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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Albury/Wodonga - 120m Gift, 120m Women & 400m Open ENTRY LISTS

Albury/Wodonga - 120m Gift, 120m Women & 400m Open ENTRY LISTS

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Albury/Wodonga Gift is worth $10,000 - only 36 entries as at today, three of them from WA.

1 ADAMS, John 120m Gift
2 BRITTAIN, Kevin 120m Gift
3 CALLARD, Matthew 120m Gift
4 CAMILLE, Ryan 120m Gift
5 CAMPBELL, Andrew 120m Gift
6 CARA, John 120m Gift
7 COLLINGE, Derek 120m Gift
8 COWLEY, Jaryd 120m Gift
9 DUDKIEWICZ, Peter 120m Gift
10 DUNBAR, Cam 120m Gift
11 EDDY, Matthew 120m Gift
12 FOLEY, Craig 120m Gift
13 GRAY, Clinton 120m Gift
14 GREENOUGH, Douglas 120m Gift
15 HARGREAVES, Chris 120m Gift
16 HARGREAVES, Matthew 120m Gift
17 HARGREAVES, Shaun 120m Gift
18 HARVEY, Matthew 120m Gift
19 HUGHES, Paul 120m Gift
20 JAUNZEMS, Aldis 120m Gift
21 LINDNER, Jarrod 120m Gift
22 LITTLE, William 120m Gift
23 MAGREE, Nick 120m Gift
24 MARR, Khan 120m Gift
25 MATTHEWS, Brendan 120m Gift
26 MATTHEWS, Jesse 120m Gift
27 PANIZZA, Dylan 120m Gift
28 ROSS, Glenn 120m Gift
29 SAMMUT, Daniel 120m Gift
30 STEINHAUSER, Daniel 120m Gift
31 TANCREDI, Paul 120m Gift
32 TAYLOR, Lachlan 120m Gift
33 TIU, Josh 120m Gift
34 WALSH, Peter 120m Gift
35 WATT, Brendan 120m Gift
36 WHITE-ALIKAKOS, Daniel 120m Gift

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120m Women's Entry List - $3,010 total prizemoney.

1 CAMPBELL, Lauren 120m Women's
2 CARNEGIE, Rachael 120m Women's
3 COSGRIFF, Celia 120m Women's
4 FISHER, Tarryn 120m Women's
5 GAMBINO, Lara 120m Women's
6 GRIGG, Gemma 120m Women's
7 HOVEY, Julie 120m Women's
8 JAMIESON, Sally 120m Women's
9 JONES, Kate 120m Women's
10 MATTHEWS, Vicki 120m Women's
11 McMAHON, Megan 120m Women's
12 MOORE, Katie 120m Women's
13 NEVIN, Tarin 120m Women's
14 OAKLEY, Bridget 120m Women's
15 O'CALLAGHAN, Jessica 120m Women's
16 PANA, Rita 120m Women's
17 SAMMUT, Samantha 120m Women's
18 SCOTT, Jessica 120m Women's
19 TRIGWELL, Tenneille 120m Women's
20 WEST, Tabitha 120m Women's


400m Open ENTRY LIST - Total prizemoney $4,000

1 ARMSTRONG, Bradley 400m Open
2 BARROW, Martin 400m Open
3 BLAKE, Jay 400m Open
4 BROCKMAN, Martin 400m Open
5 CALLARD, Matthew 400m Open
6 CAMILLE, Ryan 400m Open
7 CAMPBELL, Andrew 400m Open
8 CLARKE, James 400m Open
9 COHEN, Justin 400m Open
10 COLLINGE, Derek 400m Open
11 COWLEY, Jaryd 400m Open
12 DARE, Michael 400m Open
13 DINSDALE, Alan 400m Open
14 GOOK, Calvin 400m Open
15 GRANT, Matt 400m Open
16 GRAY, Clinton 400m Open
17 GREENOUGH, Douglas 400m Open
18 HARGREAVES, Chris 400m Open
19 HARGREAVES, Matthew 400m Open
20 HARGREAVES, Shaun 400m Open
22 HOWARD, Nick 400m Open
23 HUGHES, Paul 400m Open
24 HUMPHREY, Ashley 400m Open
25 KEENAN, Robert 400m Open
26 LEHMAN, Brady 400m Open
27 LINDNER, Jarrod 400m Open
28 MAGREE, Nick 400m Open
29 MATTHEWS, Jesse 400m Open
30 NAISMITH, Darren 400m Open
31 PALMER, Mitchell 400m Open
32 SAIT, Andrew 400m Open
33 SAMMUT, Daniel 400m Open
34 SPENCE, Peter 400m Open
35 STEINHAUSER, Daniel 400m Open
36 TAYLOR, Lachlan 400m Open
37 TIU, Josh 400m Open
38 WALSH, Peter 400m Open
39 WILCOX, Andrew 400m Open

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