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PROTRACK » VAL RESULTS » Albury/Wodonga Results

Albury/Wodonga Results

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1 Albury/Wodonga Results on Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:26 pm


70 frontmarkers
1st Mathews K
2nd Trigwell
3rd Blake

70 Backmarkers
1st Panizza
2nd Parkes
3rd Hargreaves M

120 Novice
1st Gray
2nd Howse
3rd Jauzems

120 Vets
1st Hughes
2nd Lancaster
3rd Mathews K

1600 Open
1st Munro
2nd Patten
3rd Lawlor

120 B/Markers
1st Panizza
2nd Galic
3rd Mathews B

120 Womens
1st McDonough
2nd Oakley
3rd Platten

1st BEE
2nd Tinney
3rd Ross (WA)Not to be confused!

300 Womens/Vets
1st Mathews K
2nd Jones
3rd Dare

400 Open
1st Cole
2nd Spence
3rd Naismith

2 Re: Albury/Wodonga Results on Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:41 am


Bee all and end all as Gift prize desperately needed
30 Jan, 2012 01:00 AM
BALLARAT’s Joel Bee floated like a butterfly over the closing stages of yesterday’s Albury-Wodonga Gift to claim victory in a time of 12.41 seconds and collect the $6000 winner’s cheque.

Bee, 19, finished the strongest of the six-man field off his start mark of five metres, holding off runner-up David Tinney by 0.12 seconds with Glenn Ross further back in third spot.

The amateur 400-metre runner said he was desperate to win to cover his future racing expenses.

“I’m not working at the moment so I needed to win the Gift to get to Perth and Sydney if I get in the track classic,” Bee said.

After finishing second in last year’s Ballarat Gift, Bee said he was confident of coming to Albury and getting a win despite specialising in the 400 metres.

“I thought if I went as well as I did in Ballarat I’d come up and have a win,” he said.

Bee, who started running only a few years ago after playing footy in his early teens, said the win was made more special due to the fact he used to live in Albury.

“I was a local here not long ago and Mum still lives here so I should be back next year,” he said.

“It was good to get up and have a win ... I didn’t get a very good start in the semi so I rang ... Gerard Keating who was the fastest white man in the world ... he just told me to strive hard for the first 30 (metres) and hit the line hard.

“With 40 metres to go I just tried to relax because I was in front.”

In yesterday’s 100-metre Border and North East fastest footballer race Albury Thunder’s Chris Seaton blitzed the eight-man field to hit the line first in a time of 11.63 seconds from Wodonga Diamonds’ Adam Waters (11.81 seconds).

Seaton, who raced earlier in the day, said he was happy to win for his club.

“I’m pretty excited, it’s one up for the Thunder,” Seaton said.

“We’ve got the strongest, the fastest and the best league so bring on 2012.”

In the women’s Gift final, Wodonga’s Tabitha West was no match over 120 metres for Geelong’s Kim McDonough who, running for the first time in five years, was never headed after starting off 13 metres.

Commonwealth Games gold medallist Brendan Cole capped off the successful day in style, chasing down all competitors to win the men’s 400 metres open final.

3 Re: Albury/Wodonga Results on Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:42 pm


Victorian Athletic League

EventNo 122 70m Backmarkers Distance 70

1 4 Yellow 6579 Dylan PANIZZA 3.75 7.754 7.839 Completed
2 7 Black 3017 Adam PARKES 5.75 7.829 7.914 Completed
3 3 Blue 1486 Matthew HARGREAVE 3.50 7.855 7.940 Completed
4 1 Red 6154 Brandon GALIC 2.25 7.874 7.959 Completed
5 8 Grey 0003 Iian HINTON 3.75 7.882 7.967 Completed
6 5 Green 1947 Cam DUNBAR 3.75 7.924 8.009 Completed
7 6 Pink 6510 Chris HARGREAVES 4.25 7.925 8.010 Completed
8 2 White 2829 John ADAMS 3.25 8.087 8.172 Completed

