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PROTRACK » GENERAL » ASA get tough on its member clubs

ASA get tough on its member clubs

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1 ASA get tough on its member clubs on Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:46 pm


Great to see ASA finally getting tough on its clubs by spelling in great detail what is expected from its member clubs.

For years a few of the clubs have been able to meander along with very few athletes and getting away with not 'putting in' helping the sport, like the bigger and better organised clubs.

A document (reproduced below) sets out the clubs responsibilities & expectations.

I particularly like the 3 tiered approach to categorising clubs.

Basically now there are only eight clubs in the interclub competition. These are the clubs where there are >30 athletes. Their athletes will score points for interclub pennants.

Competing Clubs
Hills District
Tea Tree Gully
Western District

All clubs in interclub this season will be stand alone clubs. There will be no more more combined clubs for interclub.

Non-competing clubs athletes' can run in interclub but won't earn points.
Non Competing Clubs:
Adelaide Harriers
Mt Gambier
Port Adelaide

Developing clubs have similar status to non-competing clubs however they have one year to lift their membership numbers to a satisfactory level or risk losing ASA affiliation.
Developing Clubs:
United Collegians

Elizabeth (9 members), Southerns (7) & United Collegians (6) will have to lift their membership up to more than 14 athetes this season or they will cease to be an ASA member club.

Great initiative by ASA. My (long held) view is there should only be 8 clubs in ASA (plus Mt Gambier as a country club) as it offers a better structured competition. ASA simply does not have the number of athletes to accommodate any more than 8 clubs. This will also keep clubs on their toes and ensure they keep their numbers up to meet the standards.


Responsibilities and Expectations
of Athletics South Australia Affiliated Clubs

This document is intended to clearly outline the responsibilities and expectations of Athletics SA (ASA) affiliated clubs, along with the consequences for non-compliance. Whilst most of the information may be widely accepted for those that have been members of ASA for a number of years, this document simply formalises these expectations, ultimately making compliance the responsibility of individual clubs.
ASA could not function at current membership prices without the large number of volunteer officials who so willingly run ASA events. In order to support our officials and in the interests of continuing to offer vibrant competition options for members, clubs need to assist in running events.

The ASA constitution and rules are quite clear about the responsibilities of clubs, but the Board and Management Team have been reluctant to enforce sanctions when clubs do not comply. It is difficult to recruit new officials if clubs fail to provide the required assistance for events. Rosters are published well before the start of each season and it is each club's responsibility to ensure they have sufficient helpers at the appropriate time.

The important thing is to ensure that our officials get the support they need to run events smoothly. In the interests of running vibrant ASA competitions the Board and Management will apply penalties for non compliance by competing clubs.

Competing and Non-Competing Clubs
The Athletics SA constitution currently divides affiliated clubs into the following categories:

1.8 “Competing Club” means a club in which at least 30 of its members are registered members of the Association.

1.9 “Non-Competing Club” means a club in which at least 15, but no more than 30 of its members are registered members of the Association.

* the term “members” refers to the total number of competing club members who are financial members of ASA. Total numbers are calculated across all age groups and do not include associate members or officials (i.e. a club must have 30 registered competing members to be considered a competing club).

ASA has not enforced this constitutional requirement of late, but due to declining numbers in some clubs and with a view to maintain the integrity of club based competition, the Board and Management Team have decided to enforce this requirement.

Enforcement of this constitutional clause will commence from the beginning of the 2010-11 track and field season (i.e. November 2010)

Developing Clubs
The ASA constitution is silent on the status of a club that has less than 15 members. Therefore, ASA has created a third category called “Developing Clubs”. A developing club is defined as a club which has 14 or less registered ASA members.

What does this mean for clubs?
Competing Clubs

A competing club will essentially function as per normal in that registered members of the club who are members of ASA will be able to compete and score premiership points in ASA competitions.

