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Wangaratta Results

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1 Wangaratta Results on Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:11 pm


70m Open
1st Mathews J
2nd Trigwell
3rd Mathews K

120 Novice
1st Rosen
2nd Jauzems
3rd Bousalis

800m Open
1st Hipworth
2nd Rinaldi
3rd Murphy

120 Vets/Womens
1st Trigwell
2nd Wilson
3rd Mathews K

300 Vets
1st Dunbar R
2nd Jones
3rd Torrini

'Broo' womens 400
1st McDonough
2nd Pasquali
3rd Nevin

1st Dunbar C
2nd Hargreaves M
3rd Jamieson

3200 Open
1st Patten
2nd Williamson
3rd McDonough M

400 Open
1st Hughes
2nd Keenan
3rd Spence

2 Re: Wangaratta Results on Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:34 am


Dunbar coasts home to win at Wangaratta
30 Jan, 2012 01:00 AM
RINGWOOD Athletic Club star Cam Dunbar has continued his outstanding season after taking out the prestigious Wangaratta Gift.

Only two weeks after winning the Rye Gift for the second time, the 30-year-old won the $3500 Victorian Athletic League event in front of a crowd of about 2500 at Norm Minns Oval on Saturday night.

Under the showgrounds’ new $700,000 lights, Dunbar cruised home in 12.58 seconds to beat Tarneit’s Matthew Hargreaves by 0.06 seconds, with Williams-town’s Sam Jamieson third in 12.69 seconds.

The 31-year-old, who ran off 6.75 metres, said he was relieved to finally win the event after several near-misses.

“I was going up there in pretty good form after winning in Rye,” said Dunbar, who made the Albury Gift semi-finals at Albury Sportsground yesterday.

“It was great to win after four cracks at it.

“I’m pretty much in my best form.”

Wangaratta cycling star Alex Meyland won the other major event, the Wheelrace, clocking 2.08.4 seconds to edge out Sam Crome, with Mark Flood third.

Dunbar entered the Gift as favourite and lived up to the hype.

In an outstanding season, he finished third, running off 6.75 metres, in the $4000 St Alban’s Gift last Saturday and also has top-three finishes in the Peninsula, Traralgon and Maryborough Gifts.

Dunbar has been competing in Wangaratta for almost a decade and finished third in last year’s Gift to his trainer, Todd Ireland.

He said he would like to come back to defend his title.

“It’s a sentimental favourite for me, the Wangaratta Gift,” Dunbar said.

“I have family from Glenrowan and I’ve been going to the Wang Gift for years as a spectator and competing in the junior novice races.

“I’ve been there just about every year for 15-plus years.

“It might not be a Stawell Gift in regards to money but it’s a time-honoured event.”

Wangaratta Sports Club manager Graeme Taylor said that while he was disappointed with the crowd figure the event was a success and would likely be held under lights again next year.

“That will set the format for the future,” Taylor said.

“The lights were great.

“It makes life better for the spectators and the commentators.

“It went off well but we were just a little bit down on the gate.”

3 Re: Wangaratta Results on Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:26 pm


Victorian Athletic League
EventNo 113 70m Open Distance 70

1 4 Yellow 6252 Jesse MATTHEWS 5.25 7.717 7.782 Completed
2 7 Black 6774 Tenneille TRIGWELL 13.00 7.724 7.789 Completed
3 8 Grey 6253 Kevin MATTHEWS 13.25 7.773 7.838 Completed
4 1 Red 7184 Khan MARR 1.75 7.790 7.855 Completed
5 2 White 5557 Sam JAMIESON 2.25 7.815 7.880 Completed
6 6 Pink 6212 Andrew WALDRON 6.25 7.816 7.881 Completed
7 3 Blue 0001 Ian HINTON 3.75 7.819 7.884 Completed
8 5 Green 5671 Jarrod LINDNER 6.00 7.826 7.891 Completed

EventNo 114 120m Gift Distance 120

1 3 Blue 1947 Cam DUNBAR 6.75 12.603 12.583 Completed
2 2 White 1486 Matthew HARGREAVE 5.25 12.667 12.647 Completed
3 1 Red 5557 Sam JAMIESON 3.25 12.710 12.690 Completed
4 4 Yellow 5500 Lachlan TAYLOR 8.50 12.789 12.769 Completed
5 6 Pink 6087 Matthew MIFSUD 10.25 12.809 12.789 Completed
6 5 Green 8928 Josh TIU 9.00 12.821 12.801 Completed

