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PROTRACK » GENERAL » Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs

Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs

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1 Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs on Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:11 am



Tamsyn Lewis has pulled out of the world championships after she was not selected in the 800m. Picture: Colleen Petch Source: Herald Sun

Tamsyn Manou pulls out of world championships after selection disappointment

By Scott Gullan
Herald Sun
August 16, 2011

TAMSYN Manou is in trouble with the sport's hierarchy again after withdrawing from Australia's 4 x 400m relay team for next week's world championships.

While her teammates were settling into the athletes' village in Daegu, South Korea, at the weekend, Manou (nee Lewis) was back in Melbourne doing a winter training session on the beach.

Manou's no-show comes after Athletics Australia refused to select her in the 800m, the event she wants to tackle at next year's London Olympics.

The 32-year-old, who has been no stranger to controversy during her career, vented her anger at selectors on Facebook and Twitter.

"It's tough enough beating our world-class competitors without having to compete with those who are supposed to be supporting us before we even get to the start line. I really don't get it," Manou wrote on her Facebook page.

"Imagine any other sport, being the best in the country and being treated like this ... I would love to see the best footballers' reactions to our treatment and we don't even get paid!

"I hope it changes in the future because for the survival of our sport, not only at elite level but grassroots level, it's imperative that it does."

Manou produced her fastest 800m for three years in Stockholm last month, clocking 2min 0.78sec, but the time was almost a second outside the A-standard qualifying time for the world championships.

AA selectors had used their discretion to select four athletes with only B-standard qualifying times for Daegu, but elected in the 800m not to go with Manou, who is planning to retire after London.

Her withdrawal puts enormous pressure on the young and inexperienced 4 x 400m relay team - Caitlin Pincott, Anneliese Rubie, Caitlin Sargent and hurdler Lauren Boden - with a back-up runner now having to be found from inside the team.

Hurdles star Sally Pearson ran in the 4 x 400m relay at last year's Commonwealth Games, but she won't be called on again.

The aim of cobbling together a team for Daegu was to post a qualifying time for the Olympics, given there are minimal opportunities to do so in the next year, but that task is much harder with the absence of Manou, the team's best runner.

National 1500m champion Zoe Buckman is appealing against her non-selection for Daegu at an Athletics Australia Appeals Tribunal today.

2 huh? on Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:41 pm


The weird thing is on Twitter Manou's claiming it's because the 800 & 4x400 clash at the World Champs & Olympics next year. Except they don't clash for her at the World Champs because she wasn't selected for the 800. confused

3 Re: Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs on Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:18 pm


Why doesnt she run to support the relay team? They will get hammered without her. Theres a Bit "its all about me" in this. Evil or Very Mad

4 Re: Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs on Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:49 pm


You have to be kidding me. The main point is Tamsyn should be running. If you are that close and you are running competitively against international class runners then you should be allowed to go. She has a chance at making the final at WC and doesn't even get a spot in the team. AA is too strict and their decisions are questionable. I believe that Tam and Zoe should both get spots, they have earned their right to compete for their country in individual roles and are not allowed due to AA not wanting to look like fools if they perform badly. There is so much more that could be said but look beyond her not running the 4 x 4 she should simply be there for the 800m end of story.

5 Re: Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs on Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:00 pm

Not Goin

Tamsyn making the WC 800 final? YOU are kidding right? Have you seen her results lately? She cant brake 2minutes, that wont cut it at world level. She is NOT in top 50, and wouldnt get out of her heat. No idea if she should be selected in the 800 or not BUT she was NEVER going to final!!!

6 Re: Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:28 pm



Tamsyn relays her no-show message
By Michael Gleeson
The Age
August 17, 2011

TAMSYN Manou will not run in the 400 metres relay for Australia in the World Championships starting next week. Whether she was ever planning to is a matter of conjecture, communication and protocol.

It emerged yesterday that Manou had pulled out of the relay team for the world championships in Daegu, South Korea, next week.

Seemingly she had done so out of anger at not being picked for her pet event, the 800 metres. She said on her Facebook page that she was upset at missing the event and it seemed this was behind her decision not to run in the relay.

Yesterday Manou clarified that, yes, she was disappointed not to be in the Australian team for the 800 metres in Daegu, but insisted she had never intended to run in the 400 metres relay. She said she had told Athletics Australia and had the emails to prove it.

AA chairman of selectors Dion Russell admitted it was the case yesterday.

When Manou won the 400 metres national title earlier this year she was named in the relay team for Daegu but, given that it clashed with the running of the 800 metres, she alerted selectors that she would not be available to run in the team event.