Non-Competing Clubs
A non-competing club will still be able to affiliate with ASA and its members will still be able to compete in ASA competitions, but its members will be ineligible to score points. Thus, a non-competing club won’t appear in the team point score lists for competition.

Developing Clubs

Developing clubs will essentially act as non-competing clubs. However, a developing club will be given one full registration year in which to elevate its status to the minimum standard of a non-competing club. If a developing club is unable to meet this criteria, then they will be unable to affiliate with ASA the following season. In this instance, the club’s athletes will need to compete as an independent athlete or transfer to a complying club.

The status of a club will be determined based on registration data held by ASA from the previous registration year. In the event that a club encounters a significant shift in registration numbers from this data, ASA may review a club’s status.

Current Competing and Non-Competing Clubs
The following information is based on registration data taken from the registration period commencing 1/4/2009 and concluding on 31/3/2010.

Competing Clubs
Enfield Harriers Athletic Club (61 members)
Flinders Athletics Club (62)
Hills District Athletics Club (43)
Pembroke Athletics Club (47)
Saints Athletics Club (46)
Salisbury Amateur Athletic Club (62)
Tea Tree Gully Athletics Club (31)
Western District Athletics Club (94)

Non-Competing Clubs
Adelaide Harriers Athletics Club (26)
Mt Gambier District Senior Athletic Centre* (14)
Port Adelaide Athletic Club Inc (17)

* Due to its status as a country club, Mt Gambier is exempt from the developing club category and from the club duty roster.

Developing Clubs
Elizabeth Athletics Club (9)
Southern Athletics Club (7)
United Collegians (6)

Note: ASA will exempt out of stadium competition (winter) competition from this structure as it only involves a small number of clubs and athletes.

Combined Clubs
For the purposes of regular weekly competition, from the commencement of the 2010-11 registration period, ASA will no longer allow clubs to combine to score points in any form of ASA competition.

Expectations and Responsibilities
The expectations and responsibilities of competing, non-competing, and developing clubs will be identical. Regardless of the number of members a club has, if they choose to affiliate with ASA, they will be expected to contribute to the sport in the following ways:
- actively contribute to ASA competitions by encouraging athletes, officials, and spectators to regularly attend competition
- assist with the setup and pack up of ASA competitions on a number of occasions during each registration year as determined by the club duty roster (this may include both summer and winter competition)
- When rostered to assist with competition, supply no less than three (3) capable individuals to assist with setup, pack up, and during competition as needed (e.g. setting up or moving hurdles and steeplechase barriers).
- For the purposes of setting up competition, helpers are asked to arrive no later than 90 minutes before the programmed commencement of competition
- Regular attendance by club delegates at Clubs Council meetings (or equivalent)
- Adhere to the requirements of affiliated clubs under the ASA constitution and any other policies, rules or regulations that the Board may implement from time to time.

Under the rationale provided above, ASA will strictly enforce these requirements to ensure that club based competition remains viable. Any clubs failing to adhere to the requirements of affiliation detailed above will be subject to the following:

$500 fine on each occasion, payable within 30 days of the infringement.

Any fines collected throughout the season will be placed in an ASA trust fund which will be used exclusively to support ASA competition officials.

These funds may be used for purposes such as subsidising flights or accommodation to national championships. The reason any fines collected will be used to support ASA officials is because ultimately, the officials are the ones who are adversely affected by an affiliated club not completing their duty.
If the fine is not paid within 30 days, an affiliated club may be subject to one or more of the following penalties:
- removal of all interclub points accumulated prior to the payment of the fine
- disaffiliation or inability to affiliate. Clubs with outstanding fines from the previous season(s) at the beginning of a registration year will be unable to affiliate until such time as the fine and affiliation fee is paid in full.

These measures are designed with the primary function to enable ASA competition to function correctly in its current format. ASA appreciates and respects the support of its affiliated clubs and the tremendous amount of work club committees do for the sport in a volunteer capacity. This document should be read in conjunction with the duty rosters produced each season.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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