EventNo 122A 70m Frontmarkers Distance 70

1 5 Green 6253 Kevin MATTHEWS 7.50 8.385 8.435 Completed
2 4 Yellow 6774 Tenneille TRIGWELL 7.25 8.391 8.441 Completed
3 2 White 7095 Jay BLAKE 3.00 8.408 8.458 Completed
4 3 Blue 3346 Richard NORRIS 6.75 8.441 8.491 Completed
5 8 Grey 0931 Angela WILSON 18.00 8.454 8.504 Completed
6 7 Black 1863 Jessica SCOTT 11.50 8.501 8.551 Completed
7 1 Red 6186 Nick HOWARD 0.75 8.616 8.666 Completed
8 6 Pink 5737 Morgan DEANE 9.50 8.645 8.695 Completed

EventNo 123 120m Gift Distance 120

1 2 White 6775 Joel BEE 5.00 12.284 12.414 Completed
2 4 Yellow 3352 David TINNEY 8.50 12.400 12.530 Completed
3 6 Pink 6428 Glenn ROSS 10.25 12.481 12.611 Completed
4 1 Red 7184 Khan MARR 3.50 12.552 12.682 Completed
5 3 Blue 7106 Kevin BRITTAIN 5.75 12.599 12.729 Completed
6 5 Green 1551 Peter WALSH 8.75 12.623 12.753 Completed

EventNo 124 120m Women's Distance 120

1 8 Grey 1614 Kim MCDONOUGH 13.00 14.033 14.118 Completed
Monday, 30 January 2012 Page 1 of 3
2 3 7209 Blue Bridget OAKLEY 6.00 14.176 14.261 Completed
3 4 Yellow 1487 Alice PLATTEN 6.75 14.198 14.283 Completed
4 2 White 1923 Katie MOORE 2.50 14.224 14.309 Completed
5 7 Black 6774 Tenneille TRIGWELL 9.00 14.310 14.395 Completed
6 1 Red 6198 Tabitha WEST 2.50 14.348 14.433 Completed
7 5 Green 3090 Lara GAMBINO 7.00 14.440 14.525 Completed
8 6 Pink 6904 Rachael CARNEGIE 7.50 14.555 14.640 Completed

EventNo 126 120m Novice Distance 120

1 3 Blue 3081 Clinton GRAY 7.50 12.753 12.878 Completed
2 1 Red 7213 Nathan HOWSE 4.50 12.812 12.937 Completed
3 5 Green 6782 Aldis JAUNZEMS 15.00 12.882 13.007 Completed
4 7 Black 7207 Gemma GRIGG 21.50 12.950 13.075 Completed
5 2 White 7220 Chris SEATON 6.00 13.224 13.349 Completed
6 6 Pink 6734 Kate JONES 21.50 13.257 13.382 Completed
7 8 Grey 7130 Danielle McDOWELL 29.00 13.321 13.446 Completed
8 4 Yellow 6770 Justin COHEN 12.00 13.374 13.499 Completed

EventNo 127 120m Veterans Distance 120

1 1 Red 5333 Paul HUGHES 6.50 13.289 13.299 Completed
2 8 Grey 0296 Craig LANCASTER 24.25 13.300 13.310 Completed
3 7 Black 6253 Kevin MATTHEWS 17.25 13.390 13.400 Completed
4 6 Pink 3346 Richard NORRIS 15.00 13.513 13.523 Completed
5 5 Green 9563 Stephen TAYLOR 15.00 13.587 13.597 Completed
6 2 White 0294 Greg O'KEEFFE 10.00 13.650 13.660 Completed
7 4 Yellow 5284 Simon DARE 14.50 13.701 13.711 Completed
8 3 Blue 7162 Michael ESCHEBACH 14.50 13.943 13.953 Completed

EventNo 128 300m Women's/Veterans Distance 300

1 7 Black 6253 Kevin MATTHEWS 41.00 36.254 36.254 Completed
2 9 Orange 6107 Dale JONES 59.00 36.551 36.551 Completed
3 5 Green 5284 Simon DARE 35.00 36.689 36.689 Completed
4 2 White 3343 Stephanie MOLLICA 27.00 36.830 36.830 Completed
5 10 Purple 0144 Julie TORRINI 78.00 36.944 36.944 Completed
6 8 Grey 7208 Donna BURGESS 56.00 37.009 37.009 Completed
7 3 Blue 3346 Richard NORRIS 32.00 37.309 37.309 Completed
8 6 Pink 7207 Gemma GRIGG 39.00 37.326 37.326 Completed
9 1 Red 0005 Andrew WILCOX 8.00 37.378 37.378 Completed
Monday, 30 January 2012 Page 2 of 3
10 4 6904 Rachael CARN Yellow EGIE 32.00 37.784 37.784 Completed