She also said that if she failed to qualify for the 800 metres she would not go to South Korea but instead stay home to continue training for a Diamond League event in London this month where she hopes to run the 800 metres before retiring.

Oddly she was not withdrawn from the final team before this week and, indeed, a media guide released on Monday included her in the relay team.

Russell said yesterday national high performance coach Eric Hollingsworth was given ''a heads-up'' by the selectors about the arrangement for the relay and that Manou was unlikely to be available.

''The normal protocol after the team is announced is that it is the athlete who would notify the national high performance coach if they were not to compete,'' Russell said.

Manou said yesterday she had been transparent with AA from the outset that her goal was the 800 metres and that, despite being the fastest 400 metres runner in the country this summer, she would not compete in the relay.

''Obviously I was disappointed that you are constantly supporting the sport and doing everything you can to help promote the sport and it would be nice to feel like you were supported in the same way,'' she said.

7 Re: Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:54 pm



A relayed tip for Tamsyn Manou

By Scott Gullan
Herald Sun
August 17, 2011

THE latest Tamsyn episode isn't about who sent what email to whom regarding when she pulled out of the world championships team.

This tit for tat between the camp of the recently married Manou (nee Lewis) and Athletics Australia hides the real issue.

The reason Australia is sending a 4 x 400m relay team to Daegu, South Korea, next week is to try to post a qualifying time that will ensure a spot at the London Olympics.

Given there are limited opportunities for the best 400m runners in Australia to compete as a relay team, getting the time at the world championships made perfect sense.

On the weekend when the relay team assembled in South Korea, Manou was back in Melbourne running along the beach.

The problem with that is she is far and away the best 400m runner in the country and in April she was selected as a relay runner.

She wasn't selected in her pet event of the 800m because she had not run the required A-standard qualifying time.

Understandably, Manou spent the next three months chasing that time but unfortunately again failed to break the two-minute barrier, falling almost a second short.

Therefore, when the final team was announced, Manou was in as a relay runner alongside four inexperienced names - Caitlin Pincott, Anneliese Rubie, Caitlin Sargent and hurdler Lauren Boden.

This is where things become blurred. She says her coach and brother, Justin, emailed the selectors and stated it was 800m or nothing for Daegu.

Athletics Australia understood her frustrations but hoped she would see the light and still help out the relay team.

Given Manou has often talked about her passion for wearing the green and gold, it was done with a degree of confidence. Unfortunately, she didn't see it that way.

Yesterday she said spending three weeks in Daegu at the world titles would be detrimental to her preparation for next year's London Olympics. Mmm.

Didn't Sally Pearson, the gold-medal favourite for the 100m hurdles, drop everything and travel to Japan in May to help the 4 x 100m relay team qualify for the world championships?

That was less than four months away from her major goal, not 12.

The bottom line with Manou is she has done wonderful things for Australian athletics on so many levels.

While others find reasons not to run, she is always out there supporting the domestic season and promoting the sport.

Hats off to her for that but, unfortunately, the associated baggage that she brings continually trips her up.

Her vent on Facebook, which she fully knows is going to get out to the public, about her non-selection was childish.

What happens next year if she fails to get picked in the 800m and the only way to get to her swan song in London is in the relay ... which doesn't exist because the team failed to qualify?

"Let's Go While We're Young"

8 world class aussie athletes on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:11 am


No wonder Aussies struggle against the world class times because they dont have the support from the higher powers that be to send them over to get the competition they need to get them to the next level. I Bet if it was a swimmer or a rower in the same position they wouldnt have a any trouble being selected.

Why do we have a number of athletes that sit just outside the A qualify times that cant get the support and push needed to get them to the A time.?? would happen in america, england and jamaica id think. No wonder they are up the top in athletics.

9 Re: Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:56 pm



Boden hoping to get jump on rivals

Canberra Times
17 Aug, 2011

Australian hurdler Lauren Boden hopes an early arrival will give her an edge when the world championships get under way in South Korea in two weeks.

Boden arrived in Daegu on Saturday and is busily acclimatising to the heavy humidity of the Korean summer.

An athlete's comfort and ability to adapt to their surrounds plays a large part in their performance.

That's why Australia's Flames are one of the earliest teams to set up camp in the athletes' village two weeks before competition begins on August27.

''It's a massive advantage,'' Boden told The Canberra Times.

''You're able to sample the food and get used to it, which might seem trivial to some people but being in another country they cook food differently.

''And you're not always going to have the same food as what you're used to before you race back home.

''Getting acclimatised to the weather - it's just so different to what we have back in Australia and a lot of people may not be able to cope with it.

