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1 DARDANUP GIFT Handicaps on Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:22 pm


ProTrack Star
ProTrack Star
120m Gift
Joshua Baharthah 13.50m
Andrew Bannister 40.00m
James Boden 8.00m
Tim Branston 14.50m
Nathan Caccamo 14.50m
Ben Catley 14.50m
David Cicchini 11.25m
Ben Clark 14.50m
Leigh Edwards 12.00m
Holly Daniels 28.00m
Gemma Grigg 25.50m
Courtney Heinze 9.75m
Sam Hughes 15.00m
Erin Jameson 29.00m
Aldis Jaunzems 17.75m
Adam Moore M 13.00m
James Ockelford 10.50m
Dylan Panizza 8.50m
Ethan Panizza 8.50m
SamanthaPlato 25.50m
Steven Rafty 15.00m
Glenn Ross 10.50m
Mathew Short 10.25m
Bryce Teo 8.00m
Tenneille Trigwell 27.00m
Sophie Watts 29.00m


Andrew Bannister Male 101291 550m 160m
James Boden Male 300588 550m 18m
Peter Bol Male 220294 550m 32m
Mark Elms Male 270267 550m 100m
Courtney Heinze Male 140191 550m 28m
Ben Knox Male 120888 550m 80m
Stephen Snowdon Male 070586 550m 24m
Sophie Watts Female 090297 550m 120m

120m Novice

First Name Last Name Gender DOB 120m Novice H/Caps
Andrew Bannister Male 101291 120m Novice 40.00m
Adam Bennett Male 011173 120m Novice 25.00m
Peter Bol Male 220294 120m Novice 14.00m
Tim Branston Male 080593 120m Novice 14.50m
Ben Catley Male 141092 120m Novice 14.50m
Ben Clark Male 220391 120m Novice 14.50m
Andrew Diamond Male 060492 120m Novice 13.50m
Mark Elms Male 270267 120m Novice 15.00m
Gemma Grigg Female 021186 120m Novice 26.00m
Stevee Hudson Female 070689 120m Novice 27.00m
Sam Hughes Male 150195 120m Novice 15.50m
Erin Jameson Female 240796 120m Novice 30.00m
Aldis Jaunzems Male 070881 120m Novice 18.00m
Ethan Panizza Male 101091 120m Novice 10.00m
Jacqueline anne Smith Female 180393 120m Novice 29.00m
Arron Smith Male 170995 120m Novice 15.50m
Sophie Watts Female 090297 120m Novice 30.00m


First Name Last Name Gender DOB 70m Gift H/Cap
Joshua Baharthah Male 110191 70m 8.25m
Andrew Bannister Male 101291 70m 18m
Adam Bennett Male 011173 70m 12.00m
Nathan Caccamo Male 150993 70m 11.50m
Ben Catley Male 141092 70m 9.00m
David Cicchini Male 100388 70m 6.50m
Ben Clark Male 220391 70m 8.00m
Holly Daniels Female 251288 70m 15.00m
Leigh Edwards Male 151289 70m 6.50m
Andrew Diamond Male 060492 70m 8.50m
Gemma Grigg Female 021186 70m 13.75m
Stevee Hudson Female 070689 70m 14.35m
Sam Hughes Male 150195 70m 10.25m
Erin Jameson Female 240796 70m 15.00m
Aldis Jaunzems Male 070881 70m 10.75m
Adam Moore Male 271192 70m 9.00m
Dylan Panizza Male 191289 70m 6.25m
Ethan Panizza Male 011091 70m 6.25m
Samantha Plato Female 050788 70m 15.00m
Steven Rafty Male 160188 70m 9.50m
Glenn Ross Male 200971 70m 9.00m
Mathew Short Male 110692 70m 6.00m
Jacqueline Anne Smith Female 180393 70m 13.50m
Bryce Teo Male 290593 70m 5.00m
Tenneille Trigwell Female 150480 70m 14.50m

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