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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Whyalla (SAAL) - Saturday 19th November 2011

Whyalla (SAAL) - Saturday 19th November 2011

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31 Re: Whyalla (SAAL) - Saturday 19th November 2011 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:53 am


Or that they have other commitments such as work, family etc that they can't leave for a weekend twice in 3 weeks. And taking kids away isn't always easy.

32 Re: Whyalla (SAAL) - Saturday 19th November 2011 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:54 am


Exam time clashes with Whyalla


Never herd so many cop outs.We are talking only 3 meetings a season.Whyalla,Mt Gambier,Loxton.If you can't do that the only person your kidding is yourself!


Ive been thinking (thats dangerous)
With Whyalla ,scrap the 12 m limit and run the backmarker off scratch ,NO MATTER WHAT.
So the backmarker has scratch in his heat , if he breaks ,all other runners in that heat are moved forward 1 metre instead of the scratch runner going back becuase he cant.Doesnt take much time to move runners.Runners marks ofcourse go back after the heat.
When it gets to the final field the backmarker must run off scratch.So if the shortest handicap in the field is 4m ,every runner gets moved back 4m for the final.So its possible to run in a heat with 8m and run in the final with 4m
Ive never heard of handicaps being moved from heat to final but by doing this we have a prestiged event with at least one runner running the full 120m.
So in the 035er case ,I think he could now be off around 15m.Very possible he could have 12m in a heat and then 8m in the final.Fancy the 035er winner the Whyalla Gift off 8m.In comparison to other athletes he wouldnt be disadvantaged as all those around him ger pulled the same.
Ofcourse after the meeting all marks revert to there original marks ,so 035er would revert to 15 UNLESS HE WINS
Hope I havent confused you all.


Thinking outside the square 'whispers'. Nothing wrong with that.

I like the idea. Could call it the FLEXI GIFT or if for another event - the Flexi-race. This reflects the flexibility of the marks as each round is conducted.

Guarantee a scratchman in each round.

Heats: Backmarker is on 3.75m so every runner goes back 3.75m.

Say the backmarker does not run or fails to qualify, then the lowest handicapped athlete in the semis becomes the scratchman. Might be on 5.0m - every runner is back 5m.

In the final the furtherest back of any runner (off normal marks) is a guy on 6.50. Then all six finalists come back 6.50m from their original mark.

Certainly different and well worth trying at a meet somewhere as a test run.

I wonder if there is a League out there willing to be the first to try a Flexi-Race!

"Let's Go While We're Young"


I Like it! It would create more interest as the meet went on too. If its put to the league maybe they will like it too?

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