackled her home carnival with plenty of zest
having seven runs with her final run bringing her a victory. Tara also made the 70 metres final as well as
the semi finals of the Mars Gift.
Val Stewart Memorial Backmarkers 400 metres.
After a few recent near misses Peter Spence made no mistakes with a trouble free run to take the $1250
first prize in the Val Stewart Memorial. The race named after one of the sports best coaches has been
won by many quality athletes over the years including Rod Mathews, Cam Dunbar, Paul Tancredi, James
Deane as well as a double to Corey Lawson. In Sunday’s edition, Spence (28m) settled close to the lead
and sprinted to the front on the home to run clear over the final stages. He defeated the fast finishing
Rory Nunn (29m) with Robert Keenan (32m) third in 48.18. Peter’s recent form included placings at Rye,
Wangaratta and Albury as well as making the final of the rich St Bernard’s 800 metres. Spence is
coached by Mark Hipworth and Sundays win is his second following on from a Terang novice 400 metres
in 2009.

1600 metres Mars Frontmarkers Hcp.
Jonathon Woodman (180m) returned to the scene of his last win when he took out the front makers
1600 metres from Michael Tuhan (170m) and Mark Hipworth (200m) in 4.15.8. Jonathon won the
Ballarat frontmarkers 800 metres in 2010. On Sunday the out marker Victoria Atkins (400m) led early
but was quickly collared by Ellie Tossol (350m) who took over from Atkins. James Lynch (250m) and
Adam Cleary (190m) were the first to set out after the leaders with Mark Hipworth (200m) following
them. At the 500 metres mark Tuhan left the back markers behind and joined Hipworth to chase the
leading group. At the bell Cleary found the lead from Hipworth and Lynch but Tuhan quickly raced to
the lead as they ran down the back straight. John Morris who hadn’t been in the action at this stage
made a quick charge and looked a good winning chance. It was only at this point that Woodman came
into calculations as he followed and then passed Morris to set out after Tuhan. On the home turn
Woodman swept pass Tuhan and put the race beyond doubt in a few strides. Jonathon is coached by
Brad Carter, himself a winner at Ballarat in 1994.

1600 metres Mars Backmarkers Hcp.
Brad Carter made it a training 1600 metres double when Adrian Phelan (145m) clocked 4.13.52 to take
out the backmarkers division from Gordon Muir (165m) and Justin Murphy (80m). Gordon Muir set a
good tempo throughout the event and led from Greg Barton (165m) and Phil Noden (155m) with Phelan
being the first to set out for the leaders. At the rear of the field Andrew Patten worked hard to tack
onto Justin Murphy (80m) with the aim to trail him throughout. With two laps to travel the order stayed
the same although Phelan was gradually closing the gap on the leaders, whilst the backmarkers were
still a fair way off the leading pack. At the Bell it was still Muir from Noden and Phelan. As Phelan was
getting the better of Muir and Noden, Murphy was clearly the only runner from the rear able to make a
claim. Murphy ran on very solidly to grab third, just ahead of Noden.

Come to Life Ballarat Gift,120m
David Tinney (8.5m) well and truly shook off the big gift shackles when he comfortably held out former
Stable mate Shaun Hargreaves(7m) and Adrian Mott (3.75m) in 12.32. Tinney, a Don Furness winner and
Stawell Gift finalist, has also been runner up recently at Albury and Maryborough. Tinney won his heat in
12.51 which was only bettered by Liam Dooley (6.75m) who clocked 12.41. However at the semi final
stage Tinney ran a brilliant 12.24 to stand out from the rest ,with the next best being Mott in 12.41.Tim
Eschebach (7.5m) made his first big gift final but improved only marginally on his semi time to run last in
12.55. Another to show promise was fourth placed Tasmanian Andrew Robinson (6.75m) who has been
a regular visitor to Stawell in recent years. Tinney is trained by Pater Walsh who only just missed a run in
the final himself. Unfortunately Liam Dooley injured himself in the semi final and will be off the scene
for a while.

Cameron’s Plumbing and Hardware Stable relay.
Traditionally the Ballarat carnival closes with the hotly contested relay where a few reputations are
placed on the line and a few egos suffer a slight deflation. On Sunday four teams faced the starter,
represented stables were Hipworth, Fieldler,O’Dwyer and Frank Mchugh ‘s South Australian team. The
race started a little poorly for the South Australian team as they were the worst to fair from
interference on the first turn. Peter Spence (HAC) led early from Cameron Yorke (NF) and Zoy Frangos
(BAC) but at the first change disaster struck the leaders with a deplorable baton change between Spence
and “Tiger” Grant. This left the Fieldler team in front and with Law, Pike and Tui to run, the race looked a
formality but the locals (BAC) who had dropped right off the pace started to rally. After Peter O’Dwyer
passed the baton to Rory Nunn the locals still only looked a place chance. At the last change Matthew
Wiltshire produced a withering burst of speed and the race was over as quickly as you could say “tiger,
practice makes perfect”. The relay was the finish of a big weekend for the Ballarat Athletic Club.

The BAC introduced The New Generation Clothing fashions on the field which had the effect of clearing
the running track and crowding the restaurant area. One to show a fair degree of interest was one of
our better middle distances athletes. I believe a young chap with a name that sounds like Dominic may
be available for a position on the judging panel on Easter Saturday for the Driscoll’s fashions on the field.
This author is unable to relay the results but I’m sure the aforesaid young man has got the details in his
The Victorian Athletic League would like to once again thank those that packed up over the weekend. It
has got to the stage that the chief steward is now stirring Coxy’s hot chocolate, he’ll want someone to
drink it for him next. Ian has also applied for a disabled sticker so he can park next to the finish line.
This Saturday the focus moves to the Keilor Sports club where another full day of racing takes place, the
first event at 12.45 and final event 8.45. The program includes the “skins 70 metres”, wood chopping
and the traditional fireworks display at the completion of the athletics. Another round of the SportzBiz
and RACV qualifying heats as well as the VCCL 800 metres for the ladies will be conducted.
We are always after people to write the” wrap” or just cover a few races. Also anyone who wishes to
advertise their event thru the weekly newsletter please contact Mark Howard or Brian Marantelli.
The Noble Park invitation 2k Classic is valued at $1500, with a great trophy; if interested in gaining a spot
talk to Mark O’Brien
Both Noble Park and Burramine are conducting a wide range of under age athletic events for the kids
but entry must be made before the day. To enter for Noble Park, as follows below
a.; b.0402 083 699 c. Fax: 03 9794 5371
Action starts at 9.30am and lunch is provided for the competitors.
and for Burramine;
Mr. Chris Whitelock: 8 Steneker Cresc. Yarrawonga 3730. Ph: 03 5744 2648
catering for distances 100m,200m and 400metres and ages from 8 year old with a special under 21’s
event( for non registered runners). Free entry

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