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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Long-Scafidi 10.89 as ASA update the 100 times

Long-Scafidi 10.89 as ASA update the 100 times

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1 Long-Scafidi 10.89 as ASA update the 100 times on Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:56 pm


Last Friday night at SANTOS stadium, ASA decided to run the 100m races down the back straight to take advantage of the prevailing tail winds (and avoid the head winds in the main straight). It was very much appreciated by the athletes & coaches, however, unfortunately the timing system malfunctioned and only the first two heats of the men's 100m were electronically timed. All the women's heats weren't electrically timed.

Initially when ASA published the results on the weekend, it was declared 'no data' for all the 100m races. But they've recently updated the results the best they can and published electric times fro the first two men's heats and hand held times for most of the other races.

Terrific PB for a few of the lads in the 100's especially Wallace Long-Scafidi who went under 10.9 for the first time.

Men's 100m
Heat 1

Wind: +1.7
1 646 Wallace Long-Scafidi 21 FLIN 10.89
2 211 Derek Mai 18 PEM 10.92
3 314 Corey Baker 19 PEM 11.09
4 177 Matthew Heptinstal 16 HILL 11.30
4 510 Dylan Hicks 30 SPC 11.30
6 506 Joshua Ware 19 SAL 11.43
7 213 Alexander Mammone 19 SAC 11.71
8 341 Bradley Letton 28 TTG 11.71
9 322 Luke Day 16 WD 11.72

Also confirms Alicia Wrench-Doody is in decent sub 12s shape with a hand timed 11.5.

Women 100 Metre SEEDED
Section 1
Wind: +1.3
1 371 Alicia Wrench-Doody 25 WD 11.5h
2 3 Leanne Hodge 26 WD 11.9h

3 316 Kate Booth 18 PEM 12.2h 17
4 176 Kelly Heintze 25 EH 12.4h 14
5 497 Amie Mittiga 19 FLIN 12.5h
6 136 Clarissa Centenera 14 HILL 12.6h 14
7 415 Tayla Philis 14 WD 13.0h 14
8 440 *Georgina Bradley 13 WD 13.0h
9 244 Hannah Parr 14 WD 13.10

To view all results Click Here.

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"Let's Go While We're Young"

The Morphy Mongrel

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Good to see Wallace getting into the 10.8s. Caldow, James, Bateman, Watkins, who else has run under 10.9 in SA?

If theres head winds on Saturday will AA run the 100s and 200s down the back straight? If so I tip Pearson to break 11.2!


According to my records (thanks to the list provided by Fletcher McEwan), the folowing athletes are those who have broken 10.90 electric.

Those in yellow are currently competing.

10.40 Steve McBAIN
10.42 Graham HASKELL
10.44 Keith SHEEHY (but now in NSW)
10.46 Mark ORMROD
10.45 Bruce FRAYNE
10.50 Todd BATEMAN
10.53 Steve HUTTON
10.58 Ramon VARCOE
10.66 Phillip SMITH
10.68 Jamie KELLY
10.70 Chris ASTON
10.70 Shane McKENZIE
10.71 David STOKES
10.72 James NOBLET
10.72 Damien BYRNE
10.73 Peter BUBNER
10.73 Dean SMITH
10.73 Clay WATKINS
10.76 Brad JAMIESON
10.76 Tim JOHNSON (SAAL only)
10.77 Richard HOPKINS
10.77 Steve SAUNDERS
10.77 Jagan HAMES
10.81 Al GREEN
10.81 Duncan TIPPINS
10.83 Jordan CALDOW
10.83 Tom BAKER
10.86 Alex BUBNER
10.86 Idika IDUMA
10.87 Robbie JAMES
10.87 Jacob JERVIS-BARDY
10.88 Steve MEDHURST
10.88 Karl BROOKE
10.89 Ivan COLES
10.89 Wallace LONG-SCAFIDI

"Let's Go While We're Young"


Fastest time by a South Australian athlete at SANTOS stadium. (< 10.90)

Time - Name - Year
10.58 Mark Ormrod 2005
10.62 Keith Sheehy 2006
10.67 Todd Bateman 2010
10.70 Shane McKenzie 2002
10.73 Clay Watkins 2009
10.76 Tim Johnson 2003
10.77 Joseph Batangdon 2004
10.81 Duncan Tippins 2008
10.86 Idika Uduma 2004
10.86 Alex Bubner 2005
10.87 Jake Jarvis-Bardy 2005
10.87 Robbie James 2011
10.89 Jordan Caldow 2011
10.89 Wallace Long-Scafidi 2012

From what I can remember, all but two were on the main straight. The only two of the above that were recorded on the back straight are Robbie James and Wallace Long-Scafidi.

"Let's Go While We're Young"


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
10.40 Steve McBAIN

A couple of months back, a tall man called Steve turned up at Park Ten for the Team Townley Sunday morning training session.

Steve ran smoothly with a sun hat on his head as he powered across the Park Ten grass.

And Steve ran fast - compared to the rest of us he was very fast on his first day back training after a long break from the sport.

James Noblet said that Steve was SA's fastest ever over 100 metres and the list above supports that contention.

During his brief visits to Team Townley training, Steve gave me some good advice, much appreciated.

And if Steve returns to competitive running, that will be something to watch.

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