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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Bay Sheffield Select Mile Preview

Bay Sheffield Select Mile Preview

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1 Bay Sheffield Select Mile Preview on Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:50 pm

Smoke n Mirrorz

ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
Bob "Kinky" Killmier, scratch: Last year's winner meets some of this field much better in the handicaps and is in ominous form recently placing second in the pre-bay meeting with Kinky having plenty in reserve. Always treats the Bay as his grand final and will be all prepped for this one. Can't see Kinky anywhere but the podium and back-to-back is a real possibility. Kinky once won $560 on the feature of the Dolphin Treasure pokie machine at the Glenelg RSL.

Michael Ryde, "the Mayor of Mackinnon", scratch: The Mayor of Mackinnon came a close 2nd last year, but meets Kinky 5m worse this time around for some reason. The Mayor is notorious for a slow start and coming home strong and MiRrOrZ feels the Mayor needs to be in touch at the half mile to be a winning chance. Often in the area when numerous bags of ice go missing at service stations.

Kym "Magic" Morgan, 5m: The veteran of the field, Magic was the star athlete of the 04/05 season. Not without claims, but MiRrOrZ wonders how performing covers of REO Speedwagon at Heaven Nightclub will help the last lap.

Paul "Moneybags" Morgan, 8m: Famous for arriving to training in his imported left-hand drive Ford Mustang, Moneybags Morgan is certainly one that doesn't need the prizemoney! Has been tightly handicapped for this and will be the first one beaten.

Matthew "the Fox" Ferber, 15m: The Fox is always a threat at what MiRrOrZ considers his best venue. Solid amateur form and a fair handicap, the Fox will come right into it if the pace is hot. More suited to the "Ferg Burger" nickname than the Latrobe, Devonport and Burnie mile winner Sam Ferguson, MiRrOrZ apologises for this oversight.

Andy Axford, "the Port Pirie Pirate", 20m: Don't ask MiRrOrZ why, but the Pirate will be easy to spot racing in his eye patch. Allegedly helps in tackling Thirsty Camel Corner, but MiRrOrZ isn't convinced. Is quicker than his brother, but is 20m on Kinky enough? Prefer others. 

Jacob "Senior" Cocks, 20m: Impressive 9:10 for the 3k steeple at Zatopek put Senior right in the thick of this one. Senior has a few years of experience in the Select and MiRrOrZ expects him to play a huge role in the final 120m. At the Cocks' family dinner MiRrOrZ almost coughed up his lamb shank when Senior has told his brother "if you beat me, you're bashed! I'm not joking punk!" so keep a keen eye on the afters if young Riley gets up.

Chris "Sugar Daddy" Hartley, 22m: With his super hot 19yo girlfriend, Sugar Daddy is the envy of all SAAL athletes. But as Eddie Murphy told us, "no romance without finance" and Sugar Daddy has working three jobs to keep her happy. Hasn't trained enough to be a threat.

Peter "the Ride" Hyde, 25m: Always in this field and always one to consider, but one might suggest not this year. The Ride just hasn't set the world on fire this season. Has been known to regularly eat a whole chicken (inc. carcass) in one sitting.

Riley "Junior" Cocks, 40m: From that family dinner you would expect Junior to be running scared, but if anything its fired the guy to train even harder. Often quoting "Pain is Temporary, Glory Lasts Forever", Junior has been belting out the 200m reps. On Junior's last Skype session with MiRrOrZ he said he is ready for anything Senior can throw at him - he purchased Street Fighter II on Gameboy and has been studying Ryu and Ken's "Hadouken!" extensively.

Shane "Tiny" Thiele: 40m: Plenty of runs in past Selects leads MiRrOrZ to be wary of writing off Tiny, but MiRrOrZ just doesn't think Tiny can triumph. Is one of the favorites for the nude gift however.

Kosta "Kaos" Khudoshin, 45m: Fluent in an incredible 13 languages, Kaos Khudoshin is stepping up distance with this entry, and MiRrOrZ is very interested in seeing how Koas goes. 45m is about right and would be worth a nibble if it becomes a sit and kick. 

Josh "the Body" Nolan, 45m: The Body's handicap puts him in real contention in this one. Hasn't raced much this season, but has plenty of impressive performances on the CV. The Body's guns may also come into play around the tight turns of Colley Reserve. MiRrOrZ has literally seen the Body grate 500g of parmesan on those abs, so would not be surprised if the local ladies stream down to the beach if the Body decides on a dip.

Matthew "the Axeman" Axford, 50m: The Axeman has a handy start on his brother, but will need to stretch the field out early to become a challenger. Prefer the Axeman in other races at Colley but will relish another appearance in the Select. Just got his hair cut.

Jordan Harvey, "the Glenelg Gazelle", 50m: MiRrOrZ just has to consider the Gazelle at his home track, especially now he has completed 100 x 100m every Tuesday at 2:15pm for the past 3 months. If the Gazelle can conquer those inner demons he's a big show. One for the multiples.

Michael Marantelli, "the Southbank Stinga", 50m: The man with a cabinet dedicated for Dwanye "The Rock" Johnson DVDs is always a force at the major Carnivals. With a generous handicap, MiRrOrZ thinks the Stinga could well add the Select Mile to his long list of wins. Rumoured to have flown to Adelaide on Tuesday night to counter any jet lag. 

Wubishet "Mad Dog" Murphy, 50m: a bit disappointing last year, Mad Dog definitely has the ability to turn things around. Mad Dog just needs to decide what's more important - winning the Select or remaining undefeated at Daytona at Glenelg Amusements.

David Spence, "the Essendon Eagle", 60m:   An avid stamp collector the Eagle will need to bring his best to be competitive off his mark. Meets a number of those behind him worse than in the backmarkers mile, so would hold off judgement until the conclusion of day one. 

2 Re: Bay Sheffield Select Mile Preview on Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:13 pm


Quality stuff smoke n mirrors
Gave me something interesting to read on my lunch break.
Any chance of a 550 or 800 preview
Money to be made in these events I reckon.

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