EventNo 115 120m Novice Distance 120

1 4 Yellow 6780 Timothy ROSEN 15.00 12.750 12.850 Completed
2 3 Blue 6782 Aldis JAUNZEMS 15.00 12.903 13.003 Completed
3 2 White 7073 Harry BOUTSALIS 14.50 12.913 13.013 Completed
4 1 Red 6770 Justin COHEN 12.00 13.137 13.237 Completed
5 5 Green 6734 Kate JONES 21.50 13.191 13.291 Completed
6 7 Black 7228 Samantha POMROY 22.00 13.204 13.304 Completed
7 8 Grey 7130 Danielle McDOWELL 29.00 13.368 13.468 Completed
8 6 Pink 7207 Gemma GRIGG 21.50 13.612 13.712 Completed

EventNo 116 120m Women's/Veterans Distance 120

1 7 Black 6774 Tenneille TRIGWELL 18.00 13.204 13.134 Completed
Monday, 30 January 2012 Page 1 of 3
2 8 0931 Grey Angela WILSON 36.00 13.361 13.291 Completed
3 6 Pink 6253 Kevin MATTHEWS 17.25 13.400 13.330 Completed
4 2 White 1506 Kelly SHELDRICK 8.00 13.477 13.407 Completed
5 3 Blue 7209 Bridget OAKLEY 14.00 13.515 13.445 Completed
6 5 Green 9563 Stephen TAYLOR 15.00 13.563 13.493 Completed
7 1 Red 6428 Glenn ROSS 4.50 13.726 13.656 Completed
8 4 Yellow 5904 George SAOUMA 14.25 13.826 13.756 Completed

EventNo 117 300m Veterans Distance 300

1 6 Pink 0322 Rick DUNBAR 62.00 36.15 36.150 Completed
2 5 Green 6107 Dale JONES 59.00 36.18 36.180 Completed
3 8 Grey 0144 Julie TORRINI 78.00 36.20 36.200 Completed
4 1 Red 0294 Greg O'KEEFFE 20.00 36.59 36.590 Completed
5 3 Blue 7162 Michael ESCHEBACH 33.00 37.45 37.450 Completed
6 2 White 0459 John HILDITCH 31.00 37.66 37.660 Completed
7 7 Black 5950 Rita PANA 68.00 37.68 37.680 Completed
8 4 Yellow 3084 Samantha SAMMUT 45.00 38.26 38.260 Completed

EventNo 118 400m BROO Women's Distance 400

1 7 Black 1614 Kim MCDONOUGH 44.00 56.431 56.431 Completed
2 6 Pink 2024 Anna PASQUALI 35.00 56.583 56.583 Completed
3 4 Yellow 6462 Tarin NEVIN 34.00 56.786 56.786 Completed
4 1 Red 6198 Tabitha WEST 7.00 57.435 57.435 Completed
5 3 Blue 6904 Rachael CARNEGIE 25.00 57.860 57.860 Completed
6 8 Grey 7208 Donna BURGESS 50.00 58.864 58.864 Completed
7 2 White 3343 Stephanie MOLLICA 8.00 58.884 58.884 Completed
8 5 Green 3188 Susan SINCLAIR 34.00 58.965 58.965 Completed

EventNo 119 400m Open Distance 400

1 5 Green 5333 Paul HUGHES 28.00 48.959 48.959 Completed
2 7 Black 5757 Robert KEENAN 32.00 48.991 48.991 Completed
3 4 Yellow 7093 Peter SPENCE 28.00 49.001 49.001 Completed
4 10 Purple 7095 Jay BLAKE 45.00 49.103 49.103 Completed
5 3 Blue 5312 Matt GRANT 26.00 49.386 49.386 Completed
6 6 Pink 2143 James DEANE 30.00 49.534 49.534 Completed
7 8 Grey 7079 Rhys PARKINSON 32.00 49.620 49.620 Completed
8 9 Orange 6059 Calvin GOOK 41.00 49.824 49.824 Completed
9 1 Red 5758 Derek COLLINGE 15.00 49.849 49.849 Completed
Monday, 30 January 2012 Page 2 of 3
10 2 3272 White Jayson HAYES-HORNI 24.00 49.888 49.888 Completed