''For some countries that are flying in a couple of days before their races I would say we have a massive advantage.''

The Canberra runner has her sights set on achieving a personal best in her strongest event - the 400m hurdles.

She's hopeful a strong run in Daegu will see her better her previous best of 55.25sec.

It would also qualify her for next year's Olympic Games in London and take the pressure off her in the lead-up to athletics' main stage.

She still has some improvement to do to achieve the 55.4sec mark, with her best time so far this season nearly 0.5sec outside that.

But if her form in the 400m sprint is anything to go by, breaking that mark is a definite chance.

Two weeks ago in Belgium, she set a new PB of 53.32sec on the ''flat''. She now has to convert that speed to the hurdles, which will be the focus of the next two weeks on the training track.

Boden will also compete in the women's 4x400m relay, along with Caitlin Pincott, Anneliese Rubie and Caitlin Sargent.

Qualification for London in the 4x400m is the goal but they'll be without their best runner, Tamsyn Manou.

Manou (nee Lewis) was not selected for Daegu in her pet event, the 800m, but was picked to run the 4x400m to bolster the team's chances of qualifying for London.

She has remained in Melbourne and is yet to officially withdraw from the world champs.

Manou has cited a timetable clash between the two events at next year's Olympics as the reason for her no-show in Korea, preferring to concentrate on the 800m.

With nominations closing last Friday, Athletics Australia is unable to bring in a replacement for Manou from outside the team.

If selectors want a fifth runner for the 4x400m, they will need to come from the existing team, with possibly a 100m or 200m sprinter used as back-up.

Boden said the selection dramas had no impact on herself and she was simply focused on running the best time she could in the 4x400m.

10 Re: Tamsyn Manou pulls out of World Champs on Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:52 pm


According to an interview in Runners Tribe, Tamsyn reveals that after Annelise Rubie did her hamstring in the World Uni Games, she offered to run to help the other three girls, however her offer was declined by Eric Hollingsworth. It appears Hollingsworth is going to utilise one of the 100m relay runners.

The 100m athlete likely to run is Hayley Butler. Reading the T&F forum Butler's best 400m time last year was 59.5... Crying or Very sad This relay selection process has been a shambles. AA CEO Dallas O'Brien needs to call Hollingsworth in after Daegu and fix this mess. Embarassed

To clear the air you were recently selected for the 4x400m team for the coming World championships in Daegu, but have chosen to withdraw and go back to Australia and start preparing for London Olympics next year.

Q What is your plan of attack with London less then a year away?

Yes I didn’t expect it to be such a big deal. At 33 and having represented my country for over 15 years my coach and I thought, that with one more year left, I would focus on my individual goal of making a final in the 800m at the London Olympics. I feel bad that that has been construed as selfish. I informed the selection panel I didn’t wish to be named and was extremely surprised to see my name in the team.

I saw that Anneliese Rubie hurt her Hamstring at the World University Games, and subsequently spoke to the relay coach and the AA CEO and told them that if they needed me (as they didn’t name a reserve) I would fly in two days before and run. I had already informed the girls that if they didn’t qualify I would help them qualify domestically or in Japan, like we did in 2009. However the idea of three girls potentially not getting a run in Daegu because AA didn’t name a reserve, I certainly did not want to happen.

However, I was informed by the CEO of AA, that the leader of the high performance program, Eric Hollingsworth, did not want me and will use a 100m runner as a reserve. This is confusing, not only to me but to a particular AA Board member, as Hollingsworth continually uses elitism as a basis for his exclusionary stance on not selecting B qualifiers - yet instead of using the best 400m runner he is prepared to settle for an untried 100m runner in the position?

My plan heading into London after being excluded from Daegu is to get that 800m A time. The A is 1.59.9 which is going to be tough to do in Australia but my coach and I will use the domestic season and grass roots interclub to achieve the time - hence the need to come home and start my base training rather than miss 3 weeks of it whilst preparing for the 4x400.

Q Do you feel London will be the last time you will run in the green and gold before you hang up the runners and focus on starting a family?

I’m trying not to think too much about it too much as I know I will miss it. But yes London will be my last Olympics and I will retire after it to do other things with my life and hopefully start giving back more to those who have given me so much over the years. I often think that I will walk away and get away from the politics of it all; however I see my training partner, Katherine Katsanevakis, and my club mates and I think I love this sport and I believe that it needs a big change. Athletes need to feel like they have hope and support and I would like to see if I could help provide that. So many athletes out there on the cusp of selection are disillusioned with the sport and I would like to change that, or at least try.

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