EventNo 129 400m Open Distance 400

1 1 Red 5852 Brendan COLE 7.00 47.832 47.832 Completed
2 8 Grey 7093 Peter SPENCE 28.00 47.956 47.956 Completed
3 10 Purple 7524 Darren NAISMITH 37.00 47.963 47.963 Completed
4 5 Green 7217 Martin BROCKMAN 22.00 48.529 48.529 Completed
5 6 Pink 6252 Jesse MATTHEWS 24.00 48.533 48.533 Completed
6 4 Yellow 6190 Dominic HOSKINS 21.00 48.646 48.646 Completed
7 9 Orange 5757 Robert KEENAN 32.00 48.797 48.797 Completed
8 3 Blue 5801 Luke STORTA 21.00 49.135 49.135 Completed
9 7 Black 5312 Matt GRANT 26.00 49.215 49.215 Completed
10 2 White 6510 Chris HARGREAVES 20.00 49.725 49.725 Completed

EventNo 130 1600m Open Distance 1600

1 5 Green 6670 Paul MUNRO 95.00 4:12.264 4:12.264 Completed
2 8 Grey 2801 Andrew PATTEN 100.00 4:13.599 4:13.599 Completed
3 7 Black 6772 Cameron BISHOP 100.00 4:15.856 4:15.856 Completed
4 18 Orange-White 6248 Daniel LAWLOR 155.00 4:15.895 4:15.895 Completed
5 2 White 5941 Josh NOLAN 70.00 4:18.299 4:18.299 Completed
6 3 Blue 6049 Justin MURPHY 75.00 4:19.733 4:19.733 Completed
7 19 0263 Gordon MUIR 160.00 4:20.539 4:20.539 Completed
8 11 Red-White 7202 Trent LOWRY 120.00 4:21.151 4:21.151 Completed
9 4 Yellow 2317 Matthew MCDONOUG 85.00 4:21.883 4:21.883 Completed
10 23 0183 Mark HIPWORTH 200.00 4:25.477 4:25.477 Completed
11 22 2022 David PAGE 190.00 4:28.014 4:28.014 Completed
12 17 Grey-White 0518 Phil NODEN 150.00 4:30.442 4:30.442 Scratched
13 20 1245 Michael TUHAN 170.00 4:37.162 4:37.162 Completed
14 24 0307 Rohan DAVID 235.00 4:37.391 4:37.391 Completed
15 6 Pink 6426 Joshua SAIT 100.00 4:47.642 4:47.642 Completed
9999 1 Red 6127 Lachlan CHISHOLM 0.00 0 0 Did Not Co

4 Re: Albury/Wodonga Results on Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:01 pm


Albury 29th January 2012
Professional foot running returned to Albury for the first time since 1994 and Tom Burbidge
with his committee and the assistance of some first class sponsors provided a great day of
competition. The Albury Tiger’s ground in an idyllic setting with a magnificent picket fence
and excellent viewing areas made for a very pleasant afternoon although the weather was
very hot. Tom, in his first attempt at staging an athletic carnival did an outstanding job and
with his running stable’s support handled the day with ease. Tom clocked enough miles
throughout the day to be a candidate for a distance career when he tires of the straight
The day also involved the Little Athletes from the surrounding area and was conducted in an
incredibly orderly fashion. The kids knew the routine and their officials had everything
running smoothly and on time. The little A’s, as with Stawell last Easter, Noble Park and now
Albury fit easily into the VAL handicap style of athletics.

Stean Nicholls 70 metres final (backmarkers).
In heat three of the back markers 70 metres Adam Parkes (5.75m) defeated Dylan Panizza
(3.75m) by 1/1000th of a second in the fastest time of 7.83. The two raced to the line
together in the final with Panizza turning the tables on Parkes also in 7.83. Matthew
Hargreaves (3.5m) finished third just in front of Brandon Gallic (2.25m). Panizza showed a
great deal of promise recently in South Australia with a win in the sprint final at the Bay
Sheffield meeting. Dylan is trained in Western Australia by Glenn Ross. John Adams(3.25m),
after a couple of years away from the sport, made his first final on the comeback trail.