EventNo 120 800m Open Distance 800

1 10 Purple 0183 Mark HIPWORTH 76.00 1:55.060 1:55.060 Completed
2 3 Blue 1844 Justin RINALDI 36.00 1:55.773 1:55.773 Completed
3 1 Red 6049 Justin MURPHY 28.00 1:56.502 1:56.502 Completed
4 5 Green 7093 Peter SPENCE 50.00 1:57.559 1:57.559 Completed
5 4 Yellow 5758 Derek COLLINGE 40.00 1:58.718 1:58.718 Completed
6 2 White 2143 James DEANE 34.00 1:59.269 1:59.269 Completed
7 6 Pink 0109 David HAIGH 54.00 1:59.687 1:59.687 Completed
8 9 Orange 6013 Adrian PHELAN 68.00 2:01.067 2:1.067 Completed
9 8 Grey 2228 Andrew CURRAN 58.00 2:06.254 2:6.254 Completed
10 7 Black 0002 Michael TUHAN 56.00 2:08.723 2:8.723 Completed

EventNo 121 3200m Open Distance 3200

1 6 Pink 2801 Andrew PATTEN 140.00 9:07.301 9:7.301 Completed
2 5 Green 6181 Cody WILLIAMSON 120.00 9:12.361 9:12.361 Completed
3 2 White 2317 Matthew MCDONOUG 90.00 9:14.214 9:14.214 Completed
4 3 Blue 6670 Paul MUNRO 90.00 9:23.928 9:23.928 Completed
5 19 2022 David PAGE 370.00 9:29.966 9:29.966 Completed
6 7 Black 6772 Cameron BISHOP 160.00 9:32.814 9:32.814 Completed
7 1 Red 5966 Brady THRELFALL 0.00 9:34.559 9:34.559 Completed
8 17 Grey-White 0518 Phil NODEN 300.00 9:38.349 9:38.349 Completed
9 12 Blue-White 6013 Adrian PHELAN 230.00 9:43.199 9:43.199 Completed
10 4 Yellow 6049 Justin MURPHY 120.00 9:46.212 9:46.212 Completed
11 18 Orange-White 0548 Matthew BATEMAN 360.00 9:48.483 9:48.483 Completed
12 10 Purple 6426 Joshua SAIT 180.00 10:02.288 10:2.288 Completed
13 15 Pink-White 0263 Gordon MUIR 260.00 10:03.975 10:3.975 Completed
14 16 Black-White 2604 Arron DOWNES 300.00 10:08.436 10:8.436 Completed
15 14 Green-White 5953 Luke GRAY 260.00 10:26.874 10:26.874 Completed
16 23 7239 Prue STANLEY 500.00 10:41.648 10:41.648 Completed

4 Re: Wangaratta Results on Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:56 pm


Wangaratta 28/1/2012
Is there a better place to be on a balmy summers evening than the Wangaratta football ground
just before the running of the ‘Wang’ gift. There probably is but this writer has led a very
sheltered life and for nearly 100 years the Wangaratta Athletic Club has been conducting
athletics under superb conditions with a bowling green surface and now state of the art
lighting. Graeme Taylor and Greg O’Keefe along with a great committee have kept this icon
of a sports carnival going to maintain the tradition that it has earned over the years. The
weather was between, very hot and extremely hot until a ‘cool breeze’ and possible
thunderstorm snuck across the ground as the night wore on.
Reminder; This Saturday, Avondale Heights, TEA GARDENS Gift. Canning Reserve, Start
1.30—finish 7.30 As well as a very comprehensive VAL running program the Tea Gardens
gift committee is providing plenty of entertainment with a free live outdoor concert under
lights, featuring “BLACK MAGIC”, commencing at the completion of the athletics. As
well as the regular food and drink stalls the club is also providing a jumping castle for the

On Sunday St Bernard’s will be staging an excellent program with the Don Furness Memorial
($5000), the richest 70 metres in Australia and the Bendigo Bank 800mts ($4350). Also, for
the under 14’s there is the St Bernard’s kids sprint with a sash for the winners of both
divisions. Drinks and lollies for all the kids.
Distance athletes; don’t forget the Noble Park 2000 metres Classic. Prize money is increasing
as co-sponsor Bill Sutton digs up another Milo tin in his back yard. Trophy and prize pool
currently $1300, could get higher if Bill can borrow a bobcat for his front yard. If you haven’t
entered you know “Rexter” will be at you. Enter and avoid the pain. Email the office and let
Mark or Noel know.

