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VAL's Registration Numbers

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1 VAL's Registration Numbers on Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:25 pm


Interesting to look at the VAL Registration figures for 2010 & 2011.

The bottom line of 894 registrations for 2010/2011 looks good on paper (increase of 54 on 2010) but drill down through the figures and 415 of these registered athletes did not pay a VAL registration fee. They consist of 233 complimentary & 182 interstate registrations.

That's one in two athletes who competed in the VAL last season did not pay a VAL registration fee.

The bread & butter athletes - those who pay a full fee (premium or standard) make up only 37% (332) of total registrations. This is down from the 2010 figure of 41% (346).

As much as it seems an inspired initiative to offer complimentary membership to new athletes, it does not transpire into an increase in full memberships. The growth has been in the Youth memberships (up by 34) and hopefully when they attain the age of 20 they continue to be members of the VAL.

Still, there would have to be dozens of 2010 complimentaries who were older than 20 but chose not take up a standard or premium membership in 2011. Clearly some work needs to be done to get them to compete more regularly with the League.

The Premium registration is for athletes who choose to compete in races where the prizemoney is in excess of $4000. For a Victorian athlete to enter a major race (prizemoney of $4000 or more), he would have had to pay the premium registration fee. I was surprised only 15% of the total number of Victorian based athletes availed themselves of this opportunity. That's one in six Victorian athletes can run in these events. If the meet clashes with a high profile interstate meet, the potential for field of more than 100 is diminished considerably. That is reflected in the Gift figures where only Keilor & Stawell had more than 100 entries in their feature event. (St Bernards had 100 entries in the Gift but it was worth $1500 and was not the feature event)

Unlike the SAAL, the VAL does not offer veteran's only or women's only registrations, where an athlete in either of those categories could choose to run in those categories only. Not sure why, but I wonder if that registration was available at a cheaper rate, whether a lot of the complimentaries would consider it.

2010 2011 Cost (2012) Projected - 2012
Combined 10 16 $200 $3,200
Complimentary 200 233 $- $-
First year 12 22 $100 $2,200
Interstate 190 182 $- $-
Premium 101 106 $240 $25,440
Standard 245 226 $160 $36,160
Trainer 30 23 $100 $2,300
Youth 52 86 $50 $4,300
Total 840 894
Registration Income. $49,974 $53,877 Projected Reg. Income: $73,600

"Let's Go While We're Young"

2 Re: VAL's Registration Numbers on Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:57 pm


Again Youngy has the insight to see the forest through the trees.

I'm not sure I'd vote for Youngy in an election but he sure as hell is a great journalist, commentator and critic!

I'm not sure I understand the complimentary category. Are they 1st year open athletes?

3 Re: VAL's Registration Numbers on Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:43 am


Thanks for that, 'reality'.

One thing for sure, I have no agenda and offer a totally independent & impartial view. I've never worried about stepping on toes; my opinion is based on my experience and expertise of being involved in a variety of roles (some quite successfully) in this sport for thirty years.

As a coach, I have no desire to join any boards, as I believe the perception of a conflict of interest is enough to cause problems and angst I don't need.

My opinions will ruffle feathers at times but I reckon any fair minded person will acknowledge and respect that I have earned the right to express it.

"Let's Go While We're Young"

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