Borderbandag 70 metres final (frontmarkers).
In the front markers division of the 70 metres, Kevin Matthews (7.5m) continued on with his
good form from the previous day to record a good win in the time of 8.43.It was Kevin’s first
win in the VAL and he defeated Tenneille Trigwell (7.25) and Jay Blake (3m). Kevin turned
the tables on Trigwell, who defeated him in the women’s and veterans handicap at
Wangaratta. For Jay Blake the final was his first open sprint final. Kevin is trained by Matt

Albury Wholesale Chickens Novice 120 metres
Clinton Gray (7.5m) scored his first win with the VAL in the novice at Albury, defeating
Nathan Howse (4.5m) and Aldis Jaunzems (15m) in the respectable time of 12.87. Clinton
who was a very promising sprinter several years ago gave the sport away and has only had
limited runs this season in his comeback year. Clinton is trained by John Henry.

Turvey Park Veterans 120 metres handicap.
Fresh from a 400 metres victory the night before Paul Hughes(6.5m) switched to sprint
racing to record another win, this time in the veterans final in the time of 13.29. Paul
narrowly defeated Craig Lancaster (24.25m),with Kevin Matthews (17.25m) in third place.
Hughes defeated Lancaster in their heat and was able to repeat the dose, although only just,
in the final. Paul has now had victories this season over 120,200 and 400 metres as well as
many placings. Paul is trained in Wangaratta by Greg O’Keefe.

Joss Albury Wodonga 120 metres Gift
The heats of the Joss Albury Gift seemed to be rolling along with no significant chances until
the arrival of Joel Bee (5m) in the fifth heat . Joel scorched down the track in the very quick
time of 12.38 and certainly set the standard for those still to run. It wasn’t until the semi
final stage that a danger appeared when Khan Marr(3.5m) won the first semi in 12.39, giving
Bee a definite challenger. The second semi was won by Kevin Brittain (5.75m) in the fairly
sedate time of 12.65, not causing any great alarm to Marr or Bee. However the race was
clearly on when in the third semi final David Tinney (8.5m) threw down the gauntlet and
pushed Bee right to the finish to miss Bee by 1/1000th of second in the season’s fastest time
of 12.24. The final was an anti climax with Bee quickly racing to the front and never looking
in danger to win by over a metre in the time of 12.41. The winner’s time was a slight
disappointment but Joel eased over the final stages as the win was never in doubt. Tinney
finished second a clear margin in front of Glenn Ross (10.25m), the position he also held in
that quick third semi final. Joel has only had a few starts in the VAL but they have all been of
a high standard. Amongst his runs has been a Stawell Gift heat win in 12.41 and a good
second in the final of the Ballarat gift.

120 metres Commercial Club Women’s Gift.
Another to finish the Wangaratta‐Albury weekend with multiple wins was Kim Mcdonough
who raced away to win the main event for the ladies in 14.11. Kim(13m) defeated Bridget
Oakley (6m) by a metre and a half with Alice Paltten (6.75m) hanging onto third just ahead
of Katie Moore (2.5m). After the heat times it appeared that Katie Moore(14.50) and
Bridget Oakley (14.45) had the race to themselves as Bridget had defeated McDonough
clearly in their heat. However the final was a completely different event as McDonough
had a clear five and a half metre start on the field as they went to their blocks. Kim simply
sailed along in front whilst the main pack appeared to struggle amongst themselves. Kim is
trained by husband Matthew who was to finish ninth in the 1600 metres later in the day. I
trust that Matthew still produced the “fitty” from his ninth to pay the accommodation for
the weekend.

Yes Optus 300 metres Women’s and Veterans Final
Kevin Matthews (41m) continued on with his busy weekend when he cleared out to win the
women’s and veterans 300 metres final from Dale Jones (59m) and Simon Dare (35m) in the
time of 36.25. Kevin qualified for the final by winning the slowest of the heats, but he
obviously had plenty “in the tank” as he never looked like losing the final. Dale Jones added
to his Wangaratta second with another solid effort and Simon Dare recorded the fastest
heat time and battled on well for his third place.