70 metres Open
After the heats of the 70 metres it looked a back markers final with Khan Marr (1.75m) and
Sam Jamieson (2.25m) being the most impressive heat winners but that quickly changed with
the running of the semi finals. The two semis were taken out by the Matthews family with
Jesse (5.25m) running 7.74 and dad Kevin winning the second semi in 7.79. In the final Jesse
won in a very close finish from Tenneille Trigwell (13m) and Kevin Matthews in third place.
The Matthews family have been regular visitors to Victoria in recent years and Saturday’s
win was Jesse’s first in the VAL. The time was 7.78 and the winner is trained by Matt

The ANZ Bank Wangaratta Gift.
At the completion of the eight heats of the Wangaratta gift, one athlete that shouldn’t have
come into serious final calculations was Cam Dunbar. In the final heat Sam Jamieson (3.25m)
appeared to run down Cam ( 6.75m) with ease over the final few metres, although the time
was a very commendable 12.58. The fastest heat winner was Paul Hughes (12.75m) in 12.50
with Katie Moore (17.75m) also clocking 12.58. At semi final time a fairly significant breeze
appeared with the distinct possibility of a thunderstorm. The strong headwind certainly
affected many of the runners with Cam Dunbar winning his semi from Matthew Hargreaves
(5.25m) by a clear margin in a very blustery 12.77. Katie Moore, with a head wind struggled
into fourth place in this semi. Sam Jamieson continued on with his good form to win the
second semi but could only record 12.94. In the final the conditions had settled and with no
wind, Dunbar won impressively from Hargreaves and Jamieson in 12.58. Cam, in red hot
form, won the Rye Gift a couple of weeks ago adding to an impressive sprinting record. Todd
Ireland, last year’s ‘Wang’ gift winner was still in the action, but this time as the coach of
Cam. Sam Jamieson continues on his VAL comeback with another very competitive showing
and last week’s winner Matthew Mifsud (10.25m) handled his handicap adjustment well to
finish fifth.

Novice 120 metres
With only two heats of the novice at Wangaratta the result was never in doubt with the fastest
heat winner Tim Rosen (15m) defeating the first heat winner Aldis Jaunzems (15m) by nearly
two metres in the time of 12.85. Harry Boutsalis (14.5m) was a close up third. Rosen, in his
second year with the Victorian Athletic League, recently finished second in the Rye 70 metre novice final.

Women’s and Veterans 120 metres handicap.
Tenneille Trigwell (18m) made up for her close second in the 70 metres final with a clear
win over Angela Wilson (36m) and Kevin Matthews (17.25m) in the women’s and veterans
120 metres final. After the heats Tenneille had recorded the fastest time clearly and the final
result was to be expected. Although, Angela Wilson‘s run was her best effort for some time.
Angela is showing the benefit of her very strict diet, her and Dave only eat at Melbourne’s
best restaurants. She highly recommends this week’s choice, Bergeracs in King St, mention
Ange’s name to get the best table. The winner’s time was 13.13 and Tenneille is coached in
Western Australia by consistent sprinter Glenn Ross.

300 metres Veteran’s handicap.
No doubt about Richard Dunbar, we all know he can talk the talk but at Wangaratta on
Saturday night he walked the walk with a gutsy win in the veterans 300 metres. Overcoming
a luckless run of minor placings of late he was a convincing winner of his heat before
stepping out for what appeared a very even final. Julie Torrini (78m) cleared out early and
looked to have a winning break on the home turn before Dunbar sprinted quickly to join her.
Just as Dunbar (62m) hit the lead he was tackled strongly by NSW runner Dale Jones (59m).
Jones looked like taking control but was held comfortably over the last few metres. Rick who
has won many races, at more venues than he can remember may have to rethink his VAL race
strategy for the rest of the season. Rick a keen student of the rules and regulations would be
most aware of the VAL “double wammy” policy for dual wins over the same distance. This
correspondent would imagine that a mile career may not be out of the question, following in
the footsteps of Tony O’Shea. Rick is coached by Todd Ireland but do any of us really think
Rick would listen. In all seriousness Rick, a valued VAL life member, has been one of the
greatest driving forces for the advancement of professional athletes Victoria for many years.
Well done Rick.

Women’s 400 metres Broo series
The Wangaratta division of the Broo series was taken out by Kim McDonough (44m) from
Anna Pasquali (35m) and Tarin Nevin (34m) in the time of 56.43. Kim looked sure to add to
her impressive racing history with recent placings at Rye and Maryborough and on Saturday
night she defied all challengers as she held on to win by three metres. The backmarkers
Stephanie Mollica (8m) and Tabitha West (7m) struggled to make ground early and were
never a winning chance in the home straight. McDonough and Pasquali have both been
quality athletes with the VAL over a long period of time and are still very competitive. As the
final of the Broo series approaches the field is taking shape in what will be a very tough race.
Kim is trained by her husband Matthew and is of course the daughter of Long John
Holloway, much valued VAL official.

