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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Mt Gambier meet is not Non-Penalty for the Bay Sheffield

Mt Gambier meet is not Non-Penalty for the Bay Sheffield

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Hello all,

Please note the following – as decided at a recent SA Athletic League Committee Meeting:

• Mount Gambier carnival IS NOT non-penalty for the Bay Sheffield Carnival
• (e.g. if you win a race off 7.50m at Mt Gambier, you will not automatically * get your mark of 7.50m back for the Bay Sheffield Carnival.)

There is a Calcutta at Mount Gambier – which is going to be held on Friday 2 December 2011 at the RSL club – all are encouraged to attend. See the Flyer that was sent to SAAL members via email.

I will also remind you that those with surnames beginning with letters M- Z are on the track roster – and are expected to assist with both the set up and pack up of the track on Saturday. If you cannot attend either one or both of these sessions it is your responsibility to swap with someone.


Michelle / Deb

Michelle Burckhardt / Deb Osmond
Executive Officers
SA Athletic League

Footnote: I have added the word "automatically" as it is still up to the discretion of the handicapper what he does with a win from Mt Gambier.



Given the SAAL's announcement regarding the penalty status' of Mt Gambier, it is interesting to look at the history of the event in terms of the impact Mt Gambier has on the Bay Sheffield.

There have been ten Mt Gambier Gifts since it returned to the SAAL calendar in 2001. Each year six athletes make the final.
Of the 60 Mt Gambier Gift finalists from 2001 to 2010, only 13 (21.67%), that's less than a quarter have progressed to the Bay Sheffield final.

Only one Mt Gambier Gift winner has actually made the Bay Sheffield final - Andrew Steele in 2004.

There was a lot of conjecture following Steele's win about how the Mt Gambier's non-penalty status may open the floodgates to athletes winning the double each year. Yet not only has that not happened, but no Mt Gambier winner since Steele has made the Bay Sheffield final. There have been extenuatiing circumstances in that neither Rouge-Serret (2008) nor Shaun Hargreaves (2009) ran in the Bay Sheffield, in the year that they won the Mt Gambier Gift, but with 10 Mt Gambier Gift winners, for only one to make the final suggests the non-penalty staus has had little impact.

In 2001 and 2010 there was no-one from the Mt Gambier final, in the Bay Sheffield final.

The best year for Mt Gambier finalists was 2004, when Steele, Tippins & Bowie doubled up in both finals.
Three times there have been two Mt Gambier finalists in the Bay Sheffield final (2002, 2007 & 2008).

There have been seven Bay Sheffield placegetters who have run in the Mt Gambier final.

  • 2002 - Tim Johnson & Mark Faulkner

  • 2004 - Andrew Steele

  • 2005 - Clay Watkins

  • 2007 - Damian Tohl & Brad Peters

  • 2008 - Ryan Hancock

Three Bay Sheff winners were in the Mt Gambier Gift final - Steele (1st Mt Gambier), Tohl (2nd) & Watkins (4th).

Brad Peters is the only interstate athlete to ever make both finals in the same year, when he was 3rd at Mt Gambier before finishing 2nd in the Bay Sheffield.

Of the last two Mt Gambier Gifts - Alex Saliu in 2009 is the only athlete (of the 12) to make both finals in the same season.

Hopefully whoever wins the Mt Gambier Gift is not resigned to thinking that he will be making up the numbers only, come the Bay Sheffield.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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