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PROTRACK » GENERAL » A week in the life of Tabitha West

A week in the life of Tabitha West

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1 A week in the life of Tabitha West on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:53 pm



Discipline, devotion to take West to top

Border Mail
03 Aug, 2011 12:00 AM

7am: I get a sleep-in today because it is my “rest day”. I wake up about 7am. I usually check my work emails on my blackberry and try not to wake my husband, Paul, because he is on afternoon shift.

7.30-8am: Make breakfast. I have protein pancakes every morning which consist of five egg whites, � cup of rolled oats and two scoops of protein powder. Just before I leave for work I take my daily supplements that consist of about eight different supplements. All help in making sure my body recovers from training twice a day. My aim is to achieve an Olympic qualifier in the 400 metres. All my training and time is spent getting myself closer to achieving my dream. A lot of sacrifices have to be made. My husband is really supportive and he helps me as much as he can but, in the end, athletics is a very lonely sport. It all comes down to one person — you. How much you put in and how much you sacrifice to achieve your dream.

10am: Arrive at work. I manage Randstad, a Border recruitment agency. When I arrive, I check my emails then straight into a safety meeting.

12pm: More meetings, reply to emails and I squeeze in some lunch — egg whites with protein powder.

3pm: Went out for a client visit. I really enjoy getting out of the office to see clients. It breaks the day up.

6pm: I head around to my husband’s parents for a family dinner.

MY week starts getting interesting on Tuesdays.

6am: Wake up and head to the Lifeforce Fitness gym. I spend about an hour doing my Tuesday gym session. The focus of this session is on core strength and non-major muscle groups.

7.30am: Make breakfast and check emails.

9.30am: Get to work. My manager is down from Canberra so I spend time discussing things with him for most of the morning.

11.30am Meal No.2 for the day — 150g tuna and a small salad. I usually eat six meals a day. All of my meals contain protein.

1pm: I spend the next hour putting proposals together.

2.30pm: Meal No.3 — 150g chicken breast and a small salad.

3pm: More client visits in Wodonga.

5.15pm: Arrive at training at Lavington Oval. Tonight’s session is plyometrics (which means a lot of stairs).

This session is to target power, combined with endurance. This session takes about 90 minutes. Most of the session I spent running and jumping up stairs. I finish with multiple 300-metre hill runs, which is always a killer.

7pm: Arrive home. I usually cook dinner as soon as I get home. Most nights I have either chicken breast, beef or tuna with pumpkin and broccoli. Once I have finished my dinner I usually clean my house while watching TV — I can’t do less than two things at once. I also play with my dog, Bear.

10.30pm: Bed.

6.30am: Wake up and head to Wodonga Athletics Track. It’s about two degrees so I can’t feel my hands. I do a fast four kilometres followed by a rest then a faster 800 metre rep. I still can’t feel my hands when I’m done. I love it!

7.30am: Breakfast time. More protein pancakes. Most people who know me will confirm that I eat to fuel my body, not for taste, so I have not had rave reviews on my pancakes from anyone who has dared to try them.

10am: Get to one of my clients to do a 1� hour role observation.

11.45am: Arrive back at the office. I have one hour to finish proposals before I spend the rest of the afternoon doing client visits.

1pm: Client meetings for most of the day.

5.15pm: Arrive at the gym. Tonight’s workout is leg weights. This is a hard session and takes about 1� hours. I do squats, dead lifts, cleans, lunges, skipping and a few more non-core exercises. Weights are a very important part of my training. They also break up my outdoor work.

7pm: Get home cook dinner, Chicken anyone?

8pm: I spend an hour or so watching races in Europe on YouTube ... and cleaning — I can’t help myself.

10-11pm: Bed.

6.30am: Wake up and look outside — it’s a great day for my hill workout!

7.15am: Arrive at Huon Hill. My hill run is a 2.8 kilometre vertical climb ... here comes a whole lot of pain — just the way I like it. Coming down the hill, I try to go as fast as possible to get the most out of the workout.