George Underwood 400 metres handicap.
The race named in honour of one of the VAL ‘s and Cycling’s staunchest supporters has
historically been a keenly contested event which has boasted wins by some of the VAL best
quarter milers. Dallas O’Brien won the race on three consecutive occasions in the 1980’s, the
last time near enough from the scratch mark. Dallas also won the 1982 Stawell Gift. George
was honoured earlier in the night with a life membership of the Wangaratta Sports Club.
George has spent nearly forty years travelling the country, calling and watching athletics and
cycling. His knowledge and recall of both sports is second to anyone involved in either sport.
George has also spent a good deal of time on the VAL board as well as different club
committees. The Victorian Athletic League congratulates George on his dedication as he
winds down his commentating duties.

The race was won by the extremely consistent Paul Hughes (28m) from Robert Keenan
(32m) and Peter Spence (28m) in the time of 48.95. Keenan was touched off on the line in his
heat by Matt Grant (26m) and so it happened in the final as Hughes grabbed the lead in the
last few metres to win by 4/1000ths of a second. Coming to the home turn the outmarker, Jay
Blake(45m), was right in contention but started to tire leaving Keenan in front before the late
charge from Hughes. Peter Spence was only inches away in third place, cutting Blake out of
the minor money. Hughes has already had a busy and successful season with a win at
Maryborough and several other placings. Paul lives and trains in Wangaratta.

800 metres Handicap Final
Like last week at St Albans the 800 metres final was never in doubt as Mark Hipworth (76m)
strode around the Wangaratta football ground to record an easy win from training partner
Justin Rinaldi (36m) and Justin Murphy (28m) in 1.55.06. Mark handled his penalty for the St
Albans win with ease as he clocked the fastest heat time by four seconds and shaved a further
two seconds for his final. Although not much can be written about Mark that hasn’t been said
before he does seem to be able to maintain a high level of fitness and competitiveness as well
as coaching his large training group. Justin Rinaldi, one of the country’s best 800 metre
athletes in his time, stuck to his task well and looms as a winning chance before the season
closes. Justin Murphy as reliable as ever raced hard in both the heat and final, holding on well
for third place.

Phil Noden 3200 metres
From one of the VAL’s longest serving families, Phil Noden once again generously
sponsored the ‘2 miler’ at Wangaratta. The early speed was set by David Page (370m) who
opened a handy lead over the first four laps and looked to still be travelling well with three
laps to go. At this stage he led from Matthew Bateman (360m) and Phil Noden (300m) with
Andrew Patten (140m) making up good ground but still eighty metres off the lead. Cody
Williamson (120m) and Cameron Bishop (160m ) were a further fifteen and thirty metres
behind Patten. Brady Threlfell from scratch tacked onto the field with three to go but still had
a huge task on his hands. Within the space of the next lap Patten had collared a spent Page
with Williamson moving to third just ahead of Noden . Even at this stage Patten looked a
clear winner, with Williamson the only danger. Paul Munro (90m) and Matthew McDonough
(90m) were still fifty metres off the lead and Brady Threlfell a further fifty astern. By now the
front markers were “gawn”. As the bell was rung Patten had cleared out from Williamson
chasing hard from Munro and McDonough. Pagey was hanging in there in fifth spot and
Brady Threlfell was working away, passing one runner at a time. On the line Andrew Patten
was a worthy and clear winner, with a terrific performance from Cody Williamson and
Matthew McDonough. Paul Munro tired over the last 200 metres to finish fourth well clear of
David Page and a promising run from young Cameron Bishop. The winner is trained by Mark
Hipworth and the Wangaratta win comes hot on the heels of Andrew’s impressive St Albans
victory last week. All competitors are to be congratulated on their efforts on such a warm
evening and many thanks to Phil Noden for his support of the event.

Any club who wishes to advertise/mention any events for a coming carnival that are not
covered by the normal VAL website, please email These events
may be Little Athletics, kids races, tug of war, beauty contests, relays, most insane athlete
competition etc. We will endeavour to mention your event a couple of weeks prior to your
Good to see “Coxy” back in action after his early exit from St Albans last week. Although he
must still have been suffering from the side effects of his illness as he spent the entire
weekend sitting in the colour tent, holding Joy’s hand. On Sunday “Coxy” said he married
Joy for better or worse. He couldn’t do any better and Joy couldn’t do any worse.
For any budding Journalist, author, graffitist or even a part time face painter who wishes to
add to their CV, why not have a crack at writing the VAL wrap. You never know, Lachlan
Murdoch may be researching the wrap one day in search of a new foreign correspondent.
Recently Eric Sapac went undercover and did a terrific job with his Rye wrap. Contact Mark
Howard or Brian Marantelli if interested.

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