Albury City 400 metres handicap.
Not only did Albury provide a first class prize for the gift final but also spread the money
around in the circle events by conducting one of the richest 400 metre events of the season.
The heats were red hot with some spectacular performances recorded by runners on their
way to the final. Darren Naismith (37m) led most of the way to win the first heat and defeat
backmarker Ollie Wurm (11m) in 49.26. National champion Brendan Cole(7m) rounded up
the field mid race to record 48.90 in a very easy win in heat two. Chris Hargreaves
(20m),with a minimum of fuss accounted for heat three in 50.33. Peter Spence(28m)had a
very comfortable win in heat four in the time of 49.08. British decathlete, Martin Brockman
(22m) stole heat five with a barnstorming run around the field to charge to the front at the
200 metre mark and ran up the straight doggedly to record 48.48,the fastest qualifier.
In the final Chris Hargreaves began quickest of the middle markers and worked himself into
a nice position whilst Brockman tried to repeat his heat tactics and make an early move on
the leaders. Cole, giving the field a minimum of thirteen metres made a dash down the back
straight and quickly had himself in contention. On the home turn Naismith, still in the lead,
was joined by Cole and Peter Spence with Brockman tiring on his run. In the run to the line
Cole was a convincing winner from Spence and Naismith in the time of 47.83. Cole, coached
by Matt Beckenham, is a regular on the national athletics team and will now concentrate on
the London Olympics.

The River 105.7fm Border Radio 1600 metres.
The 1600 metres was also one of the richest on the VAL calendar with a prize pool of
$3000,the winners share $1600.A classy field lined up but unfortunately after a lap the
scratchman Lachlan Chisholm pulled out of the race with an injury. The race quickly
developed into a two man race with stablemates Andrew Patten (100m) and Paul Munro
(95m) settling down to fight out the finish over the last 300 metres. Munro opened a break
before the home turn and held Patten in the run to the line to win by 10 metres in 4.12.26.
Cameron Bishop (100m) once again showed he was a young runner with a future to finish
third ,inches ahead of Daniel Lawlor (155m). Munro ,who won the backmarkers 3200 metres
at Stawell last Easter is trained by Mark Hipworth.

Jetts 120 metres Backmarkers
In a special event for those eliminated from the Albury Gift the club staged a backmarkers
final over 120 metres. The winner was Dylan Panizza (2m) narrowly from Ben Gallic (0.5m)
and Brendan Matthews (0.25m) in the time of 13.12. Panizza’s run in this event and earlier
in the sprint showed that he is a sprinter with potential and is certain to back with the VAL
before the season ends. Both first and second are from Western Australia.

Reminders; This Saturday, Avondale Heights , TEA GARDENS Gift. Canning Reserve , Start
1.30—finish 7.30 As well as a very comprehensive VAL running program the Tea Gardens
gift committee is providing plenty of entertainment with a free live outdoor concert under
lights, featuring BLACK MAGIC, commencing at the completion of the athletics. As well as
the regular food and drink stalls the club is also providing a jumping castle for the kids.
On Sunday St Bernard’s will be staging an excellent program with the Don Furness Memorial
($5000), the richest 70 metres in Australia and the Bendigo Bank 800mts ($4350). Also, for
the under 14’s there is the St Bernard’s kids sprint with a sash for the winner of each of the
two divisions. Drinks and lollies for all kids.
Distance athletes; don’t forget the Noble Park 2000 metres Classic. Prize money is increasing
as co‐sponsor Bill Sutton digs up another Milo tin in his back yard. Trophy and prize pool
currently $1300, could get higher if Bill can borrow a bobcat for his front yard. If you haven’t
entered you know “Rexter” will be at you. Enter and avoid the pain. Email the office and let
Mark or Noel know.
Any club who wishes to advertise/mention any events for a coming carnival that are not
covered by the normal VAL website, please email These events
maybe Little Athletics, kids races, tug war, beauty contests, relays, most insane athlete
competition etc. We will endeavour to mention your event a couple of weeks prior to your
For any budding Journalist, author, graffitist or even a part time face painter who wishes to
add to their CV, why not have a crack at writing the VAL wrap. You never know, Lachlan
Murdoch may be researching the wrap one day in search of a foreign correspondent.
Recently Eric Sapac went undercover and did a terrific job with his Rye wrap. Contact Mark
Howard or Brian Marantelli if interested.

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