8am: Breakfast .... surprise surprise ... protein pancakes.

9.30am: Drop in to see my dad at work. My dad is a huge support for me. He was my coach for many years and has got me to where I am now.

10am: Arrive at the office. I spend the next three hours organising the permanent jobs I am filling and a few small meetings.

2.30pm: Head out to attend a Workcover NSW workshop. We always need to be up to date with legislation to do with safety.

4.30pm: Arrive back at work and reply to my last set of emails before training.

5.15pm: Alexandra Park. This is my first track workout for the week. This session is eight by 200 metre sprints with only a 30-second rest in between. The intensity is about 80-90 per cent. This workout does not take a long time but is very intense. It is one of my favourite sessions. I train with Daniel Steinhauser, Jonathan Simmons and Leigh Forrest. I don’t know where I would be if I did not have such great training partners. It’s great to be around such motivated people.

7pm: Arrive home and make dinner, once again chicken breast and salad!

8pm: I box up Paul’s home brew for him while he is at work.

8.30pm: Watch The Renovators, I love it!

5am: Paul was home late from work so got up and helped him make a lasagne ... yum.

6.15am: Arrive at the Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre pool. This pool work doubles as a recovery which is great. I usually do 10 laps of running then move on to other exercises. I finish off with a 10-15 minute spa.

9.15am: Arrive at masseur Amanda for my appointment. I regularly visit the masseur and my osteopath, Wayne, to make sure I stay injury free.

10am: Arrive at work. I check my emails then head into another meeting.

12pm: Out for more client visits for most of the rest of the day. I really enjoy getting out of the office to see my clients.

5.15pm: Arrive the gym. Tonight’s workout is an arm-based work out. I spend about 15 minutes on the treadmill for a work-up at the start of each gym session to keep my heartrate above 150 BPM.

Tonight’s session was a good one.

8pm: Off to the movies with my brother, Jonathan, to see Harry Potter.

11pm: Arrive home and Paul has just got home from work as well. We spend some time together before bed.

9am: Off to the football. I am umpiring at Corowa this week. Umpiring football is great for my winter training because it helps with overall fitness and is fun as well. I cover 8-12 kilometres a match, depending on the grade.

1pm: Arrive home and get changed and Paul and I head around to see some friends who have just moved back from Canada.

6pm: Paul and I head out for dinner ... chicken breast ... again.

8pm: We head around to friend’s house.

10pm: I fall asleep on the couch. This is a regular occurrence for me.

9.20am: Wake up (nice sleep-in) then I head off to church. I attend Albury Baptist Church on a Sunday. God is a big part of who I am and a huge key to my motivation for my training.

11am: Finish church and head to the track for my final track session for the week. Marcus, my coach, is at the track. He has been sick lately so it’s great to see him out and about.

Sunday’s track session is 600 metres reps. I am doing four at the moment but today’s session I did three because we decided to do a 100 per cent rep to see where I am at. I was really happy with the time.

1.15pm: Arrive home. I stopped in at the supermarket on my way home to grab some chicken. Sometimes I think I am going to turn into a chicken because I consume so much of it. I make a chicken salad for lunch.

I spent some of the afternoon at my parents’ house. I love spending time with my family.

6pm: Paul and I head to Paul’s parents for my brother-in-law Jeremy and sister-in-law Vanessa’s birthday. Dinner was great. And it wasn’t chicken, it was lasagne.

2 Re: A week in the life of Tabitha West on Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:04 pm


Busy, fit lady. Got to improve a lot to make the olympic team. but good luck to her.

3 Pictures on Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:18 pm



4 Re: A week in the life of Tabitha West on Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:04 pm

West fan

Great win in the 400m at Ringwood last season - has anyone had a look at her strike rate in finals of the VAL search engine? Since 08/09 she has made 7 finals over various distances for 5 wins. That is a pretty impressive record isn't it - would love to see her run more ammo's and sounds like she is!!

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