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PROTRACK » SAAL RESULTS » Totally Transparent Handicapping - do we want it?

Totally Transparent Handicapping - do we want it?

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ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
I come from a mis-spent youth where I sat in smokey rooms and played chess for money.

In the chess world, there is a ratings system which is totally transparent - all the formulae are published, all the results are published, anyone can check the arithmetic that determines their rating from their results ...

The chess equivalent of a handicapper (a ratings officer) has an easy job in this world of cheap fast computers - put in the results, run off the new ratings list.

I reckon it is time for pro running to get into the 21st century on this.

Why not the SAAL first?

What do people think about the idea of making handicapping totally transparent?

I reckon there will need to be a system for qualifying results (so that results classified as dodgy do not affect the ratings used to derive handicaps) - this is very messy now as evidenced by recent exchanges between athletes, coaches, officials and the public.

Maybe people could appeal if they are stuck with a dodgy run charge?

There are details to work out, but the sport needs this change, I reckon.

March hare

Interesting subject stokesy. In the VAL we have an attempt at a transparent system. I think the problem with having a transparent system is that the method of manipulating the system is also clear. what do others think? Should this subject be in the general section?


ProTrack A Grader
ProTrack A Grader
hey March Hare, yes, I boobooed when I made the topic here in the SAAL Results section, I agree it would be better in the General Section ... maybe Youngy can move it ... nah he is too busy ... I will start a new topic in the General Section, same name and same first post ... see you there

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