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PROTRACK » International Results & News » Is Usain Bolt a Cheetah Reborn As a Human Being?

Is Usain Bolt a Cheetah Reborn As a Human Being?

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Is Sprinter Usain Bolt a Cheetah Reborn As a Human Being?

By Steve Kinuthia
8 October 2011

A very simple way of defining the word "re-incarnation" is, 'being born again'! This is not the religious "born again" meaning of accepting Jesus Christ as a personal saviour, but of a person or animal coming back from the world of the dead, to join life but in a different form. How then can you tell if a long gone person has come back in a different form if not the real self?

Those who have done a little bit of study in this field have to contend with scant finding in terms of facts that can be supported scientifically. So the area still remains largely unknown and shrouded in mystery. But what is known about reincarnation can be termed as hilarious or outright ridiculous! The cheetah is the fastest animal on land. It can reach up to 112km/h at peak speed.

But as soon as the speed exceed 100km/h, the cheetah's body begins to heat up and, whether the strength is still there or not, it has to slow down and abandon the hunt altogether. For it to accelerate to speed up to 100km/h, takes only 10 seconds. That is the average time it takes for the world greatest sprinters like the reigning king of sprints, Mr Uasin Bolt, to run 100 meters. If a cheetah were to maintain the same record breaking speed for another 100metres, even if the will power is there and the muscles respond well, you would collect him half dead with cooked up lungs.

If you look carefully at the front of a cheetah, the chest muscles are much bigger than those of a leopard or a lion compared to size. This creates space enough to host the oversized heart and lungs, which have to overwork to provide for the energy needed in order to hunt. Again, if you look at the formation of the spine, it is made so that it can be flexible to bend in such a way that when the cheetah springs once, it covers a very long stride when the spine is fully stretched. The legs also are very long compared to the general size of the animal. It kind of gives an impression of a body suspended on stilts. The snout is short but equipped with large nostrils designed to take in as much air as possible while in top flight.

Have you ever had a good look at Uasin Bolt, or the famous Carl Lewis? They both have very long legs, and a tank of a chest! Uasin Bolt came to Kenya sometimes after he broke the world record in the 100 meters dash. Kenya is home to many wild animals and birds that spread out in the many wildlife sanctuaries in the country. His top speed is equivalent to a number of animals and birds. An impala can move up to an average speed of 60km/h. An ostrich can also do close to that speed, as well as the little Thompson gazelle. But the interest of Mr Uasin Bolt was the cheetah at the Nairobi animal orphanage. Why?

When he was taken there and allowed to play with the cheetah, the animal did not resist as it does to any new person. Although cheetahs are easily tamed due to their docile nature, they get used to their minders much faster and create a bond immediately. If a third party is introduced to it, it would take time for the cheetah to adopt to the new face, in order to accept grooming or cuddling from the visitor. But it was not so for Bolt. He was able to get close and even cuddle the cheetah! Now the cheetah is named after him and he has become its sponsor.

If reincarnation exists, as the good book attempts to point out that it does, then I have a feeling that Uasin Bolt is a cheetah reborn as a person. Maybe the dots on the cheetah manifests themselves in another part of Bolt's life that we don't know! But his speed, his body structure, points to being a cheetah. To be fully convinced that this reincarnation theory does exists, I have to find out something more. Who are all these hyenas?

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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